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Our MultiVersus Wiki covers everything you need to know about, including the best playable characters and their most powerful perks.

Multiversus includes a long list of characters that are a part of the Warner Bros. library. You have a chance to pick a plethora of characters that are a part of the universe. Each character has its own move set and abilities, so trying to master a character can be tough. You must use different abilities to derail and knock off your enemies at different times. The character information can be confusing if you haven’t played similar games.

Key Highlights

  • Multiversus is a free-to-play game that includes all major characters from Warner Brothers.
  • Major in-game issues that were found in the beta version have been fixed and have improved the player’s overall experience.
  • There is a huge list of characters that you can choose from, and more characters get added along with updates.
  • Each character has their own perks making them unique however some perks are better than most, giving you an upper hand in the game.
  • Having a mastery of the game mechanics is highly beneficial because it can increase your knowledge of the game and improve your game sense.
  • There are multiple trophies for players to achieve, and some are easy to obtain meanwhile others require a lot of skill and time. 

Our MultiVersus Wiki includes a list of guides that can help you better understand the game.

Platform & Release Information Of Multiversus

A Complete MultiVersus Wiki

MultiVersus is a free-to-play crossover fighting game. It has been developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. MultiVersus is a large-scale crossover game because it includes characters from all major Warner Brothers properties.

These properties include DC Comics, HBO, Tuner Entertainment, and Cartoon Network, just to name a few. An open beta of the game was released on July 26th, 2022. The open beta acted as a soft launch for the game, with new characters and stages being added.

The game is available on all major platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The cross-play feature also means that you can play the game with your friends regardless of platform.

MultiVersus includes a long list of characters that all have their unique abilities. Because of the plethora of characters and abilities available, it is easy for players to get confused. The game also includes some unique mechanics and power-ups, which can further add to the game’s overall complexity.

Keeping all of this in mind, our MultiVersus Wiki includes a variety of character and game guides. These guides can help you understand important aspects of the game with ease. They also explain different game mechanics to the players so that you know exactly what to expect when you sign-up. These guides can help you;

Fix Major Game Issues

Bugs and errors can be a major problem for any new game. They can ruin a player’s overall experience and render the game unplayable. Because of this, you must take care of these issues before you start playing a game.

MultiVersus, like many other games in beta, had a lot of problems at the time of launch. These issues either caused some portions of the game to become unplayable or the game to crash entirely.

However, these issues can be solved in a plethora of ways. For instance, a bug during the first week of the game caused the KBI tutorial not to work entirely. This was a major concern for players who were looking to practice and learn about the different aspects of the game.

If you are still facing the abovementioned issue, you can find a solution for it in our MultiVersus KBI Tutorial Not Working guide. The guide explains in detail how and why the issue occurs. It also talks about the different techniques you can use to fix the tutorial issue on every platform.

Accessing The Tutorial After Fixing the Issue

Similarly, there was an issue with the online aspect of the game during its initial launch. The online issue resulted in players not being able to connect with the servers and play the game. You can learn more about the online issue and how it can be solved in our MultiVersus Online Not Working guide. Both these bug fixes can be found in our MultiVersus Wiki.

Get Information About All In-game Characters

Current MultiVersus Roster

Every crossover shooter game includes a long list of characters, thus allowing the players to choose a character they love. The choices available can also get confusing, particularly if you are unfamiliar with them. It can become extremely difficult to keep track of every new character that is being added to the game.

MultiVersus constantly adds new and exciting characters to the game. If you are having trouble keeping up with these additions, consider going through our New Characters guide. The guide covers all the confirmed and rumored characters that will soon be added to the game.

Additionally, if you are looking for the best characters in the game, we have you covered there. The best Characters list includes the five most powerful characters that have been added to the game thus far. The guide also explains all of these characters’ skills, powers, and perks so that there isn’t any confusion when you decide to pick them.

Finally, we also have a Tier List that ranks all the characters that have been added to the game. The list ranks all the characters in the game in terms of their abilities and effectiveness in every situation. Going through this list will help you make the right choice when you are picking a character every time.

You can find all of these guides in our MultiVersus Wikipedia.

Understand How To Play Different Characters

Learning how to play different characters in MultiVersus is important. It gives you a plethora of choices when you are competing with either your friends or other people online. Improving your character pool ensures that you can always pick the right character in any situation.

However, learning how to play new characters in MultiVersus can be tough. Each character brings new abilities, perks, and powers to the table. These powers are also usable in different situations, so you must be mindful of that.

Our Multiversus Wikipedia includes a list of character guides that can help you learn new characters in the game. These guides go through everything you need to know about the character in the game. They talk about all the different abilities and perks that a particular character brings to the table.

Additionally, they also provide an in-depth analysis of every single ability and power and when to use them. Finally, these guides also cover every available combo move that a character has. You can learn these combo moves and use them in a match to give yourself an advantage.

Going through these guides will not only help you master different characters but will show you how you can use them to maximize their effectiveness. They include;

Learn About Different Character Perks

Different Character Perks Available in MultiVersus

Perks are an important mechanic in MultiVersus. They don’t only make your characters unique but also provide a way for you to get the upper hand on your enemies. Every character in MultiVersus has its perks that can be unlocked when your character levels up.

However, every character has multiple perks in the game, and not all of them are particularly good. Some perks can help you in crucial times, while others can be useless. Determining which perk to unlock can be challenging, especially if you don’t know enough about them.

This is where the Perks list in our MultiVersus Wiki can come in handy. The perks guide talks about every single character’s best perks. It talks about all the bonuses and buffs these perks can provide.

Additionally, it also talks about when and how you can use these perks to maximize their effectiveness. The guide will help you better understand every character and their special abilities.

Explore Different Game Mechanics

In addition to characters and perks, MultiVersus also includes other important mechanics that you need to keep in mind. These mechanics are extremely important as they can help you better understand the game. They can also help you in determining how and when to time your skills and powers.

For instance, Gleanium is a really important part of the MultiVersus game. It is a form of in-game currency that allows you to purchase rare characters, badges, legendary emotes, and much more. It also helps you get access to special abilities and benefits that will thoroughly improve your overall experience.

However, a lot of players don’t have how and when to use Gleanium. These players often use the Gleanium to unlock the wrong items, which can hinder their progress in the game. Players also struggle to acquire the currency as they don’t know where to locate it.

You can find the answer to all of these questions in our How To Get Gleanium guide. The guide goes into detail about how you can get and use Gleanium in the game.

Buying Gleamium in the game

Similarly, players also struggle to understand the Toast mechanic that has been explained in our How To Toast guide. The guide provides you with answers to all the questions you might have regarding this alternative currency. It also goes into detail about what toasts are, where you can find them, and how to use them effectively.

Unlock All Trophies

All the new games that come out nowadays include a series of unlockable trophies. You can all these trophies by completing different tasks in the game. Some of these trophies are easy to unlock, while others require a lot of time and effort.

You must acquire all the necessary information before starting your trophy-hunting quest in a game. If you don’t have the necessary details regarding the trophy, you can get stuck on a quest for multiple hours. If you ever find yourself in that situation in MultiVersus, our MultiVersus Wiki can help you out.

Our wiki includes a Trophy Guide that explains how you can unlock all 29 trophies. The guide goes into detail about every trophy and the steps you need to follow to unlock it. It also talks about all the trophies you will have to unlock before you can get your hands on the coveted platinum trophy.

Get To Know The Voices Behind The Characters

Batman Voiced By Kevin Conroy in MultiVersus


Similar to any crossover game, the cast of MultiVersus includes a long list of voice actors. Each character in the game was voiced by a unique voice artist. The cast for MultiVersus includes a list of actors, some of whom are well-known.

You can learn more about the voices behind the characters in our English Voice Cast list. The list includes the names of all voice actors along with the characters they played in the game. It also lists all the characters the voice actors have lent their voices to before starring in the game.

Going through the list will provide you with an in-depth look into the actors that have voiced your favorite character. You will also find some familiar faces in the list that have been voicing these iconic characters for decades. The voice actor guide can be found in our MultiVersus Wiki

Wrap Up

Since Super Smash Bros.’s success, many gaming companies have tried their hands at the crossover fighting genre. Over the last decade, many developers tried to release games to compete with the juggernaut that is Super Smash Bros. And even though these companies came up with interesting ideas, none of them could even come close to that level.

MultiVersus is another attempt at the cross-play fighting genre; however, it is more ambitious than all the previous efforts combined. The nostalgia of its familiar characters paired with decent combat really carries the whole game’s success. 

This concludes our MultiVersus Wiki. More guides, lists, and new pieces will be added as soon as we find more areas of the game to cover. Till then, Stay Tuned!

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