Multiversus Superman: Perks, Skins, & Abilities

The guide discusses all you need to know about the abilities, perks, skins and tips for Superman in MultiVersus.

Superman originally belonged to the planet of Krypton. After disaster struck his home world, his parents sent him into space via rocket, and he ended up landing on Earth.

Key Takeaways
  • Superman is an offensive tank-class character.
  • He has various perks, including Triple Jump, Kryptonian skin, Wildcat Brawler, Flaming Re-Entry, Sniper Punch, Last Stand, Break the Ice, and Clear the Air.
  • His special attacks include Ice Breath, Locomotive Charge, Ten Ton Tackle, Meteor Liftoff, Go Long, and Heat Vision.
  • Unlock Superman by earning Gold in matches and missions or purchasing Gleamium and Founders Packs.

Here’s a build summary for Superman: 

PerkNormal AttacksSpecial AttacksPassive AbilityStatisticsCombos
Clear The Air, Break The
Ice, Last Stand, Sniper
Punch, Flaming Re-Entry,
Wildcat brawler, Kryptonian
Skin, Triple Jump
Falling Haymaker, Downward
Swing, Up And Away,
Overhead Strike,Flying Swing,
Kryptonian Combo, Bullet
Barrage, Super Punch
Heat Vision, Locomotive
Charge, Ice Breath, Go
Long!, Meteor Liftoff,
Ten Ton Tackle
To The Skies!Mobility: 8/10
Damage: 6/10
Ranged: 5/10
Support: 4/10
Closing Down Upwards Attack
Ground Pound Combo
Knockback Combo
High Damage Ring-Out Combo

Superman Perks

Superman stats with signature abilities are displayed on the left

Triple Jump

Perk Type: Utility

Unlocked at: Tier 2

As the name suggests, this ability basically lets you jump three times. To perform the third jump, you need to hit the enemy in mid-air.

Kryptonian Skin 

  • Perk Type: Defense
  • Unlocked at: Tier 4

Kryptonian Skin reduces the damage taken by your team. The damage taken is reduced by 4%, and at stacked, the incoming damage is reduced by 6%.

Wildcat brawler 

  • Perk Type: Offense
  • Unlocked at: Tier 7

Wildcat brawler raises the overall offense of your team. The damage dealt to your enemies is increased by 5%.Before reading further, consider reading our guide on how to toast in MultiVersus and learn about its importance.

Flaming Re-Entry

  • Perk Type: Signature
  • Unlocked at: Tier 8

Flaming Re-Entry allows you to leave a firewall on the ground after performing leap attacks.

Sniper Punch

  • Perk Type: Signature
  • Unlocked at: Tier 10

Sniper Punch extends Superman’s aim punch range. This perk increases the damage and knockback dealt to your opponents from aim punch. The damage dealt by aim punch is also increased at long distances. Similarly, the damage and knockback by aim punch are decreased at close quarters.

Last Stand

  • Perk Type: Utility
  • Unlocked at: Tier 11

The last stand allows your team to deal 10% more damage after reaching 100 damage. Similarly, at stacked, the damage dealt is increased by 10% after reaching 90 damage.

Break The Ice

  • Perk Type Signature
  • Unlocked at: Tier 12

Break the ice allows Superman to deal additional damage to enemies debuffed by ice. The scaling of damage is tied to stacks of ice.

Clear The Air

  • Perk Type: Defense
  • Unlocked at: Tier 13

This perk allows you and your team to destroy enemy projectiles after neutral dodging the projectiles. At stacked, the enemy projectiles are reversed after neutral dodging.

Superman’s Attacks & Abilities 

Each character in Multiversus has a set of skills and attacks. They are divided into Normal attacks, Special attacks, and Passive abilities. Furthermore, special and normal attacks of Superman are divided into ground and aerial attacks.

Normal Attacks

Following is a list of Normal attacks Superman can perform while on the ground or in midair

Super Punch

Move: Neutral + Attack (Ground)

Super Punch is a charged forward punch covered in armor. This attack also consumes a small amount of defensive meter.

Bullet Barrage

Move: Side + Attack (Ground)

Bullet Barrage allows you to unleash a rapid three-punch attack.

Kryptonian Combo

Move: Side + Attack (Ground)

Kryptonian Combo allows you to unleash a barrage of rapid punches.

Flying Swing

Move: Side + Attack (Air)

Flying Swing is a charged-up forward swing attack.

Overhead Strike

Move : Up + Attack (Ground)

Overhead Strike is a charged hammer swing attack that is aimed upwards hitting the enemy’s jaw. Using this attack will deplete a portion of your defensive bar.

Up And Away

Move: Up + Attack (Air)

Superman will perform a charged-up uppercut while airborne.

Downward Swing

Move: Down+ Attack (Ground)

Unleash a charged Downward swing attack that will break the enemy’s armor. This attack consumes a small amount of Defensive meter.

Falling Haymaker

Move: Down+ Attack (Air)

Falling Haymaker will let you unleash a downward arching punch while in mid-air.

Special Attacks

Special Attacks are extraordinary and unique that characters in Multiversus can pull off. Following are Superman’s special attacks in Multiverses:

Ice Breath

Special 1
Superman producing Ice Breath in MultiVersus

Move: Neutral + Special (Ground or Air)

Ice Breath allows Superman to produce a frosty breath. This will build up ice debuff on enemies and will eventually freeze enemies in their place.

Performing Ice Breath while airborne will slow Superman’s fall for a short period of time. The rest of the functionality of Ice Breath remains the same in the air.

Locomotive Charge 

Special 2
Superman dashing towards an enemy

Move: Side + Special (Ground)

Locomotive Charge is a dash attack where Superman lunges toward his enemies and delivers a powerful blow. What makes this attack very unique is that if your charge up, a small cursor will appear around Superman, which will allow him to dash in the direction you want.

Ten Ton Tackle

Special 2 (Air)
Superman is performing his Ten Ton Tackle ability.

Move: Side + Special (Air)

Ten Ton Tackle is quite different from Locomotive Charge because while airborne, you don’t have a cursor to move and dash towards your desired position. Instead, when charging up in mid-air Superman will move sideways. The longer you hold the buttons, the longer he will continue to fly.

Meteor Liftoff

Special 3
Superman, while having his enemy grabbed

Move: Up + Special (Ground)

Landing this move on enemies can be a bit tricky and will require a lot of practice, but once you get the hang of it, it will make you unstoppable. After charging up for a while, Superman will launch up in the air and dive back into the ground.

Go Long!

Special 3 ( Air)
Superman lunging upwards while having his enemy grabbed

Move: Up + Special (Air)

In the attack, Superman will lunge upwards, making a grabbing motion. If Superman grabs anyone, he will break their armor and throw them in the direction you want.

Heat Vision

Special 4
Superman using Heat Vision

Move: Down + Special ( Ground or Air)

One of Superman’s most iconic moves is his Heat Vision, which lets him produce red lasers from his eyes. With this attack, Superman creates a small path on the ground with his ground, and the path then catches fire dealing damage to anyone who comes near it.


Superman’s Combos 

. Below are some of Superman’s best combos that will help you dominate your opponents.

Closing Down Upwards Attack Combo

  • Input on PlayStation: X button, left stick down + triangle button, left stick up + square button, X button, left stick up + square button
  • Input on Xbox: A button, left stick down + Y button, left stick up + X button, A button, left stick up + X button
  • Input on PC: Space, S key + K key, W key + J key, space, W key + J key

Ground Pound Combo

  • Input on PlayStation: X button, left stick down + triangle button, left stick down + square button, left stick down + square button
  • Input on Xbox: A button, left stick down + Y button, left stick down + X button, left stick down + X button
  • Input on PC: Space, S key + K key, S key + J key, S key + J key

Knockback Combo 

  • Input on PlayStation: Left stick side + square button, square button, left stick down + triangle button, X button, left stick side + triangle button
  • Input on Xbox: Left stick side + X button, X button, left stick down + Y button, A button, left stick side + Y button
  • Input on PC: A/D key + J key, J key, S key + K key, space, A/D key + K key

High Damage Ring-Out Combo

  • Input on PlayStation: X button, X button, left stick down + triangle button, left stick up + square button
  • Input on Xbox: A button, A button, left stick down + Y button, left stick up + X button
  • Input on PC: Space, space, S key + K key, W key + J key

Tips And Strategies For Superman In MultiVersus

  • Superman is a versatile tank character in MultiVersus, excelling in both ground and aerial combat.
  • Ice Breath is a handy ability with a short cooldown, offering decent range for attacks.
  • Use Heat Vision from the air to pressure opponents and limit their options.
  • Exploit frozen opponents to eject them from the arena.
  • Moves like Ten-Ton-Tackle and Go Long! are effective for eliminating enemies near the blast zone and disrupting the opposing team.

Final Words

The highlight of MutiVersus is its roster, which includes both fan favorites and iconic characters from various IPs of Warner Bros. The roster includes Batman, Harley Quinn, LeBron James, and Reindog, to name a few. Additionally, characters you might know from different Cartoon Network shows like Taz, Tom & Jerry, Finn, and Jake are here as well. Speaking of characters, also check out our rankings of characters in our MultiVersus Tier List.

The roster doesn’t end here because there have also been rumors going around about Rick & Morty joining the MultiVersus as well. This means that Warner Bros. certainly plans on expanding its roster and including more fan favorites. For more on its confirmed and leaked roster, be sure to check out the guide on MultiVersus Current and Leaked Heros.

This concludes our guide on moves, perks, cosmetics, and tips for Multiverses Superman. Let us know what you think about our guide in the comments below.

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