Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Rid Of Mushrooms

There are two types of mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and our guide explains how to get rid of both of them.

If you have been playing Disney Dreamlight Valley, you might have noticed plenty of obstacles blocking your way. One of the most annoying obstacles is mushrooms, which prevent you from going further. Therefore, it is important to learn about how to get rid of mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley so you can explore the game more quickly.

The early version of Disney Dreamlight Valley became available a few days ago, and people absolutely love it. It allows us to explore a world full of magic, but it isn’t always fun. For instance, you might be exploring some parts of the game, and suddenly, you come across a mushroom blocking your way. The frustrating part is that these mushrooms are often blocking the entrance of a bridge, which prevents you from going further into the land.

Now, you can go around the mushrooms in some cases as they aren’t always blocking an important path. But sometimes, when you need to reach a certain spot, and there are mushrooms in the way, you need to get rid of them. Otherwise, you can not proceed further.

Key Takeaways

  • Mushrooms can block your path, and there is no way to go around them.
  • Mushrooms can be destroyed by using the Watering Can. However, you will first need to upgrade the Watering Can two times. 
  • You can upgrade the Watering Can by completing the “A Dark Experiment” quest given to you by Merlin. To upgrade it for the second time, you will need to complete “The Final Trial” quest, which is also given to you by the same character. 

How To Get Rid Of Mushrooms

Thankfully, there is a way to get rid of mushrooms in the game, and it involves using the Watering Can. But before we get into this, it is important to remember that there are two types of mushrooms you will encounter in the game; small and large. Both mushrooms serve the same purpose; that is, to block your way. However, the process of removing both is different.

Before proceeding further, if you still haven’t acquired the Watering Can, then make sure to check out our guide on how to acquire Royal Tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Our guide explains how you can get your hands on every important tool, including the Watering Can. 

How To Get Rid of Mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Watering Can

To remove the mushrooms, you will need to upgrade your Watering Can two times. After you upgrade your Watering Can for the first time, you can start removing small mushrooms from the ground. But to remove the large ones, you will need to upgrade your Watering Can one more time so it can become powerful enough to annihilate the larger ones.

Therefore, it will be wise to upgrade the Watering Can two times as quickly as you can to continue exploring the lands with ease. 

So without any further due, let’s dive into how to get rid of Mushrooms. 

Upgrade The Watering Can

In order to upgrade the Watering Can, you will need to complete a quest called “A Dark Experiment.” This quest will be given to you by Merlin. For those who don’t know, Merlin is one of the first characters you meet in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The best part is that he is unlocked by default, and all you need to do is visit him.

However, before starting the quest, you must first reach Friendship Level 8 with Merlin. This can be done in a variety of ways. You can give presents to Merlin or complete quests for him. Furthermore, interacting with Merlin on a regular basis will also contribute to increasing the Friendship Level.

How To Get Rid of Mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley
A Dark Experiment

After you hit level 8, you will unlock the “A Dark Experiment” quest. This is the quest that will help you upgrade your Watering Can so you can start getting rid of the mushrooms blocking your way. To do this, you will need to acquire three materials; 20x mushrooms, 5x Emeralds, and 3x Purified Night Shards. Yes, you read that right. To get rid of mushrooms, you will need mushrooms.

How To Collect Mushrooms 

Thankfully, mushrooms aren’t difficult to get as you can easily find them in Glade of Trust. When you enter the region for the first time, you will see white mushrooms on the ground. You don’t need any tools to pick them up, and you can collect as many as you can.

It is important to remember that mushrooms that can be collected don’t spawn anywhere else. So make sure to forge as many as you can while you’re there.

How To Get Emeralds 

As for Emeralds, they are a bit difficult to get compared to mushrooms. For them, you will first need to unlock Forest of Valor and the Glad of Trust. The first region can be unlocked for 3,000 Dreamlight, while the second one can be unlocked for 5,000 Dreamlight.

After you have unlocked the regions, you can go there with a friend of yours who has mining skills and begin searching for Emeralds. If you are not a fan of traveling between regions, you can check out how to unlock fast travel in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as this can make the process easier. 

An important thing to remember is that Emeralds are rare, and it will take you quite some time before you can gather a handful of them. Therefore, the entire process will require a lot of patience, but the effort will be worth it, considering you’ll be getting something that will finally help you get rid of mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

While mining for Emeralds, you will acquire various other gems, which you can later sell for some in-game currency.

How To Craft Purified Night Shards 

Finally, to get Purified Night Shards, you first need to get your hands on Night Shards and Dream Shards. It takes 5 Night Shards and 1 Dream Shard to craft a single Purified Night Shard. As you need three of them, you will need to get 15x Night Shards and 3x Dreamshards. 

Night Shards can be dug from glowing mounds on the ground, and you can find plenty of these in different regions. As for Dreamshards, they can be acquired by clearing Night Thorns. However, keep in mind that the spawn rate of Dreamshards is pretty low, so you will need to spend some time clearing Night Thorns before you can acquire the required amount.

Upgrade The Watering Can For The Second Time 

After you have acquired all three items, head back to Merlin and give him the items. He will then upgrade your Watering Can, and you can then use it to remove the small mushrooms. Now, your goal is to upgrade it again. For this, you will need first to hit Friendship Level 10 with Merlin. 

After reaching level 10 with Merlin, you will unlock a quest called “The Final Trial.” This quest will require you to collect multiple items and also talk to Wall-E during the process. 

The Final Trial
The Final Trial

The first thing you will need to do is craft five Purified Night Shards. We have already explained above how you can craft these Shards, so this won’t be a problem for you. Next, you need to pay Wall-E a visit, who will crush these Purified Night Shards into Night Shard Power. 

Now, go back to Merlin and give him the Night Shard Powder. In return, you will receive a book called “Magic Weed Removal.” The next part of the quest will require you to collect 25x mushrooms, 1x Falling Water, and 1x Ice Heart.

Mushrooms can be collected by using the same method as before; by picking them up from the ground in Glade of Trust. However, since your Watering Can is now able to destroy small mushrooms, you can also use it to collect them.

As for the Falling Water, it can be collected from the end of the river found in the Glade of Trust. And finally, to get the Ice Heart, you will need to plant the Ice Heart Seed in the Frosted Heights area.

After successfully acquiring all three items, you can use them to create the Royal Water Can Upgrading Ointment, which you can then take to Merlin. He will use it to upgrade your Watering Can again, and you can then start destroying large mushrooms as well. In other words, you can now get rid of all types of mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Final Words

This was how to get rid of mushrooms in Disney Dreamlight Valley. As you can see for yourself, it will take some time before you get the luxury of destroying the small and large mushrooms. Upgrading the Watering Can two times is a time taking process, but you will enjoy the journey. If you’re just starting out in the game, check out some Disney Dreamlight Valley tips we have listed for beginners. 

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