MultiVersus Tom & Jerry: The Definitive Guide

Our detailed Tom and Jerry MultiVersus guide will provide you with all the information you need in order to dominate your opponents!

Despite having a diverse list of characters today, we’ll be focusing on by far the most popular cartoon characters; Tom and Jerry! Before we get to the juicy bits, consider reading about MultiVersus Trophy Guide. Tom and Jerry may have been enemies for decades, but the duo has decided to team up and take on the MultiVersus. So let us give you a detailed guide about the move sets, combos, perks, and cosmetics of Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus.

Key Highlights

  • Tom and Jerry are from the popular cartoon seriesTom & Jerry show, ” aired on Cartoon Network.
  • The duo has been fighting each other for decades but decided to team up in MultiVersus against other players. Tom & Jerry are a Mage/Ranged class duo in MultiVersus, which allows them to deal high damage to enemies from a distance and avoid getting hit themselves. This makes them viable if a player wants to destroy opponents safely.
  • If you are a range player, then you should unlock Tom & Jerry in MultiVersus as soon as possible; they can be unlocked for 3000 Gold.
  • Tom & Jerry perks include ( Make It Rain Dog!, That’s Flammable Doc!, Equip ally perk, Shirt Cannon Sniper, Dynamite Split(Signature Perk), Fly Fisher(Signature Perk), I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge, Slippery When Feint, and Scool Me Once ).
  • The Best Perks of Tom & Jerry in MultiVersus are ( Dynamite Split – From Signature Perks, That’s Flammable, Doc! – From Offensive Perks, and Cofeezilla – From Utility Perks ).
  • As Tom & Jerry are from the Mage class, they have Ground and Air attacks both to defend themselves and their allies. Normal Ground attacks include ( Mallet Time(Side Attack), Paddle-Paddle-Paddle(Up Attack), Feline Pounce(Down Attack), and Volley(Neutral Move).
  • Normal Air attacks include ( Scratch Cat(Side Attack), Trash Band(Up Attack), and Cast-Iron Crusher(Down Attack)). 
  • Special Ground Attacks of Tom & Jerry in Multiverus include ( Goin’ Fishin(Side Attack), Slingshot Sharp Shooter(Neutral Move), Rocket Mouse(Up Attack), and Snap Trap(Down Attack) ).
  • Special Air Attacks are ( Rocket Mouse(Up Attack) and Look Out Below! (Down Attack)).
  • The Best Normal and Special moves are ( Paddle-Paddle-Paddle – From Normal Ground Attacks, Cast-Iron Crusher – From Normal Air Attacks, Slingshot Sharp Shooter – From Special Ground Attacks, and Rocket Mouse – From Special Air Attacks ).
  • However, massive cooldowns on their abilities might slow them down a bit and put you at a disadvantage.

Tom And Jerry Overview

Before their appearance in the MultiVersus Tom and Jerry had a long history with each other. The classic cartoon tale began back in 1940 in Hollywood, California. The humourous kid’s show, which is still part of every childhood, showed a never-ending rivalry between a cat and a mouse.

The story follows a pet cat, Tom, happily living with its owner. The only issue Tom had was Jerry, who lived there but always managed to elude him.

Tom and Jerry’s original show created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera featured 114 episodes before the animation studio was closed down. However, due to its high global popularity, the show was later resumed by MGM and then Warner Bros.

After having a rivalry for more than 60 years, the famous Tom and Jerry are now teamed up in MultiVersus to take on some other iconic playable characters. 

With that out of the way, let’s now get into the fun part and learn more about Tom and Jerry’s moves in MultiVersus.

Tom and Jerry Complete Moveset 

Tom & Jerry MultiVersus
Tom & Jerry Moveset

MultiVersus Tom and Jerry’s moves include ranged, and melee attacks, but their strength lies in ranged moves. So if you’re someone who likes to fall back to the long-range style of battle in games, then these two would surely suit you. 

The Cat and Mouse duo has a set of basic ground and air attacks. Along with that, there are special moves as well, which do a lot more damage in comparison to the basic attacks. However, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. We will cover each attack and help you find a strategy that suits you the best!

Ground Attacks 

  • Mallet Time (Side Attack): This is a basic side-to-side attack that Tom performs with a mallet. Upon using Mallet Time, Tom will swing his Mallet to the side he’s facing (which can be used for combos).
  • Paddle-Paddle-Paddle (Up Attack): Probably one of the key attacks Tom and Jerry have in MultiVersus. In this attack, Tom will use a paddle and bounce Jerry above his head, which will inflict damage to the opponent. The attack can be charged, which will create more bounces hence more damage!
  • Feline Pounce (Down Attack): Another charged attack that Tom performs. The Feline Pounce is a great move to break the armor of your enemy or to finish them off. You can even charge up, which will enhance Tom’s leap while pouncing.
  • Volley (Neutral Move): The Volley is more of a defensive move, it makes Tom charge a swing with his racket to deflect projectiles back to the opponent. Remember in moves like these, timing is key!

Air Attacks

  • Volley (Neutral Move): The Volley move does the same action as explained in the grounds move section.
  • Scratch Cat (Side Attack): The aerial side attack will make Tom perform two quick swipes to the side he’s facing. This move is good when the opponent is preparing to perform their air attack. The Scratch Cat is quite fast, which proves great against incoming aerial melee attacks.
  • Trash Band (Up Attack): The up attack when Tom is in mid-air sees him perform the Trash Band move. Tom will slam two trash can lids together above him.
  • Cast-Iron Crusher (Down Attack): Cast-Iron Crusher is a great move when your enemy is grounded and Tom is in mid-air. Tom will swing a frying pan ferociously downwards.

Special Ground Attacks

tom and jerry multiversus
Tom & Jerry Special Attacks in MultiVersus
  • Goin’ Fishin (Side Attack): This Special Ground Attack for Tom and Jerry MultiVersus will make Tom cast Jerry using a fishing pole. When the fishing line hooks onto your opponent, you can reel Jerry back, which will inflict some damage. 
  • Slingshot Sharpshooter (Neutral Move): The Slingshot Sharpshooter is by far the most diverse and best-attacking move Tom and Jerry have in MultiVersus. Tom will first launch Jerry as a projectile using a slingshot. When Jerry has landed, he can throw tennis balls back at Tom. Tom can launch these balls toward the opponent with his racket, which inflicts high damage. Besides that, you can also make Jerry shoot corks toward the opponent when he is away from Tom.
  • Rocket Mouse (Up Attack): The Rocket Mouse is another projectile attack. Tom will stick Jerry onto a rocket, which will then be launched and controlled by you until it reaches your desired spot and crashes.
  • Snap Trap (Down Attack): The classic mousetrap was a huge part of Tom and Jerry’s cartoon series. You can now make use of this in MultiVersus. Tom will place one of his mouse traps on the floor which will induce damage once the opponent steps or lands on it.

Special Air Attacks

  • Rocket Mouse (Up Attack): Not much different than the ground variant of Rocket Mouse. In this attack, Tom will launch Jerry while in mid-air. Jerry will follow an arc, and the player will not be able to aim him manually.
  • Look Out Below! (Down Attack): It’s time for some dynamite action! The Look Out Below attack will make Tom throw a dynamite bomb as a projectile while in mid-air. The bomb will detonate once it hits an enemy or on its second bounce (whichever comes first).


Apart from the set of attacks, MultiVersus has also granted the characters unique abilities. As we’re on the topic of Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus, we will focus on what their ability is and how it can help you out during your battles.

The ability assigned to Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus is called “Cheesy Does It“. In this ability, if one of Tom’s allies picks up Jerry when he’s away from Tom, the ally will receive a Cheese Buff while holding Jerry.

The Cheese Buff will increase the amount of damage they inflict on their opponents. Another great thing is that despite Jerry being in the hands of someone else, he can still throw tennis balls toward Tom (as mentioned in the SlingShot Sharshooter Attack).

Tom and Jerry Perks In MultiVersus

Tom and Jerry Perks
Tom & Jerry MultiVersus Perks

In competitive games, character perks can make a world of difference. The perks are like power-ups which your character will unlock as they level up in MultiVersus. Line up the best perks for Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus and you’ll become unstoppable. 

Apart from basic perks which reoccur between different characters, the game also features signature perks. These are unique perks that are exclusive to the selected character.

This section will review all 10 Tom and Jerry perks in MultiVersus. You’ll have a clear understanding of each perk and find it much simpler to apply the ones that best fit your playing style.

Perks List

So without further ado, here are all Tom and Jerry MultiVersus Perks:

  • Make It Rain, Dog!: The mentioned perk can be unlocked when you reach Tier 2 with Tom and Jerry. “Make it Rain, Dog!” will increase the projectile’s speed by 20%. The speed will be increased by 25% if it’s stacked with an ally.
  • That’s Flammable, Doc!: When you reach Tier 4 with Tom and Jerry, you will unlock “That’s Flammable, Doc!”. After knocking back your opponent with a projectile. You will have 3 seconds to land another attack, making your opponent catch fire for 1 second.
  • Equip Ally Perks: Unlocked on Tier 6, “Equip Ally Perks” does exactly what the name suggests. If you have this perk equipped, your character can borrow their ally’s perk during the ongoing battle.
  • Shirt Cannon Sniper: The “Shirt Cannon Sniper” can be unlocked at Tier 7. The offensive perk will alter the projectile stats. The projectile damage will increase by 7%, or 15%, when stacked with an ally!
  • Dynamite Split (Signature Perk): The “Dynamite Split” is a very powerful perk that is unique and only assigned to Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus. During the Look Out Below attack, the perk will split one dynamite stick into three when Tom hits it with his racket. The Dynamite Split gets unlocked at Tier 8.
  • Fly Fisher (Signature Perk): Here, we have another unique perk for Tom and Jerry unlocked at Tier 10. The “Fly Fisher” perk will allow Tom to use the fishing pole as a grapple, which can immensely help you if you’re falling down the sides of a map!
  • I Dodge, You Dodge, We Dodge: This is a utility perk unlocked at Tier 11 for Tom and Jerry. “I Dodge, You Dodge, We Dodge” will allow your team to get a 10% ability cooldown refund whenever you successfully dodge an attack.
  • Slippery When Feint: Unlocked at Tier 12, the “Slippery When Feint” perk will give Tom and Jerry a 10% increase in their dodge distance when they successfully dodge after a canceled attack.
  • School Me Once: The final perk for Tom and Jerry unlocks at Tier 13. The “School Me Once” perk will grant your team a projectile block buff for 2 seconds after getting hit by a projectile.

Best Tom and Jerry Combos

Tom & Jerry Combos
Tom & Jerry Combos in MultiVersus

Now that we’re all caught up with the moves and perks of Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus. We can finally lay down the best combos you can adapt to get the upper hand in your battles. 

Fighting games such as the MultiVersus require a clear strategy. Without any combos and knowledge, you will find it hard to top your opponent. 

Combos can prove to be key during your plays. This will put your opponent under pressure and allow you to land some major blows to their health. 

Uppercut Finisher

  • PC:  Space + J + W > Space + J + S
  • Xbox: A + X + Up > A + X + Down
  • PlayStation: X + Square + Up > X + Square + Down

The opponent should be damaged adequately before you launch them into the air when you use Aerial Down + Attack for this combo to be most effective. You now have the chance to finish them off with an Aerial Up + Attack to remove them off the map.

Mallet Combo

  • PC: J + A/D x4
  • Xbox: X + Side x4
  • PlayStation: Square + Side x4

Tom’s basic move of Mallet Time creates by far the easiest combo for Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus. All you need to do is stand alongside your opponent and perform a 4x Mallet Time attack quickly. 

Horizontal Combo 

  • PC: Space + J + S > J + S > J + A/D > J + W
  • Xbox: A + X + Down > X + Down > X + Side > X + Up
  • PlayStation: X + Square + Down > Square + Down + Square + Side > Square + Up

The Horizontal Combo is quite useful with Tom and Jerry. The combo will inflict 30 damage to opponents without any perks. You will begin with the Aerial Down attack, then use Tom’s normal melee attack to create good momentum. Then finish the combo off with an Up Attack to knock your opponent off.

Launch Combo

  • PC: J + S > K/I > Space + J + S
  • Xbox:  X + Down > Y/LB > A + X + Down
  • PlayStation: Square + Down > Triangle/L1 > X + Square + Down

The launch combo is a great way to finish off your battle. When you have Tom and Jerry equipped, you can perform this combo by using the down attack to knock your enemy back. Follow that up by launching Jerry with a slingshot. Then finish the combo by using the Cast-Iron Crusher attack (preferably when the opponent is falling off the map).

How To Utilize Tom and Jerry

By now, you should be all caught up with the moves, abilities, and perks of Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus. We can now connect all our information and conjure up a good strategy for Tom and Jerry. MultiVersus is all about strategic plays. You can’t just expect to win a game by mashing all the buttons like a headless chicken. 

Let’s put things in line. We now know that Tom and Jerry are a mage-class duo in MultiVersus. This means their strength lies in ranged attacks rather than melee attacks. Don’t get us wrong, Tom and Jerry do have great melee attacks too, but their forte lies in long-ranged attacks such as Goin’ Fishin, Slingshot Sharpshooter, and Rocket Mouse. 

Since Tom and Jerry come in a pair, they offer a unique set of moves along with key buffs (Cheese Buff) to the allies. So they work along with other characters too, and technically you’ll have three characters in your team during a battle.

So if you’re someone who focuses on long-range plays with some quick melee attacks, then Tom and Jerry are a great option to choose from. 

Tom and Jerry Skins 

MultiVersus Tom & Jerry Pirates
Tom & Jerry Pirates Costume in MultiVersus

MultiVersus also features unlockable skins or costumes for the characters. Skins can either be purchased using the in-game currency known as “Gleamium” or obtained through leveling up.

MultiVersus has only one skin set available for Tom and Jerry. However, more will be released in due time. The Pirate costume set is the only skin available for Tom and Jerry in the MultiVersus.

You can make your Tom and Jerry dress up as pirates inspired by the “Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers” film released in 2006. The costume set is available in the game for 500 Gleamiums.


MultiVersus is a crossover fighting game released by Warner Bros. and developed by Player First Games. The classical-styled crossover fighting game features many characters you can choose from and take on your opponents. On top of that, the game is free-to-play! Even though the game features many notable characters, we’ll be focusing on the iconic duo of Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus.

Apart from Tom and Jerry, MultiVersus features many characters from the Warner Bros. catalog which covers HBO, Turner Entertainment, DC Comics, and Cartoon Network. You can check out our detailed guide on the MultiVersus character tier list, this will give you a good idea about all the playable characters in the game so far!

You can even play as the famous Caped Crusader from DC Comics. To set you up we have a complete guide on the Batman.

MultiVersus is currently in the open beta phase. However, it’s best to hop on the game and hone your skills in time before the final launch. While you’re at it consider reading about MultiVersus’ new characters!

The characters in this game are incredibly diverse and include both modern/classic cartoon characters such as Finn, Jake The Dog, Shaggy, Bugs Bunny, etc. The game also features figures from well-known comic books such as Batman, Harley Quinn, Superman, etc. Each character has its own move set, abilities, and perks.

So there’s are complete MultiVersus Tom and Jerry guide for you. You can start grinding with Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus as you get ready to dominate the battlefield. 

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