Multiversus Shaggy: Perks, Unlocks, Moves & Tips

In This Guide We Discuss Everything There Is To Know About Shaggy In Multiversus.

The recently released game Multiversus by Warner Bros has a wide variety of characters from different entertainment universes. The game features playable characters ranging from the DC universe to the Universe of Scooby-Doo and Cartoon Network. One of the infamous characters available in the game is the ever coward known as Shaggy or, better yet, as “Raggy”. Now, in our guide, we will be spreading light on everything that you might need to know about the Multiversus Shaggy.

Key Highlights

  • Shaggy from the MultiVersus falls in the category of Bruise Class, which allows Shaggy to be an excellent ForeFront Fighter, dealing great damage and taking hits rarely if you play Shaggy right.
  • Shaggy perks include ( One last Zoinks, Hangry Man, Last Stand, Retaliation Ready, Speed force Assist, Kryptonian Skin, Lumpy Space Punch, and Snowball Effect ).
  •  The Best Perks of Shaggy from MultiVersus are ( One last Zoinks- from Signature Perks ), ( Last Stand – from Utility Perks ), ( Kryptonian Skin – from Defensive Perks ), ( Lumpy Space Punch – from Offensive Perk ).
  • Shaggy’s Normal attacks include ( Knuckle Sandwich, Combo Meal, Power Stomp, Flurrious Feet, Like Knee Strike, Flying Slacker Smack, and  Get Down Man ).
  • The Best Normal attack among them is Power Stomp – it comes out fast, hitting both ahead and ground enemies, a great combo for both ground as well as pushing opponents back to create more space.
  • Shaggy’s Special attacks include ( Zoinks!, Chiller Instinct Kick, Power Uppercut, Like Feed The Hunger, and Like, C’mere Man ).
  • The Best Special attack among them is Like, C’mere Man – it launches Shaggy in the air and hit the ground with Full Force damaging all nearby enemies, if used in rage, it can pack a lot of damage.
  • Shaggy is considered Broken in the game right now, as he can go in Ultra Instinct mode which makes him indestructible.
    Shaggy can be equipped for Free now just by completing the in-game tutorial.

Who Is Shaggy

Shaggy In Multiversus

Now before we proceed further to the more informative part of the guide, we would like to make you understand what type of personality Shaggy has. Shaggy, or Norville Rogers, Shaggy’s real name in the Scooby Doo Series, was first introduced as a basic cowardly human who roamed around with Scooby in the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! – “What a Night for a Knight” that was officially released in 1969

Also, the only thing that he is after and has a desire for is food. However, that is not all, as Shaggy has a different background in the Multiversus.

Now, to kick things off, here is the in-game description of Shaggy, “Just a normal sandwich-munching, mystery-solving guy with the limitless power of unknown origin.”.

Furthermore, according to Multiversus, Shaggy was involved in an incident while he was exploring an old mansion with his old pal Scooby and the gang. What happened next was that Shaggy encountered a glowing crystal in the mansion and mistook it for rock candy

Naturally, the first thing that came to his mind was to consume it, and he just did that. Following a flash of brightness was blackness, and when the blackness subsided, he came to know of his newfound superhuman powers. Later he promised to use the power to perish the evil and spread the light of goodness as long as he is fed, of course.

Shaggy’s Unlockables 

Uncle Shagworthy
Uncle Shagworthy Variant Of Shaggy In Multiversus

Up next, we will list all of the unlockables that can be acquired for Shaggy in Multiversus. The list will include all of the costumes, cosmetic upgrades, and even the emotes. Also, for your ease, we will mention the cost and a brief description. In total, there are currently six unlockables for Shaggy, and they are as the following:

  • Space Kook: It is a profile icon that can be unlocked through the completion of Tier 1 of the Free Batlle Pass.
  • Uncle Shagworthy: It is a special variant of Shaggy that can be unlocked by completing the Tier 1 of the Premium Battle Pass.
  • Announcer Pack: The Shaggy Announcer Pack can be obtained by spending a mere 100 Gleamium.
  • Cry: It is a crying sticker emote for Shaggy that can be acquired by spending 150 Gleamium.
  • Shirt Rip: It is a taunting emote that can be obtained by purchasing it for 500 Gleamium.
  • Space Kook VFX: It is a Ring out VFX that can be purchased for an astounding 1200 Gleamium.

Shaggy’s Mastery Level Rewards

Now, we will be listing all of the Mastery Level rewards that you can acquire through leveling up Multiversus Shaggy. Also, we will like to inform you that the list will be starting from level 2 as level 1 is the default level. The Mastery Level rewards are:

  • Level 2: You earn the perk Lumpy Space Punch
  • Level 3: You receive 5 Toast
  • Level 4: You obtain the perk Kryptonian Skin
  • Level 5: You are rewarded with 100 Gold
  • Level 6: You are blessed with the Equip Ally Perks perk
  • Level 7: You earn another perk by the name of Last Stand
  • Level 8: You earn the One Last Zoinks signature perk
  • Level 9: You obtain the Perk Training perk
  • Level 10: Another signature perk named Hangry Man
  • Level 11: Earn the Snowball Effect perk
  • Level 12: Retaliation Ready perk acquired this time
  • Level 13: Another perk called the Speed Force Assist
  • Level 14: The Shaggy Profile Icon is unlocked
  • Level 15: Lastly, you are rewarded with the Shaggy Wins Badge

All Perks For Shaggy

All Of Shaggy’s Perks In Multiversus

Next, we will be listing one of the most crucial things in the game. We will be doing this by grouping each of the perks in a category where they are most effectively used. The groups that we will be categorizing the perks in are:

  • Offensive Perks
  • Defensive perks
  • Utility Perks
  • Signature Perks

Offensive Perks

  • Lumpy Space Punch: The perk allows your team to deal 5% extra damage through melee attacks in the air.
  • Snowball Effect: The perk blesses your team with additional 7% damage against the strongest fighter of the opposition. By the strongest, we mean the one that deals the most damage.

Defensive Perks

  • Kryptonian Skin: By activating this defensive perk, your team will take 4% reduced damage from all types of attacks.

Utility Perks

  • Last Stand: Through the Last Stand perk, your team will deal 10% more damage after you reach 100 damage.
  • Retaliation Ready: The perk will grant your team 3 gray health for 3 seconds after you knock back opponents using a projectile.
  • Speed Force Assist: The perk blesses your team with a 4% increase in movement speed.

Signature Perks

  • One Last Zoinks: Through the One Last Zoinks perk, Shaggy receives the rage ability automatically after passing 100 damage.
  • Hangry Man: The perk allows Shaggy to consume his sandwich so that he can quickly charge his rage. However, the condition is that Shaggy should have a sandwich equipped.

Shaggy’s Attacks And Abilities

Shaggy’s Attacks In Multiversus

Now moving onwards to probably the most anticipated section of our guide on Multiversus Shaggy. In this section, we will be covering all of Shaggy’s attacks, including the normal attacks, special attacks, and passive abilities

Normal Attacks

Knuckle Sandwich: A powerful charging punch that deals a lot of damage. Also, while charging the attack, Shaggy has impenetrable armor. It is executed through neutral input.

Combo Meal: A powerful combo of punches that is concluded with a headbutt to the face and executed through side input.

Like, Overhead Swing!: A charged overhead swing that is a useful attack. It can be executed through the up input.

Power Stomp: A powerful charging Armored Stomp that can break an enemy’s armor. After attacking an enemy, press the input again to combo the move into a clap attack that applies a slow effect on the foes. Now, to be able to execute the attack, you will have to input the down input.

Flurrious Feet: Shaggy performs a flurry of kicks downwards on the enemy multiple times that can be performed through the air neutral input.

Like, Knee Strike: A forward dashing knee attack that can astonishingly also be charged to power it up. The attack can be executed through the air side input.

Flying Slacker Smack: A smack swing attack from above that is performed by Shaggy through the aerial up input.

Get Down Man: A classic two-handed pounding strike from the air to pummel your enemies into the ground through the air down input.

Special Attacks

Zoinks!:  Can be charged to build up Shaggy’s rage, and after it is fully charged, Shaggy achieves the raged state and applies enraged to his allies. Additionally, he also drops a Scooby Snack that heals the fighter who picks it up. 

Also, if Shaggy is in the rage state, then he will dash to the nearest ally to enrage him and release an energy blast. The move can be executed through the neutral input.

Chiller Instinct Kick: Shaggy performs a forward flying kick. It is performed through the side input.

Power Uppercut: Shaggy performs an upward flying uppercut that can also hit the opponent multiple times if performed in a raged state. The move is performed through the up input.

Like, Feed The Hunger: In his raged state, Shaggy’s sandwich will grow bigger and do more damage if he has it equipped. Alternatively, the attack turns into a slam attack if no sandwich is equipped by Shaggy. The attack is performed through the down input.

Like, C’mere Man: Shaggy is launched upwards and hits the ground at full force to gain armor and deal damage to the nearby enemies. In the raged state, he will create a shockwave projectile attack that hits multiple times. And if he is holding a sandwich, then he uses the sandwich as a projectile. The attack, in any case, can be executed through the air down input.

Passive Abilities

The Passive Abilities for the Multiversus Shaggy are:

  • It’s Like Of The Charts: Shaggy’s raged special attacks hit harder, move further, grant armor, and apply maximum stacks of Weakened effect on the enemies. However, the rage is consumed after an attack.
  • Enraged allies will apply maximum stacks of the Weakened effect on their next hit. However, the enraged state is fully consumed in the process.
  • Shaggy will always spawn with a sandwich in his hand.

Best Strategies And Combos For Shaggy

Raged State
Shaggy’s Powerful Raged State In Multiversus

Up till now as we have established that Shaggy is a Bruiser class character in Multiversus. So it is best for him to get up close and personal in a fight with his foes. However, we also have established that most of his attacks are normal melee attacks except the Like, Feed The Hunger, which is a projectile attack.

However, Shaggy does excel in some form as he can charge up his raged state and perform his special attacks that are much more effective and useful now due to his raged state. This ability to charge up rage is a unique and effective skill.

Also, his attack in his raged state applies the Weakened effect, which makes the enemy more vulnerable to attacks and knockback. So use his Power Uppercut or Like, C’mere Man special attacks in a combo as they hit the enemies multiple times in the raged state.

Furthermore, due to his abilities, he can even enrage his allies, which will affect the enemies with the Weakenend effect, again making them a sitting duck without protection. So the best strategy to use Shaggy effectively is to ensure that you apply as much Weakened effect on the enemies as possible, as this will help you get out of sticky situations.


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With this, we bring our guide on Multiversus Shaggy guide to a conclusion. In the guide, we fully discussed Shaggy’s background, attacks, unlockables, perks, and more. We hope that the guide was helpful in any way possible. And if you feel that we missed something in the guide, please let us know through the comment section below.

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