MultiVersus Trophy Guide: All 29 Trophies Explained

Struggling to unlock every trophy is MultiVersus? Consider reading our MultiVersus Trophy guide in which we will walk you through it.

Seeing how MultiVersus is an online competitive game. The challenge for unlocking all trophies will be different for everyone, depending on what kind of players they face in the game. Players must be ready to grind a lot if they wish to unlock the platinum trophy. There are 29 trophies in MultiVersus. One thing to note is that none of these trophies are missable, so players can unlock them at their own pace without worrying much. Now, without any delay, let’s learn how to unlock every trophy in MultiVersus.

Key Takeaways
  • Multiversus is a competitive game based on the concept and ideology of super smash bros by Nintendo. As such, it has multiple trophies which highlight the achievements of players.
  • These trophies are awarded to players depending on their skill set. There are four tiers in total: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum, collectively making 29 trophies.
  • The platinum trophy is the only one that can only be earned after a player completes and attains all other trophies, that is to say, all of the bronze, silver, and gold ones.
  • There are 14 total bronze trophies. These are the lowest tier and hence are the easiest to attain and are mostly for new players who are just getting into the game.
  • The silver ones are for somewhat experienced players, being 7 in total, and are awarded to players with some knowledge and a chunk of their time invested into the game.
  • The gold ones are for players who could be considered veterans of the game and are earned by mastering and honing the skill sets of combos and the playstyles of different characters. There are 7 gold trophies in total, the same as the silver ones.
  • The trophies are meant to be representatives of skill sets and a validator for the player that the game acknowledges their efforts to try hard to attain a status of being better than the other players. The different levels are meant to signify the toughness that it takes to attain each trophy.

MultiVersus takes a lot of inspiration from Nintendo’s Smash Bros. This guide will go through each trophy and explain in detail how to unlock them. There is a lot to cover but before we continue, consider reading our guide on MultiVersus Characters: Current & Leaked Heros

MultiVersus Trophies

TrophyTypeHow to Unlock
Credit Where It’s DueBronzeToast your opponent 5 times
Run It BackBronzeRematch 100 times
MatchmakerBronzePlay an online match
You Mean Business?
BronzeAchieve 30 ringouts
Stepping OutBronzeEmerge victorious in 10 matchmade games
Bring a FriendBronzeGet 10 double ringouts
Watch Your StepBronzeUse your Spike Attack to get 10 ringouts
Aerial SpecialistBronzeGet 10 Ringouts by launching opponents above the screen
Southpaw SpecialistBronzeGet 10 Ringouts by throwing opponents to the left
Rightie SpecialistBronzeAcquire 10 Ringouts by hurling opponents towards the right
Spike SpecialistBronzeUse the Blast Zone to get 10 Ringouts
Watch Your HeadBronzeUse Projectile Attacks to get 10 Ringouts
Social ButterflyBronzeEngage in 25 matches with a party
Signature SlammerBronzeGet 10 Ringouts with low damage
Nice SpeechSilverToast your opponent 10 times
You’re getting pretty good at this!SilverGet 50 Ringouts
Proving YourselfSilverWin 100 matchmade games
Ringouts are better in pairsSilverGet 25 double Ringouts
Going Down?
SilverGet 50 Ringouts using the Spike Attack
Catch ThisSilverUse a Projectile Attack to get 50 Ringouts
Life of The PartySilverengage in 100 matches alongside a party
Toast MasterGoldToast an opponent 100 times
Bun-Puncher SupremeGoldGet 100 Ringouts
The Throne is YoursGoldWin 300 matchmade games
And your little dog, too!GoldGet 100 double Ringouts
Ground Floor: Ringouts
GoldUse your Spike Attack to get 100 Ringouts
Distanced Damage Dealer
GoldUsing Projectile Attacks, get 100 Ringouts
Party AnimalGoldPlay 500 matches with a party
The Trophy MasterPlatinumUnlock all the trophies

Platinum Trophy In MultiVersus

Trophy guide for MultiVersus
Platinum Trophy

The Platinum Trophy of MultiVersus is named The Trophy Master. To unlock this trophy, players need to unlock every other trophy in the game.

Bronze Trophies 

how to unlock bronze trophies
Bronze Trophy

There are 14 Bronze Trophies in MultiVersus. These trophies are easy to unlock. The Gold Trophies and Silver Trophies are the harder version of some of these Bronze Trophies therefore players should be ready to grind a lot. In this guide, we will explain in detail about to unlock every trophy in MultiVersus.

Credit Where It’s Due

After every match, players have the option to toast other players. For the “Credit Where It’s Due” trophy, players are only required to give out 5 toasts to other players so this trophy can be unlocked in a single sitting.

Run It Back

After completing a match, players have the option to vote for a rematch. Players need to vote for a rematch 100 times to unlock the “Run It Back” trophy.


This is the easiest trophy to unlock in MultiVersus. Players simply need to play an online match through Matchmaking.

You Mean Business?

The “You Mean Business” trophy is unlocked after getting 30 Ringouts. Players will be able to unlock this trophy without really trying.

Stepping Out

For this trophy, players only need to win 10 matchmade games. We would recommend playing matchmade games with a friend.

Bring A Friend

This can be considered one of the hardest Bronze Trophies. Players are required to get 10 Double Ringouts. Eliminating two opponents at the same time results in a Double Ringout.

Watch Your Step

Players are required to get 10 Ringouts by using their spike attacks. Spike Attack is a mid-air attack. Use this attack when your opponent is directly underneath you to send them hurtling.

Aerial Specialist

Getting this trophy is a bit tricky. Players are required to get 10 Ringouts after sending their opponents up past the top of the screen.

Southpaw Specialist

Similar to the “Aerial Specialist” trophy, Players are required to get 10 ringouts after sending their opponent past the left of the screen.

Rightie Specialist

For this trophy, players need to get 10 Ringouts after sending their opponent past the right of the screen.

Spike Specialist

Players are required to get 10 Ringouts after sending their opponent offscreen through the bottom.

Watch Your Head

Players need to get 20 ringouts by using projectile attacks. 

Social Butterfly

Another trophy that is extremely easy to unlock. Players just need to grab their friends and play 25 matches with a party.

Signature Slammer

This trophy is a bit tricky and requires you to think strategically. Players need to eliminate 10 opponents who have only taken a small amount of damage. Getting the “Signature Slammer” trophy should be manageable for you if you have mastered using the spike attack. 

Before we continue our Trophy Guide, consider reading our MultiVersus Tier List in which we rank every character currently available in the game.

Silver Trophies

Trophy Guide for MultiVersus
Silver Trophy

There are a total of 7 Silver Trophies in MultiVersus. There are no hidden trophies in MultiVersus and none of these are missable. Players will be able to unlock these trophies automatically as they grind to unlock the Gold Trophies.

Nice Speech

This trophy is very easy to unlock. Players are only required to give out 10 toasts to other players so do not be greedy, give out those toasts whenever you get the opportunity.

You’re Getting Pretty Good At This!

Players are required to get 50 Ringouts in MultiVersus.If players have plans to play the game regularly then they should have no problem unlocking this trophy.

Proving Yourself

Players are only required to win 100 matchmade matches in MultiVersus, so grab your buddy and get to grinding. 

Ringouts Are Better In Pairs

Now, this trophy requires preservation and skill as players are required to get 25 double Ringouts. 

Going Down?

The “Going Down?” trophy requires the player to achieve 50 Ringouts with the spike attack. We would recommend practicing and mastering the spike attack first. As in a game in MultiVersus, even a small mistake can change the outcome of the battle.

Catch This

Players are required to get 50 Ringouts with a projectile. Players need to start sharpening their aiming skills as they will be required to do this a lot of times if they want the platinum trophy.

Life Of The Party

This trophy requires the player to play 100 matches with a party. Grab your friends and get to it.

Gold Trophies

Trophy Guide for MultiVersus
Gold Trophy

Similar to the Silver Trophies, there are only 7 Gold Trophies in MulitVersus. The Gold Trophies are generally the harder version of Silver Trophies.

Toast Master

The Toast Master trophy requires the players to toast other players 100 times. Give out toasts to other players whenever you get the opportunity.

Bun-Puncher Supreme

If you plan on playing the MultiVersus regularly then unlocking this trophy will be no problem for you. Players are required to get a total of 100 Ringouts. Your Ringouts will build up gradually as you play MultiVersus.

The Throne Is Yours

Players must be ready to grind a lot if they wish to unlock this trophy. The Throne is Yours” trophy requires the players to get 300 wins in matchmade games. Unlocking it will be different for everyone as there is no way to tell what type of players will you be up against. They can either be novice or masters in MultiVersus.

And Your Little Dog, Too!

This trophy is the harder version of the hardest Silver trophy. For the “And Your Little Dog. Too!” trophy, players are required to get 100 double Ringouts.

Ground Floor: Ringouts

Players are required to get 100 Ringouts by using their spike attack. 

Distanced Damage Dealer

For this trophy, players are required to get 100 Ringouts with projectile attacks. It is time to put those batarangs to use if you prefer to use Batman in MultiVersus.

Speaking of Batman, consider reading our guide on Batman: Perks, Moves & Cosmetics in MultiVersus

Party Animal

This trophy should be fairly easy to unlock compared to every other gold trophy we have covered. Players are only required to play 500 matches with a party. We hope your friends are as dedicated to unlocking the platinum trophy as you are.

That concludes our guide on how to get the platinum trophy in MultiVersus. The game is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below.

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