Multiversus Steven Universe: Perks, Skins, Abilities & More

This guide discusses all the best perks, combos and attacks for Steven Universe in MultiVersus.

Steven Quartz Universe

Steven Universe promo image.You might know Steven from the famous Cartoon Network shows Steven Universe. Steven Universe is a Gem-human hybrid. He was raised by a trio of Gems hiding in far corners of the Earth.

Key Takeaways
  • Steven is a Gem-human hybrid that can be unlocked by purchasing founder perks, earning gold or buying Gelanium.
  • Steven Universe Perks in Multiversus will add additional move sets and skills to your chosen character.
  • Bounce Bubble is our pick for a Signature perk for Steven Universe in Multiversus.
  • Shield Stepper has multiple purposes making it one of the most tactically advantageous attacks of Steven Universe in Multiversus. The final purpose of this special attack is that it can also act as a mid-air platform.
  • Steven plants a seed on the ground, and any ally that stands over it will regain health, including yourself.
  • Ground Smash and Bubble Shield Combo is a great combo for stun locking your enemies and after you have stun locked your enemy you can use any of your strongest attacks to knock him/her out of the arena.

It wasn’t until his teenage years that Steven started realizing his potential as a hero. Steven is highly optimistic, has a big heart for others, and can always be relied on to save the day from dangers that plague planet Earth via his incredible Gem powers.

Here’s a quick build summary for Steven Universe’s: 

PerksNormal AttacksSpecial AttacksPasive AbilitiesStatisticsCombos
Triple Jump, Collateral Damage, Slippery
Customer, Bounce Bubble, Green Thumb,
Ice To Beat You!, Absorb ‘n’ Go, Up, Up,
and A-Slay, Equipping Allies Perks
Spiky Bubble, Pop!, Bubble
Swarm, Shield Breaker, Spiky
Uppercut, Bubble Clap!,
Blockade, Bubble Slam!
Bubble Boy, Shield
Wall, Activated,
Shield Stepper,
Watermelon Steven, Go
Mobility: 4/10
Damage: 5/10
Ranged: 3/10
Support: 7/10
Ground Smash And Bubble Shield Combo
Ground Smash To Air Combo

How To Unlock Steven Universe In Multiversus?

When you start MultiVersus, you will first notice that some of the characters in the roster are locked. These locked can characters can be unlocked in multiple ways, either by grinding or using real money. 

So before we dive into the best perks, combos, and skills used by Steven, we need to unlock him first. There are three methods you can use to unlock Steven Universe in MultiVersus.

Purchasing Founders Pack

Founder Packs are basically like mystery boxes. Upon opening a Founders Pack, you will receive multiple character tokens. The character depicted on the token is the one you will receive.

There are various types of Founders Pack in MultiVersus. The smallest one contains 15 character tokens, while the biggest one contains 30 character tokens. Purchasing the biggest Founders Pack will unlock nearly all the available game characters.

Keep in mind that Founders Packs can only be purchased using real money.

Earning Gold

The second method for unlocking Steven Universe in MultiVersus is what most people will opt for. Obviously, you have to be prepared for a lot of grinds since it is the free method of unlocking Steven.

Steven Universe can be unlocked for 3,000 Gold MultiVersus. Gold in Multiverses can be earned in multiple ways. The first is by participating in public matches, completing rounds, winning, and leveling up. This will let you earn up to 350 Gold.

Upon losing, you will still receive gold, although in a very low amount. Gold earned after losing matches can range from 40 to 100 Gold, which depends on factors like how many rounds were played and how many levels were earned.

Furthermore, you can also earn gold by completing missions in MultiVersus. Doing the introductory missions will fetch you 2000 Gold. While it may not be enough to purchase Steven Universe in MultiVersus, it will bring you almost 65% closer to your target.

Buying Gleamium

Gleamium is the in-game currency used to unlock any character in MultiVersus. It will cost less than buying a Founders Pack if you want to unlock a specific character only, making it overall less risky than Founders Pack.

For Steven Universe, you should expect a price of roundabout 720 Gleamium. You can also buy Gleamium in bundles, where the price is decreased the more units you buy.

Steven Universe Perks

Perks in MultiVersus will add additional move sets and skills to your chosen character. There are four types of perks in MultiVersus named Signature, Utility, Defense, and Offense.

  • Utility: These perks increase non-damaging attributes like movement speed.
  • Offense: These perks increase your damage output.
  • Defense: Defense perks raise your defense stat and help you stay alive longer.
  • Signature: These are special abilities that are unique to every character. Depending on the character, you can pick from two or three signature perks.

Different perks will have different effects on Steven, so it is recommended that you keep experimenting with the perks you unlock to make him compatible with your play style. Perks can be further enhanced through stacking. Stacking basically means that you and your ally are equipped with the same perk. It enhances the overall output or the function of the perk.

Below, we will discuss all the perks you can unlock for Steven Universe in MultiVersus.

Triple Jump

  • Perk Type: Utility
  • Unlocked at: Tier 2

Triple Jump allows you to jump three times, as is evident from the name. Though, you will need to hit the enemy in the air to perform the third jump.

Despite the fact that Triple Jump isn’t directly related to any of Steven’s combo, this is still one of the best skills of MultiVersus and one we recommend. With Triple Jump equipped, you can land additional punches on your opponents, or you can use it to evade your enemies.

Collateral Damage

  • Perk Type: Offense
  • Unlocked at: Tier 4

Collateral Damage allows your team to deal one additional damage to enemies who collide with the walls or the floor when knocked back.

At stacked, the perk is enhanced to 2 additional damage.

Slippery Customer

  • Perk Type: Defense
  • Unlocked at: Tier 7

Slippery Customer basically increases the I-frames of both you and your team. With this perk equipped, your team’s dodge invulnerability window is increased by 10%

While stacked, the invulnerability window is increased by 15% for both you and your team.

Bounce Bubble

  • Perk Type: Signature
  • Unlocked at: Tier 8

Bounce Bubble increases the duration of hit stun and escalates the velocity of enemies after they get hit by Steven’s walls or platform Shields.

Bounce Bubble is our pick for a Signature perk for Steven Universe in MultiVersus. The perk works very well with the abilities Steven has. Additional boosts with this perk equipped will increase your attack capabilities, which in turn will boost your launch velocity when you or your teammates land a hit on your opponents, keeping them in a combo chain for far longer.

Green Thumb

  • Perk Type: Signature
  • Unlocked at: Tier 10

This skill allows Watermelon Steven to grow big and deal more damage the longer it remains on the battlefield.

Ice To Beat You!

  • Perk Type: Offense
  • Unlocked at: Tier 11

One stack of ice debuff is dealt to enemies every time they are knocked back by the projectiles of you or your teammates.

At stacked, the stack of ice debuff is increased to 2. Ice to Beat You! perk is our choice for the offense perk. While having it stacked, Steven can make use of the perk to keep the opponents locked down in a fight.

Absorb ‘n’ Go

  • Perk Type: Defense
  • Unlocked at: Tier 12

Absorb ‘n’ Go Allows decreases your ability cooldown to 7% every time your team gets knocked back by the enemy.

At stacked, the ability cooldown is further reduced by 15% for your whole team.

Up, Up, and A-Slay

  • Perk Type: Offense
  • Unlocked at: Tier 13

This perk increases your team’s damage dealt to enemies who are knocked back upwards. The damage is increased by 5%, and at stacked, the damage dealt is increased to 10%.

Up, Up, and A-Slay is our final perk recommendation for Steven Universe in MultiVersus. The perk synergizes quite well with Steven, and if you have a vertical fighter in your team, it’s even better. Steven’s upward attacks and bubble shields can launch enemies upwards, which allows you to deal additional damage with the “Up, Up and Slay “perk equipped.

Equipping Allies Perks

The ability to put ally’s perks in your own slot is unlocked at Tier 6. This mechanic can give a lot of room for experimentation because now you have a plethora of perks to choose from.

The perks you unlock through Steven may not necessarily be the best for him. So, it is always advised to use the perks of your other characters on him as well.

Steven Universe’s Skins And Emotes

You can switch between two skins, and three emotes of Steven Universe in MultiVersus.

Coach Steven

Skin 1
Steven in Coach Steven outfit.

“Coach Steven” outfit is based on Steven’s outfit from Steven Universe’s episode 20 of the first season titled “Coach Steven”.

This outfit can be purchased for 500 Gleamium. Have trouble obtaining Gleamium? Worry not, read our guide on how to get Gleamium in MultiVersus and unlock “Coach Steven” Skin of Steven Universe in MultiVersus.

Tiger Millionaire

Skin 2
Steven in Tiger Millionaire outfit.

This outfit originated from Steven Universe’s episode 9 of the first season titled “Tiger Millionaire”.

It’s currently not available for purchase, but more information on its sale will be revealed soon.

Smiling at Cookie Cat Ice Cream (Default Emote)

Emote 1
Default emote for Steven Universe in MultiVrsus.

Smiling at a Cookie Ice Cream is the default emote for Steven Universe in MultiVersus and is available for free. This emote is a reference to Steven’s love for cat cookies.

Starstruck (Emote 2)

Emote 2
A starstruck Steven.

Starstruck is an unlockable emote for Steven Universe. It can be unlocked by reaching Tier 9 in Premium Preseason Battle Pass. This emote is a reference to Steven’s Starstruck expression he makes in the title sequence of Steven Universe.

Wipe Gem

Emote 3
Steven touching the gem on his belly.

Wipe Gem is currently unavailable for Steven Universe in MultiVersus, but the announcement for it is near. This emote is a reference to Steven’s Rose Quartz gemstone.

Steven (Profile Icon)

The profile icon of Steven Universe is unlocked after reaching Tier 14 with Steven Universe in MultiVersus.

Steven Universe’s Attacks & Abilities In MultiVersus

Steven Universe can perform numerous attacks on the ground and while airborne. The attacks are divided into Special Attacks and Normal Attacks. In addition to that, each character in MultiVersus has a passive ability as well, which is only unique to them.

Normal Attacks

The list of Normal Attacks Steven Universe can perform in MultiVersus are listed below.

Spiky Bubble

  • Move: Neutral + Attack (Ground)
  • Hold the buttons to charge and unleash a spiky bubble punch. This attack also applies bubble debuff to your enemies also known as Rose’s Gaze.


  • Move:  Neutral + Attack (Air)
  • Charge and cast forth an explosive gem projectile. The longer you charge, the larger the explosion will be.

Bubble Swarm

  • Move:  Side + Attack (Ground)
  • This attack allows you to unleash a combo of bubble punches.

Shield Breaker

  • Move:  Side + Attack (Air)
  • Shield Breaker allows you to reflect all incoming enemy projectiles. This attack also bounces him back on hit.

Spiky Uppercut

  • Move:  Up + Attack (Ground)
  • Hold the buttons to charge and break your opponent’s jaw by unleashing a spiky bubble uppercut attack.

Bubble Clap!

  • Move:  Up + Attack (Air)
  • Bubble Clap will let you perform a bubble clap overhead to keep your enemies at bay.


  • Move:  Down + Attack (Ground)
  • The blockade is one of Steven Universe’s strongest moves in MultiVersus. Hold down the buttons to charge and cast a gem barrier, knocking all the nearby enemies away. This attack will not only break the enemy’s armors but will also destroy all incoming projectiles.

Bubble Slam!

  • Move:  Down + Attack (Air)
  • If you use the same keys airborne you used for the blockade on the ground, Steven will do a bubble slam downward.

Special Attacks

Special attacks are extraordinarily powerful attacks characters in MultiVersus can do. These attacks have a high potential of knocking out weak opponents as well, as they can be used to chain combos. So these attacks should be used wisely.

Bubble Boy

Special 1
Steven’s Bubble Boy attack

Move:  Neutral + Special (Ground or Air)

The special attack Bubble Boy will let steven fire a bolt that gets attached to a platform and is joined to him by a beam of energy. After a while, the beam will explode and damage all enemies standing on the beam.

This explosion will also put a bubble debuff on your enemies. A number will appear on your enemy’s head, indicating how much bubble effect remains on them. Hit your enemies enough times with your debuffing bubble attacks, and they will get trapped in a bubble.

Unlike Superman‘s freezing debuff, you won’t be able to damage your enemies while they are trapped in a bubble. The debuff will only keep them out of action for a while.

Shield Wall, Activated

Special 2
Steven Universe Shield Wall attack.

Move:  Side + Special (Ground or Air)

It’s a projectile attack that you can charge up. The longer you charge it, the farther it travels. The projectile has a second phase as well.

Once the projectile hits the enemies, it will not only damage them but will also transform into a purple shield. The shield can block all incoming attacks as well as grant armor to every ally that passes through it.

The catch to this special attack is that you cannot just spam it all the time. The reason is the cooldown. If you press Side + Special while the attack is on a cooldown, Steven will do a dash kick attack instead.

Shield Stepper

Special 3
Steven Universe doing the Shield Stepper attack.

Move:  Up+ Special(Ground or Air)

Shield Stepper has multiple purposes making it one of the most tactically advantageous attacks of Steven Universe in MultiVersus.

Steven spawns a shield overhead which deals damage to all nearby enemies. The shield can also be used to block all incoming aerial attacks. So it will protect not only steven but also any ally that is standing beneath him.

The final purpose of this special attack is that it can also act as a mid-air platform. The platform can be used by both steven and his teammates.

Watermelon Steven, Go

Special 4
Watermelon Steve attack his opponents

Move:  Down+ Special(Ground)

Watermelon Steven is also another great multipurpose attack that steven can use. Steven plants a seed on the ground, and any ally that stands over it will regain health, including yourself.

After a while, the seed will transform into a smaller clone of steven, resembling a watermelon who will attack enemies on his own.

X-Treme Moves

Special 5
Steven doing his X-Treme moves attack

Move:  Down+ Special(Air)

Obviously, you cannot grow seeds in the air, so that this move will have a different effect on-air as compared to the ground. Steven casts forth a snowboard beneath him and when he lands on it, the snowboard allows him to slide forward or backward.

If you happen to hit any enemy during the surfing, Steven will bounce in the air while damaging the enemies, and doing a Down+Special here again will let him perform a diving kick to deal extra damage to his enemies.

Passive Abilities

Passive abilities are basically unique advantages each Multiversus character has. These abilities are unlocked from the start and require no activation.

Unbreakable Bonds

If you press dodge and hold it down, steven will create a bubble, not only around him but also around his allies. The bubble acts as a shield, keeping you and your allies out of harm for three attacks.

Keep in mind that the number of times the shield is hit is shared between you and your teammates. Furthermore, the shield will also break all armor-breaking attacks. Overall with this ability, you can provide incredible support to your allies making it one of the best passive skills of MultiVersus.

Combos For Steven Universe

Now that you may know about all Normal and Special Attacks of Steven, there is still the problem of how to utilize them effectively in combat.

Below we have listed 2 of the best combos for Steven which can obliterate your enemies.

Ground Smash And Bubble Shield Combo

It is a great combo for stun locking your enemies and after you have stun locked your enemy you can use any of your strongest attacks to knock him/her out of the arena.

The combo itself may look very easy here, but it requires great control over your character. To pull off the combo a lot of patience and practice will be required

Input: High Jump -> Aerial Down + Attack -> Hold Dodge

Ground Smash To Air Combo

Compared to Ground Smash and Bubble Sheild Combo this one is relatively easier and simpler. Ground Smash to Air Combo is a great combo that cannot only be used for building damage but also for setup a shield in the arena which acts as a platform

The shield platform can be used to chain up more attacks eventually which will help you in getting ring-outs.

Input: Aerial Down + Attack  ->  Up + Attack -> Up +  Special -> Aerial Up + Attack

Tips For Steven Universe In MultiVersus

Steven Universe is a ‘support’ character in MultiVersus.Meaning he is more specialized at providing backup to his allies than being on the frontlines by himself. This should come as no surprise since most of Steven’s abilities are comprised of projectiles and shields.

So instead of confronting enemies head-on, use your shields to guard your allies and help them stay out of danger. That still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t utilize any of Steven’s projectiles. As mentioned above the projectiles cause bubble debuff on your enemies which can eventually render them useless for a while.

With that, our guide for Steven Universe in MultiVersus is concluded. Let us know what you like about Steven Universe in the comments below.

MultiVersus is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows.

Other Game Tips

The rights to Cartoon Network’s characters are owned by Warner Bros., so naturally, CN’s most popular characters in their latest brawling game shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. In today’s guide, we will be discussing all you need to know about Steven Universe in MultiVersus.

MultiVersus is the latest brawling game developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros, Interactive Entertainment. This game is filled with all kinds of crazy crossovers you may or may not have thought of.MultiVersus takes a lot of inspiration from Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. franchise.

The roster of MultiVersis is wild. Superhero characters from Batman, Harley Quinn, and Superman to characters from cartoons like Finn, Tom & Jerry, Taz, and Jake can all be found in the same fighting game. This is what makes MultiVersus stand out from its competitors.

Since MultiVersus is a new game connection and server issues are to be expected. Lately, a lot of users have reported on a connection issue, and luckily we have a guide for that. So be sure to check out our guide on Online not working in MultVersus and dive right into the action.

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