MultiVersus Garnet: The Definitive Guide

This guide discusses all the best combos, abilities and perks for Garnet in MultiVersus.

Garnet is a side character you might know from Steven Universe, which is a show that aired on Cartoon Network from 2013 to 2019. Garnet is the leader of a group of extraterrestrial rebels called the Crystal Gems.

Key Takeaways
  • Garnet is from the Steven Universe Show, also known as the leader of the Crystal Gems, which aired on Cartoon Network.
  • Garnet in MultiVersus is from the Bruiser-Type class, which makes her a good pick among other characters as she can deal more significant damage as she will be up close to the opponents and kicking enemies out of the arena.
  • Garnet can be unlocked by grinding Gold, purchasing Founder Packs, or purchasing through Gleamium.
  • Garnet perks include ( Percussive Punch Power, In A Single Bound, Purest of Motivations, Electric Groove, Marker, Sturdy Dodger, Speed Force Assist, and Static Electricity ).
  • The Best Perks of Garnet from MultiVersus are ( Speed Force Assist – from utility Perks, Sturdy Dodger – from Defensive Perks, Percussive Punch Power – from  Offensive Perks, and lastly Electric Groove – from Signature Perks ).
  • Garnet’s Normal attacks include ( Gauntlet Strike, Star Burst, Crystal Combo, Flying Combo, Double Jab, Jumping Japper, Shocking Slam, and Meteor Punch ).
  • The best Normal attack among them is Gauntlet Strike Garnet releases a hard punch which helps Garnet dash into enemies and damage them.
  • Garnet’s Special attacks include ( Stronger Than You, Rocket Fist, Spark of Love, Flying Crossarm, and Gem Dash ).
  • The best Special attack among them is Gem Dash – this move can be used for both offensive and supportive as it can deal damage if enemies come into contact, or it can heal allies if they come into contact.
  • However, huge cooldowns on her Special Abilities make her vulnerable, as she would have to rely on her standard attacks.

Ruby and Sapphire

She has pledged to protect the earth from its adversaries along with other Gems like Steven. Garnet is comprised of two personalities in one body, which is not because of a mental disorder but because of two gem characters ‘Ruby’ and ‘Sapphire’ who decided to fuse with each other.

The fusion was done between the two because of their mutual love. Garnet can be blunt and cold at times but actually deeply cares about her friends and those who are in her care.

Here are her complete stats in Multiversus: 

StatsGround AttacksGround SpecialsAir AttacksAir SpecialsPerks
Mobility: 4/10

Weight: 7/10

Dmg: 6/10

Ranged: 3/10

Support: 7/10

– Gauntlet Strike

– Crystal Combo (Side Atk)

– Double Jab (Up Atk)

– Shocking Slam (Down Atk)

– Stronger Than You

– Rocket Fist! (Side Atk)

– Spark Of Love (Up Atk)

– Gem Dash (Down Atk)


Flying Combo

Rising Gauntlet Strike

Meteor Punch

– Stronger Than You

– Rocket Fist! (Side Atk)

– Flying Crossarm (Up Atk)

– Gem Dash (Down Atk)

– Percussive Punch Power

– … In A Single Bound!

– The Purest Of Motivations

– Electric Groove

– Marker

– Sturdy Dodger

– Speed Force Assist

– Static Electricity

How To Unlock Garnet

Before we dive into the combos, attacks, perks, and skins of Garnet, we need to unlock her first. There are some characters that are unlocked right off the bat, and some you need to unlock yourself, and Garnet is one of them.

Garnet can be unlocked in three ways, which are listed below:

Grinding Gold

This is the most basic and go-to method of unlocking a character in MultiVersus for most people. As evident from the title, you need to grind gold, which can be used to unlock Garnet. There are multiple ways through which you can earn gold in MultiVersus.

Participating in public matches, winning, and leveling up will fetch you around 350 Gold. Even if you lose in these matches, you still lose nothing because upon losing, you are still rewarded 40 to 100 Gold.

These upper and lower limits are decided by how many rounds you played and how much you leveled up. Another great alternative is earning gold through completing daily tasks or missions. Completing some early missions will get you around 2000 Gold which is enough to buy Garnet in MultiVersus.

MissionsMissions Displayed for Garnet in MultiVersusThe cost of purchasing Garnet through gold is 1500 in MultiVersus.

Founders Pack

Founder’s Packs contain character tickets or tokens, and the token or character ticket you receive from the pack will unlock their respective characters in MultiVersus. There are three types of Founder’s Packs in MultiVersus. The cheaper one you purchase, the fewer character tickets you get.

These packs are basically like mystery boxes, so there is no telling which one will contain Garnet, but purchasing the most expensive one will almost guarantee all characters of MultiVersus.

Founder’s Packs are purchased through real money.

Purchasing Through Gleamium

This is the simplest and fastest solution to unlocking Garnet. Making purchases through Gleamium neither involves the risk of Founder’s Packs nor the grind of farming gold. Gleamium is the in-game currency used by MultiVersus.

Garnet can be unlocked for 800 Gleamium in MultiVersus.Speaking of Gleamium, consider reading our guide on how to get Gleamium as well.

Garnet Perks In Multiversus

In addition to skills and attacks, characters in MultiVersus can be equipped with perks that not only further enhance their abilities but also grant them new moves as well. Each character in MultiVersus can be equipped with three normal perks and 1 Signature perk. The perks for characters are unlocked the higher the mastery you have with that character.

The normal perks can be further enhanced through a mechanic called stacking. Stacking basically means assigning the same normal abilities to your allies. This will raise percentages of damage and other stats the perks come with. Normal Perks are further divided into three types called Offense, Defense, and Utility.

  • Utility: These perks increase non-damaging attributes like movement speed.
  • Offense: These perks increase your damage output.
  • Defense: Defense perks raise your defense stat and help you stay alive longer.
  • Signature: These are special abilities that are unique to every character. Depending on the character, you can pick from two or three signature perks.

The following perks can be unlocked for Garnet in MultiVersus.

Percussive Punch Power

  • Perk Type: Offense
  • Unlocked At: Tier 2

With Percussive Power Punch equipped, your team will 5% increased damage with attacks that knock back enemies in the horizontal direction.

This perk is great for characters that have horizontal attacks, and luckily Garnet has multiple of them. So assigning Percussive Power Punch to one of Garnet’s slots can make her horizontal attacks even deadlier.

At stacked, your damage increased to 10%.

… In A Single Bound!

  • Perk Type: Utility
  • Unlocked At: Tier 4

“…In a Single Bound” increases the jump speed for you and your teammates by 10%. At stacked, the stat is further boosted, and you get a 15% increase in jump speed. 

The Purest Of Motivations

  • Perk Type: Utility
  • Unlocked At: Tier 7

“The Purest of Motivations” will grant you a 15% damage boost for 10 seconds every time your ally is rung out.

At stacked, the time is increased to 15 seconds.

Electric Groove

  • Perk Type: Signature
  • Unlocked At: Tier 8

Casting forth electric debuff to your enemies with Garnet or with her allies grants her great stacks of sing buffs, also known as “Rhythm”. While you are at it, consider reading our guide on MultiVersus LeBron James.

Electric Groove is our recommended signature perk for Garnet. Not only this perk deals shock damage to your enemies, but you and your teammates are granted a great buff as well. Rhythm gives all of your teammates a speed boost and an armor boost. The added buff can pose a great threat to your opponents.


  • Perk Type: Signature
  • Unlocked at: Tier 10

The rocket gauntlets of Garnet will spawn her at their location when they are destroyed. If the marker is on a cooldown, it will not spawn.

Sturdy Dodger

  • Perk Type: Defense
  • Unlocked at: Tier 11

Sturdy Dodger grants armor for 1 second after you successfully neutral dodge a projectile. At stacked, your team receives armor for 3 seconds. Also, consider reading our guide on MultiVersus Reindog.

Speed Force Assist

  • Perk Type: Utility
  • Unlocked at: Tier 13

As the name suggests, ”Speed Force Assist” exhilarates the movement speed of your team by 4%. At stacked, the movement speed is increased by 8%. It is also one of our recommended perks for Garnet because it works in harmony with Electric Shock. The added speed can be a game changer for a bruiser like Garnet.

Static Electricity

  • Perk Type: Offense
  • Unlocked at: Tier 13

Static Electricity adds a shock buff to the projectiles of your team after they remain on the ground for 4 seconds. At stacked, the next projectile won’t charge without the grounded movement. This is also another one of our recommended perks for Garnet because Electric Shock synchs really well with Static Electricity.

The damage from the shock will build up alongside what is offered in Electric Shock. Garnet is a bruiser and mostly remains on the ground, which makes Static Electricity one of the best perks you can put on her.

Equipping Ally Perks

After reaching Tier 6 with Garnet, you will gain the ability to equip your ally’s quirk. It can add a lot of depth to your combat, as well as double the amount of perks you can experiment with.

So don’t just limit yourself to the quirks you unlock with Garnet, and keep on experimenting with every perk you can put on her and make a dream version of Garnet for yourself.

Garnet Skins And Emotes

Garnet has two skins and three emotes in MultiVersus. Some of them are available right now, and some will be available at a later date. Speaking of things coming at a later date, why not read our guide on MultiVersus Rick and Morty too and learn about their release date?

First Fusion Garnet

Skin 1
Garnet’s alternative outfit 1.

First Fusion Garnet is based on Garnet’s first appearance when Ruby and Sapphire fused for the first time. The event of fusion happened in the 22nd episode of Steven Universe’s second season. 

The skin is available for purchase at 800 Gleamium.


Skin 2
Garnet’s alternative outfit 2.

The skin “Flashback” is based on Garnet’s past incarnation, which can be seen in the 48th episode of Steven Universe called “Story of Steven”.

Flashback skin isn’t currently available, but it will be announced soon.

Hand Heart (Default Emote)

Emote 1
Garnet’s default emote in MultiVersus.

Hand Heart is a reference to episode 19 of Steven Universe titled “When it Rains”. In that episode, Garnet confesses her love for Steven and makes a hand heart before they use a warp pad to investigate a cluster.

Hand Heart is the default emote for Garnet.

Tiny Car (Emote 2)

Emote 2
Garnet’s second emotes in MultiVersus.

Tiny Car emote is a reference to the 13th episode of Steven Universe named “So many Birthdays”. Garnet rides on top of Amethyst in his tiny car form to save Steven.

Tiny Car emote can be purchased for 500 Gleamium.

Dance (Emote 3)

Emote 3
Garnet’s third emote in MultiVersus

Dance emote is a reference to Garnet’s dance she did at her wedding in the 23rd/24th episode of Steven Universe’s fifth season. This emote is currently unavailable, but its announcement is imminent.

I Pronounce You Garnet (Profile Icon)

This is a profile badge for Garnet in MultiVersus, which can be unlocked after reaching mastery level 14 with her. The icon is a reference to Garnet’s wedding dress in the 23rd/24th episode of Steven Universe’s fifth season.

Garnet Attacks And Abilities 

Garnet has Special and Normal attacks under her belt, which can be used for both attacking and supporting. The list of Garnet’s attacks and abilities is discussed below. 

Normal Attacks

Following are the Normal Attacks Garnet can use in MultiVersus.

Gauntlet Strike

Move: Neutral + Attack (Ground)

Hold down the buttons to charge and unleash a heavy forward punch at your opponents. The longer you charge, the farther she will go.


Move: Neutral + Attack (Air)

Garnet will charge in mid-air and then shoots her limbs at enemies in star shapes.

Crystal Combo

Move: Side + Attack (Ground)

Crystal Combo allows you to unleash a barrage of punches where the final can either be uppercut, spinning multi punch, or forward slow armored punch, depending on where the final punch is directed.

Flying Combo

Move: Side + Attack (Air)

Garnet unleashes a barrage of strong forward punches at her opponents.

Double Jab

Move: Up + Attack (Ground)

Charge and deliver two upward jabs to your enemies. At full charge, Garnet will hit the enemies with an extra two-handed jab as well.

Jumping Jabber

Move: Up + Attack (Air)

While airborne, Garnet will hit her enemies with two quick jabs.

Shocking Slam

Move: Down + Attack (Ground)

Hold the buttons to charge and shoot a shockwave projectile at your enemies. Your opponents will also take shock debuff if they are hit with it.

Meteor Punch

Move: Down + Attack (Air)

Garnet will lunge downwards and charge a meteor punch. She will then slam into the ground and knock all nearby enemies upwards.

Special Attacks

Special Attacks are exceptionally strong attacks characters in MultiVersus can do. These attacks are devastating for your opponents if you manage to land them since they have a high potential to knock them out of the arena.

Stronger Than You

Special 1
Garnet is creating a force field.

Move: Neutral+ Special (Ground or Air)

Holding down the buttons will allow you to create a force field in which Garnet can dance. This force field gives you and your allies music buffs depending on how long they remain in the force field.

There are several advantages to the force field. The first one is that the force field allows you to stop enemy projectiles and reflect them with attacks. The second one is that the musical buffs can increase your speed and give you an armor-breaking buff.

Rocket Fist

Special 2
Garnet is shooting rocket fists at her opponent in MultiVersus.

Move: Side+ Special (Ground or Air)

Rocket Fists is Garnet’s main projectile attack. As the name suggests, Garnet shoots rocket fists at her opponents, which can also be controlled using the joystick or directional keys.

This attack has a lengthy cooldown, and while it’s on a cooldown, if you do a Side+ Special with Garnet, she will hit enemies with a shoulder charge attack instead.

The functionality of Rocket Fists attack is the same in the air except for the length of her rockets, which is decreased.

Spark Of Love

Special 3
Garnet throws an electric bolt at her opponents.

Move: Up+ Special (Ground)

Sparks of Love is Garnet’s secondary projectile attack. This attack can be pointed in any direction, meaning you don’t have to fire it upwards only.

Upon collision of the projectile with the enemy, it will create an electric field that will damage not only the enemy projectile hit but also anyone who walks into this field.

Allies that walk into the field will gain an electric damage buff. While Sparks of Love is on a cooldown, Garnet will do an overhead clap attack instead if these keys are pressed.

Flying Crossarm

Special 4
Garnet’s Flying Crossarm attack.

Move: Up+ Special (Air)

Flying Crossarm is an extraordinary upward-thrusting attack that lets her damage two different enemies at the same time. When you initiate this attack, Garnet jumps in the air, damaging anyone who is near her.

After that, she spreads out her arms, knocking anyone away who comes into her hitbox.

Gem Dash

Special 5
Garnet’s Gem Dash Attack

Move: Down + Special (Ground or Air)

The way Gem Dash works is a little bit more complex than her usual attacks. Garnet throws a star that gets attached to the ground; upon pressing the commands for this attack again, Garnet dashes towards her star.

Garnet will grab any enemy that gets caught in her dash and throws them in the opposite direction. Similarly, if Garnet catches any ally, she will cancel their stunlock and restore their status, which makes Gem Dash an excellent move that can be used for both attacking and support purposes.

Best Combos For Garnet

Now that you are familiar with all of their Special and Normal attacks, Garnet, let’s discuss her combos. Obviously, just learning the inputs of attacks isn’t enough to win battles. You need to know how to chain different attacks and destroy your opponents.

Ground Attack And Side Special Combo

As we have mentioned above, Garnet specializes in horizontal attacks, and this combo makes use of it. The combo has excellent range and is really useful for throwing them in mid-air and chaining various attacks.

Ground Attack And Side Special Combo will deal around 20 damage to your enemies if performed correctly.

Input: Down + Attack -> Side + Attack -> Side + Special

Ground Attack And Down Special Combo

Ground Attack And Down Special Combo is an extension of the previous combo, which is not only much more complex but also very devastating as well. The combo is initiated by doing the Down Special first and then following it up with side combos, and then ending it with a Down Special again.

The total damage for this combo should be at least 30.

Input: Down + Special -> Down + Attack ->  Side + Attack -> Side + Special ->  Down + Special

Tips For Garnet In MultiVersus

Garnet is a bruiser-type character which means she mostly specializes in close-quarter melee combat. She has an excellent arsenal of Normal and Special attacks which do explosive damage to her enemies. These attacks can be charged to increase the damage further.

That said, Garnet is not only limited to melee attacks. For a character who specializes in close-quarter combat, she has a fair share of projectile attacks to hit opponents that are at a moderate distance from her.

The only disadvantage of Garnet is her huge cooldowns for Special Attacks, which will force you to rely on standard attacks more often than not. So only use your special abilities when you are sure you will land your hits.

Final Words

MultiVersus is the fighting game developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros, Interactive Entertainment. It includes characters from various IPs of Warner Bros, which includes characters from cartoons as well. In today’s guide, we will be discussing the abilities, perks, and skills of Garnet in MultiVersus, who is a side character featured in Steven Universe.

MultiVersus is a competitive game containing a beefy roster. Fan favorites like Batman, Finn, Tom & Jerry, Jake, and Harley Quinn are all here. At the same time, it is also crucial to know which character has the best stats and what perks are suited for them. So be sure to check our guide on MultiVersus Best Characters and perks for that.

Additionally, if you are a completionist and want to add another game to your platinum trophy list, consider reading our Trophy Guide as well. Also, consider reading our MultiVersus Tier List to see where your favorite character ranks.

This concludes our character guide for Garnet in MultiVersus.Let us know about your favorite MultiVersus character in the comments below.

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