5 BEST Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Builds

The comprehensive guide to crafting the Top 5 builds found in Monster Hunter Rise and the Sunbreak Expansion.

Monster Hunter Rise has rich and complex combat provided by its 14 different types of Weapons. You can combine these weapons with the Best Armor in the game to create powerful builds for your characters. Today we will be discussing the Top 5 unique builds you can craft with some of the strongest weapons and armor sets found in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. 

Players delving into head first might get overwhelmed with the Master Rank mode, which is considered to be the true hardcore difficulty of the series and a staple to the game for veteran players. 

Key Highlights
  • Monster Hunter Rise features over 14 weapons and players can create powerful builds with each weapon along with a powerful armor.
  • Players can design a number of builds with a great variation in armor. Players can customize and craft these builds according to their preferences.
  • The Tank DPS Gunlance Build utilizes the Canyne or Cornhopper Gunlance weapon to deal high damage while being tanky.
  • Mighty Battle Hammer build uses Might Pronged Hammer and focuses on pure critical attacks that will deal a lot of damage to monsters on every hit.
  • The Elemental Dual Blades Build uses Dual Blades which is both popular and powerful. This build focuses on Using different elemental types of dual blades against different monsters’ weaknesses, such as Fire, Water, Ice, and Thunder.
  • Mile High-Affinity Longsword Build exhibits 100 percent affinity for Sinister Shade Sword+ and is best used with quick thinking and precise strikes.
  • The Ultimate Damage Greatsword build uses Fine Kamura Cleaver which is ideal for raw and unfiltered damage but it lacks speed.

Let us first review the summary of each Build in our article from MHR Sunbreak:

BuildWeaponsWeapon DecorationsArmorDecorations
Tank DPS Gunlance Build
- Canyne Gunlance
- Mighty Cornpopper
- Breath Jewel 3
- Medicine Jewel 2
- Bazelgeuse Helm X
- Hoplite's Armor
- Kushala Grip X
- Malzeno Coil
- Kushala Crus X
- Redirection Jewel 3 (Helm)
- 2x Defense Jewel 1 (Chest Piece)
- Defense Jewel 1 (Arms)
- Medicine Jewel+ 4 & Defense Jewel 1 (Leg Armor)
- 2x Magazine Jewel 2 (Talisman)
Mighty Battle Hammer Build- Mighty Pronged Hammer
- Mighty Souldevourer (mid game)
- Tenderizer Jewel 2
- Anti-Dragon Jewel 2
- Yakumo Sky Kasa
- Ingot Mail X
- Velociprey Braces
- Hermitaur Coil
- Ingot Greaves X
- Tenderizer Jewel 2 (Helm)
- Tenderizer Jewel 2 & Grinder Jewel 1 (Chest Piece)
- Critical Jewel 2 & Brace Jewel 1 (Arms)
- 2x Critical Jewel 2 (Coils)
- 2x Grinder Jewel 1 (Greaves)
- Expert Jewel 2 (Talisman)
Elemental Dual Blades Build- Magma Shredders
- Mud Shredders
- Gelid Heart
- Double Discharge
-- Lunagaron Helm
- Aelucanth Thorax X
- Utsushi True Braces (H)
- Rathalos Coil X
- Ingot Greaves X
- x2 Critical Jewel 2 (Helm)
- Any x2 Elemental Jewel 1 | Fire, Water, Thunder (Chest)
- Tenderizer Jewel 2 (Arms)
- Crit Element Jewel 2 (Coil)
- x2 Attack Boost Jewel 1 (Leg Armor)
- x1 Attack Jewel 2 & Brace Jewel 1 (Talisman)
Mile High-Affinity Longsword BuildSinister Shade Sword+- Critical Jewel 2
- Grinder Jewel 1
- Kaiser Crown
- Barioth Mail X
- Velociprey Braces
- Hermitaur Coil
- Ingot Greaves X
- Satiated Jewel 1 (Helm)
- Tenderizer Jewel 2, Sheathe Jewel 2, Satiated Jewel 1 (Chest)
- Handicraft Jewel 3 & Grinder Jewel 1 (Arms)
- Expert Jewel 2, Attack Jewel 2 (Coil)
- Grinder Jewel 1 & Steadfast Jewel 1 (Leg Armor)
The Ultimate Damage Greatsword Build
Fine Kamura Cleaver- Expert Jewel 2
- Critical Jewel 2
- Anti-Dragon Jewel
- Lunagaron Helm
- Archfiend Armor Baulo
- Barroth Vambraces X
- Squire’s Belt
- Ingot Greaves X
- 2x Expert Jewel 2 (Helm)
- Attack Jewel 2 & Tenderizer Jewel 2 (Chest Piece)
- Critical Jewel 2 & Steadfast Jewel 1 (Arms)
- Guardian Jewel 3 (Coil)
- 2x Steadfast Jewel 1 (Greaves)

What Are Builds In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

MHR has a ton of builds that you can customize and use. But there are only a few that players from the communities regard as the “Meta” or, simply put, popular to use, especially in the endgame. These can range from overpowered builds, which can trivialize even the toughest monsters of the entire game.

After a lot of practice and testing, we have managed to create the five best builds, which are top-of-the-line in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. These builds are designed to get you through the newly launched content of the Sunbreak expansion without any worries. However, there are some noticeable caveats you should keep in mind.

Most importantly, gathering the necessary materials for each armor piece and the weapons can be a time-consuming task to do in the game. Monster Hunter emphasizes hunting down monsters quite a few times to get their items to craft into gear. But these items are all entirely based on luck and RNG.

Tank DPS Gunlance Build

MHR gunlance build
The Best Gunlance build in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The Gunlance is undoubtedly the most underrated weapon of the game, which is utilized to deal damage at ranges with powerful shots from your super cannon weapon dishing out chunks of damage. The weapon is based on military cannons but in the form of a rifle or Bayonet.

Our tanky build for the weapon is designed to pour out as much DPS as possible without the need for healing. Gunlance players will excel at any openings they can get on their target. The most advantageous aspect is that you do not have to get too up close and personal with the monsters.

So most of the time, you are at ease with shooting bursts of explosive shots to wear down monsters. The Tank build relies upon dealing successful chain damage to stagger and brutalize monsters. Due to the tanky nature of the build, we have access to skills from our armor like Kushala’s Blessing to boost your healing under ailments.


MHR canyne gunlance
The Canyne Gunlance 3 in Monster Hunter Rise

Ideally, you have options to use the Canyne or Cornhopper Gunlance for the build. Both weapons are great for getting the job done, but we are primarily looking to get the job done faster since the build is all about being a tank. The weapon has excellent flexibility to boost its raw attack without sacrificing too much from your build.

The weapon can be viable solely because it has high damage from the start, and you only need to attach some jewels or efficient silk bind skills to make it work even better. The two Gunlances will require the following materials to craft them in the game:

  • Canyne Gunlance: 1x Commendation, 2x Golden Muck, 1x Rathalos Marrow, and 2x Buddy Ticket. The tickets can be rewarded by Buddy Expert Shirubei if you complete quests with your buddies.
  • Mighty Cornpopper: 2x Magna Soul prism, 3x Ragna-Kadaki Silk, 3x Monster broth, and 2x Kamura Ticket. You have a chance to receive Kamura tickets from Elder Fugen for completing Village or rampage quests.

Now for the decoration slots on these weapons, which are essentially the mods you can equip on your weapons to make them even stronger. You should use Breath Jewel 3 and Medicine Jewel 2. The breath jewel will allow you to receive health when you recover from a status ailment.

Meanwhile, you can boost these effects with the medicine 2 Jewel, which will simply boost your health and gain recovery from various sources. Furthermore, you can equip an Anti-dragon Jewel 2 in the rampage slot to increase damage dealt to Bird, Flying, Burte, Piscine, Leviathan, and Fanged Wyverns species.


MH rise Gunlance
The armor set for the Gunlance tank build

The armor set is a mix of various types of equipment that we have listed above. You should be able to find and craft these with ease if you are preparing to enter Sunbreak’s endgame. Each set piece includes:

  • Bazelgeuse helm X: You will need to farm Bazelguese parts. You specifically need 4x Bazelgeuse shard, 2x Bazelgeuse hardclaw, 1x Bazelgeuse Cortex and, 2x Almudron Shell.
  • Hoplite’s Armor: 1x Royal Order certificate, 2x Ceanataur hard claw, 1x Monster slogbone, and 1x Caked stiff bone. The Royal Order certificate is an event item so look into getting that if possible.
  • Kushala Grip X: 5x Daora shard, 3x Daora hard claw+, 3x Large Elder Dragon bone, and 1x Purecrystal, which can be a rare drop from mining outcrops in Sunbreak DLC.
  • Malzeno Coil: 4x Malzeno Cortex, 3x Malzeno shard, 1x Malzeno Tail, and lastly 2x Blody Parasite.
  • Kushala Crus X: Lastly, for the leg pieces, you will need 4x Daora shards, 3x Daora hard claws, 1x Daora hard Horn, and 2x Goss Harag Brace.

Lastly, We added in the Divine Talisman, which rolled with the Evade extender & Load shells skills to help pout with our damage and dodges. Talisman drops are also RNG and luck-dependant. By equipping these different armors, you should be granted some unique and helpful skills. The important ones to keep track of are called:

  • Defense Boost Level 7
  • Guard Level 3
  • Artillery Level 3
  • Recovery up Level 3
  • Kushala’s Blessing Level 3

Decorations For The Armor

You will want to be mindful of some of the decorations because a few of the skills in your status will be generated or boosted via the jewels in your different armor slots. The decorations we recommend on each piece include:

  • Helm: Redirection jewel 3
  • Chest piece: 2x Defense Jewel 1
  • Arms: Defense jewel 1
  • Waist: 2x Defense Jewel 1
  • Leg armor: Medicine Jewel+4, Defense jewel 1
  • Talisman: 2x Magazine Jewel 2

So as you can tell, these decorations will suit the build nicely to compensate for the lack of defense or vitality in our kit. The main strategy will revolve around healing from status effects and tanking monster attacks while still pouring heavy DPS via the blasts of the Gunlance.

Mighty Battle Hammer Build

Monster hunter rise hammer
The best hammer build in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The best hammer build we have for you today is based on amplifying your damage on each consecutive attack. So it easily earns the spot in the top 5 builds of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. The hammer tends to have charge attacks similar to the Greatsword in MH games. It can deal staggering amounts of damage in each strike.

These charge attacks are known to be the most devastating aspects of both weapons. However, what makes the hammer special in that regard is the offense it may deliver in its other combos and attacks. Hammer users take advantage of their environment and go for any chance they can get on the sliding and jump attacks.

It is generally considered one of the most spammy moves by Hammer users, but arguably so, it delivers immense chunks of damage. Hammers users will find it easier to break the hard-skinned parts of the monsters very quickly and feasibly. Oftentimes, in group hunts, their main role is to stagger or break the hard parts.

The Hammer build in our showcase focuses on pure critical attacks that will brutalize monsters on almost every hit. So we assume players have stock ready of hefty Critical and Attack jewels to slot them into the weapon. While on the topic, these jewels are essentially the main bread and butter to most heavy damage builds in MHR.


MH rise mighty pronged hammer
The Mighty pronged hammer in Monster Hunter Rise

The weapon in our build is the Mighty Pronged Hammer. The weapon has recently debuted with the release of the Sunbreak expansion in the game. It is a fantastic option to get started with clearing the DLC. If needed, later on, you can swap to other viable hammers for the mid-to-late game with the Mighty Souldevourer hammer.

The weapon boasts 240 raw attack power right off the bat. It is an ideal choice for returning players who will want to invest in a solid weapon for the early content of Sunbreak. It also has natural white sharpness, Level 3 jewel slots as well and a sweet rampage jewel slot.

The materials needed to craft the weapon include 2x Bishaten Hardtail, 1x Bishaten heavy horn, 5x Bishaten Finefur, and lastly, 2x Massive Bones. The parts mainly come from Bishaten, which is a huge Mandrill-like Wyvern. He is a new monster introduced with Sunbreak, but he should not pose too much of a problem to skilled players.

In terms of decorations, you will want to slot in a Tenderizer Jewel 2 in the main slot. It will help you increase damage to the weak points of the monster, which is extremely good for our build. For the Rampage jewel slot, we suggest putting in an Anti-Dragon Jewel 2 to help boost damage against the aforementioned species.


Monster hunter rise hammer build armor
The armor sets used for the early hammer build in MH Rise Sunbreak

Again, we are using a mixed set of armor to accommodate the usage of various skills. Having each piece different provides flexibility in your skills arsenal. So let us see what materials are needed to craft the armor pieces:

  • Yakumo Sky Kasa: 1x Bishaten Finefur, 1x Bishaten Heavyhorn, and 2x Twisted Stiffbones.
  • Ingot Mail X: 1x Pure crystal, 1x Meldspar ore, 1x Awegite, 2x Kestodon Husk. Awegites and the other materials are new items found in the Sunbreak expansion.
  • Velociprey Braces: 1x Velociprey thick hide, 1x Tough Claw, and 2x Sapphiron ore.
  • Hermitaur Coil: 2x Hermitaur hard claw, 1x Hermitaur cortex, and 1x Timeworn crimson horn. The Daimyo Hermitaur is a large King Crab-like monster in Sunbreak, which is mainly weak to Thunder. The crimson horn has a chance to drop when capturing the Hermitaur or breaking its shell.
  • Ingot Greaves X: 1x Purecrystal, 1x Meldspar ore, 1x Saphhiron ore, and 2x Monster Toughbone.

For the Talisman, we had one dropped with Wirebug Whisperer Level 3 with a level 3 jewel slot. While it may have been a lucky drop. We guarantee that most players can get away with lighter skills on it, like wirebug whisperer level 1 with 2x level 2 jewel slots. The main skills that will appear on your status with the armor set equipped are:

  • Critical Eye Level 7
  • Attack Boost Level 4
  • Critical Boost Level 3
  • Weakness Exploit Level 3
  • Speed Sharpening Level 3
  • Wirebug Whisperer Level 3

Decoration For The Armor

As you can already tell by the skills, we had equipped. The Hammer build shines by boosting your overall DPS beyond its normal capacity. You can reach the skill thresholds we mentioned just now by using these decorations on your various armor pieces:

  • Helm: Tenderizer Jewel 2
  • Chest piece: Tenderizer Jewel 2, Grinder Jewel 1
  • Arms: Critical Jewel 2, Brace Jewel 1
  • Coil: 2x Critical Jewel 2
  • Greaves: 2x Grinder Jewel 1
  • Talisman: Expert Jewel 2

The maximum range of critical levels will keep your hammer damage stacked on tough Monsters who might just ruin your day in a few attacks. No doubt, the Mighty pronged hammer build is one of the top 5 in our list that will make your beginning hours in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak a breeze with the right playstyle.

Elemental Dual Blades Build

MHR dualblades
The dual blades

The dual blades are quite honestly one of the deadliest weapons to use in the game. They allow you to do swift strikes at high speeds. They can easily chip and shred through the armor and body of the Monsters. The weapon, by default, has access to some fantastic switch skills, such as Demon Flurry Rush and Demon Mode.

The build primarily focuses on a unique Elemental Build for these weapons, which can be overpowered right from the mid-game to the late-game stages and is arguably one of the most popular in the fanbase right now.

Almost each of the monsters in the game, even the ferocious Elder Dragons, have at least one weakness. These weaknesses can be from elements such as Cold or Thunder. It can even be the specific parts of a monster that can be exploited to cause them to stagger momentarily throughout the fight or, even better, knock them out.

The Dual blades, just like any other weapon in the game, will require you to learn their combos and move sets. The Demon mode will allow you to dish out a flurry of rush attacks like a wild hurricane. You can go further beyond in Arch Demon Mode, which will boost your attack arsenal. Thus providing more damage per strike per second.

Every small opening during a fight will count for most dual blade users as it will allow you quickly nail in fast precision strikes and get out of harm’s way with its quick movements. It is an absolute must-play weapon class for players who want a super speedy and agile weapon playstyle in MHR.


MH rise elemental Dualblades
The four different elemental blades found in Monster Rise Sunbreak

Sunbreak introduced a variety of changes to its meta or, to put it simply, the popular playstyles. One of which was the addition of more weapon variety like the elemental dual blades. Using these different elemental types of Dualblades will provide you with more room for targeting monster weaknesses.

Crafting each of these weapons can be a daunting task at first, but once you craft and focus on one, earning the rest will be a piece of cake for skilled hunters and dual-blade users alike. We highly suggest doing so because the build solely revolves around swapping between each of these blades. Here’s how to craft every one of them:

  • Magma Shredders: x5 Afflicted fang, x5 Afflicted shell, and x30 Magma Almudron points. The Magma shredders offer Fire status as their main element. The Magma Almudron is the monster to get these parts. He is a large fire Leviathan species weak to water and Ice.
  • Mud shredders: x7 Afflicted claws and 60,000 sen are needed to craft them. The Mud shredders can be found in the normal Almudron weak to fire. The weapon itself is based on the water element. They are a spin-off weapon, so you don’t have to grind too much at all to craft them from the weapon tree.
  • Gelid Heart: x7 Afflicted Blood and x20 Ore points. The Gelid heart offers ice damage. The afflicted blood can be rarely found dropped by Bishaten or Daimyo Hermitaur.
  • Double Discharge: 2x Scale of Origin+, 1x Horn of Origin, x2 Narwa Hard claw, and 1x Mantle of Origin. The weapons can be crafted by the Thunder serpent Narwa. Tough monster but weak to Dragon and Ice elements.


MH rise Dual blades armor
The armor set for the Dual blades build in MH Rise Sunbreak

The Dual Blades elemental attacks need a boost in their attack, so we are using a mixture of armor pieces to craft a set that will provide all the compatibility to the build:

  • Lunagaron Helm: 3x Lunagaron shard, 1x Luna vermillion hard claw, 1x Lunagron cortex, and 1x Lunagaron Frost Jewel. The frost jewel is a rare gem from the Lunagaron Monster.
  • Aelucanth Thorax X: 2x Split-Jaw butterfly, 2x Giant Monster bone, 2x Rathian cortex, and 2x Rachnoid Mesmersilk.
  • Utsushi True Braces (H): 1x Elgdao Ticket, 2x Luna Vermillion hard claw, 1x Monster slogbone, and 1x Purecrystal found in Master rank mining outcrops.
  • Rathalos Coil X: 4x Rathalos shard, 1x Rathalos Cortex, 2x Rathalos Fellwing, and 1x Rathalos Mantle. The Rathalos are one of the staple monsters of the game. He is weak to Thunder and dragon elements.
  • Ingot Greaves X: 1x Purecrystal, 1x Meldspar Ore, 1x Sapphiron ore, and 2x Monster Toughbone.

The talisman we are using was dropped with a weakness exploit 2 with a jewel level 2 and 1 slot. Preferably you can also use an attack boost or something similar to boost your elemental DPS. Going forward, you will receive the following skills with the decorations attached, which we will cover in a bit:

  • Critical Eye Level 7
  • Attack Boost Level 6
  • Critical Element Level 3
  • Critical Boost Level 3
  • Weakness Exploit Level 3
  • Elemental Attack Level 5
  • Windproof Level 3

Decorations For The Armor

The Dual blades luckily require decorations that heavily rely on increasing your overall attack. The blades will tear through every monster if you take the correct elemental one with you on your hunts. Besides that, the decorations that you want on the armor are:

  • Helm: x2 Critical jewel 2
  • Chest: Any x2 Elemental jewel 1 (Fire, water, thunder)
  • Arm: Tenderizer Jewel 2
  • Coil: Crit Element Jewel 2
  • Leg armor: x2 Attack boost jewel 1
  • Talisman: x1 Attack jewel 2, Brace jewel 1

All in all, the critical eye will help keep our weapon affinities topped off without the need for too much sharpening. The Critical Element and Elemental Attack will help bolster our elemental damage, so we will be fully exploiting the element weaknesses with this build. Just be sure to choose the right dual blade before each hunt.

As most monsters will have varying weaknesses too. So out of these top 5 builds, players will find this one the most special and different to use for their playstyles in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Mile High-Affinity Longsword Build

Monster hunter Rise Longsword build
The Longsword in Monster Hunter Rise

Ever wanted to live the way of the Shinobi and channel your inner Samurai charm and badassery? The longsword will get that job done for you. It is perhaps one of the most iconic weapons in the series and is cherished by many in the community of the franchise. It has sleek and stylish attacks to destroy monsters.

The Longsword utilizes quick thinking and precise strikes to fully draw out its potential. At first, newer players might struggle with trying to damage monsters, but later on, the Longsword becomes the coolest weapon to use both in solo or hunting groups. It has a simple learning curve, but the real practice is learning its timing to strike.

The Build we have in the guide showcases the 100% Affinity build for the weapon. At the same time, the weapon may show 0 percent affinity in the stats. We will boost its total affinity across the board to reach maxed-out affinity using the armor and decorations. Thus at that point, your critical hits will become like a hot knife slashing at butter.

Most of your mega chunks of DPS will be pouring through the Spirit Blade attacks. These are the attacks performed through your spirit sword meter on the top. You can fill the gauge up with normal attacks and then proceed to unleash the chain of combos of the Spirit Blade actions like Sacred Sheathe and Sakura Slash.

It is also worth pointing out that the build is designed for as early as Master Rank 3. So once you enter Sunbreak, you can get started on working to craft the weapon and use it.


MHR sinister shade sword
The Sinister Shade sword in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

The weapon comes loaded with minor points in the Blast element. It has an excellent sharpness level right off the bat as well as 280 attack power on its own without anything extra on it. Let’s look at how you can craft it:

Sinister Shade Sword+: The crafting recipe for the weapon is 4x Magnamalo Cortex, 3x Magna Ascended Blade, 2x Magnamalo blade shell, and 3x Magnamalo Soulprism. The main monster that you will be farming is the Magnamalo. It is a large Fanged Wyvern that is weak to water elements.

The Sinister Shade sword+ is the 4th tier upgrade from the standard Sinister Sword weapon tree. So it should be no surprise that it can be an awesome weapon to use in a build and get you through the early grind of Sunbreak.

The recommended decorations for the sword are Critical Jewel 2 and a Grinder Jewel 1. We want to maximize our Sakura slash and spirit blade attacks as much as possible, so critical jewels will do just that for us.


MHR Sunbreak sinister shade sword
The armor build for the Sinister Shade sword+ in Monster Hunter Sunbreak

The armor set up for the Long Sword is all focused on pumping up your critical hits with it. The weapon class prioritizes punishing monsters with its long slashes and Spirit blade special attacks. No doubt, the armor pieces all work to bring the best skills to increase your critical damage and affinity. The recipes for these pieces are:

  • Kaiser Crown: 3x Teostra Mane, 5x Tesostra Carapace, x1 Teostra Horn+, and 2x Magna Soulprism. The materials are found from the Elder Dragon Teostra, who is weak to Water.
  • Barioth Mail X: 4x Barioth Thickfur, 3x Barioth Hard claw, 1x Cryo Sac, and 1x Large Wyvern gem.
  • Velociprey Braces: 1x Velociprey thick hide, 1x Tough claw, and 2x Sapphiron ore.
  • Hermitaur Coil: 2x Hermitaur hard claw, 1x Hermitaur cortex, and 1x Timeworn crimson horn.
  • Ingot Greaves X: 1x Purecrystal, 1x Meldspar Ore, 1x Sapphiron ore, and 2x Monster Toughbone.

The Talisman can be a bit tricky to find, but we managed to score thanks to the RNG Gods. We were fortunate enough to have a Weakness Exploit Level 2 with 1x Jewel 2 and 2x Jewel 1 slots in it. Alternatively, you can also work with something that can increase affinity, like the Critical Eye skill. The Skills given with the armor are:

  • Critical Eye Level 6
  • Attack Boost Level 5
  • Critical Boost Level 3
  • Weakness Exploit Level 3
  • Quick Sheathe Level 3 
  • Speed Sharpening Level 3
  • Free Meal Level 3

Decorations For The Armor

The above-mentioned skills for our Longsword build can be granted via the following jewels in the armor pieces:

  • Helm: Satiated Jewel 1
  • Chest: Tenderizer Jewel 2, Sheathe Jewel 2, Satiated Jewel 1
  • Arm: Handicraft Jewel 3, Grinder Jewel 1
  • Coil: Expert Jewel 2, Attack Jewel 2
  • Leg armor: Grinder Jewel 1, Steadfast Jewel 1

As long as you have equipped these decorations or something similar to them, you can have maximum efficiency in your attacks with the Longsword. For Beginners of the game entering the Sunbreak Expansion in Monster Hunter Rise for the first time, it can be a solid build option from our top 5 builds of the game.

The Ultimate Damage Greatsword Build

Monster Hunter Rise Greatsword
The Greatsword Class In Monster Hunter Rise

Finally, it brings us to the top of the list in our five builds of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. The Greatsword is easily one of the highest damage-dealing weapons in the entire game. It perfectly replicates the same energy and sheer awe of a SoulsBorne fan destroying a boss with a strength class build.

The Greatsword may lack in speed and style like other weapon counterparts. However, where it may lack in some areas, in others, it completely outshines and outclasses weapons with pure raw, and unfiltered damage.

The greatsword may leave beginner users open to mistakes and attacks from Monsters but in the hands of the skilled or Veteran players. You can devastate monsters in a matter of seconds. There is no better feeling than perfectly winding up an attack on slept or knocked-out Monsters to deal enormous amounts of damage.

As long as players can learn some of the simple mechanics related to the Greatsword and its Wind up attacks, the limitations on it can easily be avoided and be crowned the beefiest weapon type in Monster Hunter Rise.


MHR fine kamura cleaver
The Fine Kamura cleaver Greatsword in Monster Hunter Rise

The Fine Kamura cleaver is hands down one of the most powerful greatswords in the game. It can easily deal upwards of 8000 Raw Damage points in a single wind-up slam. Here is how you can craft it:

Fine Kamura Cleaver: You can craft the weapon using x7 Afflicted Pelt and x20 Master Rank Bone Points. Keep in mind that the weapon is the 8th-tier upgrade in the Kamura Cleaver weapon tree. So there is a bit of effort to do to get to crafting this weapon if you have not already made one of them.

The base weapon damage of the cleaver is 330 with a perfect purple sharpness to top it off. You have the option to slot in 2x Jewel Level 2 in it as well as a Rampage slot for Monster species damage. We suggest slotting in an Expert Jewel 2 and Critical Jewel 2 along with an Anti-dragon jewel in the rampage slot.

These will help you push out unfathomable damage numbers combined with the armor build and its decorations which we are going to discuss next now. The Anti-Dragon will help deal extra damage to the specific species.


Armor for Greatsword Build
The armor setup for the Greatsword Build in Monster Hunter Rise

We have managed to fine-tune an armor set that is mixed in pieces just like usual. The main purpose of the build is to deal with insurmountable damage. The recipe to create each armor piece of the build are:

  • Lunagaron Helm: 3x Lunagaron shard, 1x Luna vermillion hard claw, 1x Lunagron cortex, and lastly, 1x Lunagaron Frost Jewel.
  • Archfiend Armor Baulo: 2x Dragon Abyssal Scale, 3x Archdemon Backshell, 1x Archdemon Doomhorn, 2x Malzeno Fellwing. The main materials are found in Gaismagorm. Caution is advised as it is a really tough monster to battle in Master Rank mode. It is weak to Dragon and Thunder elements.
  • Barroth Vambraces X: 4x Barroth Chine, 1x Barroth Hard Claw, 1x Monster Tough bone, and 3x Massive monster bones.
  • Squire’s Belt: 1x Royal Order Certificate, x2 Tobi-Kadachi Cathode, x1 Monster Toughbone, and 1x Ultimas Crystal. The Ultimas crystal is a rare drop from the Chameleos Monster.
  • Ingot Greaves X: 1x Purecrystal, 1x Meldspar Ore, 1x Sapphiron ore, and 2x Monster Toughbone.

Equipping this set of armor will provide valuable skills which will greatly help in boosting our damage. So mindful that these should be your main skill stats, including the decorations:

  • Critical Eye Level 7
  • Attack Boost Level 5
  • Critical Boost Level 3
  • Weakness Exploit Level 3
  • Offensive Guard Level 3
  • Stun Resistance Level 3

Decorations For Your Armor

The decorations are the last piece of the puzzle you may need to complete the ultimate Greatsword build in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. These decorations will multiply your damage to unimaginable standards:

  • Helm: 2x Expert Jewel 2
  • Chest piece: Attack Jewel 2, Tenderizer Jewel 2
  • Arms: Critical Jewel 2, Steadfast Jewel 1
  • Coil: Guardian Jewel 3
  • Greaves: 2x Steadfast jewel 1

Now for the Talisman, we would recommend slotting in anything that grants Critical Eye. As a substitute, you can even use Critical Boost Level 3 or Offensive Guard Level 3, which increases your attack after doing a perfect guard. The rest of the decorations, as we mentioned, will multiply your total damage by extreme measures.


The Builds in the Monster Hunter series can be complex and confusing for new players. They can have a hard time figuring out where to begin since they are required to do so much for the efforts. But luckily, the games are designed to reward you fruitfully for these efforts with the immense satisfaction of destroying monsters.

Each build in the guide will serve you the basic means of plowing through the content of the latest expansion, Sunbreak, with ease and without doing too much hard work. There are different ranges of playstyles we have discussed, from the supersonic dual blades to the insanely overpowered resiliency of the Greatsword.

We hope you are enjoying the latest expansion in Monster Hunter Rise; feel free to let us know your experience so far in the game down in the comments box, and we hope these top 5 builds will help you in taking down the fearsome beasts of the Sunbreak DLC!

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest entry in the long-running franchise of Monster Hunter. The game was developed and published By Capcom. It is a successor to Monster Hunter World. The game features excellent RPG mechanics coupled with awesome monsters like Bullfango & King Rhino.

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