Monster Hunter Rise Layered Weapons: How To Layer

This guide will explain in complete detail the Layering of different Rampage Weapons available in the game.

Layering is basically a type of customization you can do to your weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. Think of it as applying new skins to your weapons. It adds variety to the game as you can play around with many different aesthetics of a weapon.

Monster Hunter World received the Layering customization at the very end of its development cycle. So, it was a good decision by the developers to add Layered Weapons early on in Monster Hunter Rise. However, as good as this sounds, there are certain drawbacks to the mechanic as well.

Key Highlights
  • Layering is a customization option for weapons in Monster Hunter Rise, allowing players to change the appearance of their weapons.
  • Rampage weapons are not always preferred by players, but there are a variety of options available, including Greatswords, Longswords, Lances, Blades, Insect Glaives, Bowguns, and many more.
  • Players must obtain a high rank and have fully upgraded Rampage weapons to use the layering feature.
  • To Layer a Rampage Weapon, go to the Smithy and click on the Ramp-Up Weapons tab and then on Layered Rampage Weapons.

List of Rampage Weapons You Can Layer

There are many types of Rampage Weapons to play around with in Monster Hunter Rise. They include almost every type of playstyle, including the use of Greatswords all the way to Bows. You can choose to Layer a Rampage Weapon that fits your own build. Following is a list of some Rampage Weapons in MHR;

  • Rampage Cleaver – Greatsword
  • Rampage Blade – Longsword
  • Swords – Rampage Sword 
  • Dual Blades – Rampage Twinblades 
  • Rampage Hammer – Hammers
  • Rampage Agitato – Hunting Horns
  • Lance – Rampage Spear
  • Gunlances – Rampage Gunlance
  • Rampage Slicer – Switch Axes
  • Rampage Charge Blade – Charge Blades
  • Insect Glaives – Rampage Glaive
  • Light Bowguns – Rampage Light Bowgun
  • Rampage Heavy Bowgun – Heavy Bowguns
  • Rampage Bow – Bows

How To Layer Rampage Weapons 

Layering a Weapon is not that easy in Monster Hunter Rise. Not only can you layer a Rampage Weapon only, but that weapon also needs to be fully upgraded. The whole process of customizing your favorite weapon can get a bit hectic, but we will briefly guide you through it. Follow these steps to Layer your Rampage Weapon;

  1. Obtain a Rampage Weapon: Achieve High Rank status by earning four stars on the Hub Quest. Rampage weapons offer special skill slots for additional buffs.
    rampage weapon layering
    A Rampage Weapon in Monster Hunter Rise
  2. Fully upgrade the Rampage Weapon: Upgrade to the seventh rarity using Defender Tickets and Apex Monster Materials obtained from defeating tough Apex monsters.
    upgrading layered weapon
    Fully Upgrading a Rampage Weapon in Monster Hunter Rise
  3. Layer the Rampage Weapon: Visit the Smithy, navigate to the Ramp-Up Weapons tab, and select Layered Rampage Weapons to customize the appearance. More Defender Tickets are required for layering, with higher weapon levels needing more tickets.
    mhr smithy
    Layering a Rampage Weapon at the Smithy in Monster Hunter Rise
customizing rampage weapon
Using Defender Tickets to Layer a Rampage Weapon in Monster Hunter Rise

Other Tips

Additionally, there are many different armor sets available in Monster Hunter Rise. If you want to learn about the best armor sets in the game, then check out our Best Armors in Monster Hunter Rise guide. MHR has some of the best bosses and areas to explore in the franchise.

The game sticks to its roots while providing new and exciting gameplay. It also gets regularly updated, and new content is continuously being added. Sunbreak just got released for Monster Hunter Rise, which is the first DLC of the game. Prized Pelts are also added in MHR Sunbreak.

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