Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Dual Blade Builds [Top 5]

This Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Dual blade Build will show 5 builds for players, both mid-game and end-game!

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak has a collection of weapons, including hammers, longswords, greatswords, and dual blades. Dual blades offer a range of damage-dealing capabilities, allowing players to dominate their opponents. In our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Dual blade Build guide, we will uncover five builds that players can try! 

Key Highlights

  • Hinoa’s Dream Build requires the use of the Perfected Dango weapon with 220 attack and is one of the most fun builds there is.
  • The Ripper Build requires the use of the Tigrex Claws weapon with 238 attack and is one of the strongest Dual blades Build in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.
  • Twin Rebel X Build requires the use of the Rampage Twinblades S with 210 attack and is a viable choice for mid-game and end-game content.
  • The Dark Knight Build requires the use of the Night Wings with 198 attack and is mainstream for obliterating weaker and harder bosses.
  • The Pawnisher Build requires the use of the Raging Claws with 190 attack and 10 paralyzes and Hellion Mode in its Rampage Slots.

Hinoa’s Dream 

Monster Hunter Hinoa's Dream
Hinoa’s Dream

The first build that we will take a look at is known as Hinoa’s Dream, which entails the player using a weapon that resembles food, and with the build itself being one of the most fun there is, it also kills off enemies with quite ease. 

The weapon’s sharpness and high attack will allow players to wreck enemies using the Monster Hunter Rise Fun build and have the time of their lives enjoying their gameplay experience. 

The build is neither difficult to compile nor an issue with setting up the skill rotation, making it an excellent build to check out. 

Weapon and Armor 

The weapon players in Monster Hunter will be using here will be the Perfected Dango, which will have 220 attacks and grant the players the ability to go all out against their enemies and wreak havoc against them. 

The sharpness is set to green, making the usability rate of the weapon all the more comfortable, and being able to launch attacks is easier too. As for the armor, players can use the Kaiser Crown and the Nargacuga Mail S, and the Tigrex Braces S. 

With that, the Ajanath Coil S and the Ingot Greaves S can work just as well to protect the rest of the body against enemy attacks that have been targeted against the players.


For the skills, we have a solid ten options, with the first skill being Critical Eye, Attack Boost, and Weakness Exploit skills, mainly used for attack boosts, and weakness exploits against enemies, which make them all the more vulnerable to your attacks. 

The next set of skills will be Bludgeoner, Speed Sharpening, and Bombardier, which also help players with all-rounder skills. 

Apart from that, the final set of skills will end up being Critical Boost, Mind’s Eye, Evade Window, and FLinch Free, which all work together to help players get buffed up when in the middle of the battlefield trying to take down their enemies. The skills will range from level 1 to level 7, some set at level 3, and some set to level 5. 


Last but not least, players will also use decorations to complete up their Monster Hunter Hinoa’s Dream Build. One of the main jewels that players will make use of will be 3 Tenderizer Jewels, and apart from that, 1 Critical and 1 Blunt Jewel will also be used when fighting enemies. 

With that, 3 Grinder Jewels will also come in handy, and 3 Bomber Jewels will also work well. Lastly, 1 Steadfast Jewel and 1 Brace Jewel will be used to close off this build. 

The build itself is pretty fun for players and also outputs a solid amount of damage; therefore, it works amazingly in the arena. 

The Ripper 

Monster Hunter The Ripper
The Ripper

The next build we will take a look at will be The Ripper, which will essentially place its focus on dealing with as much raw damage as possible. With the weapon honing a high base attack and having high sharpness, players will use it to deal a ton of damage to their enemies in front of them. 

While the build is solely damage-focused, it does not at all mean that it is not fun to put together and use while being present on a battlefield. Rather, seeing such high numbers displayed on your screen makes the experience all the more satisfying, both from a damage success standpoint and a gaming standpoint. 

The Ripper has to be one of the strongest Dual blades Build in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Weapon and Armor 

Players can use the Tigrex Claws, which will hone a base attack of 238, which is comparatively high compared to some others that have been displayed before. Alongside that, its high sharpness and negative affinity mean that players will continue to dominate their enemies and consistently achieve victory. 

The armor pieces that Monster Hunter players can go to are the Kaiser Crown, Nargacuga Mail S pieces, and the Valstrax Braces, which can place the main focus on protecting the player’s head from all kinds of headshots. It will also protect them from stomach shots as well as arm shots.

The final armor pieces will be the Anjanath Coil S and the Kadachi Greaves S. 


Next up, let’s take a quick look at skills being used, critical eye skill, which will be used at level 7, alongside critical boost, which will be upgraded to level 3 at least. Apart from that, weakness exploit will be used at level 3, and stun resistance will be used at level 3. 

With that, some other skills that can prove insanely helpful for players using the Monster Hunter Ripper build will be Speed Sharpening at level 3, Attack Boost at level 2, and protective polish at level 2. 

The last four skills that can come in handy will be Constitution at level 1, Evade Window at level 1, Flinch Free at level 1, and Dragonheart at level 1. If you want to experiment with more builds, don’t miss out on our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Builds!


Finally, let’s take a look at the decorations used, which can be 2 Sharp Jewels, and 3 Grinder Jewels; these decorations can be used to absolutely obliterate enemies in the arena. 

Two critical jewels, 1 Tendereziser jewel, 3 steadfast jewels, and 1 brace jewel, can come in handy, which can be of great help. 

Twin Rebel X

Monster Hunter Twin Rebel X
Twin Rebel X

Next up, the build of choice will be known as the Twin Rebel X, which will essentially take advantage f the sharpness type one of the weapons that will be applied to it, alongside having an affinity surge which will pump up the overall damage even more. With the Twin Rebel X Dual blade Build in hand, players will be unstoppable while playing Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

In addition, players will also add up non-elemental boosts, which increase the damage output naturally. It will also naturally improve the overall performance presented by the build. There will also be an addition of Affinity Surge, and combined with its allocated armor, skills, and decorations, it is a viable choice. 

Weapon and Armor 

The weapon that will be most useful here will be the Rampage Twinblades S, which will be honing an overall base attack of 210, and the three rampage slots will be filled with Sharpness Type 1, Non-Elemental Boost as well as Affinity Surge. 

The armor options can include the Kaiser Crown as we have already mentioned before, as it is one of the best slots for most builds. With that, the Vaik Mail S and the Valstrac Braces can work impeccably well too. 

The Anjanath Coil S and Ingot Greaves will fit in the slots for the final gear pieces, making the entire player’s armor complete so they can stay protected from any kinds of surprise attacks launched against them. 


In total, players can use ten skills for the Twin Rebel X Build, with the first being Critical Eye, which will be cast out at level 5. Alongside that, Attack Boost will be upgraded to level 4 to provide players with the utmost amount of buffs. 

The Critical Boost skill will provide crit values, which will come in handy once it has been leveled to level 3 at least. With that, weakness Exploit at level 3, Speed Sharpening at level 3, and Protective Polish at level 2. 

The last 4 skills that will work splendidly will be Handicraft, set to level one, and Stun Resistance, upgraded and kept to level one. Apart from that, Flinch Free and Dragonheart will be kept only until level one. 


Next up, some decorations that can come in handy will be the Handicraft Jewel, as well as using 2 Sharp Jewels and 3 Grinder Jewels can be used while using the build to defeat any enemy that is present in front of the player. 

1 Tenderiser Jewel can be fit in the slot so that the player can obliterate enemies while being buffed with the decorations being worn. 2 Critical Jewels, 1 Brace Jewel, and 1 Steadfast Jewel 

When players use the Monster Hunter Twin Rebel Build, they will be able to face any kind of opponents in front of them and dominate them with their great damage output, so it’s worth a checkout! To know about more armor sets to use in combat, you might like our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Best Armor Sets guide!

The Dark Knight 

Monster Hunter The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight

Moving on with our Dual blade Build, this one, in particular, will be used as a rather mainstream build in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak since it will focus on having a natural white sharpness on the weapon and having a certain amount of affinity on it as well. 

The attack boost will be the main focus of the build since players will still need to output a certain amount of damage to defeat the enemies they are fighting on the battlefield. The build could be used both for mid-game and end-game content and for obliterating weaker and harder bosses. 

The skills used will make it so that the player will not lose any extra affinity since it will be required to take down the enemies in the arena if you need to farm meaty hide, then our Monster Hunter Rise Meaty Hide guide!

Weapon and Armor 

The main weapon here will end up being the Night Wings, which will have 198 attacks, and while it is not the highest base attack, it is still enough to render both single-target weaker enemies and higher HP enemies. 

The armor players in Monster Hunter Rise can wear to guard themselves can be Valstrax Helm, as well as the Vaik Mail S, which will act as the headpiece and the chest piece, doing the job of guarding the player from enemy attacks. 

There are three more pieces that will be useful, and they are the Valstrax Braces, doing an excellent job at protecting the arms of players, the Anjanath Coil S, which will focus on being the hand braces; and lastly, the Ingot Greaves, which are the Ingot Greaves S. 


Nine skills will aid the Monster Hunt player, with most of them being the same as before, including one being Attack Boost at level 5, which is pretty self-explanatory; all it does is buff up the player and enhances their performance in the arena. 

Additionally, Weakness Exploit will be upgraded to level 3; crit Boost will buff up the critical hits launched from the player’s end. Master’s Touch will be leveled up to level 3, after which players can stop upgrading it. 

Speed Sharpening at level 3, Critical Eye at level 2, Dragonheart at level 2, Stun Resistance at level 1, and Flinch Free at level one will offer more balanced gameplay. 


Let’s finish off our Monster Dark Knight build by discussing the decorations that will be used, including the Mastery Jewels, Grinder Jewels, Critical Jewels, Tenderizer Jewels, Attack Jewels, Steadfast Jewels, and the Brace Jewels. 

While the build itself is mainstream, it will greatly support players looking to clear both mid and end-game content. The Monster Hunter Dark Knight build acts as a meta-focused damage build. If you keep experiencing that your game is crashing, then our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Crashing guide will help you!

The Pawnisher 

Monster Hunter The Pawnisher
The Pawnisher

The final build we would like to mention is a Monster Hunter Build Pawnisher Build, which combines hell and punishment and translates it to a devastating amount of damage output that will kill enemies within your range. 

Weapon and Armor 

The weapon in question will be Raging Claws, which has an attack of 190, a white sharpness with 10 paralyzes, and Hellion Mode in its Rampage Slots. The main point of Hellion Mode will be that whenever the player in Monster Hunt is in Demon Mode, and they attack an enemy, it will turn into a crit. 

The armors will be mostly the same, except the Volvidon helm S, Rathalos Braces S, and Hunter Greaves S. For players that want to farm Awegite Ore, then reading up on our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Awegite Ore guide will be helpful!


Nine skills will be summoned whenever this build is active, with them being Attack boost at level 7, Critical Boost at level 3, Protective Polish at level 3, and Speed Sharpening, which will be set to level 3 too. 

Paralysis Attack will be at level 2, Stun Resistance at level 2, Handicraft at level 1, Bludgeoner at level 1, and Flinch Free at level one. 


Lastly, the player can take advantage of decorations, including 1 Handicraft Jewel, 3 Sharp Jewels, 3 Grinder Jewels, 3 Critical jewels, 1 Attack Jewel, 1 Steadfast Jewel, and 1 Brace Jewel. With that, we will wrap up our Dual blade Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Build guide! While you’re at it, make sure to check out our Monster Rise Sunbreak Greatsword Build guide!

Guide Credit: Yokai Nox on Youtube

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