NBA 2K23 Phoenix Suns Ratings: Players & Team

Phoenix Suns got into Tier 2 in NBA 2K23 but they shouldn't overlooked.

2K23 is the latest NBA installment from the 2K developers. In it, we get to see different teams with their own ratings. But if we talk about Phoenix Suns in NBA 2K23, they have strong overall ratings. The team has 5 players with over 80 ratings, and 2 of these are above 90.

Key Takeaways
  • The Phoenix Suns is a Basketball Team in NBA 2K23.
  • Phoenix Suns have a lot of young and talented players, like Devin Booker, that you can choose to play with.
  • It’s best to learn all the Phoenix Suns player Ratings and pick the best player to win more matches against your friends.
  • Some of the Best Phoenix Suns players are:
    • Devin Booker (91).
    • Chris Paul (90).
    • Deandre Ayton (85).
    • Mikal Bridges (83).
    • Cameron Johnson (80).

Phoenix Suns Team Information

Before we begin with the Phoenix Suns’ ratings for the Current NBA 2K23, the team deserves a bit of introduction. In it, we will go through the team’s backstory. Later on, as we discuss each of the players’ ratings in the current season, we have added a bit of introduction to them all. We are sure that will help you learn about your favorite Phoenix Suns Players.

Phoenix Suns were founded in the year 1968. The Suns is a strong team, and since its foundation, the team got the opportunity to appear in 3 NBA Finals. But sadly, they weren’t strong enough to win any NBA title.

The recent appearance in the NBA Finals was in the 2021 Championship Series. In it, they faced Milwaukee Bucks, which was led by Giannis Antetokounmpo. This in itself is no small feat, as Giannis is NBA’s current season’s player with the highest rating. He has a 97 rating, which is higher than even the likes of LeBron James.

As for the Phoenix Suns, in the current season, their highest-rated player is Devin Booker at 91 overall ratings. After that, the team has Chris Paul at 90 Overall ratings and Deandre Ayton at 85 overall ratings.

Phoenix Suns in the NBA has a lot of talented players. They have 2 players that are above 90 ratings and a total of 5 players above 80. The Suns have an overall rating of 82 points. This puts them in Tier 2 with Dallas Mavericks (80), Portland Trail Blazers (80), Chicago Bulls (81), and many more.

As for other ratings on Phoenix Suns in the NBA 2K23 game, here’s what we get to see. Out of the team’s attributes, they have high Outside Scoring at 86 points, and their Potential rating is high at 84 points. As for the team’s Intangible rating, it is at 73. Their Inside Scoring rating is low at 66 points. Athleticism is at 76; Playmaking is at 77. Defending and Rebounding’s rating is quite low at 64 and 53, respectively.

Phoenix Suns Players Ratings

Phoenix Suns have 16 players on its roster. When we get to the players’ ratings, we get to see some expected ratings. Overall, they are accurate to some extent, with some ratings being lower than expected. We’d say that the Phoenix Suns are at a good spot in the current NBA season.

Anyways, here are all of the Phoenix Suns players with their ratings in NBA 2K23.

Devin Booker – 91

The best player on the Phoenix Suns team is Devin Booker. He is an American professional basketball player. He deserves to be on number one of Pheonix Suns because of his super rating of 91. This rating makes him the 12 best NBA 2K23 player out of the 868 players in the game.

Devin Booker ratings in NBA 2k23 Phoenix Suns
Devin Booker in NBA 2K23.

And if you look above him, yes, we get to see players such as James LeBron and others. But keep in mind that the top rating received in the game is 97. So the rating difference is just 6 points between Devin Booker and the top players.

The 25-Years old Devin Booker started his journey seven years ago in the NBA 2015 drafts. He was the 13th overall pick and, at that time, got selected by Pheonix Suns. This turned out to be a good investment as he shows his worth in the game. The Suns’ recently got the opportunity to appear in the 2021 NBA Finals.

Devin Booker takes care of the Shooting Guard or Point Guard positions in the team in NBA. But because of how valuable of an asset he is to the team, Phoenix Suns pay him a hefty amount. For the current season of the NBA, the team has him on a $33,833,400 contract.

This high contract fee is all because of his superb overall gameplay, which is shown in the 2K NBA ratings. The high Overall Ratings of 91 are the reason for it. The rating comes into play due to different factors. He has 87 ratings for 3-Point and 75 for Diving Dunk.

Inside Scoring and Outside Scoring have 76 and 93 ratings, respectively. On Athleticism, he got 77. Booker’s playmaking is strong, so it got 86 ratings. Rebounding and Defending aren’t that strong at 47 and 59, respectively.

Chris Paul – 90

Phoenix Suns’ second-best player on their roster is Chris Paul. Chris Paul is the 13th best player in NBA’s current season ratings with 90 Overall ratings. 37 years old Chris Paul has 17 years of experience in the NBA. This American professional Basketball Player’s journey started in 2005’s NBA Draft when he was the 4th overall pick. At that time, he was picked by New Orleans Pelicans.

Chris Paul
Chris Paul in NBA 2K23.

As for the current season of the NBA, he is playing with Phoenix Suns with a salary of $28,400,000. In the team, he plays in the Point Guard position. His archetype of 2-way Slashing Playmaker helps him in this position.

Paul’s Overall 90 rating in 2k’s current NBA season game comes from different factors. First off, we get to see a 3-Point rating of 74. Surprisingly, his Diving Dunk rating is quite low at 27. Inside Scoring and Outside Scoring are at 57 and 85 ratings, respectively.

Athleticism is quite high, with a 77 rating. Playmaking is where Paul excels in NBA. Thanks to his playmaking, the team had been able to win several games in the past. In the game, his Playmaking rating is 91. Rebounding is quite low at 44. But that’s okay, as his Defending goes to the top again with a 77 rating. Experts believe that if his progress remains the same, he has the potential to get a 95 rating.

DeAndre Ayton – 85

Next up, we have Deandre Ayton. Here we get to see a relatively larger gap in the player’s ratings. Ayton’s rating is at 85; mind you, it isn’t low at all, judging that he has spent just four years in NBA. The 24-year-old basketball player originates from the Bahamas. In the 2018 NBA draft, he was the 1st overall pick by Phoenix Suns. They are paying their valuable asset a total of $30,913,750 for the current NBA season. Ayton plays at the Center position.

Deandre in Phoenix Suns ratings in NBA 2k23.
Deandre Ayton in NBA 2K23.

Ayton’s Overall rating for the current NBA season is 85. As for his 3-Point rating, it is at 70. Diving Dunk is relatively high in the team at 75 ratings. Inside Scoring’s rating is at 79. As for the Outside Scoring rating, it is at 83. When we get to Athleticism, it is at 79 ratings. Playmaking has 55 ratings.

Rebounding’s rating of 78 is relatively higher. And the Defending rating is acceptable at 62. His Intangibles rating is 80. And he has the potential to get an 86 rating.

Mikal Bridges – 83

Mikal Bridges is the next player on the roster of the Phoenix Suns’ current NBA season. The 26-year-old professional basketball player has American nationality. His journey in NBA started in 2018’s NBA Draft, where he was the 10th overall pick. At that time, he was picked up by the Philadelphia 76ers. Later on in his journey, he joined the Phoenix Suns, where his current season salary is $21,000,000. He plays the Power Forward or Small Forward positions.

Mikal Bridges
Mikal Bridges ratings.

Bridges got an overall rating of 83 in the current NBA season by the game developers. This rating is backed up by other different ratings. To begin with, we get to see the 3-Point rating at 80. If you look at his Diving Dunk rating, it is at 75. The inside Scoring rating is 57, and the Outside Scoring rating is 88.

As for 83 rating for Athleticism and 71 rating for Playmaking, rebounding is at 45, whereas Defending Rating is quite high at 73. The game developers believe that he has the potential to get an 86 rating in the future.

Cameron Johnson – 80

In the roster of 5 best Phoenix Suns players, we have Cameron Johnson. He is an American national Basketball Player that was the 11th overall pick in NBA’s 2019 Draft. Minnesota Timberwolves selected the 26-year-old player. Currently, his contract with the Suns is worth $5,887,899. He plays the Small Forward or Power Forward positions.

Cameron Johnson's ratings in NBA 2K23 Phoenix Suns
Johnson’s ratings.

Johnson’s overall rating for the current season is 80. As for the 3-point, it is at 86 rating, which is the second highest on the team. His Dunk Diving rating is relatively low at 60. The Inside Scoring and Outside Scoring are at 66 and 86, respectively. His Athleticism is at 75.

Cameron Johnson’s other ratings are relatively lower. The Playmaking rating is at 52, and Rebounding is at 50. And defending is low at 62 ratings. Intangible’s rating is at 80, and he is predicted to have an 81 rating in the future.

Cameron Payne – 76

The 28 years old Cameron Payne plays in Phoenix Suns at the Point Guard position. He is an American professional basketball player. In the 2015 NBA Draft, he was the 14th overall pick when the Oklahoma City Thunder selected him. Later on, he joined Phoenix Suns, and for the current season, he is paid $6,000,000.

When we get out of the top 5 players of the Phoenix Suns, we get to see some lower ratings. This doesn’t mean that these players are bad in any way. They are solid players on their own. They just didn’t happen to have such high ratings as their teammates.

As for Payne, his overall rating is at 76 points. The 3-Point score is at 86, and his Diving Dunk is rated at a low 25. Inside Scoring is low too, at 47. But he covers it all with his superb 85 rating Outside Scoring. His athleticism rating is at 72, and he has a high Playmaking rating of 78. Rebounding’s rating is 46, and Defending rating is 50.

His Intangibles rating is 55. And he got a Potential Rating of 78.

Dario Saric – 76

Croatia national Dario Saric is the next best player in Phoenix Suns according to his ratings. He is a 28-year-old professional basketball player. In 2014’s NBA Draft, he was selected by Orlando Magic as the 12th overall pick. And in the Suns, he plays at the Center or the Power Forward positions. The team pays him $9,240,000 for the NBA 2022-23 season.

Saric’s overall NBA 2k23 rating is 76. That comes from 78 rating for 3-Point, and 70 rating for Diving Dunk. If you get further in his gameplay, he gets 72 Inside Scoring and 78 Outside Scoring. Athleticism is at 72 ratings, whereas Playmaking is at 65 ratings. His Rebounding rating is at 63, and his Defending is at 57. His Intangibles rating is at 60, and he has the potential to get to 77 ratings.

Jae Crowder – 76

Jae Crowder is the 9th best player in Phoenix Suns according to their ratings in 2K’s latest NBA game. Cleveland Cavaliers selected him as the 34th Overall Pick in NBA’s 2012 Draft. The 32-year-old basketball player is an American national who plays at the Small Foward and Power Forward positions for the team. For his current season with the Suns, he is paid $10,183,800.

Crowder’s overall rating is 76. His 3-Point rating is 78, whereas Diving Dunk is rated at 60. The Inside Scoring is at 66, and the Outside Scoring is at 77. His Athleticism rating is at 81. When it comes to Playmaking, he has a 65 rating. Rebounding’s rating is at 52, and he got a high 75 rating for Defending. We get to see a 40 Intangibles rating, and he has the potential to get a 77 rating.

Torrey Craig – 74

Up next, we have Torrey Craig, the 9th best player on Phoenix Suns according to the game’s ratings. He is an American basketball player who got undrafted in the 2017 NBA Draft. But later on, Denver Nuggets selected him and gave him a chance to play for them. Later on, when he joined The Suns, he played for them in Power Foward and Small Forward positions. For the current season, he is paid a total of $5,121,951.

His overall rating is 74. And his 3-Point rating is 76. When we get to his Diving Dunk, we get to see a 60 rating. As for his Inside Scoring and Outside Scoring, we see 60 and 72 ratings, respectively. In Athleticism, his rating is 63, and in Playmaking, he got a 53 rating. Rebounding is low at 59, whereas Defending is relatively higher at 71.

His Intangibles rating is at 70, and he is believed to get to a Potential rating of 76.

Landry Shamet – 73

The 10th best player in Phoenix Suns is Landry Shamet. The 25-year-old Shamet has a 4-year experience in NBA that started in the 2018’s Drafts, where he was the 26th overall pick. At that time, he was selected by the Philadelphia 76ers but later on, he joined Phoenix Suns. In the Suns, he gets paid $9,500,000 for the current NBA season. As for the positions, he can play the Small Forward or Shooting Guard for the team.

Overall the rating he got for the current season is 73.  He got an 80 rating for 3-Point and 50 rating for Diving Dunk. His Inside Scoring is at 50, and his Outside Scoring is at 83. He got a 77 rating for Athleticism and 71 for Playmaking ratings. As for Rebounding, he got 38 ratings. And in Defending, he had a 47 rating.

His Intangibles rating is at 65, and he has a growth Potential of Ratings 76.

Daimon Lee – 73

After the top 10, in the 11th position, we have Daimon Lee. He is a 29-year-old that got selected by Atlanta Hawks in 2018. Currently, he plays for the Phoenix Suns at the Point Guard or Shooting Guard position. His salary is $2,133,278 for this season.

His overall rating for the current season is 73. As for the 3-Point rating, he has a 77 score, and the Diving Dunk rating is at 65. The Intangibles rating is quite high at 85. And he has a Potential rating of 74.

Duane Washington Jr. – 72

Next up, we have Duane Washington Jr. He is a professional Basketball player that has dual nationality from Germany and America. Anyways, the 22-year-old player’s journey started in 2021 when he was undrafted but got picked up by Indiana Pacers. For the current season, he is with Phoenix Suns with a salary of $1,836,090.

The Overall Rating of Washington Jr. is 72. He has 82 ratings for 3-Point and 40 ratings for Diving Dunk. Duane’s Intangible rating is 70, and his Potential rating is 74.

Bismack Biyombo – 72

The Congolese basketball player Bismack Biyomo joined NBA in 2011 when he was selected by Sacramento Kings as the 7th overall pick. The 30-year-old Biyombo plays for the Phoenix suns at the Center position. And he got $2,905,851 for the current NBA season.

A 72 Overall Rating shows that he is a solid player on the team. He has quite a low rating of 25 for 3-Point and his Diving Dunk is at 68 ratings. The Intangibles rating is quite low at 40. And his Potential rating is 73.

Josh Okogie – 71

Josh Okogie hails from Nigeria. In the 2018 NBA Draft, he was the 20th overall pick by Minnesota Timberwolves. Later on, Phoenix Suns got him, and he plays Power Forward or Small Forward positions in the team. His current season salary with the Suns is $1,968,175.

His Overall Rating in the current season is 71. As for the 3-Point rating, it is at 72. And Diving Dunk is at 75 ratings. He has a 65 Intangibles rating, and his Potential rating is high at 75.

Jock Landale – 70

The 26-year-old Jock Landale is an Australian professional Basketball player. In the Phoenix Suns, he plays at Power Forward or Center positions. His journey started in 2021 when he went undrafted, But later on, San-Antonio Spurs signed him into the team. His salary for the current season with The Suns is $1,563,518.

The Overall Rating he got for the current NBA season is 70. Whereas for 3-Point and Diving Dunk, he got 75 and 60 respectively. His Intangibles rating is at 56, and he has the Potential to get a 75 rating.

Ish Wainright – 70

Ish Wainright went undrafted in the 2021 NBA drafts. But later on, Toronto Raptors took him into their team. The 28-year-old American Basketball player later joined Phoenix Suns, where he plays at Point Guard or Shooting Guard positions. He got $1,816,044 from Phoenix Suns as the salary for his current season in NBA.

For the current season, he got 70 Overall Ratings. In 3-Point, his rating was 71, whereas in Diving Dunk he got 60. His Potential rating is 73, but his Intangibles rating is quite low at 30.

Final Thoughts

Phoenix Suns is a Tier 2 team, but it shouldn’t be ignored if you come against them in 2K’s NBA. They are a solid team with 5 players above 80 overall ratings. Their Devin Booker and Chris Paul are strong enough to carry the whole match. Even though they lost against Milwaukee Bucks but that was in 2021. They have improved a lot over the years, and if given a chance, they will easily dominate their opponent.

Anyways, that was all about The Phoenix Suns’ Ratings in NBA 2K23. Check out the Famous Jordan Challenges that made their way back into the NBA games.

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