Monster Hunter Rise Tough Claw: How To Get & Uses

Tough Claw is a vital item that can be obtained through killing certain monsters or by completing specific quests. They can be used to craft weapons and armors.

What Is Tough Claw

Monster Hunter Rise Tough Claw
Basic Information Regarding Tough Claw

Monster Hunter Rise Tough Claw is a Master Rank material. It can be achieved by killing the monsters or by completing quests. In other words, it can be obtained by looting the environment. Tough-Claw is a handy material primarily used to craft and upgrade hunter’s equipment. This equipment mainly includes weapons and armors.

Key Highlights
  • Tough Claw is a Master Rank material obtained through environment looting or quest completion.
  • It’s essential for crafting and upgrading hunter equipment, including weapons and armor.
  • Tough Claws are acquired by completing specific quests like “It Could be Worse…” and “The Red Rolling Terror.”
  • Monsters such as Izuchi (MR), Velociprey (MR), and Hermitaur (MR) drop Tough Claws.
  • Weapons utilizing Tough Claws include Blade of Talos +, Kamura Warrior Cleaver, and Purple October.

Get Monster Hunter Rise Tough Claw

Farming  Monster Hunter Rise Tough Claw is a piece of cake. However, it’s vital to get it because it offers outstanding merits. It can either come as a reward for competing for a particular quest or be achieved by slaying the monsters. A few monsters drop the Tough Claw when you defeat them. 

Quests That Reward Tough Claw

Quests are a part of the game that you have to complete. However, you can target a particular quest a achieve a specific purpose. Similarly, you can conduct specific quests to get Tough Claw. Below is the list of all the quests that reward Tough-Claw. 

  • It Could be Worse…
  • The Red Rolling Terror
  • Barroth to a Great Start
  • You Had Me at Poofy
  • Catnap Ruined
  • Tetranadon Blockade
  • The Good, the Bad, and Lagombi
  • Rumble in the Jungle
  • Pent-Up Frustrations
  • Messed Up Situation
  • Shrine Ruined
  • The Queen’s Garden
  • The Alabaster Devourer
  • Somnacanth Sleep Aid
  • Poison Drops in the Sand
  • Bird Wyvern Jamboree
  • Provoking an Anjanath’s Wrath
  • The Assault of the Scarlet Tengu
  • Scarlet Tengu in the Shrine Ruins
  • Sour Grapes
  • A Fond Fur-Well
  • In Pursuit of the Khezuit
  • BZZZZZ or ZZZZzzzz Pt. 2
  • A Shocking, Sloppy Synthesis
  • Skulking Among the Sand
  • Pinecone Pelting Panic
  • A Dangerous Dare
  • An Audience With the Queen
  • Fruit Vs. Firearms
  • Operation Rathian
  • Operation Bishaten
  • Operation Tobi-Kadachi
  • Operation Khezu
  • Operation Blood Orange Bishaten
  • Operation Anjanath
  • Flicker in the Night
  • A Tale of Two Titans
  • Oh, My Garsh Harag
  • Garangolm Gone Mad
  • A Rocky Rampage
  • The Hot and Cold Treatment
  • In His Master’s Footsteps
  • Freedom from a Frigid Future!
  • Troublemaker Trio
  • Operation Garangolm
  • Operation Cold Case
  • Operation Citadel Situation
  • Operation Jungle Rumble
  • A Tough Lesson
  • Sisters Sally Forth
  • Hunting is All the Rage
  • Spooky Citadel!?
  • Citadel Security
  • Thousand Cuts, Totally Crushed
  • Quit Spooking My Lunch!
  • Operation Frozen Rescue

Monsters that Drop Tough Claw

Killing and defeating blood-thirsty monsters is both challenging and satisfying. But it’s more intriguing when they drop rewards like Tough Claw.

Here is the list of all the monsters that drop Tough-Claw when they fall. 

Monster Hunter Rise Tough Claw
When Monster fall they reward Tough Claw
  • Izuchi (MR)

Carve Body x1 (15%)

  • Velociprey (MR)

Carve Body x1 (20%)

  • Hermitaur (MR)

Carve Body x1 (27%)

  • Rachnoid (MR)

Carve Body x1 (15%)

  • Jagras (MR)

Carve Body x1 (15%)

  • Ceanataur (MR)

Carve Body x1 (32%)

  • Pyrantula (MR)

Carve Body x1 (17%)

  • Ludroth (MR)

Carve Body x1 (32%)

  • Uroktor (MR)

Carve Body 66% (x1)

Monster Hunter Rise Tough Claw Usage

Congrats! Now, you know how to get Tough Claw. Let’s move on to its usage. It offers excellent benefits because various weapons and Armors use Tough-Claw. Also, a wide variety of Armor sets use Tough Claw in this game. 

Weapons That Use Tough Claw

Weapons that use Tough Claw include:

Monsters Hunter Rise Tough Claw
Weapons Crafted From Tough Claw
  • Blade of Talos +
  • Kamura Warrior Cleaver
  • Kamura Warrior Sword
  • Kamura Warrior Ballista
  • Kamura Warrior Glaive
  • Purple October
  • Sayyad Cannon
  • Kamura Warrior C. Blade
  • Kamura Warrior Crossbow
  • Gale Bowgun +
  • Hortadent Brada +
  • Kamura Warrior Cleaver
  • Kaiser Blade +
  • Kamura Warrior Blades
  • Double Droth Flood
  • Raging Claws +
  • Kamura Warrior Rapier
  • Garamorse +
  • Tormentor +
  • Kamura Warrior Hammer
Monster Hunter Rise Tough Claw
Weapons Upgraded From Tough Claw

Armor That Uses Tough Claw

Armors that use Tough Claw include:

  • Anjanath Mail X
  • Uroktor Torso X
  • Velociprey Mail
  • Velociprey Tassets
  • Velociprey Greaves
  • Bone Helm X
  • Bone Vambraces X
  • Ludroth Mail X
  • Ludroth Coil X
  • Ludroth Greaves X
  • Rhenoplos Mail X
  • Nargacuga Mail X
  • Ceanataur Mail
  • Death Stench Muscle X
  • Death Stench Grip X
  • Droth Mail X
  • Droth Coil X
  • Droth Greaves X
  • Izuchi Braces X

Armor Set That Uses Tough Claw

Armor Sets that use Tough Claw include:

  • Anjanath X Set
  • Uroktor X Set
  • Velociprey Set
  • Bone X Set
  • Royal Ludroth X Set
  • Rhenoplos X Set
  • Nargacuga X Set
  • Ceanataur Set
  • Death Stench X Set
  • Droth X Set
  • Izuchi X Set

It’s all we have about Tough Claw. In this guide, we explained how to get it and enlisted all the quests and monsters that can be used to obtain it. Also, we enlisted almost all the weapons and armors that can be crafted or upgraded using Tough Claw. Have fun farming it and use it efficiently to get the most out of Monster Hunter Rise.    

Other Tips

Monster Hunter rise comes with intriguing gameplay. It has a wide range of quests and furious monsters seeking your blood. However, you can equip yourself with weapons and armor. Also, it has fantastic builds such as Blade, Sunbreak, and Bowgun. To know more about builds, go through our guides like Greatsword Build and 5 best Sunbreak builds.  

Moreover, you can level up quickly by farming items like Gold Lite Ore, Fucium Ore and Awegite Ore. Also, you can farm other items like Thunder Sac and Inferno Sac. You can use thunder Sac to farm other legendary items. Furthermore, You can level up your gear by leveling up its Latent power.        

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