Monster Hunter Rise PC VS Switch [10 Key Differences]

In this Monster Hunter Rise PC vs Switch guide, we will inform you of all the differences between these two versions.

Monster Hunter Rise was initially released exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in March 2021. The game was later released on PC through Steam in January 2022. It made some gamers wonder about the difference between the two versions, and in this Monster Hunter Rise PC vs. Switch guide, we will be answering all the questions you may have about the two versions.

Key Highlights
  • The game Monster Hunter Rise is available both on PC and Nintendo switch platforms.
  • The PC version of Monster Hunter Rise offers faster load times, the ability to modify controls, voice chat, more content available on day one, and wide screen support.
  • It also offers improved textures, resolution, and better performance with uncapped frame rates.
  • The Switch version offers the ability to play the game wherever and whenever, thanks to its portable nature.
  • The PC version offers more flexibility in terms of graphic settings and the ability to customize controls
  • It also includes accessibility options such as color filters and cinema-style mode.
  • The PC version uses Dunevo anti-tamper DRM which can degrade performance in some cases. This is a great downside to the PC version of the game.
  • Both versions offer different advantages and are for different types of gamers, the player should choose based on their preference for graphics and performance or flexibility of play.

Monster Hunter Rise PC VS Switch Differences

MHR PC and Switch comparison
Monster Hunter Rise PC vs Switch

Before we get into the details, here’s a quick overlook on the PC vs Switch comparison for MHR:

PlatformLoad TimeAbility To Modify ControlsVoice ChatPerformanceFlexibility
PCFasterYesAvailableHas the wide screen feature, offers improved textures, resolution and performs betterCan play only at home
SwitchSlowerNoNot AvailableDoesn't have the wide screen feature, textures, resolution and performance is lessPortability allows you to play whenever you want wherever you want

Monster Hunter Rise looks incredible on the Switch despite its outdated hardware. The developers were able to bring those visuals to the next level and bring out the game’s full potential with a PC release. The PC version also offers some new features and can be considered the definitive version of the game. In this Monster Hunter Rise PC vs. Switch guide, we will inform you of all the differences between these two versions.

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Faster Load Times

Let’s start off our guide with one of the obvious features. The PC version of Monster Hunter Rise takes advantage of the RAM and the Solid State Drive (SSD) available in PCs, which result in faster load times.

Now we are not saying that Monster Hunter Rise loads incredibly slowly on the Switch. But we can’t deny the fact that the SSD allows the game to load at unreal speeds. And it gives the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise quite an advantage over the Switch version.

Ability To Modify Controls

Up next, we have Key Bindings, considering how a keyboard has 104 keys compared to the Switch, which only has the same amount of buttons as other controllers. Players have more freedom in customizing and designing their own controls on PC rather than solely depending on the key bindings designed by the developers.

Monster Hunter Rise was originally designed and optimized around the layout of a controller. But having the option to customize the controls on the keyboard and mouse according to your liking is never a bad thing because not everyone plays on a controller.

Voice Chat

A welcoming feature added in the Monster Hunter Rise PC version is the voice chat option. Players could now speak their minds without any delay. 

A native voice chat feature is not available on the Switch, but it is available on the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise, even though Discord is also available on PC. So for PC players, this might not be that big of a feature but having the option of native voice chat is a win nonetheless.

The Full Package

Monster Hunter Rise received numerous updates such as Event Quests throughout its lifetime as an exclusive on the Nintendo Switch. When the game was released on PC, it received all of those updates on day 1.

MHR PC and Switch Comparison
Event Quests in Monster Hunter Rise

We are not suggesting that the original version of Monster Hunter Rise had a content drought. But one can not deny that the Monster Hunter Rise PC version had more content available on day one and was a more definitive package.

Wide Screen Support

Another welcoming feature added in the Monster Hunter Rise PC version is the Wide Screen Support. PC players were now able to fully utilize and enjoy their game on their wide screen.

MHR Pc and Switch Comparison
Monster Hunter Rise Wide Screen Mode

Aside from making the game look more beautiful. A wide screen can also give the players an extra edge in battle because they can keep track of their enemies better, and they have a better view of the arena, which also increases the immersion of the game and elevates the experience.

Improved Textures

Monster Hunter Rise PC and Switch Comparison
Monster Hunter Rise on PC

The PC version of Monster Hunter Rise offers improved textures and resolution. Considering how the game was originally designed for the Nintendo Switch. Monster Hunter Rise is not demanding, and through Capcom’s prodigious RE Engine. The game does not seem to have any optimization issues.

Monster Hunter Rise works flawlessly on even low-tier PC and depending on the player’s rig. They can either play the game at 4k 60fps with HDR or a 1080p 30fps. The possibilities of different combinations of graphic settings are in abundance.

Better Performance

This should not be a surprise to most people, but considering the PC’s superior hardware. PC also offers better performance. The PC version of Monster Hunter Rise has uncapped frame rates, so in terms of frame per second, decent rigs should be able to leave the Switch’s performance in the dust.

Now, this does not necessarily mean that Monster Hunter Rise performs poorly on the Switch. Considering the Switch’s outdated hardware. Seeing how Monster Hunter Rise looks as beautiful as it is on the Switch with a near-fixed 30fps experience is truly mind-blowing.

Considering the 5.5 – 7 inch screen of the Switch, depending on the model. And the pixel density is doing its wonders. Playing on the Switch with 30fps should not bother most people, and Monster Hunter Rise on Switch is still an experience that is indeed worth it.

Improved Accessibility 

Capcom introduced new settings in the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise. Players were given the option to change color filters so players could make their game look exactly how they wanted it to.

The options included filters such as the black and white filter and the film grain filter. The PC version also featured a cinema-style mode and gave the players the option to change audio as well.

Play On the GO!

You may be getting tired of us for mostly speaking good about PC in this article but do not worry, that is about to end.

We can not call it a Monster Hunter Rise PC vs Switch guide without mentioning one of the Nintendo Switch’s key features, which is to play your games whenever you want, wherever you want.

This gives the Switch version a generous advantage over the PC version. In comparison, the PC version offers better performance and graphics. It does not quite offer better flexibility. PC players are restricted to playing Monster Hunter Rise only in their homes which is not necessarily a bad thing. But with the Switch, players can hunt monsters in Monster Hunter Rise wherever they want, whether it be on a bus or during a hiking trip.

DRM: Dunevo Anti-tamper

PC and Switch Comparison Monster Hunter Rise
DRM: Dunevo

And finally, one of the downsides of the Monster Hunter Rise PC version is the DRM. The general purpose of the DRM is to protect software from copyright or prevent the pirated distribution of software. Now, this does not sound like a bad thing, but sometimes the consumer has to suffer because of DRM. A lot of gamers hate the implementation of DRM in games but not for the reason you may think.

Dunevo is a tough DRM to crack, but Dunevo sometimes degrades the performance of a game on PC. Let us give an example of another Capcom title Resident Evil 8.

Initially, Dunevo became the scourge of frames per second in the game. During some shifts of animations, the game was experiencing significant fps drops. And when the pirated version of the game was released. It was performing much better than the original version of Resident Evil 8.

For a short period, the people playing the pirated copy were generally getting a better service and experience than the players who paid for the game. That is until the performance issues were finally patched by Capcom. Nonetheless, it was not a good look for both the game and the developers. 

So, it is understandable that most players were worried when it was announced that Monster Hunter Rise on PC would also use Dunevo. 


That brings an end to our Monster Hunter Rise PC vs Switch guide. Both versions of the game offer different advantages and are for different types of gamers. It is nearly impossible to select a single version and title it the best of all worlds.

If you are the type of gamer who wants the best of the best in terms of graphic settings and performance, then you should go for the PC version. If you are the type of person who travels a lot and prefer gaming on a handheld, then the Switch version should fulfill your needs.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam. A brand new expansion for Monster Hunter Rise named Sunbreak was also released recently for both PC and Switch. Which platform do you prefer for Monster Hunter Rise? Let us know in the comment section below.

Monster Hunter Rise features numerous weapons and armor. The game encourages players to experiment with different builds. In case you are interested, we have prepared guides for different builds such as Switch Axe, Greatsword, Dual Blade, and Long Sword build in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Seeing a game of this caliber working on the Switch is a welcoming surprise.

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