MultiVersus LeBron James: Best Perks & Moves

MultiVersus is a new Smash Brothers inspired fighting game. It has many characters from Warner Bros. properties. Our guide focuses on one of these called LeBron James.

MultiVersus Lebron James in-game model

The appearance of LeBron James in the gameLeBron James is a Bruiser-type projectile character in MultiVersus. He is based on a basketball player of the same name. LeBron James is undoubtedly one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Key Takeaways
  • LeBron James is a character in the video game MultiVersus where he is classified as a Bruiser-type projectile character in the game, meaning he is strong and able to attack with projectiles.
  • LeBron James has two different outfits in the game: his default basketball player outfit and a Space Jam-inspired outfit that must be purchased separately.
  • LeBron James has four moves in the game: Buckets, Got Hops, Heatstroke, and Off the Glass.
  • LeBron James has three perks in the game: Court Vision, King’s Reign, and Strive for Greatness.
  • Some strategies for using LeBron James in the game include using his strong projectile attacks to keep opponents at a distance and taking advantage of his perks to increase his damage output and agility.

Aside from basketball, LeBron James has also appeared in some films and shows. The most notable one is a film called “Space Jam: A New Legacy”. It is the negatively received sequel to the original Space Jam. 

In addition, most people didn’t like the new Space Jam film. For those who did MultiVersus has an outfit inspired by a scene from that film. You can see the outfit in the image below. Sadly the outfit can’t be unlocked by playing the game; you will have to buy it separately. 

LeBron James outfits cowboy wild west
The two outfits of LeBron James in the game

The team working on MultiVersus has tried their best to do justice to the legendary sportsman. In our opinion, they have successfully done that. As LeBron James in MultiVersus is not only one of the strongest fighters, but he is also one of the most fun.

Let us proceed by taking a look at the awesome moves that LeBron James has in MultiVersus. These, just like the rest of the cast, were made with the core of the character in mind.

Quick build summary for LeBron James: 

Got Hops
I Dodge, You Dodge, We Dodge
Make It Rain, Dog!
For Three
Mobility: 6/10
Damage: 5/10
Ranged: 6/10
Support: 5/10

Moves Of LeBron James

There are a total of 4 moves that LeBron James can perform in MultiVersus. All of these suit different situations and we will be telling you what each of these moves does. As mentioned earlier LeBron James is a projectile character so most of these include throwing the ball.


Buckets one of the moves of LeBron James
LeBron James hitting the opponent with the Buckets move

Here we have a neutral move. It can be used while the player is on the ground or even when they are in the air. Now, as we all know, LeBron James, in real life, is a basketball player. So it is only faithful and acceptable that Buckets has him throwing basketballs. 

The player can position the basketball. Do that by holding down the Special button and aiming in the direction you want to shoot. The aiming of the Buckets moves works very much like how throwing some grenades work in other videogames. 

Now of course it would not be fun if the ball didn’t bounce around. You can strategize a lot with the move. Bouncing the ball and hitting a player who was not expecting to get hit at all never gets old. 

In addition, the move is very well balanced. It has a cooldown and once you lose the ball you will have to wait before you can get another one. We should mention that the cooldown is pretty lengthy for a fighting game. 

When the move is made recharging, simply pressing the Special button will make another basketball appear in the hands of LeBron James. The player can make the process fast by hitting the opponent with a melee attack

Doing so will instantly give the player a basketball without having to wait for it to get recharged. The bucket is an excellent move as you can also use it with a teammate. Simply throw the ball at your teammate, and they will catch and can use it now in the same manner as you do.

Got Hops 

Up move LeBron James Got Hops
LeBron James performing Got Hops

Now we have another great move that you can use on the ground or in the air. It can also be used as an up attack. What that means is that you can use it as an anti-air move if an opponent is right above you or if they are jumping on top of you.

LeBron James MultiVersus is an incredibly efficient projectile character. Got Hops is a move that is very reminiscent of a regular jump shot. It sends the ball flying high up in the sky and then hitting the opponent. You have to time the move very carefully.

Similar to Buckets in Got Hops, if you lose the ball, you will have to wait for a cooldown. You can skip the cooldown just like before by hitting the opponent with a melee move. What is different about Got Hops is that if you lose the ball, there is an alternative version of the move.

Furthermore, the alternative move is slightly different depending on whether the player is in the air or if they are on the ground. On the ground, LeBron James MultiVersus throws some chalk; if you are in the air, he claps his hands. Both of these do damage to the enemies.

As you can tell, both of these moves are different but very useful. They both have their separate uses. They balanced the inaccuracy of Got Hops out by giving the player an alternative move when the original is on cooldown. 


Denied move LeBron James
LeBron James is in the sky, hitting the Denied move

Just like the previous two moves, Denied is also a projectile attack. It is quite the opposite of Got Hops. As Denied can be used while on the ground or in the air, and the player can use it to shoot an opponent below them. 

The attack has LeBron James MultiVersus jumping up high and then throwing the ball downwards. It is exactly like how basketball players jump to score a point. It feels great when you land the attack. 

In addition, Denied can be used in both air and ground. We advise that you try to use it in the air as much as possible. When performed directly above an opponent it has an extra special effect. So use it while falling from the top platform or when you simply jump high near the enemy.

Using Denied in the corner can quite literally win you the match. If the player manages to lose the ball, similar to the other moves, LeBron James from MultiVersus will do something else. This time around it will be a shield that will appear directly in front of the character.

Now here is where it gets interesting. If you manage to block a with the shield, you will be instantly rewarded with a ball. You can use that to your advantage. 

The ability to knock out more efficiently in the corner alongside the shield which can instantly give you the ball makes Denied an excellent move. It does not have much range as you can probably tell but it makes up for it in everything else.


LeBron James turns into a projectile MultiVersus
The move where LeBron James himself turns into a projectile

We finally have a move for MultiVersus’ LeBron James that isn’t a projectile attack. L-Train is a heavy-hitting move. It being a non-projectile attack does not mean that it isn’t extremely strong. Here we have a move that can help you weaken your foes with ease. 

L-Train hits on the side, and just like all the other moves, you can use it in the air and on the ground. While performing the move, LeBron James leaps from up high and hits the ground with maximum force. For L-Train, he basically turns himself into a projectile.

Now the move can be directed a bit when you are about to make contact. Keep in mind that the direction is very minimal so plan ahead. When LeBron James from MultiVersus makes contact with the ground it creates a shockwave. 

In addition, the said shockwave has a decent area of effect. If it manages to hit an opponent, it will be weakened. It is an excellent move that can also be used with a teammate to make some crazy, surprising attacks. 

First, proceed to hit your teammate with the ball; when it is stuck on them, if they hit an enemy with it, you can even do some heavy damage as it will suddenly swap LeBron James with the ball. 

Now you must be wondering how you lose the ball here and how the cooldown will kick in. Well, the ball simply explodes this time around, and that’s how you lose it, just like the other moves to get the ball back, either hit the opponent with a melee move or wait for the cooldown.

LeBron James Playstyle & Strategy

Now that we are done taking a look at all the moves and what they do let us talk about how to use LeBron James in MultiVersus effectively. You know about all the moves, but each character in MultiVersus needs to be played in a specific manner.

For LeBron James, you need to keep your distance. The only moments where you will be going in are going to be the ones where you need to melee the opponent for a cooldown skip, and the other will be when you are performing the Denied or L-Train move at the right time.

Furthermore, LeBron James works the best as a team character. That is very fitting since he is a basketball player where teamplay matters most. Keep a lookout for your teammate and pass them the ball at the right time so that you can follow up with a well-timed L-Train.

So to sum it all up. Stick back look for the right moment to throw the ball and go in at the right moment for the melee strike. Also, learn how to pass the ball or hit the opponents smoothly. That is all you need to know about how to play LeBron James in MuliVersus. 

Now that we know about all of the moves and have a proficient strategy. Let us talk about perks. You can unlock these, and they benefit all the characters.

LeBron James Perks 

We are going to mention and explain LeBron James’ perks. They are going to be very, very useful if used with the correct team. We hope that our explaining each of these helps you make a choice based on the character that your teammate has.

All of these are beneficial. They are all also just like the moves named appropriately according to the character. These perks are as follows. 

Leg Day Champ: This perk increases the jump height by 10 percent. It can be very useful and even clutch when you are about to fall off. The extra percentage is buffed and turns into 15 percent when the perk is stacked

I Dodge, You Dodge, We Dodge: Yes, we know the name sounds weird, but it is appropriately named. It reduces the cooldown of moves by 10 percent after dodging an attack. Just like the previous one, when stacked, the number is increased to 15 percent.

Make It Rain, Dog!: The perks buffs the team’s projectile speed by 20 percent. When stacked, that number bumps up to 25 percent. As you can already tell this perk is extremely useful for LeBron James and other projectile characters.

For Three: Now, here is a distinctive one. For Three does not buff any of your stats; instead, it affects your basketball. It makes it so that it explodes on contact when the basketball hits from far away. 

MultiVersus Tips

MultiVersus is a brand-new free-to-play fighting game. The game’s main appeal is that it is a crossover fighter with many unique characters from various media. Our guide today will focus entirely on LeBron James in MultiVersus. 

Aside from LeBron James, who is a recent addition to the game, there are many other iconic characters. These include Batman, Taz, Tom & Jerry, Harley Quinn, Finn, Jake, and many more amazing characters. If you want to learn about the best characters in the game, consider checking out our MultiVersus BEST Character guide.

MultiVersus was developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. As mentioned earlier it is free-to-play so you can jump right in. Be aware for reasons that are currently unknown, and the game isn’t available in some Asian countries.

Moreover, the gameplay is very much inspired by Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series. It plays exactly like a Smash Bros game, it just has a more complex fighting system. If you are a gamer that loves Super Smash Bros. then you will surely feel right at home in MultiVersus

What’s extremely impressive about MulitVersus is the fact that it broke records when it was released. The game became an instant hit on Steam. It had more players playing it than any other fighting game on the platform. 

MultiVersus reached over one hundred and fifty thousand all-time player peaks on Steam. It makes you wonder how much other fighting games would reach if they went free-to-player.


That wraps up all you need to about MultiVersus’ LeBron James. He is one of the best additions to the game. There is pretty much no other projectile character as good as him. If you are the type of player who loves playing zoners in fighting games, then LeBron James will be perfect.

Moreover, LeBron James is the only character in MultiVersus who is based on an actual person. We might see other characters in the future, but it is less likely to happen.

That is because LeBron James made an appearance as he is the main star of a property owned by Warner Brothers. Who knows, we still might get somebody else who is based on an actual person. 

MultiVersus really makes you wonder how beneficial it can be for fighting games to go free-to-play. Maybe some developers in the future might consider making their fighting games free-to-play after MultiVersus’ massive success.

In addition, one thing is for sure. With how successful the launch has been, the game won’t be dying out anytime soon. We will surely get to see many more beloved Warner Bros. characters.

So tell us what you think about MultiVersus. Did you like the roster? What do you think about the voices of each character? Who do you main? What is your favorite team? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.

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