Multiversus Wonder Woman: Attacks, Perks & Abilities

In our guide on Multiversus Wonder Woman, you will get to know all about DC Comic's favorite Female Attacker, all of her perks and skills and how she defeats the enemy with her strength.

Wonder Woman is a DC Comics character that came out in 2017. A warrior who is trained to fight her enemies in the best way possible, Wonder Woman soon discovers more of her qualities and powers while giving a helping hand to an American Pilot. She is considered one of the best characters in Multiversus.

Key Takeaways
  • You can choose Wonder Woman as soon as you complete the Multiversus Tutorial since, with her strength and durability, she can take the enemy down in no time.
  • Wonder Woman can strike an attack of two types: Aerial attacks (Sword or Ares, Amazon Combo, Shield Bash, Defense of the Gods, etc.) and Grounded Attacks (Whirling Sword, Flying Slash, Rising Kick, Falling Spear, and others).
  • Pros of choosing Wonder Woman include Shield of Athena, back-to-back, Kryptonian Skin, and Stronger than ever.
  • Cons of Wonder Woman include her being slower than average and her honesty
  • Combos of Wonder Woman include Side to Air combo, Projectile block combo, and Ground to Air combo.

Wonder Woman In Multiversus

Wonder Woman in is free of cost! Yes, that’s right. You can take her on as soon as you complete the Multiversus‘ Tutorial, and after that, Wonder Woman is yours to play with forever.

wonder woman in multiversus
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman’s prowess is not only a hero in the world of DC Comics but also in Multiversus. With her strength and durability, she can take the enemy down in no time and also give her teammate the power to survive battles.

Here’s a quick build summary for Wonder Woman: 

PerksGrounded AttacksAerial AttacksPasive AbilitiesStatisticsCombos
Shield Of Athena
Kryptonian Skin
Stronger Than Ever
Back To Back
Sword of Ares, Amazon Combo,
Shield Bash, Amazon Shout,
Lasso of Truth, Warrior’s Charge,
Flying Warrior, Defense of the Gods
Whirling Sword, Flying Slash,
Rising Kick, Falling Spear,
Soaring Punch, Flying Warrior,
Defense of The Gods
Brace MeterMobility: 5/10
Damage: 7/10
Ranged: 4/10
Support: 4/10
Side To Air Combo
Projectile Block
Ground to Air Combo

Wonder Woman’s Attacks In Multiversus

Wonder Woman Attacks.

Wonder Woman’s deadly strikes are what makes her different and unique. She does not only excel in horizontal attacks but in vertical as well, but for that, you will have to use a new ability. There are many new characters in Multiversus that you can check out as well.

Wonder Woman can strike an attack of two types: Aerial attacks and Grounded Attacks.

Below, I will be discussing the Grounded Attacks of Wonder Woman:

Grounded Attacks

Name Command  Additional Properties Explanation
Sword of Ares Strike Liable  This type of strike is not so fast but has an attack that can be charged, and also the scope is also very good. 
Amazon Combo Strikes in a forward direction.   The attacking range of the character’s attacks is much better than all the other characters. The type of attack, you can make your character hit and cancel out one of the first two attacks so that it can put a combination of her exceptional attack called Flying Warrior.
Shield Bash Attacks in an upward direction Liable A very liable attack that you can use and which also has a very good compass. What makes this strike more interesting is the fact that some places are near to the ground where you can attack your enemy without them even noticing. 
Amazon Shout Attacks in a downward direction. It is liable and also gives you armor. A bar is built whenever you strike by using armor. Once the bar is charged completely, the scope of the attack is amazing, it results in a lot of damage and throws the opponents that have been wounded. However, there is also a con of using the tool that it makes you very vulnerable. 


Lasso of Truth It has a very special attack.  Grants you a missile.  This kind of attack will seize the opponent and bring them to you. The kind of strike can be very effective, but you need to be extra skilled. The strike can reach the farthest point, but it cannot be spammed as it has a cooling down power. 

To strike your aim, you need to direct it diagonally; and your partner is being attacked; you can throw them away to save them. By using the power, you can make bring them back to the actual location. 

Warrior’s Charge The strike is directed forward in a special way.  Grants you armor. This attack is used to block the missiles; in order to use it, make a blocking wall. You can even give your partner a helping hand by granting them armor. 
Flying Warrior You can strike this attack forwardly.   The perfect attack is called Flying Warrior. You can attack your enemies with a huge hitbox. You can use it to attack people on the screen, but in order to do that, your enemy should be badly wounded. Your partner can also use your shield for a platform. 
Defense of the Gods It strikes downwards in a special way.  It provides you with an armor buff cleanse. This attack will provide you with a shield through which you can strike an attack. It also cleanses all the negative effects that the attack has. The attack is most effective when it is used with a partner and provides them with an armor buff.  

Aerial Attacks

Name  Command  Additional Properties Description
Whirling Sword Attack  This attack has the power to break the armor. As good as it is at breaking the armor, however, the scope is not that extraordinary. The tool is nice to be used, but make sure only to do it while you are in a battle with enemies who have armed weapons.
Flying Slash It attacks in a forward direction.   This attack is very effective, including a very juicy hitbox; you can mix the attack with the Lasso of Truth for a linkup. 
Rising Kick It strikes in an upward direction.     The best way to kill the enemies is to use this attack in Multiversus, Wonder Woman. The hitbox has struck right above the head of Wonder Woman. It can make combinations. The best combo to get enemies away from the screen.
Falling Spear It strikes in a downward direction.   The strikes the enemy in the air.
Soaring Punch It attacks especially in the forward direction.   This attack pounces Wonder Woman to her enemy and attacks in heavy damage. It is the only way by which she can throw the people to the right or left. 
Flying Warrior It strikes upwards in a special way.   The version is almost like the grounded one, but it is in the air. If you use the attacking power after being thrown away, it will be floating, making it easier to move around. 
Defense of The Gods It hits in a downward way. It uses cleansing and a buff of armor. The same attack is in the grounded version, but if you share half of your screen with your teammate, you will stick to them, but it is vital to run away when you are stuck in the air.

Wonder Woman Battle Strategy

Wonder Woman in Multiversus is a fighter who is an all-rounder, and the rate of her survival is very high,
she can counterattack the missile with the skill of charging her warrior and giving steady buffs of armor to her
allies, she can strike with the enemy no matter how strong they are.


A weakness of Wonder Woman is that a few of her best attacks need to be touched more precisely than
the attack of some of the most amazing strikers of the game.
Another con her is her honesty, which her opponents can use against her easily.

Wonder Woman can sometimes be more slow than average, but her striking power is above-average
and to do that, your gameplay’s key component should have space.

Team Play Strategy

Something you need to be extra careful about while playing Wonder Woman in Multiversus is that your
teammates all have as many weapons as they can. What it means is that you need to apply.

Defense Of The Gods when you can pass them with your Charge of Warrior. If your partner is
about to get killed, you can save them by using your lasso.

Perks For Wonder Woman

The most amazing perks for Wonder Woman in Multiversus are listed below

Signature Perk:  Shield Of Athena
Perk Slot 1:  Kryptonian Skin
Signature Perk Slot 2:  Stronger Than Ever
Perk Slot 3:  Back To Back

Wonder Woman Signature Perks.
abilities of wonder woman in multiversus
Wonder Woman Perks Part 2.

Shield Of Athena

The Shield of Athena is the most powerful pick for Wonder Woman. Due to this, barriers are made for
blocking the missiles of enemies as you duck them; this helps the missile cool down.

Shield of Athena in Wonder Woman grants you a lasting shield that defends you and 
takes a strike for you, protecting you from being attacked. The offensive perks of Wonder Woman are more
than the defensive abilities. 

Kryptonian Skin

One of the best regular perks for Wonder Woman is the Kryptonian Skin. The incoming
damage to your team is reduced by 4% using the defense perk.

Kryptonian Skin is the simplest perk in the game, but deals a lot of damage. Wonder Woman is a
tank character and possesses a lot of health; she also has great mobility, making her chances to survive
exceptionally high.

Stronger Than Ever

For the second perk choice, I have decided to go with Stronger than Ever, as it gives you and your team
protection by armor. The perk will last for a short period after you respawn.

While the perk is not very useful when it comes to the end game, it goes very well with Wonder Woman’s play style in Multiversus. It will also allow you to get a starting boost after you respawn in the center of the arena.

Back To Back

For the final regular perk, I recommend using Back To Back. The reason I recommend using the perk
is that Wonder Woman can take most of the damage and shield her teammates while they attack
the opponents.

Back to Back will reduce the damage you receive if you are anywhere near your teammate. The perk is recommended for players who want to amp up their defensive abilities and protect themselves as well as their allies from incoming damage.

different perks wonder woman in multiversus
Whip of Hephaestus.
perks of wonder woman in multiversus
Grapple Of Hermes.

Passive Abilities

The passive ability of Wonder Woman is the following.

Brace Meter

She charges the meter to power up the Amazon Armor of Wonder Woman as the missile gets blocked due to her shield.

Combos Of Wonder Woman In Multiversus

Here is the list of combos that you can execute using Wonder Woman in the game. 

Side To Air Combo

Side + Attack ► Side + Special ► Up + Special ► Up + Attack
This type of combo throws your enemy up in the air while the percentage of their damage keeps building.

Projectile Block Combo

Side + Attack ► Neutral + Attack ► Side + Special
This combo helps you stop the enemies and block any missile thrown your way after they
counterattack you. Furthermore, the combo gives you and your allies Armor.

Ground to Air Combo

Aerial Down + Attack ► Aerial Up + Attack ► Up + Special ► Aerial Up + Attack
While using the combo, your enemy will be thrown up in the air, which increases their chances of being vulnerable to strikes from the air.


Multiversus has chipped in Game of Throne’s Arya Stark, Reindog to Tom and Jerry, and Wonder Woman, resulting in a total of 17 characters. Each character in the game possesses certain qualities and skills,
making it fun and engaging.

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