Multiversus BEST Characters [Top 5 Units]

This Multiversus Best Characters guide will uncover the top 5 best characters that players can unlock!

Multiversus is finally out, and it looks like it’s bound to be an excellent crossover between some of our favorite childhood characters and ones that players might have never seen coming! Mixing units from Cartoon Network, HBO, Turner Entertainment, and Warner Bros, Multiversus features a diverse range of characters. Our Multiversus Best Characters guide will uncover the top 5 best units that players can use at the beginning of the game once they unlock them!

The game is also free-to-play and is a platform-based game that is available for download on many platforms like the PS4, PS5, Xbox series, and Windows. If you feel like your KBI Tutorials aren’t working, then make sure to read up on our Multiversus KBI Tutorial Not Working Solution guide!


Multiversus Superman

Let’s start things off by introducing Superman, who is sure to be better remembered as Clark Kent, and he is one of the top-rated units in Multiversus. A bit about his backstory reveals how disaster struck at his birth home, whereby his parents had to send him away, where Jonathan and Martha Kent raised him as their children. 

In the game, however, he is an excellent tank unit, being able to take on hits after hits from the enemy’s end and not dying out. Instead, he can protect his fellow allies and gain victory. To unlock him, players will need to have 2000 Gold and 700 Gleamium on hand to add him to their party. If players want to get their hands on all the trophies, then read up on our Multiversus Trophy Guide!


Multiversus Superman Gameplay
Superman Gameplay

Next, let’s discuss Superman’s skills, which will include a list of basic ground attacks, air attacks, air specials, and passive abilities. 

Ground Attacks 

Let’s start with his ground attacks. 

  • Kryptonian Kombo (Side Attack): Unleash a combo of random and fast attacks that will render the enemy useless. 
  • Downward Swing (Down Attack): Launch a downswing that will charge down on the opponent in front of you, and the attack will use a certain amount of the charged Defensive meter. 
  • Overhead Strike (Up Attack): With Overhead Strike, players can launch a hammer swing that will be aimed up, hitting the enemy chin up. 
  • Super Punch: Cast forth an armored punch directly in front of you to punch the enemy in their face and murder them. 

Air Attacks

The Air Attacks are listed as follows: 

  • Up and Away! (Up Attack): Stay airborne and charge up a punch that will be launched upwards. 
  • Falling Haymaker (Down Attack): Charge a down-facing punch that will kill the foe. 
  • Flying Swing (Side Attack): Cast out a Forward swing that will break down the enemy. 
  • Bullet Barrage: A three-punch damage output will be produced with this skill. 

Ground Specials 

There are four Superman ground specials that players can take advantage from: 

  • Ice Breath: With ice breath in hand, players in Multiversus will be granted the ability to cast an Ice Debuff on their enemies, which will eventually cause them to go frozen and then get stunned. 
  • Meteor Liftoff: Cause opponents to go airborne, which will cause severe knockback, after which you can thrust them back onto the ground and cause intake of damage. Meteor Liftoff will use up a certain amount of the Defensive Meter for casting the special. 
  • Locomotive Charge: Charge up a reticle to launch it at your foe, and upon releasing it, Superman will be able to run towards the enemy and launch out an Armored punch, which will be deadly. 
  • Hear Vision: Superman will be granted armor, and with help from his laser vision, he will cast out laser projectiles which will cause knockbacks against foes. 

Air Specials 

The four Air Specials for Superman are listed here: 

  • Go Long: Lunge an attack aimed up, which will allow you to take hold of an enemy, break down their armor, and then aim in a direction in which they can be launched. 
  • Aerial Heat Vision: Same attacks as ground ability. 
  • Ice Breath: Same as Aerial Heat Vision, but it will have armor. 
  • Ten-Ton Tackle: Fly out, and charge up the overall distance in which Superman will be able to fly out and then attack enemies. 

Passive Abilities 

To the Skies, the ability will allow Superman, perhaps one of the Multiversus Best Characters with tanking Abilities, to dodge up and then in a diagonal position. 


For his 15 levels, he will receive the following buffs and perks

  • Tier 1: Default (no changes)
  • Tier 2: Triple Jump Perk 
  • Tier 3: 5 Toasts 
  • Tier 4: Kryptonian Skin Perk 
  • Tier 5: 100 Gold 
  • Tier 6: Able to Take on Ally Perks 
  • Tier 7: Wildcat Brawler Perk 
  • Tier 8: Flaming Re-Entry Perk
  • Tier 9: Perk Training 
  • Tier 10: Sniper Punch Perk
  • Tier 11: Last Stand Perk
  • Tier 12: Break The Ice Perk 
  • Tier 13: Clear The Air Perk
  • Tier 14: Profile Icon
  • Tier 15: Superman Wins Badge

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Steven Universe 

Multiversus Steven Universe
Steven Universe

Moving on, the next character that we would like to feature is essentially one of the Support characters in Multiversus, who is Steven Universe himself. For his backstory, all the players need to know is that he is a hybrid of being a Gem and a Human, and he becomes an important hero in the series. 

Being a Support unit, he can provide ample aid for the main damage dealers in the part, all the while also being able to support himself if he ever needs to stay alive being alone on the battlefield. Players will require 3000 Gold and 700 Gleamium if they wish to add him to their roster. Unlocking each character requires Gleamium, and our Multiversus Gleamium Farming guide is all you need to find out how to get Gleamium!


Multiversus Steven Universe Gameplay
Steven Universe Gameplay

The attacks that Steven Universe will hone will remain the same as that of him, having basic attacks, air and ground attacks, a few specials, and a passive ability. 

Ground Attacks 

Starting with his Ground Attacks, they are featured as follows: 

  • Spiky Bubble (Basic Attack): Launch out a spiky bubble that can be charged and released upon finished charging, and it will continue to apply Rose’s Gaze to enemies. 
  • Spiky Uppercut (Up Attack): Cast out a bubble uppercut that will be spiky and continue to harm enemies, and it can also be charged and then released upon command. 
  • Blockade (Down Attack): A gem barrier will continue to get charged by the player in Mutltiversus, and upon release, it will cause severe knockback to enemies and then break down their armor even further. 
  • Bubble Barrage (Side Attack): Bubble punches launched against foes that will cause the enemy to get combo’d. 

Air Attacks 

The four air attacks for Steven Universe will be here: 

  • Shield-Breaker: As the name suggests, whenever the skill is cast, it will allow Steven in Multiversus to release a shield that will ricochet and then protect him anytime an opponent attacks him. 
  • Bubble Clap!: Launch up a Bubble clap against your toughest foes on their heads, as a bubble cap is considered an upward attack. 
  • Bubble Slam! (Down Attack): Murder your enemies by releasing a Bubble Slam attack facing down. 
  • Pop!: Using a gem explosion, players will be granted the ability to charge it up, after which, the more they charge it, the large the explosion will be. 

Ground Specials 

Let’s take a quick look at the ground special that the Steven Universe beginner unit might be able to use in battle: 

  • Bubble Boy!: Cast out a tethered projectile that will be aimed at your opponents, and once it attacks them, it will inflict “Rose’s Gaze” on them, which will further attach to the foes and cause knockback. It will disable and debuff them. 
  • Shield Stepper: Cast his shield, hold it above his head, and launch it in the air, creating a platform for fellow allies to jump on. The max amount of platforms will be one at a time. 
  • Shield Wall, Activated!: A shield wall projectile will be launched against enemies, blocking them and handing out armor to fellow teammates. 
  • Watermelon Steven, Go!: Plant down a singular watermelon, which will heal fellow party members throughout the battle. 

Air Specials 

The four Air-based specials that Steven Universe can take assistance from are listed here: 

  • Bubble Boy!: Same as Ground Special 
  • Shield Stepper: Same as the Shield Stepper ground special
  • Shield Wall, Activated!: Same as Ground Specials. 
  • X-treme Moves!: Dive into the ground, after which he will start to surd on his shield, and then go airborne if he attacks an enemy, after which he can end his Special with a dive kick. 

Passive Ability 

Anytime Steven’s Character can evade an enemy attack, he will be granted the ability to project a bubble around a certain radius of himself and fellow team members, which will act as extra armor and can take in 3 hits from the enemy’s end. 


The 15 tiers that Steven Universe will get are listed as follows: 

  • Tier 1: The default character 
  • Tier 2: Triple Jump Perk 
  • Tier 3: 5 Toasts granted
  • Tier 4: Collateral Damage Perk 
  • Tier 5: 100 Gold granted to players
  • Tier 6: Equip Ally Perks 
  • Tier 7: Slippery Customer perk 
  • Tier 8: bounce Bubble Signature Perk 
  • Tier 9: Perk training
  • Tier 10: Green Thumb Signature Perk 
  • Tier 11: Ice To Beat You Perk
  • Tier 12: Absorb N Go Perk 
  • Tier 13: Up, Up, and Away! Perk 
  • Tier 14: Profile Icon granted
  • Tier 15: Steven Win’s badge granted. 

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Multiversus Finn

For players that have watched Adventure Time, then they will be familiar with Finn. He is one of the characters that is one of the early-game Multiversus Best Characters as an Assassin unit. He belonged to the Land of Ooo, a warrior who kept doing quests to be a good human being, and he had a vast imagination. 

Being an Assassin unit in-game, he will be unlockable after players can acquire 2000 Gold and 700 Gleamium. He is a useful unit that can help you achieve victory against your foes. Let’s learn more about him and how his skills affect his gameplay! Check out our Multiversus New Characters guide so that you can prepare in advance and plan out your team composition nearing end-game!


Multiversus Finn Gameplay
Finn Gameplay

Players that want to be a Finn main in Multiversus should also learn about his attacks and passives. 

Ground Attacks 

Starting things off, here are a few of his ground attacks: 

  • Chop!: Chop forth against your enemies, killing them one by one by going forward at their targetted locations and chopping them. 
  • The Sword Stuff!: A stab can be summoned forth, allowing the player to unleash a series of slashes and swipes in a combo formation that will decimate any enemies present in front of you. 
  • Power Stomp: Considering Power Stomp is a down attack, it allows players to go down for a stab in a plunging manner, which will break the armor of enemies while unleashing a shockwave that will cast out a projectile against the foes. 
  • Slasher: Being an upward attack, players can charge a slash that is directed up, and it will cause Finn to go airborne and then attack enemies. 

Air Attacks 

Moving on, let’s take a look at the air attacks that he offers: 

  • Flying Sword Moves!: Finn can take his weapon in his hands and move forward towards the targetted foes and unleash a combo of 2slashes of his sword that will be aimed forward. 
  • Sky Punch!: Upon casting, it will allow Finn to launch an upward punch against the enemies that have been selected, which will deal a certain amount of damage. 
  • Ground Chop!: As the name suggests, the downward-based attack will grant Finn the ability to launch a downward chop against your foes. 
  • Slam-Bam-In-A-Can!: Unleash a devastating kick for your enemies, which will cause their armor to instantly break down, after which Adventure Time’s Finn can immediately rush behind his enemies and kick them more the skill cooldown will begin. 

Ground Specials 

The special ground skills for Finn will feature mainly 4 skills: 

  • High Five, Dude!: Finn will be granted the ability to charge up a high-five, and upon releasing it, he will unleash the high-five that will be able to negate and reflect all kinds of projectiles that are aimed at him. 
  • Backpack Attack!: Spin Finn’s backpack around an axis, after which he will continue to attack enemies and be sucked in by the vacuum created by the backpack. The higher the amount of coin in Finn’s arsenal, the stronger the attack will be. 
  • Sweet Deals!: Taking his coin in hand, Finn goes shopping for different items, through which he can use a Stack of Hasten to enhance the team’s overall movement speed. Alongside that, he can also grant his team a projectile shield. 
  • Get Stronked!: Rush forth and block incoming projectiles, and if he lands a proper hit, he can repeat the action. 

Air Specials 

Next up, here are the air Specials that Finn as an Assassin unit offers for players: 

  • Soaring Backpack Attack: The overall ability will be similar to the ground special, except this time, Finn will launch his backpack into the sky. 
  • High Five, Dude!: Pretty similar to the ground special, but Finn will be granted the ability to bounce back anytime he intakes an attack. 
  • Mathematical Air Dash!: Taking his sword in his hand, he will launch a sword swing, which will have a “Sweetspot” or a critical hit spot, and anytime Finn dashes against any enemies, he will output increased damage. 
  • Throwin’ Stones: Using a certain amount of coins, Finn can launch out a Getitem towards opponents and unleash his Aerial Side Special attacks. 

Passive Abilities 

After spending a bit of his coin, Finn will be able to experience a further boost to his special attacks, and anytime he unleashes attacks on his enemies, they will drop coins for him to pick up. 


With the 15 tiers that Finn in Multiversus has, they are listed below: 

  • Tier 1: Default unit
  • Tier 2: Wildcat Brawler Perk 
  • Tier 3: 5 Toasts
  • Tier 4: speed Force Assist Perk 
  • Tier 5: 100 Gold 
  • Tier 6: Equip Ally Perks 
  • Tier 7: In a Single Bound! Perk 
  • Tier 8: Signature Perk “Going out of Business”
  • Tier 9: Perk Training granted 
  • Tier 10: Signature Perk “On The House!” 
  • Tier 11: Hit Me If You’re Able to Perk 
  • Tier 12: Stronger Than Ever perk 
  • Tier 13: Painted Targeted Perk 
  • Tier 14: Hiya Finn profile icon granted 
  • Tier 15: Finn Win’s badge granted. 

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Multiversus Shaggy

One of the Scooby-Doo-based Multiversus Best Characters; we have Shaggy in our arsenal, who happens to be a Bruiser and will be able to be an absolute unit when in the middle of the battlefield. While his real name is Norville Rogers, many people simply know him by his pet name and will continue to remember him by that. Just like Shaggy, Superman and many other characters that are in-game, you might like our Multiversus Batman Guide if you do end up getting him!


Multiversus Shaggy Gameplay
Shaggy Gameplay

He will have his own set of Attacks, Passives, and Special abilities. 

Ground Attacks 

Shaggy mains can take on any kind of enemy with four ground attacks. 

  • Combo Meal: Obliterate your opponents by unleashing a combo of punches that will continue to attack and deal a certain amount of damage to enemies while headbutting them. 
  • Knuckle Sandwich: The ability will be a basic attack, allowing Shaggy to punch and increase its overall potency. Upon unleashing it, it will launch deadly attacks against foes, and while charging his punch, Shaggy will be protected by armor, so he does not take in any kind of damage. 
  • Like, Overhead Swing!: A swing can be charged by Shaggy, which will be aimed at enemies present on top. 
  • Power Stomp: Take an armored chomp into your hands and render your enemies useless with it, which will also destroy the armor that is protecting them. 

Air Attacks 

Just like his ground attacks, Shaggy’s unit will also have some basic air attacks.

  • Like, Knee Strike!: Fold your knee and move forward to launch a charged attack at opponents. 
  • Flurrious Feet: Unleash kick after kick targetted at your worst foes which will continue to hit enemies and damage.
  • Flying Slacker Smack: With the ability being an up-attack, it will cast out a swing that will sweep up towards opponents. 
  • Get Down, Man: As the name suggests, a down-based attack will allow Shaggy to hit enemies with a pound attack. 

Ground Specials 

Alongside his basic attacks, we definitely can’t miss out on his Ground Specials: 

  • Zoinks!: A rage meter for Shaggy can be built up, after which it can be cast out, which will immediately inflict enemies with Enraged. Any fellow ally that picks up the Scooby Snack dropped by Shaggy will receive a certain amount of healing. 
  • Power Uppercut: A flying uppercut can be dealt to enemies, after which Shaggy will go airborne and unleash more attacks. If he is enraged, he will cause even more damage to foes. 
  • Like, Feed The Hunger: Wield a sandwich (no, really), and cast it out towards any one enemy as a literal projectile, and as it passes your allies, it will provide healing. 
  • Chiller Instinct Kick: Deal damage to enemies by hitting them with a forward-facing kick. 

Air Specials 

Four of the Shaggy’s Air Specials will be used to render enemies useless: 

  • Zoinks!: Same ability as ground special
  • Power Uppercut: Same as ground special. 
  • Chiller Instinct Kick: Ground-special. 
  • Like, C’mere Man!: Since the fourth Special is a down attack, it will allow Shaggy to launch himself down at the ground, guarding him with armor, and hit opponents in a radius surrounding him.

Passive Ability 

Anytime Shaggy uses his Enraged, they will be even deadlier this time, granting him excessive amounts of armor while in combat and applying Weakened Debuffs to enemies around him. 


Let’s discuss Shaggy’s levels

  • Tier 1: Default skills 
  • Tier 2: Lumpy Space Punch Perk 
  • Tier 3: 5 Toasts 
  • Tier 4: Kryptonian Skin Perk 
  • Tier 5: 100 Gold granted to players 
  • Tier 6: Equip Ally Perks granted 
  • Tier 7: Last Stand Perk
  • Tier 8: Signature Perk “One Last Zoinks” 
  • Tier 9: Perk Training granted 
  • Tier 10: Signature Perk “Hangry Man” 
  • Tier 11: Snowball Effect Perk 
  • Tier 12: Retaliation Ready Perk 
  • Tier 13: Speed Force Assist Perk 
  • Tier 14: Shaggy Profile Icon granted to players 
  • Tier 15: Shaggy Wins Badge is given to players. 

Arya Stark 

Multiversus Arya Stark
Arya Stark

Last but not least, while Arya Stark is not the Assassin-based Multiversus Best Characters in Multiversus, she is still pretty commendable in her combat, and she is from the Game of Thrones franchise. She can be unlocked using 3000 Gold and 700 Gleamium and can be a useful unit in her fights. 


Multiversus Arya Stark Gameplay
Arya Stark Gameplay

Discussing the skills featured in Arya Stark’s character, she will have 4 attacks for each of her abilities and passives. 

Ground Attacks 

The ground attacks will be as follows: 

  • Needle Strike: Take a step back, and unleash a rapier stab at your opponents, which can use one stack to deal extra damage. 
  • Shark Edges: A few rapier swings can be combo’d, then used to murder enemies with a deadly knife stab. 
  • Upward Slash: Being an upwards-based attack, take your sword in hand and charge it upwards. 
  • Rolling Slash: Do a forward roll, evading and crouching to avoid enemy attacks, then go behind opponents and swipe her wielded weapon. 

Air Attacks 

The air attacks that Arya will kill her opponents with will be as follows: 

  • Knife Flourish: Taking her knife in her hands, she will twirl it, facing it down and consuming a singular stack to deal excessive damage. 
  • Whirling Stab: Use the knife to murder opponents with an upward knife attack. 
  • Aerial Slash: Go forward while charging and rendering enemies useless with a forward slash. 
  • Stinger: Stab your foes while casting out the charge. 

Ground Specials 

The special ground abilities will be able to assist Arya in combat by buffing up her fighting abilities: 

  • Face-Stealer: Take any fighter and take their face, after which she will unleash a shockwave which will inflict Stun onto enemies. 
  • Knife-thrower: Throw a knife projectile at the enemies, reducing the skill cooldown. 
  • Blade-sharpener: Go towards an ally that is present near you, and inflict “Disorient” upon themselves, which will cause the melee attack that is unleashed on any enemy. 
  • Dagger Slash: With the ability being an upward-based Special, Arya will be doing an upward slash with her knife. 

Air Specials 

All of the air specials will have the same effects and abilities as the Ground Specials. 


Here are the 15 levels that will provide several buffs and perks for Arya: 

  • Tier 1: Default skills 
  • Tier 2: Snowball Effect Perk 
  • Tier 3: 5 Toasts 
  • Tier 4: Fancy Footwork Perk 
  • Tier 5: 100 Gold 
  • Tier 6: Equips Ally’s perks 
  • Tier 7: Leg Day Champ perk 
  • Tier 8: Signature Perk “Betrayal” granted. 
  • Tier 9: Perk Training 
  • Tier 10: Signature Perk “Trophy” granted
  • Tier 11: Second Wind Beneath Your Wings Perk 
  • Tier 12: Percussive Punch Power perk 
  • Tier 13: Armor Crush perk
  • Tier 14: Arya Profile Icon granted to players 
  • Tier 15: Arya Wins badge provided to players. 

With that, we will wrap up our Multiversus Best Characters guide! Our Multiversus Tier List is a must-read for those players who want to know the most meta-worthy characters!

Guide and Photo Credit: ProsafiaGaming on Youtube

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