Monster Hunter Rise Outfit Voucher Plus: How To Get It

With This Guide We'll Explain Exactly What Outfit Vouchers Are, And How You Can Acquire Them.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has been out for a while now and it’s been making waves within the fandom. Capcom has yet again released a fantastic piece of content for their game, and I for one could not be happier. And like with all major expansions for such a game, Sunbreak also brings along with it a bunch of new monsters, some brand new DLC exclusive weapons, and the Monster Hunter Rise Outfit Voucher Plus.

Key Highlights
  • Monster Hunter Rise Outfit Voucher is a type of crafting material that the players use to create Layered Armors in the game.
  • Players can use Layered Armors on their existing armor to change the appearance of the character without losing the stats of the main armor that they are wearing.
  • These vouchers can be used to craft armor sets that are based on specific monsters in the game.
  • The number of vouchers required to craft a set varies depending on the rank of the monster, with high-rank sets requiring more vouchers than low-rank sets.
  • High-rank sets can require up to 15 vouchers, while low-rank sets typically require 1-3 vouchers.
  • Outfit Vouchers in Monster Hunter Rise can be obtained by completing high-rank 7-star quests such as Rampage Quests and Apex Monster Hunts. These quests can be found in the game after a certain point in the main campaign.
  • Specific quests that offer Outfit Vouchers as rewards include: Apex Arzuros Emergency, Apex Diablos Emergency, Apex Mizutsune Emergency, and many more.

So what exactly is this, and how can players go about acquiring such a thing? Well to put it simply, an ‘Outfit Voucher’ is a unique material that can be used by hunters to craft Layered Armor, which can then be used to change the appearance of their gear. 

And how is this different from simply crafting regular armor sets from regular monster materials? Well, unlike traditional sets, Layered Armor does not actually change any of your stats, and is instead used only to alter the cosmetic appearance of your character instead.

So you can keep using a set that you find to be useful, but supplement it with the appearance of another, exactly like how Layered Weapons in MHR work. And in this Monster Hunter Rise Outfit Voucher Plus guide, we’ll show you exactly you can go about acquiring this desirable little material.

What Is Monster Hunter Rise Outfit Voucher?

Monster Hunter Rise Outfit Voucher
Crafting Layered Armors.

Let’s begin by talking a bit about this series and its iconic armors.

To start with, one of the biggest appeals of the Monster Hunter games has always been the ability to craft your own exotic-looking sets, wear them into hunts, and show them off to your friends. It’s genuinely a really cool feeling to take down a difficult monster, and then use its scales and hide to deck yourself out with visually distinct gear that is unique only to that specific monster.

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It brings about an intense feeling of accomplishment, but more than that, these armor sets are actually practical as well. Depending on the type of monster that the materials belong to, the armor you craft can inherit their strengths. From simple physical damage reduction, all the way to specific elemental resistances, there are a lot of variations in the types of sets you can craft.

But what really sucks is how sometimes you will spend hours grinding for a cool-looking armor, only to have to discard it a while later because it’s not effective against your next target. And for these exact situations, we have the Layered Armor system so that you can experiment with Fashion Sets as much as you want.

What Are Outfit Vouchers?

Monster Hunter Rise Outfit Voucher Plus
Outfit Vouchers.

The standard Outfit Vouchers were introduced into the game back in April of 2021 with the Version 2.0 patch. These are used for crafting all Layered Armor relating to monsters in the base game. And depending on the rank of the creature, you may require anywhere from 1 to 3 of these for a single piece.

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And although there is some gear that only requires 1 or 2 Vouchers to craft, you should mostly expect to spend anywhere from around 5 to 15 vouchers per set.

We will list all of the Low/High-Rank Layered Armor and their requirements in the table below:

Materials Required 

High/Low-Rank Sets 

1x Outfit Vouchers 

  • Bullfango Mask Layered Armor. 
  • Jaggi Mask Layered Armor. 

2x Outfit Vouchers 

  • Chaos Layered Armor. 
  • Jaggi Layered Armor. 
  • Skull Layered Armor. 
  • Slagtoth Layered Armor. 

3x Outfit Vouchers 

  • Droth Layered Armor. 
  • Mighty Bow Feather Layered Armor. 

4x Outfit Vouchers 

  • Chrome Metal Layered Armor. 
  • Uroktor Layered Armor. 

5x Outfit Vouchers 

  • Aknosom Layered Armor. 
  • Alloy Layered Armor. 
  • Arzuros Layered Armor. 
  • Baggi Layered Armor. 
  • Barroth Layered Armor. 
  • Bnahabra Layered Armor. 
  • Bone Layered Armor. 
  • Chainmail Layered Armor. 
  • Edel Layered Armor. 
  • Hunter Layered Armor. 
  • Ingot Layered Armor. 
  • Izuchi Layered Armor. 
  • Kamura Layered Armor. 
  • Khezu Layered Armor. 
  • Kulu Layered Armor. 
  • Lagombi Layered Armor. 
  • Leather Layered Armor. 
  • Ludroth Layered Armor. 
  • Rhenoplos Layered Armor. 
  • Tetranadon Layered Armor. 
  • Volvidon Layered Armor. 
  • Wroggi Layered Armor.  

10x Outfit Vouchers 

  • Barioth Layered Armor. 
  • Basarios Layered Armor. 
  • Bishaten Layered Armor. 
  • Channeler Layered Armor. 
  • Death Stench Layered Armor. 
  • Dober Layered Armor. 
  • Jyura Layered Armor. 
  • Kadachi Layered Armor. 
  • Makluva Layered Armor. 
  • Medium Layered Armor. 
  • Melahoa Layered Armor. 
  • Mosgharl Layered Armor. 
  • Pukei Layered Armor. 
  • Rathian Layered Armor. 
  • Remobra Layered Armor. 
  • Shell-Studded Layered Armor. 
  • Somnacanth Layered Armor. 

15x Outfit Vouchers 

  • Almudron Layered Armor. 
  • Anja Layered Armor. 
  • Brigade Layered Armor. 
  • Damascus Layered Armor. 
  • Diablos Layered Armor. 
  • Golden Layered Armor. 
  • Goss Harag Layered Armor. 
  • Ibushi Layered Armor. 
  • Jelly Layered Armor. 
  • Mizutsune Layered Armor. 
  • Nargacuga Layered Armor. 
  • Narwa Layered Armor. 
  • Rakna-Kadaki Layered Armor. 
  • Rathalos Layered Armor. 
  • Rhopessa Layered Armor. 
  • Sinister Layered Armor. 
  • Tigrex Layered Armor. 
  • Zinogre Layered Armor.

So yeah, there are a lot of Layered Armor sets you can craft. And we’ll show you hot to gram some Outfit Vouchers below.

How To Find Outfit Vouchers In Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise Outfit Voucher Plus
Unlock 7-Star Hunts.

While you may randomly receive Outfit Vouchers by scavenging in the wild, and as rewards for random quests, there is only one guaranteed method to get them constantly. And that is to complete High Rank 7 Star quests. 

So this means you first have to play through a decent chunk of the main campaign until you actually unlock the 7 Star tier. And depending on your skill level, this could take anywhere from 10 to 15 hours.

But once you’re there, you should look out for Rampage Quests and Apex Monster Hunts Specifically. They will reward you anywhere from 5 to 8 Vouchers per hunt. Some particular ones to look out for are:

  • Apex Arzuros Emergency
  • Apex Diablos Emergency
  • Apex Mizutsune Emergency
  • Apex Rathalos Emergency
  • Apex Rathian Emergency
  • Apex Zinogre Emergency
  • Rampage: Enchanting Parade
  • Rampage: Kamura Night Hunt
  • Rampage: Muddi Gras
  • Rampage: Rampaging Rajang

And since you’re going to require a large number of Outfit Vouchers to craft your set, you’re going to have to repeat these quests a number of times.

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So buckle up, find the one from this list that you think you can get through the fastest, and keep on doing it over and over.

What Are Outfit Voucher Plus?

Monster Hunter Rise Outfit Voucher
Outfit Voucher Plus.

The updated Monster Hunter Rise Outfit Voucher Plus was added alongside the Sunbreak expansion this year. And this item is exclusively used to craft all of the new Layered armor sets that were introduced with the DLC. You can use these to make sure that your sense of fashion does not interfere with your Sunbreak Builds.

These are all Master Rank sets, and you will not have access to them if you do not own the DLC. Once again you require anywhere from 1 to 3 Outfit Voucher Plus for each of the pieces. You can also find the full list of them and their requirements below:

Materials Required   

Master Rank Sets   

5x Outfit Voucher Plus 

  • Aknosom X Layered Armor. 
  • Anjanath X Layered Armor. 
  • Auroracanth Layered Armor. 
  • Basarios X Layered Armor. 
  • Bishaten X Layered Armor. 
  • Five Element Layered Armor. 
  • Hermitaur Layered Armor. 
  • Hornetaur Layered Armor. 
  • Izuchi X Layered Armor. 
  • Jyuratodus X Layered Armor. 
  • Khezu X Layered Armor. 
  • Knight Squire Layered Armor. 
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku X Layered Armor. 
  • Orangaten Layered Armor. 
  • Pukei-Pukei X Layered Armor. 
  • Rathian X Layered Armor. 
  • Somnacanth X Layered Armor 
  • Tetranadon X Layered Armor. 
  • Tobi-Kadachi X Layered Armor. 
  • Velociprey Layered Armor. 
  • Vespoid Layered Armor. 
  • Yukumo Sky Layered Armor. 

10x Outfit Voucher Plus 

  • Almudron X Layered Armor. 
  • Astalos Layered Armor. 
  • Barbania Layered Armor. 
  • Barioth X Layered Armor. 
  • Ceanataur Layered Armor. 
  • Diablos X Layered Armor. 
  • Dignified Layered Armor. 
  • Espinas Layered Armor. 
  • Garangolm Layered Armor. 
  • Gore Magala Layered Armor. 
  • Goss Harag X Layered Armor. 
  • Guardian Layered Armor. 
  • Guild Bard Layered Armor. 
  • Hawk Layered Armor. 
  • Heavy Night Layered Armor. 
  • Lunagaron Layered Armor. 
  • Magmadron Layered Armor. 
  • Mizutsune X Layered Armor. 
  • Nargacuga X Layered Armor. 
  • Pyre-Kadaki Layered Armor. 
  • Rakna-Kadaki X Layered Armor. 
  • Rathalos X Layered Armor. 
  • Royal Artillery Corps Layered Armor. 
  • Seregios Layered Armor. 
  • Sinister Demon Layered Armor. 
  • Snowshear Layered Armor. 
  • Tigrex X Layered Armor. 
  • Zinogre Layered Armor. 

15x Outfit Voucher Plus 

  • Arc Layered Armor. 
  • Archfiend Armor Layered Armor. 
  • Base Commander Layered Armor. 
  • Bazelgeuse X Layered Armor. 
  • Commission Layered Armor. 
  • Crimson Valstrax – Eclipse Layered Armor. 
  • Damascus X Layered Armor. 
  • Grand Divine Ire Layered Armor. 
  • Grand God’s Peer Layered Armor. 
  • Grand Mizuha Layered Armor. 
  • Ibushi – Pure Layered Armor. 
  • Kaiser X Layered Armor. 
  • Kushala X Layered Armor. 
  • Malzeno Set Layered Armor. 
  • Narwa – Pure Layered Armor. 
  • Professor Layered Armor. 
  • Sailor Layered Armor. 
  • Scholarly Layered Armor. 

So as you can see, you’re going to require a large amount of Monster Hunter Rise Outfit Voucher Plus if you’re going for the completionist route.

But most players are likely to only craft a handful of these, and we’ll show you exactly how you can get your hands on these crafting materials. 

How To Find Outfit Vouchers Plus?

Monster Hunter Rise Outfit Voucher Plus
Beat The Main Story Of Sunbreak.

Now in order to get Monster Hunter Rise Outfit Voucher Plus, you’re going to require the Sunbreak expansion first of all. Secondly, you’re going to have to play through the entire DLC campaign and kill the final boss. After this, you’ll unlock Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Master Rank 10 quests.

The one particular category you’re looking for this time is Anomaly Quests. These tasks you with hunting down especially dangerous targets called Afflicted Monsters, which drop unique items known as Afflicted Materials in Monster Hunter Rise. Complete any of these, and you’re guaranteed to get anywhere from 1 to 3 Outfit Vouchers Plus per quest.

You probably won’t have to repeat a lot of these purely due to the sheer number of them available to you. But it usually helps to find an easy one and stick with it anyway. The full list can be seen below:

  • Anomaly Research: Aknosom
  • Anomaly Research: Almudron
  • Anomaly Research: Anjanath
  • Anomaly Research: Arzuros
  • Anomaly Research: Aurora Somnacanth
  • Anomaly Research: Barioth
  • Anomaly Research: Barroth
  • Anomaly Research: Basarios
  • Anomaly Research: Bishaten
  • Anomaly Research: Blood Orange Bishaten
  • Anomaly Research: Daimyo Hermitaur
  • Anomaly Research: Garangolm
  • Anomaly Research: Goss Harag
  • Anomaly Research: Great Baggi
  • Anomaly Research: Great Izuchi
  • Anomaly Research: Great Wroggi
  • Anomaly Research: Jyuratodus
  • Anomaly Research: Khezu
  • Anomaly Research: Kulu-Ya-Ku
  • Anomaly Research: Lagombi
  • Anomaly Research: Magnamalo
  • Anomaly Research: Nargacuga
  • Anomaly Research: Pukei-Pukei
  • Anomaly Research: Rakna-Kadaki
  • Anomaly Research: Rathian
  • Anomaly Research: Royal Ludroth
  • Anomaly Research: Shogun Ceanataur
  • Anomaly Research: Somnacanth
  • Anomaly Research: Tetranadon
  • Anomaly Research: Tobi-Kadachi
  • Anomaly Research: Volvidon

And that’s about it for our Monster Hunter Rise Outfit Voucher Plus guide. While you’re here, why not also check out some of our other guides:

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