Multiversus Perks: All 17 Character Best Perks

This Multiversus Perks guide will uncover all 17 characters best perks for players to use in battle!

Multiversus has a collection of 17 characters from which players can pick and choose their team to participate in 1v1 or 2v2 fights. With the different skills and abilities already available for players, certain Multiversus Perks can provide certain powerups and buffs to enhance the player’s overall performance in battle. In our guide, we will cover the best perks that each character might benefit from! Do not miss out on our Multiversus Best Character guide, especially for players who are just starting out now!

Key Highlights

  • Wonder Woman in MultiVersus is from a Tank-type class. The Best Perks of Wonder Woman in MultiVersus are ( Kryptonian Skin, Back  To Back, Sturdy Dodger, and Grapple of Hermes ).
  • Well-known Tom & Jerry are from the Mage class in MultiVersus.The Best Perks of Tom & Jerry include ( Horizontal Damage Boost, Make It Rain Dog!, Fly Fisher, and Deadshot ).
  • Velma in MultiVersus is from the Support class family. The Best Perks consist of ( Make It Rain Dog!, Debuff ability Refund, Knowledge Is Power and Shirt Cannon Sniper ).
  • Superman is considered a tank class in The MultiVersus.The Best Perks of Superman are ( Hit Em’ While They’re Down, Lumpy Space Punch, Wildcat Brawler, and Sniper Punch ).
  • Taz is from a Bruiser-type class. The Best perks of Taz in MultiVersus are ( Absorb N Go, School Me Once, Iron Stomache, and Percussive Punch Power ).
  • Shaggy in MultiVersus is considered a Bruiser character in The MultiVersus. The Best Perks of Shaggy include ( Painted Target, Toon Elasticity, Hangry Man, and Vertical Damage Boost ).
  • Steven Universe is a Support class character in The MultiVersus.The Best Perks include ( Green Thumb, Cofeezilla, Ability Refund Getting Hit, and Horizontal Damage Boost ).
  • Lebron is from a Support class family. The Best Perks of Lebron in The MultiVersus are ( Hot Hands, Keep Possession, Make It Rain Dog!, Deadshot, and Vertical Damage Boost ).
  • Reindog is yet another support character in The MultiVersus.The Best Perks of Reindog in MultiVersus include ( Crystal Pal, Hit Em’ While They’re Down, Make It Rain Dog!, and Deadshot ).
  • Iron Giant is classed as a Tank Character in The MultiVersus.The Best Perks of Iron Giant In The MultiVersus are ( Absorb N Go, Afterburner, Wildcat Brawler, and Deadshot ).

Wonder Woman 

Multiversus Wonderwoman

Let’s start things off by talking about the Multiversus Perks for Wonder Woman, and considering she is a tank unit, and a few might work to empower her even more! 

Kryptonian Skin 

Equipping Kryptonian Skin will allow players in Multiversus to gain increased damage negation, allowing her to become an even stronger tank unit in battle. Considering she won’t take as much damage, she can stay alive for longer periods. 

Back To Back 

The next perk is known as Back To Back, which will allow Wonder Woman and the allies in her surrounding radius to gain enhanced damage negation incoming from the enemy’s end. 

Sturdy Dodger 

Already being pretty swift on her feet, Wonder Woman surprises everyone by evading the opponent’s attack whenever possible. So, in her best interests, giving her Sturdy Dodger will allow her to evade even further attacks. 

Grapple Of Hermes 

Being one of her Multiversus Signature Perks, Wonder Woman will be able to gain increased mobility while in combat. If you want to know how to get your hands on Toast in-game, then our Multiversus How To Get Toast guide is the way to go!

Tom and Jerry 

Multiversus Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry

The duo that everyone grew up watching may not be one person who hasn’t ever watched Tom and Jerry, and being the duo that they are, here are the best perks for Tom and Jerry. While you’re at it, why not check out our Multiversus Tom and Jerry guide to know how to best build these characters?

Horizontal Damage Boost 

Considering Tom and Jerry will horizontally output their attacks anyway, they can use the Horizontal Damage Boost perk to gain a buff in their overall damage output further. 

Make It Rain, Dog! 

Anytime Tom and Jerry decide that they want to launch our projectiles, they can do it as usual. However, when the perk has been equipped, the destruction caused by their projectiles will be deadlier, as the projectile speed will be enhanced by 20%. 

Fly Fisher 

If you want Tom to be more agile while being present on the battlefield, then you can do this by giving him the Fly Fisher perk. Make sure to keep in mind that by equipping the perk, his overall fishing pole damage output will be slightly reduced. 


Considering Tom and Jerry in Multiversus mainly rely on their attacks being as ranged as possible, using Deadshot in battle will allow their ranged damage to be even deadlier than it needs to be. 


Multiversus Velma

Next up, we will discuss the best support perks for Velma, considering she is a support unit, and she will typically be in the battle to help her allies win the battle as fast as possible. 

Make it Rain, Dog!

While we discussed the perk above for Tom and jerry, it can fit pretty well for Velma as well, considering it will grant her a powerup for her ranged attacks, making her even stronger for battle. Her movement speed for launching her ranged attacks will be enhanced as well. 

Debuff Ability Refund 

Any enemy that is unfortunate to have been inflicted with a debuff will be able to get even more weakened by the Debuff Ability Refund perk. The reason for that is that Velma’s skill cooldown will decrease, allowing her to attack more. 

Knowledge Is Power

Anytime Velma finds and picks up “Evidence,” it will continue to reduce the amount of damage that Velma can intake from the enemy’s end. It helps her survive for longer so the team can win the fight easily. 

Shirt Cannon Sniper 

For enemies on the farther end from Velma, it will help make her overall projectile damage even deadlier when outreaching it on opponents further away. 


Multiversus Superman

Another tank character in Multiversus is Superman, who is known to have the following perks that are best for him! 

Hit Em’ While They’re Down

The perk enhances damage being intaken by enemies already debuffed by a total of 5%, and it will make them all the more vulnerable and die out easier. 

Lumpy Space Punch

Equipping lumpy Space Punch will power up Superman by enhancing his aerial melee attack damage output by 5%. While the enhancement may not seem like a lot, it adds up while he is using his Special grab attacks. 

Wildcat Brawler 

Considering Superman takes advantage of his ground and air attacks to obliterate enemies, he can use Wildcat Brawler to gain even further increased damage output which can decimate enemies in one go. 

Sniper Punch

Superman’s Signature Perk, known as Sniper punch, can benefit from his punches, increasing the overall range of his punch outputs against opponents. Alongside that, it will also continue to cause knockback to enemies. 


Multiversus Taz

For all the Bruiser mains in Multiversus, the following best Multiversus Perks for Taz will make him an absolute menace on the battlefield. Also, consider reading our Multiversus Taz guide.

Absorb N Go 

Starting with Absorb n go, Taz and his fellow teammates will be gaining an overall 7% ability cooldown anytime Taz, or his allies get severe knockback by any of the projectiles being launched by enemies. 

School Me Once 

Gain a buff whereby you can block incoming projectiles from the enemy’s end for 2 seconds while you can ricochet attacks at opponents. 

Iron Stomach 

While the Iron Stomach is one of the main signature perks for Taz, it will allow Taz to fight back by launching out an Anvil at enemies that launch projectiles at you. 

Percussive Punch Power 

Considering Taz has a horizontal playing style, it will simply increase the damage dealt to foes by 5%. 


Multiversus Shaggy

The next character that we would like to feature is known as Shaggy, and he is one of the best bruisers in Multiversus for early-game content. The perks below will showcase his true abilities. 

Painted Target

The first perk is Painted Target, which will increase the damage output for the hit stuns that Shaggy can inflict on any opponent in a certain radius around him. If you manage to get his combos, his damage output will be even deadlier. 

Toon Elasticity 

The perk stops Shaggy from consistently getting stuck in combos that are targetted at him from the opponent’s end, allowing him to gain enhanced agility and evade the combos with a bit more ease. 

Hangry Man 

Next up, the Hangry Man perk is a must-have, considering this is his signature. It will allow Shaggy to gain his Rage Buffs without ever needing to expend his Zoinks as he would usually. Faster enemies will be debuffed from it, as it will make Shaggy stronger against them. 

Vertical Damage Boost 

With the amount of Vertical Finishers that Shaggy has with him whenever he is fighting enemies stronger than him, equipping Vertical Damage Boost will only make him stronger and makes taking out stronger characters easier. 

Steven Universe 

Multiversus Steven Universe
Steven Universe

For players in Multiversus that are looking for strong starter supports, Steven Universe is a character that you can’t miss out on, especially if you use these perks on him! 

Green Thumb 

Use his Signature perk on him, which will increase the overall size of his watermelon, and its damage output will be increased based on the time it stays in the combat field. 


As simple as a perk Coffeezilla is, the perk’s main focus is on reducing the skill cooldown so that Steven Universe can take advantage of it and cast his skills over and over again on enemies. 

Ability Refund Getting Hit 

Anytime Steven Universe is unfortunate enough to get hit by any kind of projectile, he will be able to have all of his abilities reset so that he can immediately get back in the fight and cast his abilities. 

Horizontal Damage Boost 

The side attacks launched by Steven Universe in Multiversus will be buffed up, making him a stronger unit in your party. 


The players that would rather have their hands on a Bruiser unit in Multiversus can look into using Lebron in their party. While you’re at it, consider going through our MultiVersus LeBron James guide.

Hot Hands 

A perk that will be best used for 2v2 battles, it grants Lebron the ability to ignite his ball whenever he displays a pass by his teammate. When he dunks the ball, it will produce a firewall and continuously overpower Lebron. 

Keep Possession 

Now, one of the best 1v1 perks includes Keep Possession, which adds up a certain amount of gray health to Lebron, increasing his chances of survival in battle. 

Make It Rain, Dog! 

One that we have already covered before, the perk also benefits Lebron by increasing the overall speed of his ball and allowing him to output more combos. 


The perk Deadshot grants Lebron the ability to enhance the ball’s damage output, considering any kind of drunks or shots that the ball will be considered a ranged attack. 

Vertical Damage Boost 

Power up his Vertical Damage output by equipping him with the Vertical Damage Boost perk and increasing the amount of knockback dealt to foes in front of you. 


Multiversus Reindog

Next up, a character known as Reindog is essentially yet another support character in Multiversus. Below listed are the best enslot Multiversus Perks for Reindog. Also, read our MultiVersus Reindog guide.

Crystal Pal 

The Power Crystal with Reindog will continue to lag behind him as he traverses all over the battlefield, and it will help boost him during certain 2v2 battles. 

Hit Em’ While They’re Down 

Opponents inflicted with any kind of debuffs, whether its movement decrease or damage decrease, will grant Reindog an increase in her overall damage by a total of 5%. 

Make It Rain Dog!

Yet again, we have the perk Make It Rain Dog here again, as it will increase the projectile speech that launches against enemies by 20%, rendering any enemy present on the battlefield useless. 


The last perk that will work best for Reindog is known as Deadshot. It will enhance the damage that his projectiles deal whenever a total of 5% summons it. 

Iron Giant 

The players that enjoy being on the battlefield with Tank units will certainly enjoy equipping the below-listed perks on Iron Giant

Absorb N Go 

Due to the larger size of the Iron Giant, there is an increased chance that he can get attacked by projectiles launched at him. For that reason, using Absorb N Go will allow him to cast his abilities again anytime he has been attacked by an opponent’s projectile. 


Whenever the rocket boots equipped by Iron Giant ignite up the ground in front of the enemy, it will grant him a firewall, after which he can help his teammates achieve victory. 

Wildcat Brawler 

Due to Iron Giant being a tank, it is not viable to use him as an airborne unit, and using Wildcat Brawler will allow him to experience his ground attack damage speed by 5%, making him a lot more agile. 


Considering that the main aim of Deadshot is to increase the projectile damage by 5%, anytime the perk is equipped on Iron Giant, it will make his projectiles an absolute menace to opponents. 


Multiversus Garnet

Moving on, another important character in the Multiversus franchise is Garnet, who belongs to the Bruiser class. 

Horizontal Damage Boost 

Garnet is created as a character; every time she unleashes her attacks against enemies, they will be aimed in a horizontal direction; therefore, using the horizontal damage boost perk will buff up the damage output. 

Damage Boost on Debuff Hit 

Debuffed enemies will simply intake increased damage. Apart from that, whenever she summons her Up Special, she will provide a further electric debuff on her deadliest foes. 


Garnet’s overall poking damage will be increased, and anytime Garnet attacks the enemy, she will be able to build damage against enemies even faster. 


The signature perk for Garnet allows her to gain a “Marker” in her general direction when she unleashes her Side Special, and it comes to an end while also saving her some times when she’s using her Down Special. 

Harley Quinn 

Multiversus Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn

The next character we would like to feature is Harley Quinn, the same one from Suicide Squad, and her class is an Assassin. Our Multiversus Harley Quinn guide will show just how to max out Harley so that she can be the optimal Assassin for you!

Vertical Damage Boost 

Starting with the first perk, we have Vertical Damage Boost, which will mainly aim to increase how her vertical attacks can take down enemies since she will receive a buff in her retail hits.

Damage Boost on Debuff Hit 

Whenever Harley Quinn mains march toward enemies and place debuffs on enemies, it will make the application job a lot faster, and combined with her agile movement; it makes it even easier. 

Confetti Explosion 

The Confetti Explosion is one of their main signature perks for her, and it grants her the ability to unleash an increased number of air combos against her foes. 

Lumpy Space Punch 

Launch out air combo after air combo, which will not only hit the enemy, but every attack being hit by Harley will deal a devastating blow to opponents. 

Arya Stark 

Multiversus Arya Stark
Arya Stark

The next character on our list is Arya Stark, who is known to be one of the best Assassin units in Multiversus. For that reason alone, she should have the most versatile Multiversus Perks for combat


Starting with her signature perk, whenever it is equipped on her, she will be able to “borrow” the face of one of her enemies, and with that, she will also be able to stun down a certain amount of opponents. 

Painted Target 

Considering Arya can stun her enemies upon dealing damage to them, using Painted Target will grant her the ability to slice enemies with higher damage output. 

Lumpy Space Punch 

Arya Stark is known to be an amazing combatant at taking enemies out using her aerial battles; therefore, using Lumpy Space Punch will allow her to stay airborne while using her attacks with ease. 

Vertical Damage Boost 

As we mentioned multiple times, the perk’s main focus is on enhancing the damage of her vertical hits. 

Bugs Bunny 

Multiversus Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny

Let’s not forget one of our favorite childhood rabbits, who also happens to be a ranged character in Multiversus

Make It Rain, Dog! 

Yes, once again, the perk known as Make it Rain Dog can be used on Bugs Bunny since it will boost up the speed at which the projectile will launch and are directed at the enemies, evidently obliterating them. 


Want a higher damage number from the ranged attacks that Bugs Bunny will deal to enemies? Equip the Deadshot perk since its main focus is enhancing the ranged damage numbers. 

Comin’ Through Doc 

Blast out a shockwave, which will make enemies take in extra damage, and having a solid amount of their HP depleted, 


Multiversus Jake

The next character on our list is Jake, who is essentially another Bruiser unit! With the following Multiversus Perks in his arsenal, he can dominate his enemies! You might find our Multiversus Jake guide to be a helpful read!

Stay Limber, Dude! 

Upon using the Down Special ability, thatJake has, this perk will allow him to get back up on his feet, combine it with his aerial attacks, and continue to combo his foes. 

Lumpy Space Punch 

With the perk in hand, Jake in Multiversus will be able to have his aerial attack buffed by 5%. 

Vertical Damage Boost 

Players are advised to always plan out their attacks in a way whereby they can cause their enemies to go airborne, and if it is successfully done, they will be able to experience a damage increase of 5%. 

Second Wind Beneath Your Wings 

The last perk that Jake can use is Second Wind Beneath Your Wings, granting him the ability to cause knockback to enemies while activating his Up Special. 


Multiversus Finn

Next up, let’s discuss Finn and the potential perks that will help power him up! While we’re on the topic of discussing Finn, our Multiversus Finn guide can’t be missed out on, surely!

Speed Force Assist 

The first perk is Speed Force Assist, which will enhance their overall movement speed of Finn by a total of 4%, allowing him to move around the arena much quicker. 

Stronger Than Ever 

Anytime an ally with Going Out Of Business Perk equipped dies, they will respawn and gain a protective armor that will allow them to tank a few hits. 

Lumpy Space Punch 

Since Finn’s damage output is predicted by his aerial attacks, the perk will increase the damage being dealt to enemies. 

Going Out Of Business 

Grant extra help to your teammates who are also in the same tough battle as you by increasing their overall movement speed. If you keep feeling like your game’s KBI isn’t working, then our Multiversus KBI Tutorial Not Working error fix guide will be an optimal read!


Multiversus Batman

Last but not least, let’s finish things off with Batman, who will end up being a Bruiser unit for Multiversus players and will use the following perks! Our Batman guide will tell you the best perks as well as an overview guide on him!

Lumpy Space Punch 

Considering Batman can chain and combo up attacks that will render enemies useless, the perk will allow him to have his melee damage increased. 

Vertical Damage Boost 

Batman is really good at causing knockback to foes; therefore, equipping Vertical Damage Boost will allow him to throw back enemies vertically even more brutally. 


Equip the Deadshot perk in order to make his ranged attacks and moves absolutely devastatingly brutal. With that, we will wrap up our Multiversus Perks guide! For players that want to max out the game and its trophies, read our Multiversus Trophy Guide!

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