MultiVersus New Characters: Current & Leaked Heroes

Our guide covers all the confirmed and leaked characters of MultiVersus.

The most interesting part of MultiVersus is its heroes, and the game is going to have a lot of them; players are excited to learn about all the characters. Warner Bros Studios have already confirmed a few characters. However, there are rumors that many other characters are set to join the pool of heroes so we will discuss MultiVersus New Characters in this guide. While you are at it, consider reading MultiVersus Characters Tier List. 

The game was released in July 2022 on PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox series. Although the test feature provided plenty of information, it did not declare how these heroes would add up to the story of the game post-launch.

The game is a free-to-play title emphasizing teamwork. The previous few months of testing and leaked files have given a great sign of what the final roster of the game will look like and how there will be new characters joining the game in the future. 

The following guide will discuss all the characters that have been confirmed to be a part of MultiVersus and characters that are leaked and have not been confirmed. Note that the leaked characters may be missing from the final game, as there are just rumors about their presence. 

Key Takeaways
  • MultiVersus includes a truckload of characters from across different series. 
  • A game with characters from your favorite cartoon series in the same place. Almost everyone would want nothing more.
  • A total of 19 characters have been confirmed by Warner Bros., like The Iron Giant, Velma, Batman, Tom And Jerry, Wonder Woman, Bugs Bunny, Shaggy, and a few others.
  • Some leaked characters who are said to be joining the roster are The Joker, Johnny Bravo, Harry Potter, Fred Flinstone, and a few others.
  • Naruto, Hulk, The Powerpuff Girls, Daffy Duck, and a few other characters may or may not join the character roster of MultiVersus.

All MultiVersus Confirmed Characters

MultiVersus New Characters
Confirmed Characters

We have listed all the characters whose appearances have been confirmed in MultiVersus. The presence of these characters has been established in the game. The confirmed roster currently has 16 characters, with all of them available in previous closed betas and now open betas with three new characters dropping soon.

The list of all 19 characters and the properties they originate from are given below.

The Iron GiantThe Iron Giant
MortyRick and Morty
TazLooney Tunes
Rick SanchezRick and Morty
LeBron JamesSpace Jam 2
Arya StarkGame of Thrones
Bugs BunnyLoony Tunes
BatmanDC Universe
Harley QuinnDC Universe
SupermanDC Universe
Wonder WomanDC Universe
Tom and Jerry Tom and Jerry
Steven UniverseSteven Universe
Jake the DogAdventure Time
GarnetSteven Universe
Finn The Human Adventure Time

An explanation of all the confirmed characters is given below. 

  • The Iron Giant is a colossal fighter in MultiVersus, and because of his size, he is very easy to combo. He is not a bad character, but the combo situation can easily be avoided. 
  • Taz‘s high damage air combo is one of the toughest in the game, but it requires a lot of precision and practice.
  • Morty and Rick have a history of appearing together, but they have individual appearances in MultiVersus. 
  • LeBron James is present along with the duo Morty and Rick in the MultiVersus.
  • Velma does not possess much in terms of physical prowess. She cannot compete with Arya Stark in terms of speed and lethality. 
  • Arya Stark is very quick and excels at fighting, especially at closer range. Her melee strikes deliver greater damage if they come from behind and hit their target.
  • Bugs Bunny possesses a distinctive move set that depends on popping in items to assist him. Bunny has a few attacks that are pretty powerful. 
  • Batman is a very powerful character and can attack the enemy from any direction. Ninja Training is Batman’s passive ability and provides him a significant boost.
  • Harley Quinn makes a lot of damage and moves quickly in combat. It is not a very strong character, so it is recommended to pair it with another character. 
  • Superman is the most effective when he is absorbing damage. He has some good attacks and useful perks known as unique talents.
  • Wonder Woman belongs to the class of fighters, and her fighting mechanics focus mostly on defense. She is a great choice for players who are just starting out. 
  • Tom And Jerry are the most effective when they are together in combat. Tom and Jerry have a great combination to do significant damage. 
  • Steven Universe is unique because he is the only hybrid of humans as well as a Gem. The distinct playstyle involves control of the battlefield. 
  • Shaggy is a combatant who shines when playing a game that involves vertical dueling. Shaggy is a versatile combatant; there are some foes that will be challenging for you to face. 
  • Reindog was designed from scratch just for usage and has never been in any cartoon, animation, or video games. 
  • Jake The Dog is a character who focuses on ranged attacks. He is not tall, but he has a significant punch to him. 
  • Garnet is a fighter that excels in close-quarter combat. It is the most flexible character, as she possesses the power to perform hand-to-hand combat. 
  • Finn The Human receives 14 percent more damage than any other character. One of the passive abilities of the Finn is to pick up the coins when Foes are struck.

All Leaked Characters In MultiVersus

MultiVersus Leaked Characters
Leaked Characters

There are various characters that have been leaked during alpha and closed beta periods, and these characters are subjected to change. This does not necessarily mean that these characters will appear in the game because they are just rumored to be released.

However, based on the leaked screenshots and other information, it is highly likely that these characters will appear at some point in the future. The list of all the leaked characters is given below.

The JokerDC Universe
NubiaDC Universe
Johnny BravoJohnny Bravo
Fred FlintstoneThe Flintstones
CromulonRick and Morty
Harry PotterHarry Potter
Ron WeasleyHarry Potter
LegolasThe Lord of the Rings
Gandalf The Lord of the Rings
Marvin the MartianLoony Tunes
RavenDC Universe

In addition to these leaked characters, there exist confusion for various other characters. The following characters may also be making an appearance in MultiVersus. 

  • Naruto might be appearing in the game based on some visuals and file names. We do not have a confirmation on Naruto yet.
  • Wreck-It-Ralph and Fix-It-Felix from Wreck it Ralph movie series are also likely to make an appearance in the game.
  • Hulk, a Disney’s Incredible, may also be Included.
  • Brute, similar to Ninja Fighter, may also make an appearance in MultiVersus.
  • Other Characters may also include Ted Lasso, Beetlejuice, Eleven from Stranger Things, The Powerpuff Girls, and Daffy Duck.

How To Unlock New Characters In MultiVerse?

MultiVersus New Characters
Unlocking Characters

You can unlock characters is through the Character Tickets, which are available in Founder’s Pack and cannot be earned in any way. Gold can also be used to unlock characters, but you need to play many matches to earn this Gold. Moreover, no exact information is available on how the future characters will be unlocked in the game. 


The characters and heroes in a game set the standard of that game, and the standards of MultiVersus are already very high depending on the characters it has or will reveal. Many players are inclined to play the game just to see their favorite character be a part of it.

We have listed all the characters confirmed to be a part of the game and all those just in rumors. There is no definite report on these rumored character appearances, but their names are enough to keep the players hooked to the game.

MultiVersus had a closed alpha reveal and an open beta announcement in July. The game is set to release on August 8th. With that being said, players are hungry for more information, and they want to know more about the game.

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