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Our Monster Hunter Rise Wiki covers everything you need to know about the game, including the best weapons, armor, and builds.

Monster Hunter Rise is the latest game to come out that picks up where the last game ended. In addition to its amazing open world, the game also includes some complex gameplay and mechanics that can be hard for a casual player to understand. For this very purpose, our Monster Hunter Rise Wiki includes a series of guides that will help you better understand the game.

Key Takeaways
  • Monster Hunter Rise was released globally on March 26, 2021. It was developed and published by Capcom for Nintendo Switch.
  • It consists of an astonishing 999 levels.
  • Monster Hunter Rise is a special game with its own ranking system called ‘Hunter Rank’, which players can try to increase to get the edge.
  • Monster Hunter Rise is a mixture of different genres, which makes it interesting to play; these genres include Adventure, Fighting, Action-role playing, and Third-person.
  • The game itself is a success as it has very positive feedback and ratings:
    • Metacritic Ratings – 87% 
    • Steam – 9/10

Our Monster Hunter Rise Wiki includes guides that help you better navigate the game. These guides also provide information regarding the best choices you can make throughout the game. They ensure you can enjoy the game to its fullest without any difficulties. Our Monster Hunter Rise guides can also help you;

Ensure That MHR Runs Properly

Monster Hunter Rise Wiki
A Comprehensive Monster Hunter Rise Wikipedia

In-game bugs and errors can ruin a game for players. At best, these errors can cause some features of the game not to work, and at worst, they can crash the game altogether. Some in-game problems make it impossible for you to start the game properly.

However, our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Crashing guide explains a step-by-step process of how you can solve the issue. The guide goes into detail about why the crash happens and explains in detail how you can fix it.

Finding The Best Weapons Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise includes a lot of amazing weapons that can be used at different stages. These weapons excel in creativity and allow you to easily take out a large swarm of enemies. It is important to have information regarding the best weapons if you are looking to make effective progress in the game.

Weapon For Every Situation

Our Weapons Tier List ranks the best weapons in the game. These rankings are based on the weapon’s power and effectiveness in any given situation. You can follow the list to determine the best weapon for every situation that you encounter in the game.

Understanding The Layered Weapons Mechanics

Monster Hunter Rise also allows you to Layer your weapons. Layering allows you to customize your weapon to add new features to it. It can turn any weapon you have in the game into a killing machine.

However, you must follow a series of steps to ensure the layering is done properly. You also need a better understanding of the different weapons that can be layered for maximum effectiveness. You can learn more about this by following our Layered Weapons guide.

Ranking Specific Weapon Types

Bowguns are one of the most powerful weapon types in Monster Hunter Rise. These guns can be used in a variety of situations and can help you get out of a sticky situation. Currently, there are more than 50 Bowguns in the game, and the number will only go up over time.

However, different Bowguns can be used in different situations based on their effectiveness. When you equip a Bowgun, you must know which is right for the situation, as the information can make all the difference in the world. Our 9 Best Bowguns list can help you make the best possible decision.

Best Weapon In MHR Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is a new game update that came out on June 30th, 2022. The new update included many new and unique weapons you could use in the games. Among these weapons, some brought new life to the game, while others failed to hit the mark.

Our Weapons Tier List ranks all the new weapons introduced in the update. You can find this list in our Monster Hunter Rise Wiki and use it to make the right choice when choosing a weapon.

Choosing The Best Armor In MHR

Choosing the right armor, like weapons, is also important in Monster Hunter Rise. Every armor set in the game offers something unique to the players that can come in handy at the right time. Different armor can be equipped at different times based on the enemy that you are facing and the weapon you are using.

However, because of the many choices available, it often becomes difficult to make the right choice. Selecting the wrong armor can prove to be fatal as it can leave you vulnerable and prone to damage. Our Best Armors can help make that choice a lot easier for you.

Effectively Creating Unique Builds

This Monster Hunter Rise Wikipedia features guides to help you craft your build. Each guide goes into detail about the strengths and weaknesses of every build. They also talk about the correct item and weapon choices and the situations in which these builds will be viable.

Understand Different Game Mechanics

Our Wiki for Monster Hunter Rise includes a long list of How-to guides that explain its mechanics in great detail. Going through these guides will ensure that you master these mechanics. This will improve your overall experience and help you make rapid progress in the game.

They include;

Get Through New Areas Of MHR Sunbreak

Walkthroughs are arguably the most important type of guide. They allow you to complete different quests and get through different areas of the game. Walkthroughs can always be useful when stuck in a specific portion of the game.

Therefore, our Wiki includes a series of walkthroughs for different missions in Monster Hunter Rise. Each guide covers a particular quest or storyline in a step-by-step process.

They include;

Defeat New Monsters & Creatures In MHR Sunbreak

As you progress in Monster Hunter Rise, you will encounter different monsters and mythical creatures. Most of these monsters act as bosses, and you must defeat them to progress. Mythical creatures are also very important as you can hunt them down and kill them to farm different rewards.

They include;

  • Malzeno: Best Strategies & Tips
  • Seregios: Boss Fight, Item Drops & Rewards
  • Teostra: How to Beat, Weaknesses & Item Drops
  • Bullfango: Rewards, Locations & Farming

Locate And Farm Materials & Items

In addition to the wide array of mystical creatures and monsters, Monster Hunter Rise also includes a variety of rare items and materials. These materials are scattered throughout the map and can be farmed. Farming and obtaining these materials can help you upgrade your weapons. Farming and using these materials effectively can help you quickly progress in the game.

Our Monster Hunter Rise Wiki includes a series of farming guides to make this process easier for you.

These guides include;

Choosing The Best Companion

Monster Hunter Rise gives the player the ability to choose a companion. Every companion available in the game brings something unique to the table. These companions have different abilities and powers that are useful when taking on a large group of enemies.

However, choosing the right Palico can vary based on your situation. In some situations, a Healer Palico can help save your life; in others, you might need a Fighter Palico. Going through our Support Palico guide will help you make the right call every time. The guide covers every single detail companion in detail, along with their strengths, weaknesses, and the best strategy to use them.

Equipping The Best Fashion Armor Sets In MHR 

Cosmetics are a major part of ARPGs. They allow you to modify your character and help it stand out. Every good ARPG includes a large variety of sets that the players can choose from based on their preferences.

On the other hand, the choice can confuse most players. We have compiled a list of the best Fashion Sets to make this choice easier. The list talks about the best sets available in the game and helps you land on the best for you.

Using Mods & Trainers To Modify The MHR Experience On PC

Mods and trainers are a great way to add something unique to a game. They allow you to modify certain aspects of a game that make it more enjoyable. In addition, a plethora of other mods can be used in combination with these Mods. You can learn more about these mods in our 16 Best Mods list.

Installing a trainer can be tricky, and you can end up crashing your game if you don’t do it properly. This is why you need to follow a step-by-step process that has been mentioned in our MHR Trainer guide.

All Differences Between PC & Nintendo Switch Versions

As stated, Monster Hunter Rise was released on both PC and the Switch. Both versions of the game look equally amazing and play almost the same. Both versions also feature similar character sets and items, so you will not miss out no matter which version you choose. You can go through our Monster Hunter Rise PC VS Switch if you want to explore the topic further.

Learning About The Voices Behind The Characters

Monster Hunter Rise features the best voice acting compared to older franchise installments. The voice actors have done an amazing job driving home the game’s storyline and the character’s intentions. You can learn more about the actors behind your favorite Monster Hunter Rise character by going through our Voice Actors list.

This concludes our Monster Hunter Rise Wiki. More guides will be added as soon as a new update drops, and we have new areas of the game to explore. So, till then, Stay Tuned!

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