MultiVersus Rick And Morty: Release Date, Maps & More

Check out this guide for complete information about the release of Rick and Morty in MultiVersus along with other interesting rumors.

The rumors are spreading about the appearance of Rick and Morty soon in MultiVersus, including his grandson and other adventure companions. After the release of the news, fans are excited to see their favorite characters in the game. Some skins of Rick and Morty are also said to be leaked within the subreddit of MultiVersus.


All About Rick And Morty In MultiVersus

The developers of MultiVersus and working hard to provide a better gaming experience for the end user. They introduce several patches and updates in the game, and some of them often come with newly released characters. Just like that, rumors are spreading widely that Rick and Morty will be officially released in the game soon.

Many famous YouTubers and content creators are talking about it, and some of them have even confirmed it by leaking the gameplay and screenshots of Rick and Morty in MultiVersus. So, let’s have a discussion about the introduction of Rick and Morty in MultiVersus.

According to the leaks, Rick and Morty will be officially available in the game soon. Not only that, but they will come with tons of exciting skins and costumes. The following picture describes the first appearance of Rick in MultiVersus.

Rick And Morty
Rick in MultiVersus

As you can see from the picture, the banner of Rick gives his basic details and how he will appear in the game. The game describes him as “A nihilistic mega-genius and one of the galaxies most wanted. Earth-hailing scientist Rick Sanchez has seen just about everything reality has to offer. Nearly always accompanied by his grandson Morty, the two of them have saved the galaxy and the space/time continuum dozens of times”. The developers have introduced Rick in an excellent way by making a cool banner with a funky description.

Just like Rick, people love Morty Smith equally and wait for his appearance, but it is said that Rick will appear in the game sooner than Morty. The following picture describes the banner of Morty in MultiVersus.

Rick and Morty MultiVersus
Morty in MultiVersus

So, after collecting information from these legit sources, we can confirm that Rick and Morty will be soon released in MultiVersus. So, let’s get to know about their official release date.

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Rick And Morty Release Date In Multiversus

After introducing plenty of famous characters from different comics and tv shows, you will soon see the popular Rick and Morty characters, released on television back in 2013, in the game as well.

Talking about their confirmed appearance, Rick be officially released after August 9, when the Season 1 of MultiVersus will start, so you can say that you will be able to play with Rick in Season 1. Morty is said to be released a bit late as developers are still working on it to present a perfect output. 

Will There Be A Rick And Morty Map 

  • Leaks suggest that MultiVersus will feature a new map exclusive to Rick and Morty.
  • The map is rumored to be inspired by the official show, featuring unique elements from the Rick and Morty universe.
  • Details about the map’s design and features are yet to be officially confirmed.

Role Of Rick And Morty In MultiVersus

Morty and Rick
Rick and Morty
  • Rick is described as a Ranged character, specializing in attacking enemies from a distance.
  • Morty is categorized as a Bruiser, excelling in close-ranged combat with quick melee attacks.
  • Each character’s abilities and special moves are still under wraps, but they are expected to reflect their respective roles and personalities.
  • Rick may utilize his portal-opening abilities and potentially summon Mr. Meeseeks to assist him in battles.
  • Morty’s bruiser abilities will likely focus on heavy close-range attacks, dealing significant damage to opponents.


Rick and Morty are companions that always stay together. So, considering that in mind, the developers have assigned their roles in the game respectively. One is good in close-ranged combats, while the other dominates the battlefield through its ranged abilities. Together, Rick and Morty make a perfect combo in MultiVersus.

Rick will be equipped with a large Portal Weapon, which will enable him to distract the opponents with his portal opening abilities. He might also take assistance from Mr. Meeseeks in his fights by spawning him through opening a portal.

On the other hand, Morty may not have advanced gadgets along with him, but his Bruiser abilities will make him a deadly close-range fighter. He can assert dominance on his opponents through his quick and heavy attacks, which will deal massive damage upon a successful hit.

How Will You Access Rick And Morty In MultiVersus?

Once Rick and Morty are officially released in MultiVersus, the game will give a way of unlocking them as well. They might be free-to-play characters that are available to play just from the start, or you may have to reach a certain level to unlock them or purchase them with coins or Gleamium in Multiversus.

Either way, the true fand of Rick and Morty Show will be ready to win and unlock these characters in Multiversus. Similarly, you can also unlock their skins once you select them and advance through the game while playing with them.


This concludes our guide on Rick and Morty in MultiVersus. One thing that you should keep in mind is that these leaks are not official and not verified by the developers, so slight variations may occur, but most of the leaks released by fans are creators comes out to be true.

So, let’s wait for the official release of Rick and Morty in the game so that you can enhance your gaming experience by playing with your favorite characters. If you want detailed information on the Trophy system in MultiVersus, make sure to go through our MultiVersus Trophy Guide.

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