MultiVersus: Complete Knockback Influence Tutorial

For you, we've covered the MultiVersus Knockback Influence tutorial which was causing game-breaking problems for many players.

In games like MultiVersus, the competition and the intensity are so high that players need to make sure they get familiar with all the mechanisms! Luckily for you, we’ve covered the MultiVersus Knockback Influence tutorial, which was causing game-breaking problems for many players.

Key Highlights
  • In MultiVersus, Knockback Influence (KBI) is described as a defensive maneuver that allows you to adjust the angle of your knockback when hit by an enemy.
    • The higher the number below a character is, the more they will get knocked around with each hit.
  • Knockback Influence (KBI) allows you to mitigate the knockback effect. Knowing how to strategically utilize it can mean the difference between winning and losing.
    • However, the Knockback Influence tutorial in the game has been known to cause some game-breaking issues.
    • The known issues occur in the second part of the tutorial. In this portion of the tutorial, you take control of Wonder Woman.
    • The bug arises when your Wonder Woman gets launched into the air, you’ll notice that you’re unable to bring her back down.
    • In order to fix this bug and complete the tutorial, simply follow the steps given below.
  • For PC users:
      • If you’re on PC, you can try holding the down key while being launched into the air. This method may take a few tries to work.
      • If the previous method fails, try the following one instead: First up, make sure the game is running in ‘Fullscreenmode
      • Once you’re in the tutorial, right after the opposing Wonder Woman hits you, press ALT+TAB to minimize the game. 
      • Open the game back up and your character should be falling down. Though, your timing needs to be precise for this method to work.
  • For console users:
    • If you’re on a console. All you need to do is wait for the red Wonder Woman to launch you in the air.
    • Right when you start flying up; pull the left analog stick on your controller, down and to the left.
    • While keeping the left stick in place, quickly press the Playstation/Xbox button. This will take you to the home screen of your console. 

Do not close MultiVersus and wait a few seconds there. Log back in and the bug should be fixed.

The Knockback Influence is an in-game feature added by MultiVersus, which allows players to have some control over their trajectory when they’re knocked in the air. Thus, it is extremely crucial to master it if you’re planning to become the best in MultiVersus.

Even though the tutorial itself sounds easy, it still has caused problems for many players, to the point where they can’t complete the tutorial at all. The issue of how to fix the knockback influence tutorial is something we will also cover in today’s article.

So let’s jump right into our guide about Knockback Influence Tutorial in MultiVersus.

What Is Knockback Influence In MultiVersus?

Knockback Influence tutorial
Knockback Influence in MultiVersus

First, let’s look at what the knockback influence is before we learn about its tutorial and glitch. Every fighting game features tons of mechanics that either fall into the aggressive category or defensive. Knockback Influence falls more into the defensive section. The ability allows you to save yourself from potentially fatal falls. 

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While you’re facing an opponent, you may get outsmarted by them and receive a good beating. When you’re character is getting beaten up, you can notice a number beneath them that continues to go up on each hit. The higher the number is, the more you will get thrown around and knocked down. 

What Does It Do?

The knockback effect allows the opponent to gain an advantage and potentially kick you off the map. It launches you up in the air and then down as your character crashes to the ground.

Luckily, MultiVersus has added a simple mechanic that assists the receiver of the knockback effect. Therefore, even if you do get knocked back, you can recollect yourself. 

You can easily control the trajectory of your character once they are knocked back. If you react fast enough, you can decide where your character lands after getting knocked back. This can save your character from falling off the map or from getting hit by the opponent again. 

How To Complete the Knockback Influence Tutorial In MultiVersus

knockback influence menu
Knockback Influence Advanced Tutorial

MultiVersus is a fast-paced advanced crossover fighting game. The decisions you make in a matter of seconds will dictate how the battle pans out. Hence, it’s really important to get your hands settled on all the basics of the game. 

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Luckily, MultiVersus has included a wide array of tutorials that you can go through. These tutorials will allow you to hone your skills and familiarise yourself with every fighting mechanic the game has. First up, you’ll go through all the basic tutorials the game offers.

After completing the basic tutorials, you can move on to the advanced tutorials. In this section, you will find tutorials on dodging, cooldowns, dodge jump, attack decay, fast fall, and most importantly, the knockback influence.

So, first of all, here’s a step-by-step guide on the MultiVersus Knockback Influence tutorial. Later on, we will also tell you the workaround to the glitch in the tutorial.

Step 1: Load Up The Knockback Influence Tutorial

To begin the tutorial, start up MultiVersus on your PC or gaming console. After the game loads up, you will see a set of options on your screen along with your selected character. 

Simply click the big ‘Play’ button. After that, you’ll reach the online tab, from where you can choose the game mode you want to play. However, ignore this and choose the ‘Practice’ option on the top of your screen. Here the game will provide you with three practice modes; The Lab, Beginner Tutorial, and Advanced Tutorial.

After you choose the advanced tutorial, you will be able to see a bunch of options to choose from. The knockback influence tutorial will be the second last option on the list. Simply click on it to begin your tutorial. 

Step 2: Complete The First Step Of The Tutorial

knockback tutorial step 2
Knockback Influence Tutorial First Part

Initially, the game will give you an overview of what the Knockback Influence is in MultiVersus. You’ll notice a prompt box that will read, “Knockback Influence (KBI) is a defensive maneuver that allows you to adjust the angle of your Knockback when hit by an enemy. Strategic use of KBI can put you in a more favorable position.”

In the first step, you’ll be in control of Reindog, and your task will be to control your trajectory while getting knocked back. All you need to do is influence the knockback and redirect Reindog to a wall. 

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Do this step four times to complete the first part of your Knockback Influence tutorial in MultiVersus. 

If you’re on a PC, press the down arrow key while in mid-air. Connect it by pressing the left arrow key so that Reindog falls back to the wall. If you’re on PlayStation/Xbox, you can easily perform this ability with the use of the left analog. Once you get knocked back, pull the analog down and a little bit to the left to complete the first step of the tutorial. 

Step 3: Complete The Second Part Of The Tutorial

knockback tutorial
Knockback Influence Tutorial Second Part

The second part of the Knockback Influence tutorial in MultiVersus is quite straightforward. However, there’s a glitch that breaks the game and deems it impossible for players to complete. Fortunately, continue reading our guide to find out how you can overcome the Knockback Influence glitch in MultiVersus.

For those who are not getting any game-breaking glitches during the tutorial, you can keep reading the current section. In the second part of the tutorial, you will be in control of Wonder Woman. The game also reveals some key information during this step. 

There will be another prompt box that reads, “Depending on your initial knockback direction, you may have more or less influence. Players knocked upward have more KBI than normal, while players knocked downward have none.”

In the second part of the tutorial, you will need to control the knockback and prevent Wonder Woman from getting rung out. This ability is highly important during battles in MultiVersus, as it can save you from defeat and give you another shot.

Yet again, for PC, the player needs to press the down arrow key alongside the left arrow key to control the trajectory. Similarly, in PlayStation/Xbox, you will use the analog stick by shifting it down and to the left to complete the task. 

Repeat the process twice to complete the Knockback Influence Tutorial in MultiVersus. 

Step 4: Get Ready To Rumble!

Completing Step 3 means you’re all done with the tutorial, and you’ve mastered the technique of knockback influence. Well, not really mastered, but you’re now familiar with it. Now you can either choose to return to the Main Menu or go back to the Advanced Tutorials section. 

If you think you’ve got the hang of Knockback Influence in MultiVersus, you can head on and face opponents online!

How To Fix Knockback Influence Tutorial Glitch In MultiVersus 

knockback influence multiversus tutorial
The glitch in Knockback Influence Tutorial

We mentioned earlier that a lot of players in MultiVersus were facing a glitch during the second part of the Knockback Influence tutorial. In the glitch, when Wonder Woman gets launched into the air, she doesn’t fall back down. 

This makes it impossible to complete the tutorial. The game enters a loop of constant deaths of Wonder Woman, but we have worked out a fix for the glitch. No matter what system you’re on, whether a PC or PlayStation/Xbox, we will guide you on how you can overcome the Knockback Influence glitch in MultiVersus.

After completing the first portion of the tutorial, you will take control of Wonder Woman. Instantly, you’ll notice the glitch where you will be unable to control the knockback. However, a simple chain of steps will make it a lot easier for you. 

Glitch Fix On PC

There are a couple of ways in which you can fix the glitch on a PC. First up, you can try fixing it by only holding the down button while getting launched in the air. This method may take a few tries, but it works for some players. So, all you need to do is hold the down arrow key. Do not touch the left arrow key until Wonder Woman starts falling.

If it doesn’t do the trick, you can then move on to the second method of fixing the MultiVersus Knockback Influence glitch. The other method involves a few more steps, so bear with us. First up, you need to make sure your game is running in the ‘Fullscreen’ mode. You can quickly check that by following the mentioned steps: Pause > Settings > Graphics > Window Mode > Set to ‘Fullscreen’.

Once you’re done with that, you’ll have to minimize the game by switching the windows (which you can do by pressing the ALT+TAB keys). However, the timing has to be right on this one. When the red Wonder Woman hits you, right after that, you’re supposed to TAB out and then back into the game. You will now notice your character falling instead of flying off the screen. 

Just a reminder that the timing needs to be perfect. If you tab out before getting hit, the game could freeze, after which you’ll need to restart the whole tutorial. 

Glitch Fix On PlayStation/Xbox

If you’re someone who’s playing MultiVersus on either an Xbox or PlayStation and facing this issue, we’ve got you covered as well. Unlike PC, the PlayStation/Xbox only has one fix for the glitch so far. 

Firstly, you will need to load up your game and reach the Wonder Woman point in the Knockback Influence tutorial. Now all you need to do is wait for the red Wonder Woman to knock you back, right when you start flying up; pull the left analog on your controller down and to the left. 

That’s not all! While you have your analog set, you must quickly press the PlayStation/Xbox button. This will take you to the home screen of your console. Wait for a few seconds here, and don’t close the MultiVersus application.

After a moment, tune back into your game, and you will see the glitch as fixed. The Wonder Woman will fall, as she should, and you can easily complete the tutorial from here on. 

That was our detailed guide about the completion and glitch fix of the MultiVersus Knockback Influence tutorial. Who knew a guide on a tutorial would be this long? But, it’s all due to the ongoing glitch that the players are facing in the game. We hope you enjoyed reading our article. Keep visiting eXputer to learn all about gaming-related stuff!


MultiVersus is probably the biggest crossover fighting game at the moment. On top of that, it’s free on all platforms. Inspired by the classical Super Smash Bros, the game was obviously going to pool in a lot of players from around the world. Therefore, thousands of gamers are grinding out in the MultiVersus to become the best fighter by completing their extensive list of tutorials. Today we will cover one of these, known as the MultiVersus Knockback Influence Tutorial.

MultiVersus features dozens of playable characters from your childhood as well as the modern era. You can read our guide about How To Unlock Characters in MultiVersus.

The player can choose any character of their choice and build them up as they like. You can learn all about your favorite characters in MultiVersus, including Tom & Jerry, Superman, Batman, Shaggy, Garnet, Arya Stark, and many more!

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