Monster Hunter Rise Squires Belt: Unlock, Craft & Abilities

In This Guide We Will Discuss The Master Rank Squires Belt. We Will Entail About How To Unlock, Craft, And What Are The Abilities OF The Squire Belt.

The Squires Belt is a Master Rank piece of armor in MH Rise that especially guards the waist. It is part of the Knight Squire Master Rank Armor Set, which was introduced in the new Sunbreak Extension or DLC. The armor set and its piece, the Squires Belt, can be equipped for both male and female characters. The appearance changes according to the gender of the character.

The MH Rise Squires Belt is described in the game as “Fiorayne’s waist armor. The golden center buckle signifies a knight of the Royal Order”.

Key Takeaways
  • Monster Hunter Rise provides you with different weapons and armor to counter the dangerous enemies in the game.
  • The Squires Belt is a Master ranked waist armor and is a part of the “Knight Squire Master Rank Armour set” in Monster Hunter Rise.
  • It is compatible with both Male and Female characters.
  • To craft the Squires Belt, you need to complete two quests which are called “Flicker In The Night” and “An Audience With The Queen.”
  • The materials which are required to craft the armor piece are 8000 Zennies, 1x Royal Order Certificate, 2x Toby-Kadachi Cathode, 1x Monster Toughbone, and 1x Ultimas Crystal.
  • The Squires Belt provides resistance against several elements, such as the Dragon, Fire, Water, Thunder, and Ice elements, in addition to providing the base defense of 100.
  • It also grants you a slot for a bonus or a compatible ability which includes the Level 1 Offensive Guard, Level 1 Weakness Exploit Guard, and Level 1 Critical Boost.
  • The Offensive Guard ability, after you execute a perfectly timed guard, increases the amount of damage you deal for a short period of time.
  • The Weakness Exploit ability increases the weak point hitting chance of your attacks as well as increasing the damage dealt to the weak point.
  • The Critical Boost ability increases the damage dealt when you hit a critical hit.

Let’s first quickly go through the overview of the Squire’s Belt Item in MHR:

ItemRarityDefense StatCrafting RecipeResisted ElementsAbilities
Squire's Belt8100-8000 Zennies
-Royal Order Certificate x1
-Tobi-Kadachi Cathode x2
-Monster Toughbone x1
-Ultimas Crystal x1
-Dragon Element
-Fire Element
-Water Element
-Thunder Element
-Ice Element
-Offensive Guard
-Weakness Exploit
-Critical Boost

How To Craft Squires Belt in MHR

Squires Belt Crafting Materials
Crafting Materials Of Squires Belt

First, to craft the Squires Belt, you will have to unlock it by completing requirements in MH Rise. And to unlock it, you will have to complete Fiorayne’s MR2 Follower Quests. The two quests are “Flicker in the Night” and “An Audience with the Queen”.

Next, once you have unlocked the Knight Squire Set, you will require some materials to craft the Squires Belt in Monster Hunter Rise. The materials that you will require to craft the Belt are:

  • 8000 Zennies.
  • Royal Order Certificate x1.
  • Tobi-Kadachi Cathode x2.
  • Monster Toughbone x1.
  • Ultimas Crystal x1.

Protection Level of Squires Belt

Knight Armor Set
The Full Master Rank Knight Squire Armor Set

The Squire Belt has a base defense of 100 like all of the other pieces of the Knight Squire Armor Set. However, it also gives specific resistance against certain elements. The elements against which the Monster Hunter Rise Squires Belt gives resistance are:

  • Dragon Element.
  • Fire Element.
  • Water Element.
  • Thunder Element.
  • Ice Element.

Also, in addition to the original 100 base defense and specific resistances, the Squire Belt also grants one slot for some type of bonus or ability. The abilities that you can equip in this one slot are:

  • Offensive Guard Level 1.
  • Weakness Exploit Level 1.
  • Critical Boost Level 1.

Extra Abilities You Can Equip By Using Squires Belt

Abilities Table On The Right Side

Now, we will be giving a short description of each ability and its effect. This is so that you can easily choose which ability is better for you with the MH Rise Squires Belt.

Offensive Guard

The Offensive Guard ability will allow you to increase your damage output for a short period of time if you execute a perfectly timed guard. At level 1 of the ability, your attacks will do 5% additional damage.

Weakness Exploit

The Weakness Exploit ability will allow you to increase the chance of your attack hitting the weak spot of a monster. Hitting a weak spot does extra damage. At level 1 of this ability, the chance is increased by 15%.

Critical Boost

The Critical Boost ability is a pretty straightforward ability. It basically increases the damage that is dealt when you land a critical hit. The damage increase at level 1 of the ability is 30%.

Now that we have discussed every aspect of the Monster Hunter Rise Squires Belt in detail, we bring the guide to an end. We discussed how to unlock the Squires Belt, the materials required to craft it, and the abilities and defense it provides the user with.


MH Rise Gameplay
Monster Hunter Rise Game Play

Monster Hunter Rise is a game full of dangerous enemies that want to tear you apart. So to overcome such enemies, the game also provides you with weapons and armor. Armour is a big part of the game, and with the new Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak DLC, the game even got a large variety of Master Rank Armours that are very effective. One such Master Rank Set is the Knight Squire Armour Set. The set consists of 5 pieces. One of the pieces of this set is the Monster Hunter Rise Squires Belt.

Now, if you are acquiring an armor set, then you should first know the Best Armor Sets. Also, you might need to craft and upgrade the armor so that you will need items such as the Gold Lite Ore, Fucium Ore, and even money.

Additionally, in order to earn lots of in-game currency, read or Best Money Farming Methods. The game also has a variety of NPCs that you will meet through your adventures. MHR Bahari is one of those NPCs. In Monster Hunter Rise, you can customize your weapons through a Layered Weapons Feature.

However, we suggest that you should layer a strong weapon, so why not first check out our Monster Hunter Rise Weapons Tier List. Also, for a specific build guide on the Bowgun, read our Bowgun Build Guide.

Moreover, if you feel bored with the vanilla game, then try out some of the Monster Hunter Rise Mods. The Squire Belt is a part of the Sunbreak DLC, just like the Gold Lite Ore and the MHR Prized Pelt

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