Multiversus Taz: Best Perks, Combos, & Moves

 Our detailed guide has everything you need to know about Taz, his abilities and attacks as well as the combos he can perform in Multiversus.

Taz, also known as the “Tasmanian Devil,” is one of the several characters from Looney Tunes. He is considered one of the wildest and the most random character in the series. Taz has an undying love for food and possesses an insatiable appetite. Finn in Multiversus is another great early-game character to go for.
Key Takeaways
  • Taz is a character from the Looney Tunes series known for his insatiable appetite and ability to use the Tornado Spin.
  • In Multiversus, Taz is a highly effective character with great perks and an easy-to-master playstyle.
  • He has a variety of unlockable cosmetics and variants available in Multiversus, including an Announcer Pack, display icon, character badge, and emote.
  • Taz has a range of offense, defense, utility, and signature perks available in Multiversus, including Percussive Power Punch and Snowball Effect.
  • He has a variety of combos and moves available in Multiversus including the Swallow Dive, Power Punch, and Tornado Spin.
  • In Multiversus, Taz is a capable fighter that can be teamed with other characters for even greater combat effectiveness; he is a strong character in the 1V1 and 2V2 modes.

Taz In Multiversus

Taz in Multiversus
Offense PerksDefense Perks Utility Perks Signature Perks StatisticsAttacks
Percussive Power Punch
Snowball Effect
That’s (Not) All Folks!
Absorb ‘n’ Go
School Me Once
Tasmanian Trigonometry
Hit Me If You Are Able
Iron Stomach
I Gotta Get In There
Mobility: 7/10
Damage: 7/10
Ranged: 3/10
Support: 3/10
Soup’s On, Slam Wich, Well
Seasoned, Stomp Stomp Stomp!,
Sunder Down Under, Chew Em
Up, Spit Em Out, Dogpile! Dogpile!,
Taz-Nado, You Spit What You Eat

Taz is famous for the Tornado Spin, which lets him destroy anything he touches. Even though he was originally meant to be somewhat scary, he ended up receiving a lot of love and eventually got his own spinoff show called the Taz-mania. 

In Multiversus, Taz is no different and is actually considered one of the best characters in the game. Moreover, he has great perks and an easy-to-master playstyle. He also has some of the best combos in Multiversus, and he can do great in the 1V1 and 2V2 modes. Taz is just as powerful as Harley Quinn.

Taz Costumes And Unlockables In Multiversus  

In the Beta testing version of Multiversus, Taz had no cosmetic items or skins. However, with the official release of the game and multiple updates, there are a lot of options to choose from. Using Gleamium, you can upgrade Tazin Multiversus. 

cosmetics and variants of taz in Multiversus
Variants of Taz in Multiversus

Below is the list of all the cosmetic items and unlockables of Taz in Multiversus.  

Item Details Unlock Method/Gleamium Required 
That’s All Folks! Ring Out Vfx To unlock it, you need to complete The Premium Preseason Battle Pass of Tier 2 in Multiversus. 
Taz The Announcer Pack It can be unlocked by spending 100 Gleamium. 
Food Time Display Icon The item can Be unlocked by reaching Mastery Level 14 of Taz 
Taz Badge Character Badge To unlock this item, you need to reach Mastery Level 15 of Taz 
She Devil Howl Emote Taunt Emote Of Taz Using 350 Gleamium, you can unlock the emote for Taz in Multiversus  
Beach Comber Taz  Variant The variant can be unlocked using 500 Gleamium 

Taz Perks

Perks are an important part of Multiversus, and Taz possesses some of the best ones in the game. In order to unlock the perks, you will need to progress in Taz’s Mastery Track and gain experience points in Multiversus.  

Character Equipment in Multiversus

It is to be noted that unlocking a certain character’s Perks will make it significantly cheaper to purchase than the Train Perks of another character. However, Signature Perks cannot be unlocked for other characters as they are character exclusive.

In the Open Beta Version of the game, the perks of Taz were significantly stronger; however, they have been nerfed ever since the official release of Multiversus. Following is a list of all the Offense, Defense, Utility, and Signature perks. 

Offense Perks 

Following are all the perks used by Taz’s offense. 

Percussive Power Punch

Unlock Requirement: Reach the Mastery Level 2 with Taz. 

When the Perk is activated, your allies will deal about a 5% increase in damage for the attacks that are capable of knocking back enemies in a horizontal way. 

Snowball Effect 

Unlock Requirement: Reaching the Mastery Level 11 for Taz. 

The Snowball Effect increases the damage of about 7% of your team. However, you can only attack the fighter of the enemy team that has the highest damage. 

That’s (Not) All Folks! 

Unlock Requirement: Reach The Mastery Level of 13. 

When activated, it will ring out all the enemies. If you are near the blast zone, the perk will push back the attacker toward the central area of the map. 

Defense Perks  

The offense is an important factor in any combat, but defense holds equal importance. Moreover, Taz has some of the best Defense Perks in his lineup, making him an S-rated character in Multiversus. Tom And Jerry in Mutiversus also have some great perks you can train Taz for.

Signature perks of taz in Multiversus
Perks of Taz in Multiversus

Following are all the Defense Perks of Taz. 

Absorb ‘n’ Go 

Unlock Requirement: Reach The Mastery Level of 4 

When using this Perk, if your team gets knocked back by an incoming projectile from the enemy team, your team will receive compensation for it. Your team will receive a refund of 7% ability cooldown. 

School Me Once 

Unlock Requirement: Reach The Mastery Level of 11. 

If your team gets knocked back by an incoming projectile, they will receive a Projectile Block Buff for two seconds using the School Me Once Perk. 

Utility Perks  

Taz has some of the most overpowered utility perks in Multiversus. While there are only two utility perks, they are powerful enough to make Taz one of the best characters. Let’s take a look at both of the Utility Perks below. 

Tasmanian Trigonometry  

Unlock Requirement: Reach The Mastery Level of 7. 

Using Tasmanian Trigonometry, Your team will receive a 15%, and your team will get an additional 15% base knockback influence to attack the enemy team. 

Hit Me If You Are Able 

Unlock Requirement: Reach The Mastery Level of 12. 

When using the Perk, your team will receive an increased 5% dodge speed, thus preventing them from avoiding attacks efficiently. 

Signature Perks  

These are character-exclusive perks, which means the other characters of Multiversus cannot use them as Train Perks. Signature perks of a character are special buffs, unique to the character, and are considered the most important among all the perks in Multiversus.

perks of taz in Multiversus
Signature Perks of Taz in Multiversus

Similarly, Taz also possesses Signature Perks that make him stand out from the rest of the characters in Multiversus. Following is a list of all the Signature Perks that Taz can use in battle. 

Iron Stomach 

Unlock Requirement: Reach The Mastery Level of 8. 

If Taz eats an enemy Projectile, he will burp an anvil item instead. 

I Gotta Get In There 

Unlock Requirement: Reach The Mastery Level Of 10  

When using this Perk, the allies of Taz will jump into his Dogpile, giving them more damage. Additionally, they will also get more knockback influence, increased armor, and longer duration as well. 

Taz Attacks And Moves 

The character features a variety of attacks that make him unique and powerful in Multiversus. Additionally, his passive attacks make him one of the best bruisers in Multiversus. Check out another great character, Jake in  Multiversus.

Taz in Multiversus
Attacks of Taz in Multiversus

Not only are his attacks easy to master, but the combos he has also made him a good early-game as well as end-game character to go for. Following is a list of all the attacks and moves that Multiversus Taz possesses. 

Active Attacks  

Following are all the active attacks used by Taz. 

Soup’s On  

Input: Neural Square 

When performing Soup’s On Attack, Taz will guzzle a pot of soup acting as a Spit Projectile that charges towards that target. Additionally, he will be armored while doing so. The aim of this pit can be aimed up or down, and it will deal Tasty damage. Tasty is a status effect like Toast in Multiversus.

Slam Wich 

Input: Square Up 

When doing the Slam Wich attack, Taz will charge toward the enemy and will slam a sandwich overhead. Additionally, doing so will deal damage to Tasty. When charging, Taz has mobility. 

Well Seasoned 

Input: Square Side 

Taz will deal with a combination of salt and pepper seasoning attack on the enemy. Additionally, he will also deal damage by Tasty. After the attack, the ability will transition into a tornado spin attack. 

Stomp Stomp Stomp! 

Input: Square Down 

When the Stomp Stomp Stomp attack is active, Taz will charge a stomp toward the enemy that will break their Armor. If there is a longer charge, the storm will hit the enemy further. 

Soup-er Spinner 

Input: Square Air Neutral 

The attack is similar to ground. However, Taz will spin while spewing and hit the enemies backward. 

Sunder Down Under 

Input: Square Air Down 

When the attack is active, Taz will spin his legs, forming a tornado. He will drill down on the enemy breaking their Armor. 

Flying Slam Wich 

Input: Square Air Up 

Similar to the Ground Up attack but without charge. 

Feed The Beast  

Input: Square Air Side 

During this attack, Taz will charge toward the enemy and inflict a forward bite. 

Special Attacks 

Following are the Special Attacks performed by Taz, and they are considered considerably more powerful than the Active Attacks. 

Chew Em Up, Spit Em Out 

Input: Triangle Neutral 

When the attack is active, Taz will gulp down the enemies and Disable them. Additionally, he can also eat the Projectiles, thus destroying them. Doing so will power up his Down Special ability. In order to eat the incoming Projectiles, hold Input to keep the mouth wide open.

Furthermore, press down the neutral input repeatedly to chew enemies and deal them heavy damage. You can also Spit Out those enemies by pressing Up, Forward, or pressing Back Input. It is to be noted that enemies that you eat can Struggle. 

Dogpile! Dogpile! 

Input: Triangle Up 

Taz will start a Dogpile projectile that will hit the enemy multiple times in Multiversus. Additionally, the projectile will gradually grow in size and end with a powerful finish. When in the cool-down phase, Ta will jump up instead and swipe two times. 


Input: Triangle Side 

When the attack is active, Taz will spin in the forward direction, forming a Tornado and hitting the enemies multiple times. However, if Taz passes an ally while doing the attack, the duration of the tornado will be increased. Additionally, passing an ally will give them Hasten for a brief amount of time. 

Eating On The Fly 

Input: Triangle Air Neutral  

The attack is very similar to the ground. However, Taz cannot chew enemies down but can spit them. 

You Spit What You Eat  

Input: Triangle Down  

When doing the attack, Taz will burp a Chewed Apple Projectile. It will deal a small amount of Tasty. Furthermore, if Taz has eaten a Projectile using his Neutral Special, he will burp out the eaten Projectile. The Projectile will deal with a large amount of Tasty. 

Passive Abilities 

As of now, Taz has only one Passive Ability; let’s take a look at it down below. 

Bottomless Pit 

We know that many of Taz’s attacks will deal with Tasty. The enemies with Tasty will receive stacks of tasty damage in case they are knocked back. 

In case Tasty reaches the maximum amount of stacks, the enemy will become Cooked. Additionally, he cannot attack in this phase. Furthermore, when the Cooked enemy takes any damage, the bits of chicken will break off. These bits will heal Taz or his allies if picked up. 

During the battle, he will also Lick the damaged allies that he passes and will heal them. Additionally, the Licking of an ally has a cold-down ratio. 

Combos Of Taz

What makes Taz so strong is the ability to perform combo attacks. Additionally, the combos of Taz are considered some of the best in Multiversus. 

combos of taz
Combos of Taz in Multiversus

Following are all the combos that Taz can perform as a Multiversus. 

Knockback Combo 

Ground Attack (Side), Ground Attack (Down), Ground Attack 

The combo is great for beginners and is considered one of the key Taz’s moves. Furthermore, the combo is famous for pushing back enemies using three powerful attacks. 

  • Input on PlayStation: square button + left stick down, square button + left stick side, square button 
  • Combo Input on Xbox: X Button + left stick down, X button + left stick side, X button 
  • Input on PC: J key + S key, J key, J key+ A or D key 

Pushback Launch Combo 

Ground Attack (Side), Air Attack (Side) 

A great combo that you can use in tough combat situations is the Push Back Launch combo. It is the more powerful version of the Knockback combo. Using the combo, you can launch your enemies instead of pushing them back. Additionally, it is a great recommendation to use when your enemy is in a weaker state. 

  • Input on PlayStation: square button + left stick side, X Button, left stick side + square button 
  • Combo Input on Xbox: X Button + left stick side, A button, X button + left stick side 
  • Input on PC: J key + A or D key, Space button, J key + A or D key 

Knockback Stun Combo 

Ground Special Attack, Air Attack (Side) 

The combo is considered one of the easiest to perform. The hit range of the combo is short, but the damage is high. After the combo, he will swallow the enemy and keep them stunned. Doing so will allow him to deal extra damage to the enemy. 

  • Input on PlayStation: square button + left stick side, X button, Triangle button 
  • Combo Input on Xbox: Y button, A button, X button + left stick side 
  • Input on Pc: K key, Space button, J key + A or D key 

High Damage Air Ring Out Combo  

Ground Special (Up), Air Attack (Down), Ground Special (Down), Dodge Cancel, Ground Attack, Air Special (Down). 

The combo is considered one of the deadliest combos of Taz in Multiversus. The combo is very tough to master. Additionally, it requires a lot of practice and precision in order to execute. However, if you manage to master it, you can win any battle you join. 

  • Input on PlayStation: square button, circle button, X button, triangle button + left stick down, triangle button + left stick down, X button, triangle button + left stick up, square button + left stick down, 
  • Combo Input on Xbox: A button, X button, X button + left stick down, B button, Y button + left stick up, Y button + left stick down, Y button + left stick down, A button
  • Input on PC: Space button, J key, J key + S key, L key, K key + S key, K key + W key, K key + S key, Space,

Battle Strategies Of Taz 

Since Taz is another bruiser character in Multiversus, his moves will be predominantly Melee Focused and Close Ranged. Additionally, he is considered a popular character to opt for because of his overpowered Special Attacks. Attacks like Taz Nado are significantly difficult to counter, thus making Taz ideal for late-game battles in Multiversus.

However, it can be countered by a Projectile Attack, so keep an eye out for that. Moreover, the tornado has a long duration; you can trap enemies in it and stun them. 

attacks of Taz in Multiversus
Tasty, damage by Taz in Multiversus

 A great strategy is to use the Unique Abilities of Taz to inflict the status effect called Tasty. In case you are able to max out Tasty successfully, the enemy target will become Cooked. It is a temporary state, and you can break off the chicken pieces from them as they will heal you and your teammates. 

 It is worth noting that Taz is considered one of the best characters that can deal with Projectiles easily in Multiversus. Using his Neutral Special you can swallow any projectile attacks that come your way. Furthermore, you can fire them back using his Down Special ability. 

Other MultiVersus Tips

The free-to-play crossover action game, Multiversus has just been released, and the players cannot seem to get enough of it. There are characters from DC Comics like Batman and also characters from Turner Entertainment and even Cartoon Network.  In case you are wondering about all the new characters like Taz released recently, check out our new Characters guide. 

Additionally, the game has multiple battle modes to keep you engaged. Upon victory, you will get a Trophy in Multiversus. In case you are wondering where the current characters stand in terms of their stats and abilities, check out our Multiversus tier list. 

Once you have a character, you can buff their attacks by using Gleamium. Moreover, the game offers a 1v1 and 2v2 game mode. Thus you can play with your friends in multiplayer mode or just play solo if you want. 

Final Verdict  

Following the latest July 2022 update of Multiversus, Taz just got nerfed into the ground. Undoubtedly, players are not happy with the decision as Tsz was considered one of the best characters that you can go for in the early game of Multiversus. There has been a decrease in the direction of the tornado, and one of the multi-hits of the tornado has also been reduced. Additionally, the knockback from the final hit is also reduced. 

However, Taz is still considered one of the most overpowered characters that can be mastered easily. We recommend you use Taz if leveling up is your main focus in the Multiversus. With this, we conclude our detailed guide on Taz, his abilities, attacks, and the combos he can perform in Multiversus. Hopefully, after reading our guide, you will know how to use his attacks to your advantage. 

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