COD MW2: Best Kastov-74U Loadouts & Class Setup

This Article contains all you need to know about the Best Kastov Loadouts and Class Setups.

The Kastov-74U is one of the Best ARs in Modern Warfare 2 and is dominating the Multiplayer Scene. The Kastov-74U has a similar look and feel to the AK-74U but that was an SMG. Being an AR the Kastov-74U has more damage and is decent in long-range combat. But if you want to utilize its explosive damage you will have to play it in close to Mid-range combat. Here are the Best Kastov-74U loadouts, Class Setups and Build.

Key Takeaways

  • Kastov-74U is the best Close to Mid-Range weapon in Modern Warfare 2.
  • It is an extremely fast weapon and deals explosive damage.
  • Running attachments that increase aiming stability and reduce recoil will make the weapon even more dangerous 
  • The Best perks to run with will be those that will you dominate in close range like Quick fix, Double time, and Battle-hardened.
  • Depending on your playstyle you can run the Kastov-74U as a primary or with a Sniper.

Kastov-74U In Modern Warfare 2

The Kastov-74U is seeing a lot of popularity in the Multiplayer seen and for good reason. The Gun is an absolute beast in Mid to Close-range fights and melts through enemies. The recoil is low to non-existent depending on the attachments you run. The Kastov-74U is an exceptional Primary weapon but you can as a secondary with a sniper. 

Whether you want to run it as a primary or a secondary we got you covered. We have tested and come up with the best Kastov-74U for every situation. With the right attachments at your side, you can focus on doing what you do best, killing noobs. So, with further ado, let’s get into the best Kastov-74U Class setup. 

Best Kastov-74U Loadout 1

Modern Warfare 2 Best Kastov-74U Class Setup
Kastov-74U Best Class in Modern Warfare 2 – [Image credit: eXputer]
Let’s start with running the Kastov-74U as your primary weapon of choice. The Kastov-74U might be a little difficult to use at a significantly far distance. But is still great in small maps where sniping is basically pointless. In modes Like TDM and Kill Confirmed it’s one of the most overpowered weapons

You have great movement and recoil control and the accuracy is on point. All you got to do is aim and fire and the bullets will shred your enemies. You can run launchers or combat knife so you are even more deadly at close range. With Loadout 1, you can run circles around your enemies and be on the top of the leaderboard. 


Modern Warfare 2 Kastov-74U Long Range
Long Range Kastov-74U In Modern Warfare 2 – [Image credit: eXputer]
The most important aspect of making a great weapon is the attachments. They help you overcome the cons of your weapon and tune it according to your playstyle. There are many attachments for the weapon but we have carefully hand-picked the best. These attachments will transform your gun into a weapon of mass destruction.


For the Muzzle, you will be running the RF Crown 50 which helps you to decrease the recoil significantly. The Crown 50 Muzzle comes with a few buff and debuff, it decreases both, your vertical recoil and horizontal recoil. But it does decrease a bit of your Aim Down Sight speed and Aim stability by these debuffs are counter by the other attachments. Overall this will make your gun easy to control and better at Long-Range Combat.


To counter the debuffs of the muzzle we have the BR209 Barrel. The BR209 returns your Aim Down Sight speed and increases movement speed as well. These buffs allow you to engage with enemies fast and reposition quickly. The Cons of the BR209 are quite insignificant and don’t nerf the weapon at all. The recoil decrease is countered by the barrel and the bullet velocity of the weapon is quite high so you won’t notice the difference.


The  Merc Foregrip is one of the best attachments for the Kastov-74U Class Loadout. The Merc foregrip makes the weapon great at all ranges and makes it a well-rounded weapon. It increases your hip fire and control meaning you can kill enemies without even aiming down the sight at close ranges. But that’s not it, you also get recoil and aim walking steadiness so you have better control and visibility with the Kastov-74U AR. 

With these buffs the nerfs are ineffective and you won’t even notice the loss in Aim Down Sight Speed or the Hip walking speed. You will still be pretty agile and destructive in close range. With the help of the Merc Foregrip, you’ll be unstoppable. 


Moving on to the stock you will want to run the Markeev R7 Stock. Now the R7 stock is what provides you the ability to outmaneuver your enemies. With the movement buffs of the stock, your enemies won’t be able to keep up with you. The Stock adds Crouch Movement Speed, Sprint speed, and Aim Down sight speed. All of these are essential in winning a fight so the stock will assist you. The only debuff it has is the increased recoil counter which is already canceled out by our attachments. 


The grip is going to be the True-Tac Grip and it will complete the Kastov-74U AR Loadout Build. The Grip is going to be a bit of an overkill but necessary if you want to have the best loadout. The True-Tac grip increases your Aim Down Sight and Sprint to fire speed. With the grip, if you run into an enemy while rotating will still be fast enough to kill him. So with the true-tac grip, it’s going to be hard to win a duel against you.

Secondary For Loadout 1

Since you will be running this as your primary you won’t be using a secondary weapon as much. So having overkill is going to be a waste, so you can choose a better perk and run a Launcher or the combat knife. Running a combat knife is really helpful in Search and Destroy where there are a limited number of enemies. Moreover, the launcher will help you clear rooms or entrances the enemies might be camping. So having these as your primary gives you a free slot for your perks and also doesn’t nerf your gameplay. 

Best Kastov-74U Perks And Equipment

Perks and Equipment are going to be the finishing touches to your perfect setup. They will provide you with the additional boost needed to completely annihilate the competition. You can run these perks with pretty much any loadout you want. These are currently the best perks in the game so you need to try them out. Here are the best perks to run with the Kastov-74U Loadout Build 1.

Basic Perks

The best Basic Perks to run if you are playing aggressively and rushing the enemy are Battle Harden and Double Time. With these Perks, you are able to spirit across the map and have a tactical advantage over your enemies. The Enemy’s tactical equipment will have little to no effect on you with battle-hardened 

These are two of the best perks in Modern Warfare 2 and give you the most advantage over the opponent. Most players are using tactical to push room and corners and with Battle harden you can easily counter them. Double time gives you Bonus tactical sprint and crouch movement. These are essential as movement is the key to winning any fight in COD.

Bonus Perk

For the Bonus Perk, you should be running Focus as it will allow you to have better aim in fights. Getting hit won’t move your aim as much and you’ll be able to track the enemy and win fights. The bonus flinch resistance is helpful when you get caught off guard and the enemy is hitting you. It’s also great if you are running a sniper as your long-range weapon. 

Ultimate Perk

When playing aggressively you’ll be running into enemies one after the other so you need to be ready to engage. Using Quick Fix as your ultimate allows you to instantly heal after getting a kill and be ready for the next fight. It is a great perk and the most helpful one if you want to take out multiple enemy units. Using it in the Perk set will make you unstoppable and enemies will have a hard time dealing with you. 


Your tactical and lethal equipment is going to help you push enemies and put them at a disadvantage. Using your equipment together is a deadly combo and it can even turn the tide in a losing fight. So here’s which tactical and lethal equipment you should run. 

For the Tactical you want to be running the flash or the stun both are great with an aggressive playstyle. You can use both in close combat with the perks you won’t be effective as your enemy and can still have an advantage. They are great for clearing rooms or if an enemy is camping or chasing after you.

The best lethal in the game at this moment is the  Semtex and for good reason. It is a great explosive with decent splash damage and sticks to surfaces. Sticking an enemy with it confirms the kill and if they are near their teammates they all will be low and easy kills. You can stick it to walls and corners for player camping in rooms and alleys. The Semtex is great and lethal to have in your back pocket.

Field Upgrade 

The Dead Silence is the most powerful Field Upgrade for flanking and pushing adversaries.  With it in your arsenal, you may flank several opponents, and when combined with Ghost and the Suppressor, they won’t be able to see you coming. Although it has been slightly nerfed to balance things out, it is still fairly powerful and useful.

Best Kastov-74U Loadout 2 

Modern Warfare Best Kastov-74U Build
Kastov-74U Best Build Modern Warfare – [Image credit: eXputer]
Now if you are playing on the bigger maps or in-game modes like Invasion you will need a long-range weapon. The Kastov-74U is deadly at close range so you don’t need to worry about it. In Loadout 2 you will be running a fast and destructive Kastov-74U for close to mid-range fights and with run a second long-range weapon. 


Best Kastov-74U Loadout In Modern Warfare 2
Kastov-74U Best Close Range Attachments Modern Warfare 2 – [Image credit: eXputer]
For the short-range loadout, you want to run a gun with a quick fire rate and good movement capabilities. The Kastov-74Uhas both of these covered. With these attachments, you will always be able to fire first and deal more damage. The aim down sight speed and the aiming stability is unmatched. In close range, Kastov-74U is going to beat and you will want to use it. 


In Kastov-74U Loadout 2 you will be running the Xten Havoc 90 which is quite similar to the Rf crown muzzle. The Xten is a bit faster and gives you that extra mobility that you need in close range. It has a slightly higher recoil but that doesn’t really matter in close-range fights. The still Xten Reduces the recoil of your gun significantly and will help you beam enemies at close range. 


Our barrel is going to remain the same, the BR209 Barrel. The BR209 barrel goes you the most advantage at any range. The Aim Down Sight Speed is the difference between winning and losing a fight. Also, it gives you a burst on movement speed so it’s pretty much essential to have the BR209 Barrel with the Kastov-74U.


The best Underbarrel for Kastov-74U in loadout 2 is going to be the FSS Sharkfin 90. The underbarrel is going to keep your gun accurate and steady while aiming. It also provides you with extra movement speed and makes your gameplay faster. If you want to push enemies or be running around the Sharkfin is going to be the underbarrel for you. 


You can never go wrong with more aim down sight speed. Schlanger PEQ Box IV is going to increase your aim down sight speed which in turn gains you an advantage over any enemy.  Both the Laser and the Underbarrel in Loadout 2  have no debuff so they are a great addition to the weapon. With these attachments, you will be the fastest player on the map and can dominate the lobby.


The last thing to tie the whole gun together is going to be the magazine. With fire rate and explosive damage like the Kastov-74U, the only thing that’s stopping you is the magazine size. But don’t worry We will be using the 45-Round mag to counter the problem. With the 45-round mag, you can deal more damage in a single clip with pretty much no noticeable debuffs. 

Secondary Weapon For Loadout 2

For a Secondary, you run a Sniper or a marksman rifle. However, one of the best guns in the game right is the Ftac Recon. Its one headshot kill and semi-auto fire rate make it extremely deadly at long range but still useable at close range. Even if a fast-moving enemy is pushing you he’s still one shot, so relax, aim, and fire.

First, we will choose the Bull Rider 16.5 for the barrel because it has the ability to lessen recoil. However, in addition to improving your ability to regulate recoil, it will also improve the accuracy, bullet velocity, and damage range of your hip fire.

The Edge-47 Grip is an underbarrel designed to improve the weapon’s stability and recoil stability in order to increase accuracy. The Support CP90 Grip will also improve aiming stability and flinch resistance when used as a rear grip. These two characteristics may be ideal for a weapon with ten bullets.

However, the Support CP90 Grip will slightly slow down how quickly you move. However, since the weapon is not typically used at close ranges, it won’t have an impact on you. Contrarily, you should choose Cronen Mini Red Dot for the optic because it is straightforward and gives you a clear, accurate aim even when you are shooting.

Last but not least, the.458 Overpressure +P ammunition will make the target flinch more when you strike them. The enemy will flinch, making it tough for them to strafe or take cover, thus you won’t need to be incredibly accurate with your shot. The enemy might elect to fight rather than escape as a result of the flinch, so take care to complete the task as quickly as you can.

Best Kastov-74U Perks And Equipment

These perks can be used with pretty much any loadout you like. You should test out these perks because they are currently the best in the game. Equipment and Perks will put the finishing touches on your ideal setup. They will give you the extra push you need to fully destroy your rivals. The Kastov-74U Loadout 2 has the following Perks and Equipment.

Basic Perks 

The Perks used in the previous Loadout will run great with loadout 2  as well. However, if you want to change things up you can run Scavenger Perk instead of double time to refill on ammo while gunning down enemies. Another great perk to use instead of battle harden is Bomb Squad which reduces the effectiveness of non-killstreak explosives. 

Since you are so fast and hard to hit enemies might use Lethal equipment to take you down. So in that situation, you will have the upper hand and power on through. Scavenger also comes in a handy while when you are running low on ammo and get a kill with your last clip. So these will be useful when running them together.

Bonus Perk

The best bonus perk in loadout two is also going to be the Focus Perk. It is the same as loadout 1 but it’s even more effective in loadout two. When using a long-range weapon like the Ftac Recon or a Sniper extra breath comes in handy. So the perks make you stronger in all ranges in Loadout 2. Focus is going to be the Best Perk you can run in Kastov-74U Loadout Build. 

Ultimate Perk

For the ultimate perk, you have two choices depending on your playstyle. If you are going to be a sniper mainly and want to use the Kastov-74U for enemies that are pushing you the Ghost perk will be your best option. It will conceal your position from all enemy radars and help you kill enemies from afar. However, if you will be pushing enemies and using the sniper only to take out annoying enemy sniper in the back then the Quick Fix perk will be better for you. 


The Old equipment will work pretty well for the second loadout as well if you are going to play aggressively. But if you opt for the sniper playstyle you can switch out a few things. You can run Smoke Grenades to conceal your position or change position.

A great lethal to have while sniping from rooftops is going to be the Proximity Mine and Claymore. Both of these will eliminate enemies trying to sneak up on you or at least alert you of their existence so you can take care of them. 

Field Upgrade

The Greatest Field Upgrade for loadout two is going to be the Munitions Box. A box of ammo is thrown in front of the player by the Munitions Box, which can be interacted with to refill your ammo and equipment. It also automatically gives one magazine for teammates’ guns that are close by. Every time the Munitions Box replenishes a teammate, the owner also scores points. It is already accessible.

How To Unlock Kastov-74U

The Kastov-74U will be locked when you start the game and it’s going to take some time to unlock. Due to the new unlocking system implemented into the game, you will have to unlock and upgrade 2 more guns to unlock the Kastov-74U.

Firstly, you will have to unlock the Kastov 762. Unlocking the Kastov is going to be easy and you just have to play the game and reach level 23. Once you have unlocked the Kastov 762 all you have to do is equip it and run it in matches. When you level it up to Level 10 it will unlock the Kastov 545.

You will have to do the same with the Kastov 545. Playing it in matches and leveling it up is the only way you can upgrade it to level 13. Once you have done that it will unlock the Kastov-74U but you are not done yet. 

After unlocking the Kastov-74U you will have to play it and level it up to unlock other attachments. Due to the new system, you might also have to play with other guns to unlock their attachments to use them in the Kastov-74U.

Pros And Cons Of  Kastov-74U

The Kastov-74U has its own list of pros and cons but is one of the best weapons in the game. There aren’t any Cons that can’t be overcome in the gun with the right attachments and perks.  It’s an easy-to-use gun that deals heavy damage at close range and is still a great option for long-range. 

The only con that comes to mind with the Kastov-74U is going to be the Range. Though it’s still pretty good at long range it’s not the best. Its range and fire rate are factors that make it harder to use in long-range fights. It’s still useable but you have to be the better player to win those fights.

That being said it’s probably the best close-range weapon in the game at the moment. No other SMG or AR comes close or compares to the Kastov-74U. It has one of the lowest times to kill in the game and if you engage first the enemy is good as dead. Running it with a long-range weapon is the better choice cause then you control all ranges and are unstoppable. 

The low recoil and high accuracy make it deadly to fight against and you have the advantage in  

all close to mid-range fights. You are going to have one of the highest mobility in the game so you can sprint, dive, and slide across the map and destroy any player you come up against. You also have a very quick Sprint to fire and Aim Down SIght Speed so you don’t need to worry about stopping and aiming before peaking corners.

Final Words

After learning all of these factors you can also calculate that the Kastov-74U is going to be one of the best guns to use as a primary or with a sniper. After knowing how to unlock the Kastov-74U and which attachments and perks go together well, you will be the best in the game. So are you going to be running the Kastov-74U Loadout? 

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