Multiversus: All Voice Actors [2023]

The Multiversus Voice Cast guide enlists in detail the voice actors for all your favorite characters from your childhood.

Warner Bro’s soon-to-be-released title Multiversus is everyone’s childhood ideals brought to life with an amazingly talented Cast of voice actors. This is by far the best fan service that Warner Bros has done. However, many fans were worried that just like Nickelodeon’s All-Star Brawl, Multiversus was also going to have silent characters. The reason for that was mainly Nickelodeon’s tight budget. Also, try reading the MultiVersus Trophy guide.

Key Highlights

  • Taz The Tazmanian Devil’s voice in MultiVersus is done by the OG Jim Cunning, who was the original voice actor behind Taz in the Looney Toon show as well.
  • Behind the dark and deep voice of Batman in MultiVersus is done by none other than Kevin Conroy, who has voiced Batman multiple times in popular Batman animated series.
  • The Iron Giant in MultiVersus is voiced by Jonathan Lipow, who has also voiced other famous characters.
  • Velma’s voice in MultiVersus is given by Kate Micucci, she has been Velma’s voice actor multiple times in the Scooby Doo show.
  • Wonder woman’s voice in MultiVersus is done by Abby Trott.
  • The Mischievous Harley Quinn in MultiVersus is voiced by Tara Strong, who has been the voice actor of Harley Quinn multiple times.
  • The All-Powerful Superman’s Voice in MultiVersus is given by the popular voice actor: George Newbern, who has voiced Superman multiple times in animated series.
  • Finn’s Voice in MultiVersus is covered by the original voice actor: Jeremy Shada, who voiced Finn in the popular Adventure Time series.
  • Jake The Dog in MultiVersus is also voiced by John DiMaggio, who is the original voice actor of Jake from the Adventure Time series. 
  • Shaggy’s voice in MultiVersus has been provided by Matthew Lilliard, who was also behind Shaggy’s voice in The Scobby-Doo show.
  • Steven from the Steven Universe show is voiced by Daniel Divenere in MultiVersus.
  • Garnet from the Steven Universe show is voiced by Estelle in MultiVersus.
  • Arya Stark’s voice in MultiVersus is given by Maisie Williams, who is also the actress who played Arya Stark in Game of Thrones.
  • Reindog’s voice in MultiVersus is done by Andrew Frankel.
  • Lastly, Bugs Bunny, Tom, and Jerry are voiced by Eric Bauza.

But, we are happy to inform you that Warner Bros went all out in terms of its budget to bring back all the iconic voice actors, well, for the most part. There are 16 characters whose voice actors have been revealed in Multiversus so far.

All Multiversus English Voice Cast

The following section of our Muliversus Voice Cast covers the voice actors who have been revealed so far. As for the rest of the characters and who will be voicing them, they have not been revealed yet. But we will update our Multiversus Voice Cast guide the moment they are revealed, so make sure to check back later. Speaking of it, give our MultiVersus new Characters guide a quick read.

Taz The Tasmanian Devil’s Voice Cast

If you, as a kid, have watched 1991 Taz Mania, then you will recognize Jim Cumming’s nostalgic voice in Multiversus as Taz before your second breath. Looking at Jim’s other projects, such as Winnie the Pooh, Tiger, and Darkwing Duck, it is safe to say that his voice acting career has aged like fine wine.


Multiversus Voice Cast Batman

Just like Taz in Multiversus, Batman will also be voiced by an actor who has given him voice multiple times in the past. Many of you will recognize the voice from Batman Arkham and the 1992 Batman Animated Series. Yes, that’s right, your favorite crime-fighting vigilante in Multiversus will be voiced by nonother than Kevin Conroy himself.

This guy has played Batman for over 30 years, so you can rest assured that Batman’s voice is in safe hands. While you are here, why don’t you look at our MultiVersus Batman: Perks, Moves, & Cosmetics guide?

The Iron Giant

Multiversus Voice Cast The Iron Giant
The Iron Giant

The iron giant in Multiversus will be voiced by Jonathan Lipow. We are sure that many of you have heard him in The Simpsons, Lost Ark, Genshin Impact, and Star Wars resistance. He also played Unicron in the War For Cybertron Trilogy (Transformers).



Many of you Scooby doo fans will be relieved to hear that Velma will be voiced by Kate Micucci. The same Kate Micucci who has voiced Velma in a number of projects since 2015. She is also responsible for giving voice to characters in Steven Univers and Duck Tales. So, your favorite crime detective Velma will also be in safe hands. 

Wonder Woman

Multiversus Voice Cast Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

Now for Wonder Woman, she will be voiced by Abby Trott. Most of you will recognize her mainly from her mind-blowing performance in Super Smash Bros (English Version) since she sings the main theme of that game. You may also have heard her as Ellie Sattler from Animaniacs.

Harley Quinn


Harley Quinn is a very loved yet at the same time a very twisted character of the Dc universe which makes her one of the most iconic ones. So it is only natural that Warner Bros hired the most experienced Harley Quinn voice actor. That’s right, Tara Strong, who first voiced Harley in 2015 and has voiced her 33 times since. She is also the voice cast of Harley in Multiversus as well.



Just like the above two DC characters, Superman will also be receiving the same premium voice treatment. George Newbern, the man responsible for Superman’s heroic voice multiple times in the past, will be giving him a voice in Multiversus too. Some of you might recognize his voice from the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Heart series.

Finn The Human


Finn The Human will be voiced by Jeremy Shada, the same guy who voiced him in the Adventure time series. And taking Adventure time’s length into consideration, it is safe to say that Jeremy’s vocals are pretty polished to sound like Finn.

Jake The Dog

Multiversus Voice Cast Jake

Just like Finn, Jake the dog will also be voiced by his original voice actor in Adventure time. We are sure hearing this is a big relief for all die-hard adventure time fans out there. And the man in question here is John DiMaggio also known for his voice acting for Bender in Futurama.

With John’s voice acting like Jake, it is safe to say that players will feel like they themselves are in the Land of Ooo as Jake.


yeah, he is voiced by Mathew Lilliard

Shaggy! Everyone’s favorite pet owner will be voiced by Mathew Lilliard. He also has previous ties with the Scooby doo series making him the perfect voice actor for Shaggy in Multiversus. On a side note, we have no idea as to how Shaggy was a suitable character to put in a fighting game.

Steven Universe


 Unlike most of the other characters in Multiversus, Steven will not be voiced by the person who voiced him in the show. Instead, the reigns for Steven’s voice in Multiversus are given to Daniel Divenere. He also acted in the movie 2149: The Aftermath, so some of you might know him from there.



Now Garnet brings good news for all those fans who were bummed about Steven’s original voice actor not playing him in Multiversus. That’s right, the British songwriter from West London, Estelle, will be voicing Garnet in Multiversus.

Arya Stark

Multiversus Voice Cast Arya
Multiversus Voice Cast Arya

Quite unusual, the role of Arya Stark in Multiversus will be played by Maisie Williams herself. The same actress who played her role in the entirety of the legendary Game Of Thrones.


Multiversus Voice Cast Reindog
Multiversus Voice Cast Reindog

Reindog in Multiversus is the only original character devs have created for the game. As for the voice for this cute puffball, he is voiced by Andrew Frankel. 

Bugs Bunny, Tom And Jerry

Tom And Jerry
Tom And Jerry

Now, last but most certainly not least, Bugs, Tom and Jerry all will be voiced by Eric Bauza. You might’ve heard him voicing different Looney Tunes iconic characters such as Speedy Gonzales, Woody Woodpecker, Daffy Duck, and of course Bugs himself.

That wraps up our Multiversus Voice Cast guide, and if this interests you, then our other Multiversus BEST Characters guide will also interest you.

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