Monster Hunter Rise Thunder Sac: How To Get & Use

Our detailed guide has everything you need to know about Thunder Sac and how to get it in Monster Hunter Rise along with it’s uses and farming.

What Is Thunder Sac?

Thunder Sac is a monster organ in Monster Hunter Rise that has the capability to store a massive amount of high voltage electricity in it. It is one of the essential elements in the game as it helps you craft excellent weapons and gear. Moreover, you can craft endgame builds in Monster Hunter Rise using Thunder Sac. 

Key Highlights

  • Thunder Sac is an essential item in Monster Hunter Rise that helps craft Legendary gear
  • It is a Rarity 6 item and can be obtained by farming Monsters, completing Objectives and Quests and exchanging points at Smithy. 
  • Farming Khezu is the best and easiest way to obtain Thunder Sac in Monster Hunter Rise. 
  • Tobi Kadachi is another Monster that can drop Thunder Sac but the chances are low. 
  • Thunder Sac can be used to craft and upgrade weapons, armor, decorations and rampage weapons
  • Fire weapons and Nulberries are effective against Khezu while water element works well against Tobi Kadachi. 
  • Focus on attacking Khezu’s Tail, Head and Back to get Target Rewards that have Thunder Sac.

thunder sac completion reward in Monster Hunter Rise
Thunder Sac in Monster Hunter Rise

Thunder Sac is not a DLC exclusive item and can be accessed in the main game of Monster Hunter Rise. It belongs to one of the special items in the game that can be found in lots or as rewards for completing Objectives and Quests. Farming Monsters can also obtain these items. Another farmable item includes Meaty Hide in Monster Hunter Rise.

Getting Thunder Sac as soon as possible is important because only by using this item can you craft Legendary gear. Thunder Sac builds to incorporate the Thunder element in Monster Hunter Rise and can be used to fight the strongest enemies in the game.

Material Type

Thunder Sac belongs to the Monster Material Type in Monster Hunter Rise. It is one of the High-Rank materials that farming Monsters can acquire. The best thing about these materials is that they can be exchanged for points at the Smithy located in Kamura Village.

thunder sac farming in Monster Hunter Rise
Smithy in Monster Hunter Rise

Any points you obtain can be used to forge and upgrade several armors and weapons. Thunder Sac is a Rarity 6 item that can be sold for 850 Zenny per piece. You can carry about 99 of them in your inventory. It is recommended that you sell the extra pieces in exchange for money. 

How To Get Thunder Sac

As of now, there is no location where you can farm this item. However, Thunder Sac can be obtained by fighting certain bosses in Monster Hunter Rise. These bosses include Khezu and Tobi Kadachi. 

Farming From Khezu

The easiest way to get Thunder Sac is to farm it from Khezu in Monster Hunter Rise. Players will have a 21 percent chance of obtaining Thunder Sac from defeating Khezu. There is an 18 percent chance of getting Thunder Sac by capturing the Monster. Additionally, there is a 20 percent chance of getting Thunder Sac by carving and slaying Khezu.

thunder sac boss Monster Hunter Rise
Fighting Khezu in Monster Hunter Rise

His primary weakness is Fire, and his Elemental Damage is Thunder. Khezu attacks by clinging to the walls and ceilings and throwing his electric attacks at you from a range. To knock the Monster down, you can use Wiredash. Status effects like Poison, Blast, and Fireblight work the best against Khezu.

khezu Monster Hunter Rise
Khezu materials

You can also use traps like Pitfall traps, Dung Bomb, and Shock Trap. When Khezu is captured, there is an 18 percent chance that he will drop Thunder Sac.


It is important to know the spawn location of Khezu in Monster Hunter Rise to farm Thunder Sac. There are two locations in which the Monster spawns. 

  • Frost Islands- Khezu will spawn in areas 2, 3, 5,4,7,12,11,10 of Frost Islands.
  • Lava Caverns- Khezu will spawn in areas 3,2, 6, 1, 8,7, 9, and 10 of Lava Caverns.

Make sure you check both starting areas and resting areas of these maps as well.


Khezu makes his appearance in certain Low Rank and High-Rank Quests as well. Thus there would be a lot of spawn locations, and therefore you can farm as much Thunder Sac as you like.

Thunder Sac as a reward
Low Rank

Following are some Low-Rank Quests where the Khezu might appear. The chances of him dropping Thunder Sac are not that much, but it’s worth a try.

  • A Pale Shadow- This is an essential quest, and the Khezu that will spawn here is most likely to drop Thunder Sac. 
  • Faceless Foe- it is a Village quest with a 3-star level. You can farm Khezu for Thunder Sac here.
  • BZZZZZ- another Village quest where Khezu will spawn. Make sure you collect any Thunder Sacs that Khezu might drop here.
High Rank

There are some High-Rank Quests as well where Khezu might drop Thunder Sacs. 

  • Study of the Switch Axeit is a 4-star Hub Quest where you have to fight many monsters along with Khezu. Upon defeat, Khezu might drop Thunder Sacs as a reward.
  • Night of the Khezu- being one of the key quests, the chances of Khezu dropping Thunder Sac here are significantly higher. The four-star quest is one of the essential Hub Quests.
  • Shadows Over the Frost- the quest is fairly difficult and is also one of the Hub Quests. Defeating Khezu will drop several Thunder Sacs here.
  • Zin and Yang- one of the most important event quests, Zin and Yang, features many monsters, including Khezu. When you have defeated Khezu in this 7-star quest, you will get Thunder Sac as a reward.
  • Omnidirectional Threats- another Hub quest that features Khezu in Omnidirectional Threats. It is a 7-star quest that will give you Thunder Sac as a reward.

If you have enough Thunder Sac to craft your favorite weapons, you try farming it using other methods as well because you can always sell extra Thunder Sacs to get Zenny in Monster Hunter Rise.

Obtaining From Tobi Kadachi 

Another Monster that can drop Thunder Sac is Tobi Kadachi in Monster Hunter Rise. However, the probability of getting Tobi Kadachi is only 14 percent, and that too from the Target Rewards only.

thunder sac monster in Monster Hunter Rise
Fighting Tobi Kadashi

You cannot farm Thunder Sac by any other method. Nevertheless, it is recommended to farm Tobi Kadachi to collect as many Thunder Sacs as possible.

tobi kadachi
Tobi Kadashi materials


In order to farm Tobi Kadachi for Thunder Sac, you need to visit the following locations in Monster Hunter Rise.

  • Shrine Ruins- Tobi Kadachi can be farmed in areas 4, 3, 1, 7, 10, 8, and 9 to get Thunder Sac.
  • Flooded Forest- areas 2, 8, 9, 10, 13, 12, and 11 are frequent spawn areas of Tobi Kadachi. You can farm him for Target Rewards, which will help you get Thunder Sac. 
  • Jungle- areas 1, 3, 2, 5, 8, 7, and 9 are spawn points of Tobi Kadachi. Make sure you farm the Monster to get Thunder Sac as a reward.

It is to be noted that the Starting and Resting areas of these locations are also spawn points for Tobi Kadachi. So make sure your farm all these points to collect as many Thunder Sacs as possible.

Quest Appearances

Tobi Kadachi can be farmed for Thunder  Sac in both Low Rank and High-Rank quests of Monster Hunter Rise. 

Low-Rank Quests 

Following are some Low-Rank Quests that feature Tobi Kadachi as one of the Monsters.

  • Disastrously Beautiful- the 3-star Hub Quest features Tobi Kadachi as one of its Monsters. You might get Thunder Sac as a Target Reward from the Monster if you’re lucky.
  • Zigzagging Zapper- it is a Key Quest; thus, the chances of Thunder Sac being dropped from Tobi Kadachi are fairly higher. It is a 3-star level Hub Quest, so it will be fairly easy to complete.
  • Like a Flash of Lightning- this is a Village Quest, and it features Tobi Kadachi as one of the Monsters. You can farm him for Thunder Sac in the quest.
High-Rank Quests 

There are some High-Rank Quests as well that features Tobi Kadachi. You can farm the Monster to get Thunder Sac as a Target Reward. Following are all the High-Rank Quests that have Tobi Kadachi as a Monster.

  • Be One with the Bowthe quest is a 6-star Hub Quest with Tobi Kadachi as one of the Monsters. If you’re lucky, you will get Thunder Sac as a Target Reward in Monster Hunter Rise.
  • Skies are Gray is the only High-Rank Keh Quest that features Tobi Kadachi. The six-star quest will help you get Thunder Sac as a reward when you defeat him.
  • Heart of a Ninja- the 7-star Event Quest requires you to fight Tobi Kadachi. There is a low probability of getting Thunder Sac in the quest, but it is definitely worth a try.
  • A Whirlwind of a Stage- this is a 7-star Hub Quest with Tobi Kadachi as one of the Monsters. Even though the chances of getting a Thunder Sac are not high, it is still recommended that you farm the Monster.

Uses of Thunder Sac 

The main use of Thunder Sac is forging armor and weapons for your character. We have listed below every weapon, armor, and decoration that uses Thunder Sac.

Armor made from Thunder Sac


You can forge weapons or upgrade them by using Thunder Sac. 

Forged Weapons

Following weapons can be forged using Thunder Sac.

  • Khezu Tree: Bolt Chamber I (x3)
  • Thunder Tree: Great Nova I (x3)

Upgraded Weapons 

Following weapons can be upgraded by using Thunder Sac.

Thunder Tree
  • Guillotines (x2)
  • Drill Lance II (x3)
  • K. Captain’s Blade II (x3)
  • Devil Slicer (x3)
  • The Power Shredder (x3)
Bnahabra (Thunder)
  • Secta Unu Yellow (x1)
  • Arko Nulo Yellow II (x2)
Royal Ludroth Tree
  • Droth Roar (x2)
Tobi-Kadachi Tree
  • Kadachi Cannon II (x3)
  • Shockblades (x2)
  • Kadachi Lance II (x2)
  • Kadachi Strikebow III (x2)
Khezu Tree
  • Painful Razor (x3)
  • Khezu Shock Blade (x3)
  • Khezu Cleaver (x3)
  • Bag o’ Thunder (x2)
  • Khezu Skards (x2)
  • Galvanized Core (x3)
  • High Volt Gunlance (x3)
  • Khezu Syringe III (x2)
  • Khezu Flute (x2)

Armor And Armor Sets

There are several High-Rank armor and armor sets that can be crafted using Thunder Sac. All of them are listed below.

Kadachi S Set
  • Tobi-Kadachi Braces S (x1)
  • Tobi-Kadachi Mail S (x2)
Khezu S Set
  • Khezu Mail S (x1)
  • The Khezu Greaves S (x2)
  • Khezu Vambraces S (x2)
Zinogre S Set
  • Zinogre Greaves S (x2)
Narwa Set
  • Narwa’s Pauldrons (x3)


You can craft the following decoration using Thunder Sac.

  • Resistor Jewel 2 (x1)
  • Bolt Jewel 1 (x1)

Rampage Decoration

There is only one Rampage decoration that can be forged from Thunder Sac. It is known as Thunderblight Jewel, requiring only one Thunder Sac.

Tips For Farming Thunder Sac in Monster Hunter Rise

  • Most of the High-Rank Quests will show up at the quest counter. The 4-star quest, “Night of The Khezu,” will appear in the Gathering Hub, and the 6-star quest “Skies are Gray” will have a requirement to beat Tobi Kadachi. Hence you will have a lot of opportunities to farm Thunder Sac. It is recommended that you complete all the quests and farm as many Thunder Sacs as you can.
  • Use Fire Weapons when facing Khezu as he is extremely prone to them. In this way, you can defeat him quickly and efficiently farm Thunder Sacs.
  • Since Khezu’s attacks can cause paralysis, try to dodge them. Using Earplugs Skill will help in this situation.
  • You don’t need to make powerful attacks if you intend to capture the Monster.
  • Tobi Kadachi, on the other hand, can damage you greatly when in Charged Stat, making Thunder Sac farming difficult.
  • No matter what you do, don’t let Tobi Kadachi leave your sight.
  • Bring Nulberries when facing him.
  • To get Target Rewards that have Thunder Sac, focus on attacking his Tail, Head, and Back.
  • The water element works excellent against Tobi Kadachi.
  • Knock the Monster down, and don’t let him climb on trees and rocks.
  • Be aware of his gliding attacks, or he will cause you a lot of damage.

Final Words

Monster Hunter Rise uses some of the World’s best features while introducing some mechanics of its own. The game offers a lot of things, including unique weapons that you can layer by consulting our Layered Weapons guide. You can also create amazing builds like the Heavy Bowgun Build in Monster Hunter Rise to battle monsters and enemies. There are items like Thunder Sac in Monster Hunter Rise that you can farm too.

Farming items like Gold Lite Ore and Awegite Ore are necessary to help you level up. These items are essential to craft armors. You can then upgrade your armor using Latent Power. 

The item is similar to Inferno Sac in Monster Hunter Rise; however, you can craft Legendary items like Thunder Tree using Thunder Sac. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Farming Thunder Sac can be quite hard, especially if you have two Monsters to face. However, if you follow our tips and tricks, you will be able to collect enough Thunder Sac to forge your favorite weapons and armor.

With this, we conclude our descriptive guide on Thunder Sac, its uses, and how to farm it in Monster Hunter  Rise. Make sure you collect as many Thunder Sacs as possible so you can sell the extra ones to get Zenny in Monster Hunter Rise.

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