Multiversus BEST Characters [Top 5 Units]

This Multiversus Best Characters guide will uncover the top 5 best characters that players can unlock!

Multiversus features an amazing 22-character roster from different series and our favorite cartoons. We have play-tested and gathered players’ opinions to come up with the best 5 Multiversus Characters that you can unlock and conquer matches! Each has its own set of skills and abilities that can give you an upper hand in a variety of matches. Let’s explore them.

Key Takeaways
  • Multiversus is an excellent crossover game that brings back some classic cartoon characters and puts them in battle with more familiar characters.
  • Superman, similar to this skill set in the DC Universe, Superman is a tank in Multiversus, and his skills will leave your opponents in a rough spot.
  • Morty’s set of aerial and ground attacks, which use gadgets made by his grandfather Rick, will help you get the advantage over your opponent.
  • Finn is easily one of the most overpowered and all-around great characters in the game. The way his abilities resonate with each other is unique.
  • Jake’s stretchy body can perform skills that no other character in Multiversus can, sometimes giving you an upper hand.

The game is also free-to-play and is a platform-based game available for download on many platforms like the PS4, PS5, Xbox series, and Windows. If you feel like your KBI Tutorials aren’t working, then make sure to read up on our Multiversus KBI Tutorial Not Working Solution guide!

Check out this summary of the best Multiversus characters: 

Character NameStatsGround AttacksGround SpecialsAir AttacksAir Specials
SupermanMobility: 8/10
Weight: 6/10
Dmg: 6/10
Ranged: 5/10
Support: 4/10
- Kryptonian Kombo (Side Attack)
- Downward Swing (Down Attack)
- Overhead Strike (Up Attack)
- Super Punch
- Ice Breath
- Meteor Liftoff
- Locomotive Charge
- Hear Vision
- Up and Away! (Up Attack)
- Falling Haymaker (Down Attack)
- Flying Swing (Side Attack)
- Bullet Barrage
- Go Long
- Aerial Heat Vision
- Ice Breath
- Ten Ton Tackle
MortyMobility: 5/10
Weight: 4/10
Dmg: 5/10
Ranged: 6/10
Support: 5/10
- Aw Geez, Snakes!
- Unresolved Anger Issues (Side Attack)
- Aw Geez, More Snakes! (Up Attack)
- Plumbus Time! (Down Attack)
- It’s a Grenade, I Think
- Power of Earth! (Side Attack)
- Uh, Auto Pilot? (Up Attack)
- Temporal Back-Up (Down Attack)
- Aw jeez, Air Snakes!
- Barbarian Instincts (Side Attack)
- Power of Fire (Up Attack)
- Armothy Assault (Down Attack)
- Yep, That’s a Grenade
- Another Portal? (Side Attack)
- Uh, Auto-Pilot? (Up Attack)
- Temporal Back-Up (Down Attack)
FinnMobility: 7/10
Weight: 4/10
Dmg: 6/10
Ranged: 4/10
Support: 4/10
- Chop!
- The Sword Stuff! (Side Attack)
- Power Stomp (Up Attack)
- Slasher (Down Attack)
- High Five, Dude!
- Get Stronked! (Side Attack)
- Backpack Attack! (Up Attack)
- Sweet Deals! (Down Attack)
- Slam Bam In A Can!
- Flying Sword Moves! (Side Attack)
- Sky Punch! (Up Attack)
- Ground Chop! (Down Attack)
- High Five, Dude!
- Mathematical Air Dash! (Side Attack)
- Soaring Backpack Attack (Up Attack)
- Throwin’ Stones (Down Attack)
JakeMobility: 5/10
Weight: 5/10
Dmg: 6/10
Ranged: 4/10
Support: 4/10
- Totally Spiky!
- Hambone Break (Side Attack)
- Don’t Axe! (Up Attack)
- Splits! (Down Attack)
- Rubber Stomach, Dude!
- Neigh and Stuff! (Side Attack)
- Stretchin’ Out (Up Attack)
- That’s Heavy, Dude (Down Attack)
- Belly Balloon
- Hambone Break! (Side Attack)
- Hammer It Up (Up Attack)
- Where’s My Halfpipe? (Down Attack)
- Same As Ground Moves
BatmanMobility: 6/10
Weight: 6/10
Dmg: 7/10
Ranged: 6/10
Support: 5/10
- Batarang
- Bat Combo (Side Attack)
- Clear The Air (Up Attack)
- Bat Slide (Down Attack)
- Bat Bomb
- Bat Grapple (Side Attack)
- Rising Bat (Up Attack)
- Smoke Bomb (Down Attack)
- Aerial Batarang
- Bat Strike (Side Attack)
- Flying Uppercut (Up Attack)
- Bat Kick (Down Attack)
- Bat Bomb
- Bat Grapple (Side Attack)
- Rapid Rising Bat (Up Attack)
- Crashing Justice (Down Attack)


Multiversus Superman
MobilityWeightDamageRanged Support

Let’s start things off by introducing Superman, who is sure to be better remembered as Clark Kent and one of the top-rated units in Multiversus. A bit about his backstory reveals how disaster struck at his birth home, whereby his parents had to send him away, where Jonathan and Martha Kent raised him as their children. 

In the game, however, he is an excellent tank unit, being able to take on hit after hit from the enemy’s end and not dying out. Instead, he can protect his fellow allies and gain victory. To unlock him, players must have 2000 Gold and 700 Gleamium to add him to their party. If players want to get their hands on all the trophies, read up on our Multiversus Trophy Guide!


Multiversus Superman Gameplay
Superman Gameplay

Next, discuss Superman’s skills, including a list of basic ground attacks, air attacks, air specials, and passive abilities. 

Ground Attacks 

Let’s start with his ground attacks. 

  • Kryptonian Kombo (Side Attack): Unleash a combo of random and fast attacks that will render the enemy useless. 
  • Downward Swing (Down Attack): Launch a downswing that will charge down on the opponent in front of you, and the attack will use a certain amount of the charged Defensive meter. 
  • Overhead Strike (Up Attack): With Overhead Strike, players can launch a hammer swing that will be aimed up, hitting the enemy chin up. 
  • Super Punch: Cast forth an armored punch directly in front of you to punch the enemy in their face and murder them. 

Air Attacks

The Air Attacks are listed as follows: 

  • Up and Away! (Up Attack): Stay airborne and charge up a punch that will be launched upwards. 
  • Falling Haymaker (Down Attack): Charge a down-facing punch that will kill the foe. 
  • Flying Swing (Side Attack): Cast out a Forward swing that will break down the enemy. 
  • Bullet Barrage: A three-punch damage output will be produced with this skill. 

Ground Specials 

There are four Superman ground specials that players can take advantage from: 

  • Ice Breath: With ice breath in hand, players in Multiversus will be granted the ability to cast an Ice Debuff on their enemies, which will eventually cause them to go frozen and then get stunned. 
  • Meteor Liftoff: Cause opponents to go airborne, which will cause severe knockback, after which you can thrust them back onto the ground and cause intake of damage. Meteor Liftoff will use up a certain amount of the Defensive Meter for casting the special. 
  • Locomotive Charge: Charge up a reticle to launch it at your foe, and upon releasing it, Superman will be able to run towards the enemy and launch out an Armored punch, which will be deadly. 
  • Hear Vision: Superman will be granted armor, and with help from his laser vision, he will cast out laser projectiles which will cause knockbacks against foes. 

Air Specials 

The four Air Specials for Superman are listed here: 

  • Go Long: Lunge an attack aimed up, which will allow you to take hold of an enemy, break down their armor, and then aim in a direction in which they can be launched. 
  • Aerial Heat Vision: Same attacks as ground ability. 
  • Ice Breath: Same as Aerial Heat Vision, but it will have armor. 
  • Ten-Ton Tackle: Fly out, and charge up the overall distance in which Superman will be able to fly out and then attack enemies. 

Passive Abilities 

To the Skies, the ability will allow Superman, perhaps one of the Multiversus Best Characters with tanking Abilities, to dodge up and then in a diagonal position. 


For his 15 levels, he will receive the following buffs and perks

  • Tier 1: Default (no changes)
  • Tier 2: Triple Jump Perk 
  • Tier 3: 5 Toasts 
  • Tier 4: Kryptonian Skin Perk 
  • Tier 5: 100 Gold 
  • Tier 6: Able to Take on Ally Perks 
  • Tier 7: Wildcat Brawler Perk 
  • Tier 8: Flaming Re-Entry Perk
  • Tier 9: Perk Training 
  • Tier 10: Sniper Punch Perk
  • Tier 11: Last Stand Perk
  • Tier 12: Break The Ice Perk 
  • Tier 13: Clear The Air Perk
  • Tier 14: Profile Icon
  • Tier 15: Superman Wins Badge

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Morty Multiversus
MobilityWeightDamageRanged Support

Fully Known as Morty Smith, He has a grandfather named Rick whom he goes on adventures with throughout the Multiverse. He is from the TV Series “Rick and Morty” and is one of the bruiser support fighters in the game. This DLC is one of the most recent additions and makes it a blast to play with your friends who share the love for the show.


  • Now Let’s discuss Morty’s set of Ground and Aerial Atacks and Specials, Passive Attacks:

Ground Attacks

  • Morty has a set of four ground attacks which include: 
  • Aw Geez, Snakes!: If Morty has an active Granade Out. He will take out his laser gun and fires it at the grenade, detonating it upon collision. If there is no active Grenade, then Morty fires a Snake Summoning Projectile forward. After a bit, the Projectile will be spilt into two snake Projectiles. One snake will move upward while the other will move downward. During cooldown, Morty will fire a laser projectile instead. 
  • Unresolved Anger Issues (Side Attack): hits opponents with a combo of punches from Armothy, finishing by swinging a Hammer Morty. 
  • Aw Geez, More Snakes! (Up Attack): Similar to ‘Aw Geez, Snakes!’ except that now Morty fires the gun horizontally and can use it to blast the opponent upward.
  • Plumbus Time! (Down Attack): Morty takes out his plumbus and begins to run them across the ground, hitting opponents who get in the way while moving freely. 

Air Attacks 

One of these is the same as Ground Attack while the others are different there are listed below: 

  • Aw jeez, Air Snakes!: Same as Ground 
  • Barbarian Instincts (Side Attack): Morty takes out his axe and swings it twice toward the enemy, landing a combo. Both of the Axe Attacks could be charged to make a bigger impact. 
  • Power of Fire (Up Attack): Morty uses an elemental ring to launch opponents upward and ignite them. 
  • Armothy Assault (Down Attack): Morty pounds the opponent downward using armothy. 

Ground Specials 

Now let’s take a look at the Ground Specials that Morty might be able to use in battle: 

  • It’s a Grenade, I Think: Morty throws a Grenade Projectile which detonates after some time dealing damage to the opponents nearby. Can throw multiple grenades until out of Ammo. 
  • Power of Earth! (Side Attack): Morty summons an earth pillar from the ground. It can be charged to increase the distance of how far the piller will appear. Throwing a Grenade into the pillar will split it into two Grenades. 
  • Uh, Auto Pilot? (Up Attack): Morty calls in the spaceship which is a platform that moves upward. Be careful with this one because if you don’t jump off the spaceship at the right time it will throw you off the map. Cool-down applies. 
  • Temporal Back-Up (Down Attack): Morty creates a save point at his position. After some time, Morty will warp back to the save point and Heal himself and his allies slightly. Press input again to immediately warp back. 

Air Specials 

  • Only one of these is different from they’re Ground Counterpart. 
  • Yep, That’s a Grenade: Same as Ground. 
  • Another Portal? (Side Attack): Morty receives Armor and can Portal from one place to anywhere on the map. Hold input to aim where Morty’s portal will appear. 
  • Uh, Auto-Pilot? (Up Attack): Same as ground 
  • Temporal Back-Up (Down Attack): Same as ground

Passive Ability: 

  • Many of Morty’s attacks utilize Grenades. Grenades will detonate shortly after being thrown. If Morty overlaps with an ally, he will give them an idle Grenade. Allies with idle Grenades receive health and will throw the Grenade in the direction of their next attack. 


  • The 15 tiers that Morty will get are as follows: 
  • Tier 1: The Default Character 
  • Tier 2: Armor Crush 
  • Tier 3: 5 Toasts 
  • Tier 4: Back to Back 
  • Tier 5: 100 Gold 
  • Tier 6: Equip Ally Perks 
  • Tier 7: Fancy Footwork 
  • Tier 8: I’m More Than Just a Hammer 
  • Tier 9: Perk Training 
  • Tier 10: Oh That’s Still a Grenade 
  • Tier 11: Deadshot
  • Tier 12: Extra Fleeb Juice 
  • Tier 13: Coffeezilla 
  • Tier 14: Evil Morty Profile Icon 
  • Tier 15: Morty Wins Badge 

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Multiversus Finn
MobilityWeightDamageRanged Support

For players that have watched Adventure Time, then they will be familiar with Finn. He is one of the characters that is one of the early-game Multiversus Best Characters as an Assassin unit. He belonged to the Land of Ooo, a warrior who kept doing quests to be a good human being, and he had a vast imagination. 

Being an Assassin unit in-game, he will be unlockable after players can acquire 2000 Gold and 700 Gleamium. He is a useful unit that can help you achieve victory against your foes. Let’s learn more about him and how his skills affect his gameplay! Check out our Multiversus New Characters guide so that you can prepare in advance and plan out your team composition nearing end-game!


Multiversus Finn Gameplay
Finn Gameplay

Players that want to be a Finn main in Multiversus should also learn about his attacks and passives. 

Ground Attacks 

Starting things off, here are a few of his ground attacks: 

  • Chop!: Chop forth against your enemies, killing them one by one by going forward at their targetted locations and chopping them. 
  • The Sword Stuff!: A stab can be summoned forth, allowing the player to unleash a series of slashes and swipes in a combo formation that will decimate any enemies present in front of you. 
  • Power Stomp: Considering Power Stomp is a down attack, it allows players to go down for a stab in a plunging manner, which will break the armor of enemies while unleashing a shockwave that will cast out a projectile against the foes. 
  • Slasher: Being an upward attack, players can charge a slash that is directed up, and it will cause Finn to go airborne and then attack enemies. 

Air Attacks 

Moving on, let’s take a look at the air attacks that he offers: 

  • Flying Sword Moves!: Finn can take his weapon in his hands and move forward towards the targetted foes and unleash a combo of 2slashes of his sword that will be aimed forward. 
  • Sky Punch!: Upon casting, it will allow Finn to launch an upward punch against the enemies that have been selected, which will deal a certain amount of damage. 
  • Ground Chop!: As the name suggests, the downward-based attack will grant Finn the ability to launch a downward chop against your foes. 
  • Slam-Bam-In-A-Can!: Unleash a devastating kick for your enemies, which will cause their armor to instantly break down, after which Adventure Time’s Finn can immediately rush behind his enemies and kick them more the skill cooldown will begin. 

Ground Specials 

The special ground skills for Finn will feature mainly 4 skills: 

  • High Five, Dude!: Finn will be granted the ability to charge up a high-five, and upon releasing it, he will unleash the high-five that will be able to negate and reflect all kinds of projectiles that are aimed at him. 
  • Backpack Attack!: Spin Finn’s backpack around an axis, after which he will continue to attack enemies and be sucked in by the vacuum created by the backpack. The higher the amount of coin in Finn’s arsenal, the stronger the attack will be. 
  • Sweet Deals!: Taking his coin in hand, Finn goes shopping for different items, through which he can use a Stack of Hasten to enhance the team’s overall movement speed. Alongside that, he can also grant his team a projectile shield. 
  • Get Stronked!: Rush forth and block incoming projectiles, and if he lands a proper hit, he can repeat the action. 

Air Specials 

Next up, here are the air Specials that Finn as an Assassin unit offers for players: 

  • Soaring Backpack Attack: The overall ability will be similar to the ground special, except this time, Finn will launch his backpack into the sky. 
  • High Five, Dude!: Pretty similar to the ground special, but Finn will be granted the ability to bounce back anytime he intakes an attack. 
  • Mathematical Air Dash!: Taking his sword in his hand, he will launch a sword swing, which will have a “Sweetspot” or a critical hit spot, and anytime Finn dashes against any enemies, he will output increased damage. 
  • Throwin’ Stones: Using a certain amount of coins, Finn can launch out a Getitem towards opponents and unleash his Aerial Side Special attacks. 

Passive Abilities 

After spending a bit of his coin, Finn will be able to experience a further boost to his special attacks, and anytime he unleashes attacks on his enemies, they will drop coins for him to pick up. 


With the 15 tiers that Finn in Multiversus has, they are listed below: 

  • Tier 1: Default unit
  • Tier 2: Wildcat Brawler Perk 
  • Tier 3: 5 Toasts
  • Tier 4: speed Force Assist Perk 
  • Tier 5: 100 Gold 
  • Tier 6: Equip Ally Perks 
  • Tier 7: In a Single Bound! Perk 
  • Tier 8: Signature Perk “Going out of Business”
  • Tier 9: Perk Training granted 
  • Tier 10: Signature Perk “On The House!” 
  • Tier 11: Hit Me If You’re Able to Perk 
  • Tier 12: Stronger Than Ever perk 
  • Tier 13: Painted Targeted Perk 
  • Tier 14: Hiya Finn profile icon granted 
  • Tier 15: Finn Win’s badge granted. 

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Multiversus Jake



MobilityWeightDamageRanged Support

Jake the Dog is a Bruiser Fighter in Multiversus. He is from the popular show “Adventure Time”. In the show, he can stretch his body, which he can also do in this game.


Now let’s discuss Jake’s set of Ground, Air, and Special Attacks.

Ground Attacks:

  • Totally Spiky!: a powerful, charged spike ball swing that breaks the opponent’s armor
  • Hambone Break (Side Attack): a set of punches and belly bumps 
  • Don’t Axe! (Up Attack): a charged Axe Swing upward which sends the opponent flying. Charging extends the range of the swing. 
  • Splits! (Down Attack): a charged two-way split kick that Breaks Armor 

Air Attacks 

Next, Let’s Talk about Jake’s Air Attacks:

  • Belly Balloon: Jake jumps upward and expands his belly which knocks the opponent forward, then combos into a mallet spin that Breaks Armor. 
  • Hambone Break! (Side Attack): Jake jumps and shoots a stretchy punch that deals increased damage if it hits at the end of the punch. 
  • Hammer It Up (Up Attack): Jake jumps and deals a combo of spike ball swings. 
  • Where’s My Halfpipe? (Down Attack): Pull out a skateboard for some sweet tricks. If Jake lands on enemies or allies, he will bounce off and do a new trick.

Ground Specials 

Now Let’s discuss about the Ground Specials can be used in battle while playing as Jake 

  • Rubber Stomach, Dude!: Jake will eat his nearby opponents, Stunning them and carrying them in his stomach. Press input again to aim and spit fighters. Allies can input and aim to spit themselves out. Enemies receive maximum stacks of Weakened Debuff. Allies gain Armor. Spitting a fighter makes them a Projectile. 
  • Neigh and Stuff! (Side Attack): Jake transforms into a horse and sprints. Charge to increase duration. His back could also become a platform for allies. 
  • Stretchin’ Out (Up Attack): Charge and stretch Jake’s body upward. Opponents that touch Jake are knocked back. Allies will only be stopped if they are stunned. 
  • That’s Heavy, Dude (Down Attack): Jake will transform into a car or, a similar Projectile and then slam to the ground. Charge to stay transformed for longer. Projectiles or Fighters that hit Jake will be Reflected. 

Passive Ability

Jake currently does not have a Passive Ability 


The 15 tiers that Jake will get are listed as follows: 

  • Tier 1: The Default Character 
  • Tier 2: Lumpy Space Punch 
  • Tier 3: 5 Toasts granted
  • Tier 4: Toon Elasticity 
  • Tier 5: 100 Gold granted to players
  • Tier 6: Equip Ally Perks 
  • Tier 7: Leg Day Champ 
  • Tier 8: Sticky 
  • Tier 9: Perk Training 
  • Tier 10: Stay Limber, Dude 
  • Tier 11: Triple Jump 
  • Tier 12: Second Wind Beneath Your Wings
  • Tier 13: Tasmanian Trigonometry
  • Tier 14: Jake Profile Icon 
  • Tier 15: Jake Wins Badge 


Batman Multiversus
MobilityWeightDamageRanged Support

The World’s Greatest Detective, while he is not as powerful as Superman he has his set of throwables which makes him a force to be reckoned with. He is from the DC Universe and can be unlocked with 2000 Golden Coins or 700 Gleamiun. 


Now let’s talk about Batman’s skills which include Ground/Air Attacks, Specials, and Passive Attacks.

Ground Attacks:

Let’s Start with the ground attacks.

  • Batarang: Has Batman throwing a Batarang at the opponent from any distance and it will return back shortly. There is a cool-down but it shortens if the Batarang returns.
  • Bat-Combo (Side Attack): A set of classic Batman Punches that ends with an uppercut.
  • Clear The Air (Up Attack): A swing in the air towards the opponent’s head which leaves them senseless.
  • Bat-Slide (Down Attack): An average sliding kick attack that can be powered up by charging it which also increases its distance

Air Attacks:

Now let’s move on to air attacks.

  • Aerial Batarang: Same as ground.
  • Bat-Strike (Side Attack): Two forward punches combo into a jab that will rush forward until hitting the enemy. This attack also has to be charged.
  • Flying Uppercut (Up Attack): A charged-up uppercut that you can pair with any other punch to make a combo.
  • Bat-Kick (Down Attack): Batman jumps in the air, flips, and lands with a kick.

Ground Specials

There are four total Batman Ground Specials that the players can take advantage from:

  • Bat-Bomb: Hit an opponent with the Bat-Bomb to attach it to them afterward the bomb will detonate shortly which will launch your victim upwards. Throwing a Batarang while the Bat-Bomb is equipped will attach the bomb. Cool-down will apply if the Batarang does not return the bomb or if it isn’t collected manually.
  • Bat-Grapple (Side Attack): Batman will aim and fire his grappling hook gun, attaching it to the fighters or the environment. This can be used to either travel from one place to another quickly or to damage your opponents.
  • Rising Bat (Up Attack): An changed uppercut that’ll launch the opponent into the air. The more you change it the more damage it’ll do
  • Smoke Bomb (Down Attack): Batman will detonate a smoke bomb that will cover him, the nearby environment, and the fighters. Batman and allies in smoke are given an Invisibility Buff, and Dodge Meter is returned faster. Cool-down applies

Air Specials

Two of the Air Specials for Batman are the same as Ground Specials while the other two are slightly different

  • Bat-Bomb: Same as ground.
  • Bat-Grapple (Side Attack): Same as ground.
  • Rapid Rising Bat (Up Attack): Similar to Ground but without the change
  • Crashing Justice (Down Attack): Batman shoots up and kicks down toward the ground, controlling his direction and landing in a Superhero Landing

Passive Abilities:

While Invisible, Batman’s attacks apply a stack of Weakened Debuff. He also gains a Fast Movement Buff. Enemies will not appear invisible to Batman and his allies when they have an Invisibility Buff. Batman can dodge upward or diagonally upward from the ground.


Throughout his 15 Levels, Batman will receive the following buffs and perks:

  • Tier 1: Default (no changes)
  • Tier 2 Aerial Acrobat
  • Tier 3: 5 Toasts
  • Tier 4: Gravity Manipulation
  • Tier 5: 100 Gold
  • Tier 6: Equip Ally Perks
  • Tier 7: Hit ‘Em While They’re Down
  • Tier 8: Bouncerang
  • Tier 9: Perk Training
  • Tier 10: Precision Grapple
  • Tier 11: That’s (Not) All, Folks!
  • Tier 12: Up, Up, and A-Slay
  • Tier 13: Slippery When Feint
  • Tier 14: Batman Profile Icon
  • Tier 15: Batman Wins Badge

Wrap Up

Multiversus looks like it’s bound to be an excellent crossover between some of our favorite childhood characters and ones that players might have never seen coming! Mixing units from Cartoon Network, HBO, Turner Entertainment, and Warner Bros, Multiversus features various characters.

With that, we will wrap up our Multiversus Best Characters guide! Our Multiversus Tier List is a must-read for those players who want to know the most meta-worthy characters!

Guide and Photo Credit: ProsafiaGaming on Youtube

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