Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Hammer Build [Top 5]

This Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Hammer Build guide will uncover 5 early, mid-game and end-game builds for players!

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak has one of the best selections of weapons, skills, gear, and decorations that can offer the player a smooth gameplay experience, both for early-game players and end-game players. With how popular the Hammer is, our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Hammer Build guide will showcase the top 5 builds, including some that are comfortable, some that are meta-focused, and all in all, the best-used builds!

Key Highlights

  • The Unbearable Truth hammer build is primarily concerned with relaxation and comfort, its weapon of choice is Sleepy Bear with an overall attack of 130 and 38 base sleep.
  • The Skullcrusher build is a meta-focused build that uses a heavier weapon for high damage output, weapon of choice for this build is Atlas Hammer with an overall base attack of 230.
  • Tiger Blood C is a hard-hitting build that focuses on high damage output and comfortable gameplay, weapon of choice is Tigrex Hammer with a base damage of 220.
  • Tiger Blood All Out is another high-damage build that is focused on destroying enemies, weapon of choice is also Tigrex Hammer with 220 damage, a blue sharpness and -20% affinity.
  • Raw and Blast build is focused on high damage output for mid-game players, weapon of choice is Mighty Souldevourer with a base damage of 310.

The Unbearable Truth

Let’s start things with The Unbearable Truth hammer build, which is a build that is mostly focused on being comfortable and chill. It is also insanely fun to play, considering it does not require the most optimal sets, skills, or decorations. However, it is not to say that it can’t still kill bosses since it can easily defeat enemies too. 

One of the main positives of using this Hammer build in Monster Hunter is that while it can easily clear content, it does not require the highest amount of input from the player’s end

Weapon and Armor 

Monster Hunter Weapon and Armor
Weapon and Armor

The weapon of choice here will be the Sleepy Bear, which will have an overall attack of 130, and it will also have 38 base sleep so that players can easily wreck enemies and, at the same time, look funny as hell trying to smack opponents with a literal teddy bear. 

As for the armor, the armor of choice will end up being the Kaiser Crown, which can be used to protect the head, and to protect the chest from any kind of chest attack,s; the Vaik Mail S is a solid option!

Apart from that, for players that want to make use of the Hammer mid-game build in Monster Hunter Rise, they can use the Kaiser Vambraces, Anjanath Coil S, and the Ingot Greaves S to protect the rest of their body, including the arms, legs, and feet from any kind of opponent hits. 


Monster Hunter Skills

For skills, players can use the eight mentioned below: 

  • Critical Eye: Used for increasing the player’s overall affinity, which will increase by 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, and 40% at level 7.
  • Attack Boost: The skill will boost the player’s overall attack power, allowing them to launch heavier hits. 
  • Critical Boost: With the skill, players can expect an increase in their crit hit damage output. 
  • Weakness Exploit: anytime the player hits an enemy on their weak spots, the affinity of their overall attack output will be enhanced. 
  • Bombardier: The skill will buff up the damage that explosive items can cause, making it deadlier on enemies. 
  • Stamina Thief: The skill will increase some attack capabilities to kill off enemies. 
  • Flinch Free: Stops the players in Outriders from taking knockback hits. 


As for the Decorations used in the Hammer Build, perhaps the best decorations to use will be Tenderizer Jewel 2, but make it three of those, which can help buff up the player in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

With that, the next piece of decoration that can aid players will be the Attack Jewel 2, and players can use two of those. Another decoration piece that can be used can be the Critical Jewel 2, and one piece will be used from that.

Alongside that, the Brace Jewel one-piece and the Bomber Jewel 1 make it three pieces, and the Drain Jewel piece can help out the player quite a bit. All in all, this build will be more of a Monster Hunter Rise Comfortable build. Don’t miss out on our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Fucium Ore so that you can find out how to farm it!

The Skullcrusher 

Next up, let’s move on to a rather Meta-focused Monster Hunter build; the Skullcrusher build entails using a heavier weapon to deal insane amounts of damage, and it will be able to obliterate several difficult opponents. 

Alongside that, despite hitting very hard, the build itself is pretty easy to use, and players can get their hands on the weapon and the skills and armor pieces with quite an ease. You will see a pattern with the armor and skills since most of them will stay consistent with several builds, including the Skullcrusher

With a high damage output and solid survivability, the Skullcrusher build can help players clear a lot of mid-game to end-game content with the weapons they have selected. 

Weapon and Armor

Monster Hunter Weapon and Armor
Weapon and Armor

The weapon players can use will be the Atlas Hammer, which will have a higher damage output than the Sleepy Bear weapon we mentioned before. The base attack will be around 230, making it a solid option for decimating enemies while present on the battlefield. 

With a lot of green sharpness, it grants the players an ample amount of damage output, which they can use to their advantage and advance towards their deadliest foes, and with a few hits from the Atlas Hammer, they can easily take them down. 

As for armor pieces, the Kaiser Crown will protect the head, the Vaik Mail S piece will protect the stomach, and the Lagombi Vambraces can protect the arms. With that, the Anjanath Coil S and the Kadachi Greaves S can do an excellent job at protecting the Monster Hunter player’s hands and feet from enemy launches. 


Monster Hunter Skills

The skills used will be mentioned below: 

  • Critical Eye: The skill known as Critical Eye will enhance the overall affinity of the player, powering them up on the battlefield. 
  • Critical Boost: The next skill will enhance the player’s overall damage launched whenever they land critical hits against enemies. 
  • Weakness Exploit: Whenever an enemy’s weak spot is obliterated, the attacks’ overall affinity will increase. 
  • Bludgeoner: Anytime the weapon being wielded by the player in Monster Hunt is not sharp, the attack power will be buffed up instead. 
  • Stamina Thief: Use Stamina Thief to enhance certain attacks, which can weaken enemies and make them more susceptible to damage. 
  • Attack Boost: The skill does a simple job of increasing the player’s overall attack power against enemies. 
  • Stun Resistance: Whenever the player is unfortunate enough to take in the Stun debuff from enemies, the skill will decrease the duration of the stun debuff. 
  • Flinch Free: Stops players from being knocked back and makes them overall stronger in battle. 


For decorations, this Monster Hunter Rise meta build will use six different pieces of decoration, one of them being the Tenderizer Jewel 2, and players will use 3 of those pieces. 

Another piece that will be crucial to this build is the Blunt Jewel 2, and three pieces will be used. The Critical Jewel 2 will require two different pieces that will come in handy. 

One Brace Jewel 1, 2 Steadfast Jewels 1, and 3 Drain Jewels 1 will be used. Overall, the Skullcrusher build is one that players should try out, not only because it is so fun, but because it can obliterate enemies and makes it easy for the player to achieve victory. 

Tiger Blood C 

The next build we would like to mention is Tiger Blood C, which is the culmination of a hard-hitting build that equates to players destroying their enemies, just like they did with the Skullcrusher build. The damage output is pretty viable, which makes it all the more desirable to use the Hammer Build and bash mid and large-sized monsters in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Apart from being a damage-focused build, the Tiger Blood C build will also be pretty comfortable to use since it means that players will wield weapons that won’t restrict their overall mobility. The restriction would have otherwise stopped players from comfortably traversing across the battlefield and launching attacks against their enemies. 

With a solid set of skills and a few decorations, the build will typically come in handy when trying to kill down harder-to-hit bosses or clear end-game content in Monster Hunt, which can become quite troublesome at times. 

Weapon and Armor 

Monster Hunter Weapon and Armor
Weapon and Armor

The weapon of choice that players can go for will be the Tigrex Hammer. Once again, its base damage will be around 220, enough for the player in the combat field to continue advancing their way to the enemy and consistently launch attacks at foes. These attacks will be enough to take them down or deplete a certain amount of their HP. 

The best options for armor will be the original Kaiser Crown and the Vaik Mail S, which we have already mentioned in our previous two builds. They are being reused because they are so versatile, and with a solid amount of damage negation, they can provide the player the kind of protection they need. 

The vambraces will be the Kaiser Vambraces, and as for the choice of Coils, the chrome Metal Coil is an option that can’t be looked over. Tie it all together with the Kadachi Greaves S, and you have a full set!


Monster Hunter Skills

For skills, the same eight will be used, except for a few changes: 

  • Critical Eye: The skill will offer a buff to the player’s affinity by seven levels, with level one offering a 5% increase and level 7 a 40% increase. 
  • Critical Boost: Level one will increase damage by 30%, while levels two and three will offer an increase of 35% and 40%. 
  • Weakness Exploit: Attack affinity will be enhanced, with level one increasing by 15%, level 2 by 30%, and level 3 by 50%. 
  • Protective Polish: the player’s weapon sharpness will not get dulled the first time after it gets sharpened up. 
  • Speed Sharpening: Anytime the player uses a whetstone to sharpen a weapon, the weapon will sharpen up faster. 
  • Flinch Free: Originally stops the player from getting knocked back, level 2 prevents certain amounts of tripping, and level 3 prevents both knockback and tripping combined.


After finishing off the Monster Hunter Rise Tiger Blood C Build, let’s take a quick peek at the types of decorations players will use up in the build. 

The first decoration will be the Tenderizer Jewel 2, a Rarity 6 gem, and players will use three pieces. The Sharp Jewel 2 will be the next decoration used in the field, and players will typically use three pieces too. 

The last four pieces to be used will be one Critical Jewel 2 piece, 1 Brace Jewel, 1 Expert Jewel 1, and three pieces of Grinder Jewels 1. With the comfort and damage-based build, players can easily dominate any opponents that dare to stand in front of the player and face them. Want to know about the best mods available? Then make sure to check out our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak 16 Best Mods guide!

Tiger Blood ALL Out 

Another amazing build option is the Tiger Blood All Out, which completely devastates all enemies in front of you. Anytime the player is in a fierce battle with the enemies, whether they are easier single-target mobs or one of the hardest end-game content to exist. Rest assured, the Hammer Build will obliterate them in a few hits and you may find Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak a little easy with an OP build. 

With a build that is solely focused on being as heavy-hitting as possible, it removes all aspects of “comfort”. It switches players’ direction to continue focusing on the highest damage output. It makes the build all the more interesting since players can g all out and equip more decorations to buff themselves up. 

The Tiger Blood, All Out build, will probably be one of the most “meta-focused” builds, especially when the player is wielding a hammer and going insane, killing off their enemies in the arena. If you’ve been meaning to look for the Bahari NPC, then checking out our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Bahari Guide should be great support!

Weapon and Armor 

Monster Hunter Weapon and Armor
Weapon and Armor

The weapon players can reuse for the Monster Hunter Build meta-focused build will be the Tigrex Hammer, considering that this build is a heavier damage-focused version of the original Tiger Blood C build. As usual, the weapon will have 220 damage, a blue sharpness, and -20% affinity. 

For the armor pieces, the best options, as usual, will be the Kaiser Crown which will do an excellent job at protecting the head, while the Vaik Mail S can come in handy for protecting the stomach. 

The Kaiser Vambraces, Anjanath Coil S, and the Ingot Greaves S can be a solid option for the rest of the armor, making it complete. Make sure to read our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak 60 Best Male Armor sets if you want to know about more armor sets!


Monster Hunter Skills

Let’s look at the skills players can use, keeping in mind that most of the same will be the same as usual. 

  • Critical Eye: Increase the player’s affinity by certain levels as the levels are consistently upgraded. 
  • Attack Boost: If players feel like they need a boost in their overall attack, they can use Attack Boost to enhance their attack power. 
  • Critical Boost: Whenever players land crit hits, they will be able to experience an increase in their overall damage output, making them even stronger. 
  • Weakness Exploit: Whatever attacks can exploit an opponent’s weak spots, the Weakness Exploit skill will increase the affinity of those attacks. 
  • Speed Sharpening: If your weapon runs dull, then the best way to enhance its sharpness is through a whetstone, enhancing its overall skill. 
  • Flinch Free: Stops the players in Monster Hunter from getting swept off their feet and falling. 
  • Evade Window: Whenever players are evading the enemy’s attacks, they will be able to extend the overall duration of it. 


Players will typically use eight or so pieces for the decorations in the build, each requiring different numbers of decorations. Monster Hunter players can use 3 Tenderizer Jewels 2, as we mentioned before. 

They can also use 3 Sharp Jewel 2 decorations, 1 Critical Jewel 2, 1 Brace Jewel 1, and the Brace Jewel but only one piece from it. With that, they will also use 1 Expert Jewel 1, 3 Grinder Jewels 1, 1 Attack Jewel 2, and 1 Steadfast Jewel 1. 

When the decorations are combined with the weapon, armor, and skills, it will be enough to help the player dominate any kind of enemy brave enough to face a player as strong as yourself. 

Raw and Blast Build 

Last but not least, let’s look at the Raw and Blast build that players can use f as well. With the build being more focused on being a mid-game build rather than an end-game build, the weapons will have a higher base attack, which can obliterate foes. 

The damage output will be comparatively higher compared to some low-ranking Hammer Build that we have discussed in this Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak guide. With its overall high damage output, players can go on the battlefield and deplete enemies and murder them off. 

If it is compared to some other builds, rather than being focused on comfort-based builds, it will be only damage-focused. The main purpose of the build is to simply deal as much raw damage as possible when players are in the middle of being a mid-game player and facing issues with higher HP opponents. Make sure to not skip out on our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Gold Lite Ore guide.

Weapon and Armor 

For the weapon choices, perhaps the Mighty Souldevourer is an option that cannot be switched out simply because of its high base damage of the 310 attacks. The weapon’s sharpness is one of the winning points, and though it doesn’t have any affinity, it is still worth mentioning. 

For the armor options, players in Monster Hunter rise can go for the Lunagaron Helm to protect their head and the Jelly Vest, which can be adorned on the player’s stomach and consistently protects them against enemies. 

For the rest of the armor pieces, the Anjanath Vambraces are another option, alongside Rathalos Coil being used as well. Last but not least, the Ingot Greaves can protect the rest of your body, and it completes the entire armor set. 


The skills that will be used will yet again be the same except for a few exceptions:

  • Attack Boost: With a boost in the player’s attack power, it will increase the attack by 3,6,9,5%, 6%,8%, and 10% at level 7. 
  • Critical Eye: Critical Eye will continue to enhance the player’s overall affinity, making them all the stronger in combat. 
  • Weakness Exploit: ENhances up the affinity of the attacks launched against enemies’ weak spots on their bodies. 
  • Slugger: With the skill in hand, it will grant players the ability to stun monsters when present in the combat arena. 
  • Stamina thief: The ability to exhaust the monsters will be increased, as the attacks’ overall ability to do so will be enhanced. 
  • Blast Attack: The Blast element’s overall attack power will be increased, allowing the blast to be all the more deadly. 
  • Earplugs: Anytime elite enemies are roaring, it will continue to protect players’ increased protection from their roar. 
  • Focus: the Fill rate for weapons that have gauges will be increased, and the overall charge rate for weapon-charged attacks will be enhanced too. 


Last but not least, the decorations that can be used up will be that of 1 Attack Jewel 2, alongside 3 Expert Jewels 2, which will be of huge aid to players that are aiming to kill off enemies without facing many difficulties. 

Four more jewels/decorations that will be used will be 2 Critical Jewels 2, 1 Tenderizer Jewel 2, 1 Brace Jewel 1, and 3 Drain Jewels 1. Overall, the build can come in insanely helpful while in the presence of enemies. 

These were the top 5 best builds that can come in handy for early, mid, and end-game players. With that, we will wrap up our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Hammer Build!

Build Inspiration and Photo Credit: Yokai Nox

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