Multiversus BEST Characters [Top 5 Units]

This Multiversus Best Characters guide will uncover the top 5 best characters that players can unlock!

Multiversus features an amazing 22-character roster from different series and our favorite cartoons. We have play-tested and gathered players’ opinions to come up with the best 5 Multiversus Characters that you can unlock and conquer matches! Each has its own set of skills and abilities that can give you an upper hand in a variety of matches. Let’s explore them.

Key Takeaways
  • Multiversus is an excellent crossover game that brings back some classic cartoon characters and puts them in battle with more familiar characters.
  • Among the best characters are Superman and Finn, who are quite possibly the most popular fighters to use in the game due to their viability.
  • Each of these best characters has their unique skills and air or ground attacks, which makes them special to use compared to others.

Check out this summary of the best Multiversus characters: 

Character NameStatsGround AttacksGround SpecialsAir AttacksAir Specials
SupermanMobility: 8/10
Weight: 6/10
Dmg: 6/10
Ranged: 5/10
Support: 4/10
- Kryptonian Kombo (Side Attack)
- Downward Swing (Down Attack)
- Overhead Strike (Up Attack)
- Super Punch
- Ice Breath
- Meteor Liftoff
- Locomotive Charge
- Hear Vision
- Up and Away! (Up Attack)
- Falling Haymaker (Down Attack)
- Flying Swing (Side Attack)
- Bullet Barrage
- Go Long
- Aerial Heat Vision
- Ice Breath
- Ten Ton Tackle
MortyMobility: 5/10
Weight: 4/10
Dmg: 5/10
Ranged: 6/10
Support: 5/10
- Aw Geez, Snakes!
- Unresolved Anger Issues (Side Attack)
- Aw Geez, More Snakes! (Up Attack)
- Plumbus Time! (Down Attack)
- It’s a Grenade, I Think
- Power of Earth! (Side Attack)
- Uh, Auto Pilot? (Up Attack)
- Temporal Back-Up (Down Attack)
- Aw jeez, Air Snakes!
- Barbarian Instincts (Side Attack)
- Power of Fire (Up Attack)
- Armothy Assault (Down Attack)
- Yep, That’s a Grenade
- Another Portal? (Side Attack)
- Uh, Auto-Pilot? (Up Attack)
- Temporal Back-Up (Down Attack)
FinnMobility: 7/10
Weight: 4/10
Dmg: 6/10
Ranged: 4/10
Support: 4/10
- Chop!
- The Sword Stuff! (Side Attack)
- Power Stomp (Up Attack)
- Slasher (Down Attack)
- High Five, Dude!
- Get Stronked! (Side Attack)
- Backpack Attack! (Up Attack)
- Sweet Deals! (Down Attack)
- Slam Bam In A Can!
- Flying Sword Moves! (Side Attack)
- Sky Punch! (Up Attack)
- Ground Chop! (Down Attack)
- High Five, Dude!
- Mathematical Air Dash! (Side Attack)
- Soaring Backpack Attack (Up Attack)
- Throwin’ Stones (Down Attack)
JakeMobility: 5/10
Weight: 5/10
Dmg: 6/10
Ranged: 4/10
Support: 4/10
- Totally Spiky!
- Hambone Break (Side Attack)
- Don’t Axe! (Up Attack)
- Splits! (Down Attack)
- Rubber Stomach, Dude!
- Neigh and Stuff! (Side Attack)
- Stretchin’ Out (Up Attack)
- That’s Heavy, Dude (Down Attack)
- Belly Balloon
- Hambone Break! (Side Attack)
- Hammer It Up (Up Attack)
- Where’s My Halfpipe? (Down Attack)
- Same As Ground Moves
BatmanMobility: 6/10
Weight: 6/10
Dmg: 7/10
Ranged: 6/10
Support: 5/10
- Batarang
- Bat Combo (Side Attack)
- Clear The Air (Up Attack)
- Bat Slide (Down Attack)
- Bat Bomb
- Bat Grapple (Side Attack)
- Rising Bat (Up Attack)
- Smoke Bomb (Down Attack)
- Aerial Batarang
- Bat Strike (Side Attack)
- Flying Uppercut (Up Attack)
- Bat Kick (Down Attack)
- Bat Bomb
- Bat Grapple (Side Attack)
- Rapid Rising Bat (Up Attack)
- Crashing Justice (Down Attack)


Multiversus Superman
Mobility Weight Damage Ranged  Support
8/10 6/10 6/10 5/10 4/10

Let’s start things off by introducing Superman, who is sure to be better remembered as Clark Kent and one of the top-rated units in Multiversus. A bit about his backstory reveals how disaster struck at his birth home, whereby his parents had to send him away, where Jonathan and Martha Kent raised him as their children. 

In the game, however, he is an excellent tank unit, being able to take on hit after hit from the enemy’s end and not dying out. Instead, he can protect his fellow allies and gain victory. To unlock him, players must have 2000 Gold and 700 Gleamium to add him to their party.


Morty Multiversus
Mobility Weight Damage Ranged  Support
5/10 4/10 5/10 6/10 5/10

Fully Known as Morty Smith, He has a grandfather named Rick, whom he goes on adventures with throughout the Multiverse. He is from the TV Series “Rick and Morty” and is one of the Bruiser support fighters in the game. This DLC is one of the most recent additions and makes it a blast to play with your friends who share the love for the show.


Multiversus Finn
Mobility Weight Damage Ranged  Support
7/10 4/10 6/10 4/10 4/10

For players that have watched Adventure Time, then they will be familiar with Finn. He is one of the characters that is one of the early-game Multiversus Best Characters as an Assassin unit. He belonged to the Land of Ooo, a warrior who kept doing quests to be a good human being, and he had a vast imagination. 

Being an Assassin unit in-game, he will be unlockable after players can acquire 2000 Gold and 700 Gleamium. He is a useful unit that can help you achieve victory against your foes.


Multiversus Jake



Mobility Weight Damage Ranged  Support
5/10 5/10 6/10 4/10 4/10

Jake the Dog is a Bruiser Fighter in Multiversus. He is from the popular show “Adventure Time”. In the show, he can stretch his body, which he can also do in this game.


Batman Multiversus
Mobility Weight Damage Ranged  Support
6/10 6/10 7/10 6/10 5/10

The World’s Greatest Detective, while he is not as powerful as Superman has his set of throwables which makes him a force to be reckoned with. He is from the DC Universe and can be unlocked with 2000 Golden Coins or 700 Gleamiun. 

Multiversus looks like it’s bound to be an excellent crossover between some of our favorite childhood characters and ones that players might have never seen coming! Mixing units from Cartoon Network, HBO, Turner Entertainment, and Warner Bros, Multiversus features various characters.

With that, we will wrap up our Multiversus Best Characters guide! Our Multiversus Tier List is a must-read for those players who want to know the most meta-worthy characters!

Guide and Photo Credit: ProsafiaGaming on Youtube

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