NBA 2K23 New York Knicks: All Players Ratings

NBA 2K23 has recently been released. As we know by now that with each game 2K updates the player ratings. Today we are going to take a look at the updated rating for the New York Knicks

NBA 2K23 is here, and it is good. The game gives fans what they wanted, more of the same with extra fun content added to it. Each game’s team ratings are updated depending on how well the players did. Today we are going to take a look at NBA 2K23 New York Knicks ratings.

This latest installment has done plenty to try to win a lot of the player base back. They have brought back some retro fun basketball game modes for players to enjoy. These serve as extra game modes where you just go for a casual fun time.

Moreover, 2K has tried its best to do justice to each player. They are well aware of basketball fans’ passion for the sport and don’t want to represent their favorite players inaccurately. 

The gameplay also has a lot of variety here. It is a sports game, but there are still video game aspects present here. You can make some of the best builds to dominate the enemy team, and these can include the best center builds or the best point guard builds

Moreover, the player can equip certain items to buff their team further. These items include the best Finishing badges, the best Defense badges, the best Playmaking badges, or the best Shooting badges



  • There are three ratings that determine how good a player is in the game. The first one is their overall rating, the second is their 3-Point Shot rating, and the last one is their Driving Dunk rating.
  • All of these combined let you know what the player excels at too. Some players even excel at things when compared to their stronger teammates; if a player has a higher overall score and lower 3-Point Shot rating, that means that somebody else has a better chance of scoring than them.
  • Even if the overall rating of a player is very low, they can still be a valuable asset. They can come in clutch when the other team is about to score. R.J. Barret, Jalen Brunson, and Julius Randle are the best players on the team as of now.

NBA 2K23 New York Knicks Players

NBA New York Knicks Ratings
The NBA New York Knicks as they appear in the game

Now, we have basic knowledge of the game and how it rates the players. Let us get into the guide. Our guide will entail the ratings of all the players present on the team. We hope that these prove to be beneficial during gameplay.

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Furthermore, our guide will mention the 3-Point Shot rating, driving dunk rating, and the overall ratings of every individual player. Even if you don’t agree with these ratings as a fan of a particular player, knowing them will surely let you know who the best character is in-game. 

RJ Barret 

R.J. Barret is the strongest player on the team. He is the player who is the main star and who comes in clutch during challenging situations. His overall rating is 84, and the 3-Point Shot rating is 78. Lastly, his Driving Dunk rating is 80. 

Jalen Brunson

Next up, we have Jalen Brunson, who has a very close second placement, and whose overall ratings are 83. He has the edge over R.J. Barret with his 3-Point Shot ratings, as they are 81. His Driving Dunk rating is where he falls very short as they are only 50. 

Julius Randle

Here we have the third-best player on the team. Julius Randle is a two-way slasher with an overall rating of 82. His 3-Point Score shot ratings are 73, and the Driving Dunk is where he highly outshines Jalen Brunson as his rating is 80.

Derrick Rose 

Derrick Rose is another great addition to the team. His overall ratings are excellent, as he sits at 81. The 3-Point Shot rating is the highest on the team; it is 83. He falls very short on the Driving Dunk ratings. His Driving Dunk rating is 45. 

Mitchell Robinson

Next, we have the first defensive player on our guide. Mitchell Robinson is essential to the team as he keeps others from scoring. His overall rating is 81, the 3-Point Shot rating is some of the lowest in the game, 32, and his Driving Dunk rating is 80. 

Immanuel Quickley 

Now we go into some other decent players on the team. Immanuel Quickley has an overall rating of 77. His 3-Point Shot rating is 78, and his Driving Dunk rating is quite low and sits at 55. He is a big part of the team.

Obi Toppin

Obi Toppin is another great player, and he has an overall score just slightly below Immanuel Quickley as he sits at 76. His 3-Point Shot rating is 73. Lastly, he has the best Driving Dunk rating on the team, which is 90.

Evan Fournier 

This 6’6 is a sharpshooter and can come in clutch whenever you need an accurate scorer during a match. His overall rating is 76, and he has a Driving Dunk rating of 50. Where he shines is with his 3-Point Shot rating, which is 82. 

Cam Reddish 

Cam Reddish is your 6’8 2-way inside-out scorer. He is the player that can suddenly snatch the ball and score in the game. His overall rating is 74, and his Driving Dunk 80, while his 3-Point Shot rating is 79. 

Isaiah Hartenstein 

Next up, we have Isaiah Hartenstein, who is a 7’0 interior finisher from Germany. He is the tallest player on the team and is also an essential part of it. His overall rating is 74, his 3-Point Shot rating is 71, and his Driving Dunk rating is 65. 

Quentin Grimes 

Now we have another shooter. Quentin Grimes is a very good scorer who can come in clutch whenever you want to score, and his positioning greatly assists him. His overall rating is 72, his 3-Point Shot rating is 82, and his Driving Dunk rating is 70. 

Miles McBride 

Miles McBride is possibly the weakest shooter on the team. He can still prove to be very useful when you utilize him correctly. His overall rating is 71, his 3-Point Shot rating is 70, and his Driving Dunk rating is 65. 

Jericho Sims

This 6’9 player can either be devastating for the enemy team or for you, depending on the player. His overall rating is 71, he has the lowest 3-Point Shot rating as he sits at 26, and where he shines is his Driving Dunk rating which is 80. 

Feron Hunt

Now we talk about the guards. They are your defenses, and they will try their best to snatch the ball away from the opponent. Feron Hunt is a good one, and he has an overall rating of 67, his 3-Point Shot rating is 68, and his Driving Dunk rating is 75. 

Trevor Keels 

Lastly, we have Trevor Keels, who is another guard. He will make sure that the enemy team doesn’t score easily. His overall rating is 67, his 3-Point Shot rating is 71, and his Driving Dunk rating is 70.

Wrap Up

And that brings our NBA 2K23 New York Knicks ratings guide to an end. We have listed all the players and have mentioned their ratings clearly and accurately. 

Moreover, we hope you had fun reading through the guide and that it helped you learn more about the team’s strengths and weaknesses. Playing different teams and figuring them out are some of the most fun parts of the franchise.

What do you think about the game? Did you find the ratings accurate? Who is your favorite NBA player? Does the game offer enough new content to warrant a purchase? Let us know all about it in the comments section below. 

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