Monster Hunter Rise Monksnail: How To Get & Use

Monster Hunter Rise Monksnail Guide covers the steps to find the location of Monksnail and how to photograph it.

Monster Hunter Rise allows players to play as a hunter using brand-new maps. While the game offers a variety of weapons, gears, and characters to play with, you also need to find a lot of materials.

The game will require you to find Monksnail, and you will have to take a picture of it. It can become extremely challenging for the players to find Monksnail without a proper direction. This guide will help you to find out what exactly Monksnail is and where you can find it. 

Key Highlights
  • One of the five extremely uncommon endemic species, the Monksnail is a huge sea monster that lives on Frost Island and spends the day in the water because it feeds on intense light.
  • Flur the Sailor will ask players to locate Monksnail at Elagado Docks known as “Giant in the Frost Islands.
  • Finding Monksnail, capturing a photo of it and giving Flur the photo as proof is required for the mission.
  • Monksnail will be hard to find, so attempt to look for a large jellyfish.
  • The gamer can wait for Monksnail to come because its appearance is unpredictable.
  • The player must begin an expedition quest, board a sinking ship, then climb into the crow’s nest in order to take a picture of Monksnail.
  • When an orange quest star emerges, take a picture of Monksnail and then return to Flur.

What Is Monster Hunter Rise Monksnail

Monksnail is one of the five rare endemic lives in Monster Hunter Rise. It is a gigantic sea creature found on frost island. This snail remains in the sea during the day, as it hates bright light. It also possesses an organ that creates patterns on its skin when exposed to light.

What is Monksnail

Finding Monksnail Request

You will be requested by Flur the Sailor for a task in Elagado Docks called “Giant in the Frost Islands”. Your task will be to find Monksnail and take a photograph of it. You will later have to provide this photograph to Flur as evidence. However, the task will not be as simple as visiting an island and then capturing photographs of animals there. Before moving on to the photograph part, you need to be fully aware of the location to find Monster Hunter Rise Monksnail. 

Where To Find Monksnail In Monster Hunter Rise 

You can find Monksnail in the sea in the Frost Islands. You need to make sure that you go there in the nighttime, as Monksnail stays in the sea during the day. After reaching Frost Island, try to look for a giant jellyfish that will be visible easier than the Monksnail.

The jellyfish will have yellow-colored eyes. You will be able to spot it from higher ground. 

Location of Monksnail
Where to Find Monksnail

Location Of Monksnail

If you want to find Monksnail quickly, travel to sub-camp 2 and look to the east. You will find a sea there. In case you do not find Monksnail there, head back to the camp. The appearance of Monksnail is random like all other endemic life, so you can wait for it to appear. 

Steps To Take A Photograph Of Monksnail

It has been clear that the quest, including the task of Monksnail, mainly involves taking its photograph. It has already been mentioned that the task is not as easy as it sounds. We have covered all the steps that you need to follow to reach the location and then take its photograph that you will later show as evidence to Flur. 

monster hunter rise
Steps to Take a Photograph of Monksnail

Start The Expedition Quest

Monksnail is an ocean native and stays in it during the day, but it shows up at night towards the ocean east in Monster Hunter Rise. You need to load into an expedition quest by heading to the map’s northeast corner. Jump onto the wrecked ship there and then climb into the crow‘s nest

Look Out In The Ocean

Once you have your spot on the ship by jumping on it, you will have a view of the eastern sea. The best thing to do here is to wait until you hear or see something. After waiting for a few minutes, you will hear a low resounding roar. This sound is a sign that Monksnail is about to appear.

However, it does not come into view immediately, so you will wait for it for a few more minutes. The tip here is to have your camera ready while you are waiting for it.

Give Monksnail A Chance To Fully Appear

The waiting time will be followed by the appearance of Monksnail from the southern mountains towards the ocean bay. The first appearance of Monksnail will be like a giant black blob of goo that has giant eyes. It is the point where Monksnail will start making its appearance, but you need to wait for it to come into full view.

After waiting for a few more minutes, you will notice that the blob is eventually turning into Monksnail’s shell with an appearance similar to Umi-bozu yokai.

Take A Picture

An orange quest star appears in the camera, and that is when you need to take a picture of it. Taking Monksnail pictures is quite like taking pictures of other animals on the island. However, the preparatory steps mentioned above in the guide require players to put in a little bit of effort. Besides that, the Monster Hunter Rise Squires Belt guide will help you craft and unlock Squires Belt. 

Head Back To Flur

Head back to Elagado after taking Monksnail’s picture to provide it as evidence to Flur. Talk to Flur and complete the delivery. You will have Monsknail Hat layered armor added to your inventory. Put on this hat using Layered Armor Settings at any item box. Now, you are set to wear a Monksnail hat on your head. Wear the hat with pride because you have earned it with effort.


Monster Hunter Rise is mostly about finding stuff using the brand-new maps that the game offers. Monksnail is a creature in the ocean that you need to find and take its photograph to complete your “Giant in the Frost Islands” quest. We have discussed the steps that you need to follow to reach the location to find Monksnail. Follow the steps to find it on Frost Islands and wear it on your head. 

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