Multiversus Mordecai & Rigby: Will They Appear In Game?

In our guide to Multiversus highly expected characters, Mordecai and Rigby you will get to know if they are actually going to make an appearance in the game and what point of view does the game’s director has on it.

the two beloved characters

Still, there is room for many characters to be added to the MultiVersus and make it more interesting than it already is. Fans are always following twitter with their requests to chip in characters from their favorite shows. Our guide will discuss Mordecai and Rigby and how the players cannot help talking about it with the director.

Key Highlights

  • MultiVersus is the biggest crossover game featuring the most famous characters we know and one of the most anticipated characters are: Mordecai & Rigby.
  • Mordecai & Rigby are two fictional characters from the show called “Regular Show” and this show was produced by Cartoon Network.
  • A fan on Twitter had a conversation with one of MultiVersus producers named “Toby Huynh” about having Mordecai & Rigby in the game.
  • Toby Huynh confirmed that he also wants to add characters from Regular Show into Multiversus.
  • Even though there has been no confirmed release date yet, Mordecai & Rigby or even other characters from “Regular Show” are now expected to be in the game.

We have also curated a guide on one of the popular characters, Finn, in Multiversus.

Who are Mordecai And Rigby?

who are Mordecai And Rigby in Multiversus

Mordecai, a blue jay, and Rigby, a raccoon, come from the show called Regular Show. The show is about these two, working at a park, being groundkeepers, and jumping into various, rather dangerous adventures. Produced by Cartoon Network, Regular Show is a fantasy cartoon show that was released on the 14th of August and became people’s favorite in no time.

Being an animated show and the love people still have for it even after all this time, it is highly predicted
to appear in Multiversus. And as it is a Cartoon Network production, the director of Multiversus will do
everything in their power to scoot in Mordecai and Rigby. A great status effect you can use to win in impossible battle situations is Toast in Multiversus.

Mordecai And Rigby in Multiversus
Mordecai And Rigby in Multiversus

Chances Of Mordecai And Rigby To Appear On Multiversus

twitter update regarding Mordecai And Rigby in Multiversus
Producer’s Stance on Mordecai And Rigby

During a conversation that one of the fans had with Multiverse’s producer Toby Huynh, where he made
a request to the latter to bring Mordecai And Rigby into the game as it can make it more interesting and
people will be even more hooked to it. If Jake in Multiversus is your favorite, check out our guide on him to see what possible combos he can perform.

On this request, the director told that fan about how Mordecai and Rigby’s show ‘Regular Show’ is also one of his favorite shows and will try and make his request possible. If they don’t get nerfed, they might be able to secure a place in the top 5 best characters of Multiversus.

This conversation sounds very exciting to the fans as the game developers have never given such a direct response to their fans, but this reply from the director has all the players hooked and looking forward. Are you a Cartoon Network fan? Then consider checking out our guide on Tom & Jerry in Multiversus.

Character Reveal Date

As of yet, no proper date has come forward by the producers of Multiversus, so it is difficult to say anything about Mordecai and Rigby being present in the show, but let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope the mischievous duo soon make their appearance.


One of the most anticipated characters of Multiversus called Mordecai and Rigby are expected to step foot in the game and sweep the player’s feet off with their quirky acts and fun tactics. The duo might be more popular than Rick & Morty in Multiversus if they are released.

Regular Show’s Mordecai And Rigby

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