MultiVersus: How To Unlock Characters [Full Roaster]

Our guide covers all 3 ways to unlock characters in MultiVersus.

Methods To Unlock Characters In MultiVersus

While playing MultiVersus, you will want to find your favorite character and then play using it. However, you need to notice that these characters will not be immediately available to use when you start the game. You will unlock the characters to use them, and the ways to unlock them will be available in the guide below.

Key Highlights
  • There are 3 main ways one can unlock characters in Multiversus; these three methods differ from each other quite diversely, as they represent the ways one chooses to play the game and whether one wanna lose the status of the game is free to them exclusively.
  • The first and most economical way to unlock characters is through gold. The price of each character through the route of gold fluctuates from character to character with respect to popularity and how good their playstyle as well as how well liked the character is. Gold is an in-game currency that can be obtained by battling and winning battles. Gold is also the currency one needs the most to unlock characters, as other choices are differently priced when it comes to character unlocking.
  • The second most popular way to unlock any character in Multiversus is through the usage of Gleamium. Gleamium is an in-game currency same as gold; the only difference is that Gleamium cannot be obtained by regular playing, rather, it has to be purchased through real-life money. This is how one may lose the status of the game being free to them. Gleamium is also quite the easy way if one does not want to go through the hassle of farming gold in battles and slowly getting enough gold to buy the character they want. Gleamium is an easy way out for any player to obtain whichever character they want.
  • The third method is through the usage of character tokens. Same as Gleamium, this is something that cannot be obtained through normal playstyle means. Character tokens come with founder packs which are available at different prices inside of the game, and these packs all have a specific amount of character tokens in them, which can help you unlock characters. Same as Gleamium, character tokens are an easy and a stress-free way to get your desired character if you’re willing to spend real-life money for the character you love.

The only character that you will have access to is Wonder Woman, as this will be the character you will get for free. After completing the basic training mode, you will be rewarded with Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman possesses extremely great powers, so it is a good character, to begin with. You can test the character in a local game, and once you are confident about its abilities in a fight, you can use it for online play. In online play, you can quickly broaden your roster.

There are three ways to unlock characters in Multiversus, which are mentioned below. Besides that, you can read our guide on MultiVersus Best Characters to know more about the characters in the game. 


gold in multiversus
Unlocking Characters By Gold

MultiVersus offers a free in-game currency that is Gold to unlock characters in the game. Gold is a valuable currency that can be earned in the game. The amount of Gold required to unlock each character is different. The amount of Gold required can vary between 1500 and 3000.

You can also spend gold on improving your character abilities. A few characters with the amount of Gold they require to unlock are given below in the table. 

Name  Gold Cost
Shaggy  1500
Wonder Woman N/A
Taz 1500
Batman 2000
Iron Giant  3000
Superman 2000
Garnet 1500
Jake 2000
Steven Universe 3000
Finn 2000
Reindog  2000
Velma 2000
Arya Stark 3000
Harley Quinn 2000
Bugs Bunny 2000
Tom and Jerry  3000
Lebron James 2000
Best Ways To Earn Gold

You can earn Gold in the game by following ways.

  • One way to earn gold is by taking part in public matches, but the amount received varies depending on the outcome of the match. Winning the match gets you more gold than dropping out.
  • Receiving MultiVersus toast from other players for performing well rewards you 25 gold.
  • Completing MultiVersus starter missions grants you 2000 gold. 
  • Leveling up your character and hitting level 5 will get you 100 Gold.
  • Ranking up the battle pass can help you earn 500 Gold.


Gleamium is a premium in-game currency, which you can purchase by spending real money. You need 700 Gleamium to unlock any character in the game, no matter what amount of Gold that character requires. You can read our guide on How To Get Gleamium to know more about it.

Gleamium is not recommended, as you can earn Gold quite frequently in the game. There is no point in spending your money to purchase this premium in-game currency. You should only spend your money on Gleamium if you are desperate enough to play with a character and cannot wait to earn Gold. A few Gleamium packages are mentioned below.

Gleamium Amount Real-Life Money in USD
450 4.99
1000 9.99
2200 19.99
6000 49.99

Another way to get Gleamium is by buying the founder’s packs that are highlighted below in the guide. You will buy these founder’s packs for character tokens because Gleamium can also be bought individually.

gleamium in multiversus
Unlocking Characters By Gleamium

Character Tokens

character tokens in multiversus
Unlocking Characters By Character Tokens

Character Token is another form of an in-game currency, and you can use them to unlock characters. You cannot purchase character tokens individually. The only way to get character tokens in MultiVersus is to purchase the founder’s packs that contain character tokens along with some other goodies. Three founder’s packs are mentioned below.

  • Standard Founder’s Pack: 15 Character Tokens, 1 Exclusive Rare Banner, and 300 Gleamium
  • Deluxe Founder’s Pack: 20 Character Tokens, 1 Exclusive Rare Banner, 1 Epic banner, 1 Epic Ring out effect, 1 Premium battle pass, and 1000 Gleamium
  • Premium Founder’s Pack: 30 Character Tokens, 1 Exclusive Rare Banner, 2 Epic and Legendary banners, 2 Epic and Legendary ring-out effects, one unique nameplate, three premium battle passes, and 2500 Gleamium

All the characters available in the game can be unlocked using on character token. If you purchase any founder pack, you will be able to unlock various characters instantly. You can save additional character tokens for the upcoming launches, as there is a high possibility of MultiVersus expanding its characters’ rosters. 

It is highly recommended to buy founder’s packs in MultiVersus instead of buying Gleamium alone. The reason is that the founder’s packs will give you character tokens, Gleamium, and some other goodies, including rare banners, epic banners, and legendary banners.

Founder’s packs are a good deal as compared to buying Gleamium alone. However, if you think that buying Gleamium is a better option for you because you want to unlock your characters using Gleamium, then it is totally up to you. You can always switch between options depending on your ease. 


MultiVersus is a free-to-play fighter platform that involves fighting your enemy to knock them outside the arena. If you are a big fan of cartoon characters that you once saw on Cartoon Network, then this is the right game for you. MultiVersus How to Unlock characters will be an interesting read for you, as you will get to know how to play using your favorite character. 

The game has various characters, including Taz, LeBron James, Harley Quinn, and many more. Most of the characters come from TV shows and Movies such as Rick and Morty and Tom and Jerry, enabling players to play as their favorite characters.

Each of them possesses extraordinary skills, and to add them to your roster, you need to unlock these characters. 

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