Monster Hunter Rise Purecrystal: Location & Uses

The Monster Hunter Rise Purecrystal guide entails the location, efficient farming strategies, and uses for Purecrystal in MHR.

If you have been cleansing Elgard of monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, then it is safe to say that you have found yourself in need of some Purecrystal.  But most players have a really hard time finding it as its item description is totally misleading. It states that PureCrystal can only be found in ‘The Jungle’, which could not be any further from the truth.

Key Takeaways
  • Purecrystal in Monster Hunter Rise is a rare material used for upgrading weapons and armor.
  • Use the “sniff ’em out” feature on the palamute to locate farmable materials like Purecrystal.
  • Equip Geologist skill (Leather X or Brigade armor set) for more uses of farming spots during runs.
  • Opt for expedition runs in Flooded Forest to avoid monster encounters and save time.
  • Purecrystal is found in blue and white Mining Outcrops, with a higher chance in the white one.
  • It can be used to craft various equipment, including Astalos Helmet, Astalos Helmet X, Almudrom Vambraces X, and more

Purecrystal Overview

Monster Hunter Rise Purecrystal
Pure crystal
NameRarityCapacityValueHow To Get
Purecrystal7x997320zDeserted Island, Flooded Forest Tundra, Volcano, Misty Peaks

Before heading out to farm Purecrystal in Monster Hunter Rise, use the “sniff em out” feature on your palamute to mark resource locations. Equip the Geologist skill, found in Leather X or Brigade armor sets, to increase farming spot usage. Ensure you’re on an expedition run to avoid monster encounters, saving time. With these preparations, head to the marked location to find Purecrystal.

Purecrystal Location

The Flooded Forrest
The Flooded Forrest

You can find Purecrystal from both the blue-colored Mining Outcrop and the white-colored Mining Outcrop. The difference is that the white one has more chances of spawning it. So select both the blue-colored and the white-colored Outcrop from the icon selection list on the detailed map.

Your next step is to keep an eye out for dark bluish crystals as well as the glowing white ones stuck in the ground. 

The White Mining Outcrop

Monster Hunter Rise Purecrystal White Mining Outcrop
White Mining Outcrop Locations

The following section of our Monster Hunter Rise Purecrystal guide covers the Purecrystals obtainable from white mining outcrop. You can use the map above for reference.

1st Purecrystal

  • Locate the first White Mining Outcrop in area number 2, near a pyramid-like temple.
  • Climb stairs or wall run to reach the top room of the pyramid.
  • Inside, take a left, slide down, and grapple to the right wall upon exiting the slide.
  • Land on a stone beam and look upwards to find a small entrance in the wall.
  • Enter the entrance to find the first white Outcrop

2nd Purecrystal 

Your next outcrop is also located in the same temple. To find it, make your way to the top of the temple, and just like in the previous room, you will find a small entrance in the wall at the top. Enter it, and you will find your outcrop to the left. Mine the outcrop and jump down through the hole to get out.

3rd Purecrystal 

Your next destination is area number 4; once you are there, look for a pyramid similar to the one you visited before but much smaller. Climb the stairs, and you will find the Outcrop upon entering the room.

4th Purecrystal 

The next Outcrop is in area number 10, and you can use the picture above for better reference.

5th Purecrystal 

The last one is found between areas 6 and 7. Its entrance is hidden inside the wall of a mountain, so it can be a bit tricky to find, but it is manageable.

The Blue Mining Outcrop

Monster Hunter Rise Purecrystal Blue Mining Outcrop
Blue Mining Outcrop Locations

The first Blue Mining Outcrops are spotted between areas 9 and 10. Another is found in area number 1. And another one in the center of areas 2 and 3.

Now, Although you can find a decent amount of Blue Mining Outcrops in the above-mentioned areas, the majority of them are in areas 11 and 7 near the sub-camp. Keep repeating the above-mentioned cycle until you obtain the desired number of Purecrystals.

Purecrystal Uses In Monster Hunter Rise

Uses Of Purecrystal
Uses Of Purecrystal

Now that you know where to find the Purecrystal let us take a detailed look at what it is actually used for. You can use it to craft a lot of equipment, including Astalos Helmet, Astalos Helmet X, Almudrom Vambraces X, Ingot Mail X, Ingot Coil X, Ingot Greaves X, Kushala Grip X, Hawkcoil, Utsushi True Braces, and Gore Mail.

Alternatively, you can also use it to craft some Buddy Equipment such as Damascus Mail, Hawksuit, Medium’s Hakama, Channeler’s Hakama, Ceantaur Coil, Vaik Helm, Medium’s Prayer, and Jelly Hat. That about wraps up our Monster Hunter Rise Purecrystal guide. If you found this helpful, then you will also be interested in Monster Hunter Rise King Rhino Guide.

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