Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: 19 New Monsters

Our monster hunter rise sunbreak new monsters lists all the new and returning monsters that you will encounter while playing the DLC.

Sunbreak is the enormous new addition to Monster Hunter Rise, and it was only released recently. The expansion included brand new creatures to the game that had not been present in Monster Hunter Rise. Therefore, in order to get you prepared for the hunt, we have compiled information on all of the new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak creatures into a single guide.

The standard roster of Monster Hunter: Rise of the Sunbreak has been expanded to include 17 new monsters. This brings the total number of monsters on the list up to 54. However, only 4 of these are completely unique.

Key Highlights
  • Monsters in Monster Hunter Rise are creatures that inhabit different locations and usually are the target of hunts. With upgrades, new monsters are added in the game.
  • Malzeno is a dragon that takes the least damage from projectile weapons. Lunagaron is affected most by the thunder element.
  • Garangolm is a huge calm creature that lives in rich soils. Sergios are large flying Wyverns that are very aggressive and territorial.
  • Astalos are also flying Wyverns that produce electricity when in combat. Shogun Ceanataur lives in areas near volcanos and uses their huge claws in combat.
  • Gore Magala use membranes on their wings to sense living things as visual receptors are absent in them. Shagaru Magala is an advanced form of Gore Magala and is fully matured. It is more dangerous and powerful.
  • Espinas are flying monsters that have red spikes that are used for both offensive and defensive mechanisms. Daimyo Hermitaur is often large and lives in coastal areas and sandy soils.
  • Pyre Rakna Kadaki, Blood Orange Bishaten, and Furious Rajang are also some of the new monsters that have been added to the game.

Here’s a summarised look at the new Monsters in MHR Sunbreak:

MalzenoFanged WyvernIceDragonblightShrine Ruins, Forest Islands, Citadel, Jungle
LunagaronElder DragonDragonIceblight, StunShrine Ruins, Lava Caverns, Citadel
GarangolmFanged BeastFire, WaterFireblight, Blastblight, WaterblightCitadel, Flooded Forest
SeregiosFanged WyvernFireBleedingDesert, Sandy Plains, Dunes, Everwood
AstalosFlying WyvernThunderThunderblight, Paralysis, StunVerdant Hills, Jungle, Ruined Pinnacle
Shogun CeanataurCarapaceonWaterWaterblight, Bleeding, PoisonFlooded Forest, Lava Caverns
Gore MagalaElder DragonEarthFrenzy VirusShrine Ruins, Flooded Forest, Citadel, Jungle
Shagaru MagalaElder DragonEarthFrenzy VirusThe Citadel
EspinasFlying WyvernFireFireblight, Poison, ParalysisThe Citadel, The Jungle
Daimyo HermitaurCarapaceonWaterWaterblight, Thunder, PoisonFlooded Forest, Shrine Ruins, Sandy Plains, Jungle
Pyre Rakna KadakiTemnoceranFireFireblight, Blastblight, WebbedLava Caverns, The Citadel
Blood Orange BishatenFanged BeastFireFireblightShrine Ruins, Sandy Plains, Jungle
Magma AlmudronLeviathanFireFireblightLava Caverns
Aurora SomnacanthLeviathanIceIceblightFrost Islands, The Citadel
Scorned MagnamaloFanged Wyvern-Dragonblight, HellfireblightShrine Ruins, Flooded Forest, Lava Caverns, Citadel
Furious RajangFanged BeastThunderThunderblight, BleedingFrost Islands, The Citadel, Shrine Ruins, Flooded Forest
Seething BazelgeuseFlying WyvernBlastFireblight, BlastblightFrost Islands, The Citadel, Shrine Ruins, Flooded Forest
Lucent NargacugaFlying WyvernIcePoison, Noxious PoisonLava Caverns, The Citadel, Shrine Ruins
GaismagormElder Dragon-Bloodblight-


Malzeno MHR Sunbreak
ClassFanged Wyvern
LocationShrine Ruins, Forest Islands, Citadel, Jungle

Malzeno is a dragon with beautiful silver scales covering its body. It moves about at night and ambushes its victim from behind, using the Qurio to steal the life force from other living species before draining it for its own purposes. It starts out looking almost royal, but if it has had enough of its vitality drained, it may change into a ferocious, fresh-blood scarlet. This particular version is dreaded by many people and is known as the Bloodening.

Malzeno is the third and final member of the trio of monsters known as the Three Lords. He is also the most powerful of the bunch.

The struggle against Malzeno is sure to be brutal. When it strikes, it has a chance to give you a blood-light state, which, if left untreated, can slowly drain your health and make it more difficult for you to recover from your injuries. 


Lunagaron  MHR Sunbreak
ClassElder Dragon
AilmentsIceblight, Stun
LocationShrine Ruins, Lava Caverns, Citadel

The Lunagaron shares a physique with a Zinogre and possesses attacks that are comparable to those of a Tobi-Kadachi. It will charge you and strike you with a powerful shoulder barge if it catches you off guard. You should be prepared to witness it moving swiftly, then charging at various points while emitting a mist of ice.

When it is especially irate, it will rear up and slash with its lengthy claws, which are quite sharp. In addition to this, it will launch an assault using its frigid breath, which has a wide radius of coverage.

The Thunder element has the greatest effect on Lunagaron. Regarding illnesses, it is prone to Blast and Fireblight to a certain extent. The very popular Odogaron has been given a frosty makeover in the form of Lunagaron, which features significantly increased stakes in Sunbreak.

They have a specific organ in their body that has the ability to cool the air that they breathe, which allows them to create devastating freezing blasts when they fight. Due to the extraordinary degree to which they are able to adapt, they are able to live in any sort of setting, which makes their encounters quite surprising. In addition to this, Lunagaron is the second of the Three Lords. 


Garangolm  MHR Sunbreak
ClassFanged Beast
ElementFire, Water
AilmentsFireblight, Blastblight, Waterblight
LocationCitadel, Flooded Forest

A monstrosity that is easily recognizable due to its huge and inflexible physique. Garangolm is typically calm creatures that like to make their homes in areas with rich soil. Their fluids, which are similar to sap, have the ability to stimulate plant development, therefore forming a symbiotic connection with the flora that lives inside their bodies.

They may also utilize the sap to harden plants or the dirt around them, which equips their bodies and enhances their ability to fight. Garangolm is a large and strong monster that will lunge when it strikes and use its head to rush ahead, wreaking havoc along the path it travels and delivering damage to anyone in its path.

It has a robust and stiff body that can be penetrated most effectively by hammers, but it is also susceptible to harm when cut by bladed weapons. When engaging in combat with a Garangolm, you will need to engage in a great deal of dodging and diving in order to evade its charges and its lengthy swiping strikes.

Another one of Sunbreak’s own creations, the Garangolm is a horned and fanged beast that lives in the forests around the Citadel. It is very dangerous due to the fact that it attacks its whole massive body, as is typical with fanged beasts. Also, consider reading Monster Hunter Rise Luchika guide.


Seregios MHR Sunbreak
ClassFanged Wyvern
LocationDesert, Sandy Plains, Dunes, Everwood

Large Flying Wyverns are covered in scales with a sharp, blade-like appearance. Seregios are well-known for being very territorial and aggressive animals. They are able to use their aerial mobility and strong assaults with their rear legs to engage in severe fights against other enormous monsters. According to the reports, the Seregios have the power to launch the scales from their bodies, which causes their enemies to acquire the Bleeding state.

The flying powers of Seregios in Monster Hunter Rise are used to their utmost potential, resulting in a multitude of aerial assaults being launched. It will spin rapidly in the air before launching itself across space in an effort to get a good grip on you so it can use the sharp claws on its feet to strike you.

Be prepared for tail whips and jumping strikes, and be wary of its ability to inflict the Bleeding state on its opponents by using its scales. Thunder is the element that does the most damage to Seregios. Regarding illnesses, it is especially defenseless to Exhaust, whereas it is only moderately vulnerable to Thunderblight and Blast.


Astalos MHR Sunbreak
ClassFlying Wyvern
AilmentsThunderblight, Paralysis, Stun
LocationVerdant Hills, Jungle, Ruined Pinnacle

Wyverns can fly and have organs shaped like crests, which give them the ability to manipulate large quantities of electricity. Astalos have organs on their heads, forked tails, and bright wings. By vibrating these organs, they may charge the relevant body parts with electricity, which gives them great power and an increased assault range. To the point of becoming excessively violent, observers have seen them use every ounce of their might in an effort to expel trespassers from their domain.

An aggressive monster that produces electricity when engaged in combat, Astalos is a very powerful opponent. Once it has amassed a sufficient amount, it will launch electric assaults from its wings, tail, and horn once it has reached this point. These moves will include wing slams, throwing forth sparks of lightning, a lunging assault with a blade of electricity coming from its horn, and an attack that is similar to a tail whip.

The Ice element does the most damage to Astalos. Regarding illnesses, it has a moderate susceptibility to both Blast and Iceblight. You are unable to inflict Iceblight on your own; thus, you must utilize a Beetle or Wyvern Ride, an Ice-element monster like Lunagaron, in order to take advantage of the vulnerability.

Shogun Ceanataur

Shogun Ceanataur MHR Sunbreak
AilmentsWaterblight, Bleeding, Poison
LocationFlooded Forest, Lava Caverns

Large carapaceons like these may be discovered in flooded forests and in areas near volcanoes. Shogun Ceanataur has long, developed claws that are normally folded away, but when angered, they unfurl into fearsome blades that they may use as weapons. 

It is common knowledge that Shogun Ceanataurs, much like Daimyo Hermitaurs, make use of the skulls of wyverns for their shells. Specimens that have been seen using an assault that is comparable to a water jet.

During a battle, the Shogun Ceanataur will make use of its enormous claws to cut you and cause you to bleed. In the event that this occurs, maintaining stillness will help halt the bleeding. Then, deliver the maximum damage possible by concentrating on its head, legs, and body.

You should concentrate on chipping away at its protective shell in the same manner that you did with the Daimyo Hemitaur in order to get to its weakest places. Be on the lookout for assaults in which it will burrow below and then resurface fast to launch an assault.

Gore Magala

Gore Magala MHR Sunbreak
ClassElder Dragon
AilmentsFrenzy Virus
LocationShrine Ruins, Flooded Forest, Citadel, Jungle

The wings of a Gore Magala have a membrane that looks like a black shroud. They compensate for the absence of visual receptors by using the scales on their wings to increase the sensitivity of their other senses, which allows them to pinpoint the positions of living things.

When they are at the pinnacle of their sensory acuity, feelers protrude from their heads, their wings unfold, and they become frantic. Not only do they have a nasty aspect, but they also carry the unknown Frenzy virus, which is another reason people are afraid of them.

The huge black wings of the Gore Magala are employed to heighten the monster’s senses by dispersing scales in order to pick up on any lifeforms that may be present in the surroundings. The state of frenzy that Gore Magala gets into occurs when its senses reach their highest point.

This causes the monster to unleash tremendous assaults such as ground slams, which send shockwaves through the earth that deal harm to whatever is in their path. 

Shagaru Magala

Shagaru Magala MHR Sunbreak
ClassElder Dragon
AilmentsFrenzy Virus
LocationThe Citadel

The Shagaru Magala is essentially an advanced form of the Gore Magala that has returned, and it is a far more powerful variety of the monster it was originally based on. Its body is coated in dazzling scales, and its wings are enormous and shaped like rainbows. At first sight, it seems to be a distant cousin of Gore Magala.

In fact, after Gore Magala reached its full maturity, this was the shape that they adopted. Their wings are enormous, covering their whole bodies when they flap them. The strength of the Shagaru Magala is nothing to laugh at either since, according to the stories, one of them extinguished all life in an entire region by just shedding its scales across the whole of the territory. This places the Shagaru Magala as a significant danger to the human race.


Espinas MHR Sunbreak
ClassFlying Wyvern
AilmentsFireblight, Poison, Paralysis
LocationThe Citadel, The Jungle

Flying Wyverns that are recognizable by the red spikes that cover their sturdy green frames. These spikes serve as both an offensive and defensive mechanism, and as a result, they tend to keep enemies at a distance. As a consequence of this, it is not uncommon to see them lazing around and unwinding in their territory.

Once they are aware of the threat, however, their blood vessels dilate, turning their hide and wing membranes a brilliant shade of red, and they become far more violent. Espinas are formidable flying wyverns that are covered in brittle green scales and have sharp red spikes for protection.

Significantly though it is a monster that has appeared in earlier installments of the series, it is even more dangerous in Sunbreak, particularly considering that it is a Master Rank monster in its purest form. When they sense danger, despite how laid-back they normally are, the color of their wings changes to red, which is a signal for any unlucky victim to get away as quickly as possible. Also, consider reading our Monster Hunter Rise Bahari guide.

Espinas is most sensitive to the ice element, although she is also relatively vulnerable to the dragon and water elements. Regarding illnesses, it has a moderate susceptibility to both Blast and Iceblight. You are unable to inflict Iceblight on your own; thus, you must utilize a Beetle or Wyvern Ride, an Ice-element monster, like Lunagaron, in order to take advantage of the vulnerability.

Daimyo Hermitaur

Espinas MHR Sunbreak
AilmentsWaterblight, Thunder, Poison
LocationFlooded Forest, Shrine Ruins, Sandy Plains, Jungle

Carapaceons that inhabit sandy soil and coastal areas are often large in size. Daimyo Hermitaurs defend themselves against assaults from enemies by using the huge claws on their hands. In contrast to the shells that are carried in their infancy, these animals have wyvern skulls strapped to their backs.

Not only do these shells provide protection, but they also provide a means by which the predator may assault its victim. They are very valuable for the materials that they produce, particularly their brains. 

Thunder is the element that does the most damage to Daimyo Hermitaur. Regarding diseases, it is especially vulnerable to the effects of poison. Attacks employing Blast, Fireblight, and Thunderblight can also do some damage against it.

The hardest feature of this monster is its strong shell, which early-game weaponry could have trouble breaking through. However, after certain fundamental improvements have been completed, navigating through it should not be too difficult, at least not on par with the later, more difficult battles included in this game.

Pyre Rakna Kadaki

Pyre Rakna Kadaki MHR
AilmentsFireblight, Blastblight, Webbed
LocationLava Caverns, The Citadel

This Rakna-Kadaki subspecies, known as Pyre Rakna-Kadaki, sports explosive, crimson webbing and houses explosive material within its body. Using a specialized organ, it commands its offspring with a chain of sound signals. During attacks, it strikes forelimbs together, causing explosions.

Expanding its explosive zone, Pyre Rakna-Kadaki connects detonation threads to nearby offspring. Interested? Check out our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Fashion Sets.

Resistant to fire, this temnoceran can ignite its appendages for explosions, taking advantage of its innate resilience. Directing its progeny into battle sets off a chain reaction of explosions.

Pyre Rakna-Kadaki swiftly moves using webbing and launches explosive eggs for widespread damage. Target its midsection to minimize Pyrantula spawns, then focus on the head and legs. Watch out for fiery strikes and web ensnaring.

Water deals the most damage; ice, the least. It’s moderately susceptible to Waterblight and Stun.

Blood Orange Bishaten

Blood Orange Bishaten MHR Sunbreak
ClassFanged Beast
LocationShrine Ruins, Sandy Plains, Jungle

Meet the Blood Orange Bishaten, a unique subspecies with auburn fur. Known for its inquisitive nature, it often approaches human settlements. Its distinctive feature is a concentrated fire breath fueled by a pouch of flammable pinecones.

The real threat is the blazing pinecones, not the breath. Reports suggest it’s vulnerable when destabilized on its tail. For more, check the Monster Hunter Rise Tough Claw guide.

In Sunbreak, the Blood Orange Bishaten is more combative than its predecessors. Visually similar to the original Bishaten, it has subtle differences.

This subspecies is agile, using attacks like flaming breath and launching pinecones. Unlike the standard Bishaten, it hurls pinecones for significant early-game damage. The true peril arises when these blazing pinecones become explosive.

Water is key against the Blood Orange Bishaten, with moderate susceptibility to Blast and Waterblight. Face this formidable foe in the Sunbreak expansion with vigilance.

Magma Almudron

Magma Almudron MHR Sunbreak
LocationLava Caverns

Lava Almudron, a variant of the Almudron species, thrives in Lava Caverns, wielding control over magma rather than mud. Its unique fluid liquefies the soil, enabling it to move effortlessly.

Known for their aggressive nature, Lava Almudron fiercely defends its territory, attacking intruders relentlessly.

Magma Almudron, a heated twist on the traditional Almudron, resides in lava-coated areas like the Lava Caverns. Its red glow intensifies during heightened conditions, making it well-suited for battles.

In contrast to its water counterpart, Magma Almudron is territorial and engages in combat with any invaders. Agile and aggressive, it releases lava pools by slamming its tail, and when agitated, it dives into the Lava Caverns, erupting with lava chunks.

Using its tail as a whip, Magma Almudron’s attached magma rock causes explosive area-of-effect attacks upon contact with the ground. Water is Magma Almudron’s weakness, with water-based ailments like Waterblight having a significant impact on it.

Aurora Somnacanth

Aurora Somnacanth MHR Sunbreak
LocationFrost Islands, The Citadel

The dust-covered subspecies, Aurora Somnacanth, appears as if it’s shimmering in the light. Instead of using sleeping powder, it attacks invaders with icy blasts.

Freezing the surroundings, it swiftly moves across the icy terrain. Introduced in the Sunbreak expansion, this frosty variation is known for its ability to freeze both the environment and foes with cold air. Sliding across the battlefield, it deals substantial damage.

During the battle, the Aurora Somnacanth constantly moves, making it challenging to track. Beware of its potent icy breath, which can cause freezing. Maintain distance when it occurs.

It’s most vulnerable to Fire elemental damage and moderately susceptible to Blast and Fireblight. Use a fire beetle to induce Fireblight.

Scorned Magnamalo

Scorned Magnamalo MHR Sunbreak
ClassFanged Wyvern
AilmentsDragonblight, Hellfireblight
LocationShrine Ruins, Flooded Forest, Lava Caverns, Citadel

Scorned Magnamalo destroys hunting teams with relative ease despite being a significant difficulty increase over the Magnamalo encountered in the first iteration of Monster Hunter Rise. This Magnamalo variation has blades connected to each of its forelegs, and it is wrapped in hellfire all over its body.

As a result of it, players are now experiencing the full impact of the Hellfireblight status effect, and they are still figuring out the most effective strategies to overcome it.

Furious Rajang

Furious Rajang  MHR Sunbreak
ClassFanged Beast
AilmentsThunderblight, Bleeding
LocationFrost Islands, The Citadel, Shrine Ruins, Flooded Forest

This beast returns to Sunbreak after wreaking havoc on gamers in MHW: Iceborne. As if the vanilla Rajang wasn’t awful enough, the Furious Rajang is far worse. It may be said that Furious Rajang is the Super Saiyan version of the regular Rajang, which is already a challenging opponent for players to overcome.

The Furious edition has additional movesets, combinations that are more aggressive, and gap-closing speeds that are lightning-fast. Additionally, in contrast to the standard Rajang type, the Furious Rajang never depower from its golden form, which gives the impression that its aggressiveness cannot be stopped.

Seething Bazelgeuse

Seething Bazelgeuse MHR Sunbreak
ClassFlying Wyvern
AilmentsFireblight, Blastblight
LocationFrost Islands, The Citadel, Shrine Ruins, Flooded Forest

The Seething Bazelguese is one of the monsters that first appeared in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. It is the one that is scheduled to be shown next on the Sunbreak plan. Fans already have a love-hate connection with the traditional Bazelguese owing to its propensity to invade hunts and cause confusion, sometimes harming the player while other times helping the player out by instigating a turf war.

This is due to the Bazelguese’s tendency to invade hunts and cause mayhem. The Seething version simply makes the Bazelguese even more volatile and destructive since each scale has the potential to explode nearly instantly upon being shed, and the Bazelguese’s dive bomb assaults further emphasize the explosive nature of its attack patterns.

Lucent Nargacuga

Lucent Nargacuga MHR Sunbreak
ClassFlying Wyvern
AilmentsPoison, Noxious Poison
LocationLava Caverns, The Citadel, Shrine Ruins

Before Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak was even available for purchase, the game’s development plan included an introduction to a lunar form of the original Nargacuga monster. We do not have a complete understanding of its capabilities in this game. 

Nevertheless, based on the Nargacuga and its other versions, it is reasonable for us to believe that it will place emphasis on quick and punishing assaults, with some stealth thrown in for good measure.


Gaismagorm MHR Sunbreak
ClassElder Dragon

The last monster in Sunbreak is not an easy foe to vanquish by any means. Players will be tested to their limits during the multi-stage boss fights against Gaismagorm, which will require everything they have learned from the original Rise game as well as the new features introduced in Sunbreak. Players will be pushed to their absolute limits in order to bring the behemoth to its knees.

After utilizing the Dragonator, you will go through the initial phase of the fight, which is rather forgiving. Gaismagorm will now employ new strikes on the party as well as prolong existing attacks to create fresh chains of combos in the second phase of the battle, which will begin immediately after this phase concludes.

Finally, the third phase brings forth Gaismagorm’s full might, during which he burns even more gas and fireballs than in the previous phases, making the last push to bring the beast to its knees a challenging one.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak new monsters. Which monster do you find challenging to beat in the DLC? For us, it was Garangolm. Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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