NBA 2k23 Atlanta Hawks Ratings: Team & Players

Our NBA 2k23 Atlanta Hawks Ratings guide shows the ratings and other stats assigned to all the Atlanta Hawks players.

NBA 2K23 has finally been released, and everyone can agree that it is the best entry in the NBA series. So naturally, everyone (including the real-life NBA players themselves) is interested in the in-game ratings that Ronnie 2K assigns to each player. However, Atlanta Hawks fans are not so happy with the ratings that their players have been assigned in NBA 2k23.

Key Takeaways
  • The Atlanta Hawks in NBA 2K23 have been assigned different ratings by Ronnie 2k.
  • Many Hawks fans are really excited to know about the ratings of their favorite players.
  • Knowing about the ratings will help gamers make better decisions when trying to pick a team for themselves.
  • There are a lot of players to look forward to in Atlanta Hawks, some of the highest-rated ones in NBA 2K23 are:
    • Trae Young (90).
    • Clint Capela (86).
    • Bogdan Bogdanovic (80).
    • De’Andre Hunter (76).

This year the fans are especially curious about the ratings given to De’Andre Hunter and Oneyaka Okongwu. The reason for that is that De’Andre and Oneyaka had mid-ratings of 80 and 74, respectively, last year. But both of them have shown considerable improvements throughout the year. Other players in Atlanta Hawks have also been through some major changes.

So if you are curious about the ratings and other stuff about your favorite players in Atlanta Hawks, then keep reading, as our NBA 2k23 Atlanta Hawks Rating guide shows exactly that.

Stats for all the players: 

Player NamePositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
Trae YoungPGOffensive Threat90.0- 4 bronze badges
- 12 silver badges
- 10 gold badges
Clint CapelaCPaint Beast86.0- 4 bronze badges
- 7 silver badges
- 2 gold badges
Bogdan BogdanovicSG/SF3 Level Scorer80.0- 8 bronze badges
- 2 silver badges
De’andre HunterSP/PF2-Way 3-Level Scorer76.0- 5 bronze badges
- 2 silver badges
Frank KaminskyPF/CInside Out Scorer74.0No Badges
Dejounte MurrayPG2-Way Play shot86.0- 12 bronze badges
- 11 silver badges
John CollinsPF/CInside the Arc Scorer83.0- 3 bronze badges
- 3 silver badges
- 3 gold badges
Onyeka OkongwuC/PF2-Way Inside the Arc Scorer76.0- 6 bronze badges
- 1 silver badge
Aaron HolidaySG/PGShot Creator75.0- 1 bronze badge
Jalen JohnsonPF/SFInside the Arc Scorer73.0No Badges
Tyrese MartinSF/SGBall Hawk73.0No Badges
Justin HolidaySF/SG3PT Shooter72.0- 2 bronze badges
Trent ForrestPG/SGInterior Finisher71.0No Badges
Chaundee BrownSG3PT Shooter67.0No Badges
Moe HarklessPF/SFInterior Finisher71.0No Badges

Trae Young

NBA 2K23 Atlanta Hawks RatingsTrae Young
Trae Young
PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
PGOffensive Threat904 bronze badges

– 12 silver badges

– 10 gold badges

We have started our list with Trae Young because he has the highest rating of 90 in the Atlanta Hawks. That is because his build is highly offensive, and has a 3 Point Shot rating of 86. And on top of all of that, his Dunk Rating. Considering all of the attributes we have mentioned, it should come as no surprise that his Overall rating is a whopping 90.

Clint Capela

NBA 2K23 Atlanta Hawks Ratings Clint Capela
Clint Capela
PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
CPaint Beast864 bronze badges

– 7 silver badges

– 2 gold badges

Up next is Clint Capela, the 208 cm beast from Switzerland. Capela was the franchise leader for the Hawks in the career field goal percentage. His total rating in NBA 2k23 is 86. His player build is Glass-Cleaning lockdown. As for his 3 Point Shot and Dunk ratings, they are 25 and 80, respectively.

Bogdan Bogdanovic

Bogdan Bogdanovic
Bogdan Bogdanovic
PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
SG/SF3 Level Scorer808 bronze badges

– 2 silver badges

The overall rating for Bogdan Bogdanovic is 80. Since he has a high perimeter and interior isolation rate, he is the Shot Creator of the Atlanta Hawks. His 3 Point Shot rating is 80, while his Dunk rating stands at 65.

De’andre Hunter

NBA 2K23 Atlanta Hawks Ratings De’andre Hunter
NBA 2K23 De’andre Hunter
PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
SP/PF2-Way 3-Level Scorer765 bronze badges

– 2 silver badges

The rating for the 24-year-old De’Andre James Hunter from the United States is 76. His position in Atlanta Hawks is Small Forward. The thing that makes De’Andre stand apart from the crowd is that he is a 3 Point Shot Specialist, with his rating of the mentioned attribute at 81. And lastly, his Dunk rating stands at 80.

Frank Kaminsky

frank Kaminsky
NBA 2k23 frank Kaminsky
PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
PF/CInside Out Scorer74No Badges

Now for Frank Kaminsky, the overall rating for this guy is 74. His 3 Point Shot rating is 78, and his Dunk rating is 65. As for his player build, he is an Inside-Out Scorer. His weakest attribute is playmaking, rated at 44, and his most vital attribute is Outside Scoring, clocking in at 82. The memorable thing about Frank Kaminsky is his height which is a whopping 7 Ft.

Dejounte Murray

 Dejounte Murray
NBA 2k23 Dejounte Murray
PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
PG2-Way Play shot8612 bronze badges

– 11 silver badges

Dejounte Murray’s specialization is Point Guard. His overall rating clocks in at an astounding 86. Murray’s build in NBA 2k23 is a 2-Way Slashing Playmaker. His 3 Point Shot rating is 75, and his Dunk Rating is 75.

John Collins

John Collins
NBA 2k23 John Collins
PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
PF/CInside the Arc Scorer833 bronze badges

– 3 silver badges

– 3 gold badges

John Collins has the player build of Interior Finisher in NBA 2k23. His total rating is 83, which is considered to be an ok rating. His 3 Point Shot rating is 80, and his Dunk rating is 93. John’s attribute, the Inside Scoring, is his strongest one, rated at 83. In comparison, his weakest attribute is Playmaking which is rated at a mere 50.

Onyeka Okongwu

Onyeka Okongwu
NBA 2k23 Onyeka Okongwu
PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
C/PF2-Way Inside the Arc Scorer766 bronze badges

– 1 silver badge

Now for the player whose rating has excited all 2k23 gamers, Onteka Okongwu.  Just like Clint Capela, Onyeka’s specialty is also Glass Cleaning Lockdown. Onyeka’s total rating this year is 76. His 3 Point Shot and Dunk ratings are 60 and 65, respectively. This 108 Kg monster has two strongest attributes, one is Rebounding, which is rated at 78, and the second is Athleticism which is also rated at 78.

Aaron Holiday

NBA 2K23 Atlanta Hawks Ratings Aaron Holiday
NBA 2K23 Aaron Holiday
PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
SG/PGShot Creator751 bronze badge

Aaron Holiday has been assigned the positions in NBA 2k23 are Shooting guard and Point guard. Aaron’s overall rating is 75.  His Dunk and 3 Point Shot ratings are 60 and 81, respectively. As you can tell from his 3 Point Shot rating, Aaron’s player build is a 3 Point Shot Playmaker.

Jalen Johnson

Jalen Johnson
NBA 2K23 Jalen Johnson
PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
PF/SFInside the Arc Scorer73No Badges

Johnson’s positions in Atlanta Hawks are Power Forward and Small Forward. His overall rating is 73, with his 3 Point Shot and Dunk ratings clocking in at 69 and 65, respectively. Jalen’s player build is Paint Defender.

Tyrese Martin

Tyrese Martin
Tyrese Martin
PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
SF/SGBall Hawk73No Badges

Unfortunately, there is currently no rating for Tyrese Martin in NBA 2k23; however, he is expected to be added in future updates. But for the time being, Chris Silva is in his place with an overall rating of 73.

Justin Holiday

Justin Holiday
NBA 2k23 Justin Holiday
PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
SF/SG3PT Shooter722 bronze badges

Justin Holiday’s overall rating is 72. His player build is Shooter, so obviously, he plays very offensively. His positions in Atlanta Hawk are Small Forward and Shooting guard. Justin’s 3 Point Rating is 72, and Dunk’s rating is 73.

Trent Forrest

NBA 2K23 Atlanta Hawks Trent Forrest
NBA 2k23 Trent Forrest
PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
PG/SGInterior Finisher71No Badges

Trent’s overall rating is 71, with his 3 Point Rating and Dunk ratings at 62 and 60. His positions are Shooting guard and Point guard. The player builds for Tren Forrest in NBA 2k23 is Slashing Playmaker.

Chaundee Brown

NBA 2K23 Atlanta Hawks Ratings Chaundee Brown
Chaundee Brown
PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
SG3PT Shooter67No Badges

Chaundee’s overall rating in NBA 2k23 is 67. He has only one position in Atlanta Hawks, and that is Shooting Guard. However, Chaundee’s strength lies in 3 Point Shooting as that is his player build, and his rating for the attribute is 80. Chaundee’s Dunk rating is 50.

Moe Harkless

NBA 2K23 Atlanta Hawks Ratings Moe Harkless
NBA 2k23 Moe Harkless
PositionArchetypeOverall RatingBadges
PF/SFInterior Finisher71No Badges

Moe’s positions in NBA 2k23 are Point Forward and Small Forward. His Player Build is Interior Finisher, while his overall rating is 71. His 3 Point shot and Dunk ratings are 73 and 82, respectively.

Well, that about wraps up our Atlanta Hawks Rating guide. If you found this helpful, you will also be interested in our NBA 2K23 Houston Rockets rating guide.

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