MultiVersus Tom & Jerry: The Definitive Guide

Our detailed Tom and Jerry MultiVersus guide will provide you with all the information you need in order to dominate your opponents!

Despite having a diverse list of characters today, we’ll be focusing on by far the most popular cartoon characters; Tom and Jerry! Before we get to the juicy bits, consider reading about MultiVersus Trophy Guide. Tom and Jerry may have been enemies for decades, but the duo has decided to team up and take on the MultiVersus. So let us give you a detailed guide about the move sets, combos, perks, and cosmetics of Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus.


Tom & Jerry in MultiVersus:

  • Class: Mage/Ranged
  • Playstyle: High damage from a distance
  • Unlock Cost: 3000 Gold

Notable Perks:

  • Dynamite Split (Signature Perk)
  • That’s Flammable, Doc! (Offensive Perk)
  • Coffeezilla (Utility Perk)

Best Moves:

  • Paddle-Paddle-Paddle (Normal Ground Attacks)
  • Cast-Iron Crusher (Normal Air Attacks)
  • Slingshot Sharp Shooter (Special Ground Attacks)
  • Rocket Mouse (Special Air Attacks)
  • However, massive cooldowns on their abilities might slow them down a bit and put you at a disadvantage.

Tom and Jerry Complete Moveset 

Tom & Jerry MultiVersus
Tom & Jerry Moveset

The Cat and Mouse duo has a set of basic ground and air attacks. Along with that, there are special moves as well, which do a lot more damage in comparison to the basic attacks. However, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. We will cover each attack and help you find a strategy that suits you the best!

Ground Attacks 

  • Mallet Time (Side Attack): Tom swings his mallet to the side he’s facing.
  • Paddle-Paddle-Paddle (Up Attack): Tom uses a paddle to bounce Jerry above him; can be charged for more bounces and damage.
  • Feline Pounce (Down Attack): Tom leaps and pounces on enemies; charging enhances the leap.
  • Volley (Neutral Move): Tom charges a swing with his racket to deflect projectiles.

Air Attacks

  • Scratch Cat (Side Attack): Tom performs quick swipes in the air; effective against incoming aerial melee attacks.
  • Trash Band (Up Attack): Tom slams two trash can lids together above him.
  • Cast-Iron Crusher (Down Attack): Tom swings a frying pan ferociously downwards.

Special Ground Attacks

tom and jerry multiversus
Tom & Jerry Special Attacks in MultiVersus
  • Goin’ Fishin (Side Attack): Tom casts Jerry with a fishing pole; reeling back inflicts damage.
  • Slingshot Sharpshooter (Neutral Move): Tom launches Jerry as a projectile, and Jerry can throw tennis balls or corks at the opponent for high damage.
  • Rocket Mouse (Up Attack): Tom sticks Jerry onto a rocket, launching and controlling it until it crashes.
  • Snap Trap (Down Attack): Tom places a mouse trap on the floor; damages opponents when they step or land on it.

Special Air Attacks

  • Rocket Mouse (Up Attack): Similar to ground Rocket Mouse; Tom launches Jerry in mid-air following an arc.
  • Look Out Below! (Down Attack): Tom throws a dynamite bomb as a mid-air projectile; detonates on impact or after a bounce.


  • “Cheesy Does It” is Tom and Jerry’s unique ability in MultiVersus.
  • When an ally picks up Jerry while he’s away from Tom, they receive a Cheese Buff.
  • The Cheese Buff increases the damage dealt by the ally to their opponents.
  • Jerry can still throw tennis balls toward Tom, even when held by an ally, as seen in the Slingshot Sharpshooter Attack.
  • This ability encourages strategic teamwork and coordination among the characters.

Tom and Jerry Perks In MultiVersus

Tom and Jerry Perks
Tom & Jerry MultiVersus Perks

This section will review all 10 Tom and Jerry perks in MultiVersus. You’ll have a clear understanding of each perk and find it much simpler to apply the ones that best fit your playing style.

So, without further ado, here are all Tom and Jerry MultiVersus Perks:

  • “Make It Rain, Dog!”: Unlockable at Tier 2, this perk increases projectile speed by 20%, which further increases by 25% when stacked with an ally.
  • “That’s Flammable, Doc!”: Unlocked at Tier 4, this perk ignites your opponent for 1 second after knocking them back with a projectile and landing another attack within 3 seconds.
  • “Equip Ally Perks”: Attainable at Tier 6, this perk allows your character to utilize their ally’s perk during battle.
  • “Shirt Cannon Sniper”: Accessible at Tier 7, this offensive perk enhances projectile damage by 7% (or 15% when stacked with an ally).
  • “Dynamite Split” (Signature Perk): Unlocked at Tier 8, this unique perk for Tom and Jerry splits one dynamite stick into three during the Look Out Below attack.
  • “Fly Fisher” (Signature Perk): At Tier 10, this perk lets Tom use his fishing pole as a grapple, aiding in recovering from falling off the map.
  • “I Dodge, You Dodge, We Dodge”: This utility perk, attainable at Tier 11, provides a 10% ability cooldown refund for your team when successfully dodging an attack.
  • “Slippery When Feint”: Unlocked at Tier 12, this perk grants a 10% increase in dodge distance when successfully dodging after a canceled attack.
  • “School Me Once”: The final perk, earned at Tier 13, bestows your team with a 2-second projectile block buff after getting hit by a projectile.

Best Tom and Jerry Combos

Tom & Jerry Combos
Tom & Jerry Combos in MultiVersus

Now that we’re all caught up with the moves and perks of Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus. We can finally lay down the best combos you can adapt to get the upper hand in your battles. 

Combos can prove to be key during your plays. This will put your opponent under pressure and allow you to land some major blows to their health. 

Uppercut Finisher

  • PC:  Space + J + W > Space + J + S
  • Xbox: A + X + Up > A + X + Down
  • PlayStation: X + Square + Up > X + Square + Down

The opponent should be damaged adequately before you launch them into the air when you use Aerial Down + Attack for this combo to be most effective. You now have the chance to finish them off with an Aerial Up + Attack to remove them off the map.

Mallet Combo

  • PC: J + A/D x4
  • Xbox: X + Side x4
  • PlayStation: Square + Side x4

Tom’s basic move of Mallet Time creates by far the easiest combo for Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus. All you need to do is stand alongside your opponent and perform a 4x Mallet Time attack quickly. 

Horizontal Combo 

  • PC: Space + J + S > J + S > J + A/D > J + W
  • Xbox: A + X + Down > X + Down > X + Side > X + Up
  • PlayStation: X + Square + Down > Square + Down + Square + Side > Square + Up

The Horizontal Combo is quite useful with Tom and Jerry. The combo will inflict 30 damage to opponents without any perks. You will begin with the Aerial Down attack, then use Tom’s normal melee attack to create good momentum. Then finish the combo off with an Up Attack to knock your opponent off.

Launch Combo

  • PC: J + S > K/I > Space + J + S
  • Xbox:  X + Down > Y/LB > A + X + Down
  • PlayStation: Square + Down > Triangle/L1 > X + Square + Down

The launch combo is a great way to finish off your battle. When you have Tom and Jerry equipped, you can perform this combo by using the down attack to knock your enemy back. Follow that up by launching Jerry with a slingshot. Then finish the combo by using the Cast-Iron Crusher attack (preferably when the opponent is falling off the map).

How To Utilize Tom and Jerry

  • Understand Their Role: Tom and Jerry belong to the mage class, excelling in ranged attacks. While they do have formidable melee options, their primary strength lies in their long-ranged abilities.
  • Leverage Ranged Attacks: Make the most of Tom and Jerry’s ranged special attacks, such as “Goin’ Fishin,” “Slingshot Sharpshooter,” and “Rocket Mouse” to control the battlefield and deal damage from a distance.
  • Team Synergy: Remember that they come as a duo, effectively providing an extra character to your team. Coordinate with your allies to maximize the impact of the Cheese Buff they can grant.
  • Long-Range Plays: If you prefer a playstyle that focuses on long-range combat with the added bonus of quick melee attacks, Tom and Jerry are an excellent choice. Use their unique abilities and perks to create strategic opportunities for your team.
  • Communication: Effective communication with your team will be crucial. Discuss and coordinate your abilities, positioning, and timing to make the most of Tom and Jerry’s skills in battle.

Tom and Jerry Skins 

MultiVersus Tom & Jerry Pirates
Tom & Jerry Pirates Costume in MultiVersus

MultiVersus also features unlockable skins or costumes for the characters. Skins can either be purchased using the in-game currency known as “Gleamium” or obtained through leveling up.

MultiVersus has only one skin set available for Tom and Jerry. However, more will be released in due time. The Pirate costume set is the only skin available for Tom and Jerry in the MultiVersus.

You can make your Tom and Jerry dress up as pirates inspired by the “Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers” film released in 2006. The costume set is available in the game for 500 Gleamiums.


Apart from Tom and Jerry, MultiVersus features many characters from the Warner Bros. catalog which covers HBO, Turner Entertainment, DC Comics, and Cartoon Network. You can check out our detailed guide on the MultiVersus character tier list, this will give you a good idea about all the playable characters in the game so far!

You can even play as the famous Caped Crusader from DC Comics. To set you up we have a complete guide on the Batman.

MultiVersus is currently in the open beta phase. However, it’s best to hop on the game and hone your skills in time before the final launch. While you’re at it consider reading about MultiVersus’ new characters!

The characters in this game are incredibly diverse and include both modern/classic cartoon characters such as Finn, Jake The Dog, Shaggy, Bugs Bunny, etc. The game also features figures from well-known comic books such as Batman, Harley Quinn, Superman, etc. Each character has its own move set, abilities, and perks.

So there’s are complete MultiVersus Tom and Jerry guide for you. You can start grinding with Tom and Jerry in MultiVersus as you get ready to dominate the battlefield. 

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