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Build the best teams with our walkthrough guides and become a beast at basketball

Sports games are increasing their standards every year. We get to see better mechanics, gameplay, and graphics in sports games as they continue to develop. NBA 2K23 is no different when it comes to the addition of new features and animations in the game. In our NBA 2K23 walkthrough, we will bring you some of the best wiki guides that will help you get started with the game.

NBA 2K23 improved its mechanics much more, and players can now take a much more offensive approach from the previous games during a basketball match. The game introduced many new controller mechanics that would help you take much more precise shots. Players can also utilize various gesture combos to perform exceedingly in the match.

NBA 2K23 consists of various players, each having different ratings, perks, and animations. Furthermore, players can choose various teams that have different ratings consisting of various players. It’s important to learn about various players and teams to master your skills as a basketball player truly. 

NBA 2K23 also includes many game modes, and players can take part in an online basketball match in co-op mode. Players can take part in various seasons, and furthermore, in MyNBA mode, players can either start their career in 1983,1992 or 2023.

Game Review

If you are unsure about whether NBA 2K23 is worth buying. You might be able to decide after reading our opinion on various aspects of the game. You will find out if the game is another mere entry to the franchise or if it’s a worthwhile experience.

Jordan Challenges

Jordan’s Challenges are an exciting way to get engaged in the game. NBA 2K23 focuses on the top 10 matches played by Jordan to use as an inspiration for Jordan’s Challenges in the game. There are a total of 15 Jordan challenges in NBA 2K23, highlighting some of the best moments in his career. Our detailed NBA 2K23 wiki will help you complete them all. 

Badges Walkthrough


To improve your gameplay and perform efficiently in the match, players would be required to equip specific badges. Each badge would improve a specific aspect of the gameplay, including shooting, defense, finishing, and playmaking. Utilizing each of them in your builds is important for effective gameplay.

If you want to know about some of the best badges in NBA 2K23, consider reading the following NBA 2K23 walkthrough guides.

All Team Ratings Walkthrough

There are a variety of teams available in 2k23, and each team is composed of certain players. These players have their individual ratings that make up the total rating of the team. Each player in a team has different strengths and perks. Moreover, these players have a specific throwing position that they are good at.

Considering various factors is important before picking the perfect team according to your playstyle. Our NBA 2K23 Team walkthrough guides below will get you covered up on everything you need to know.

Players Wiki

NBA 2K23 Players wiki

While building your team in the ‘My team’ mode, it is important to consider some of the best 2k23 players. Many players have different capabilities in NBA 2K23 depending on their height, position, wingspan, and weight. Our NBA 2K23 walkthrough guides will help you get to know the best players that deserve a spot on your team.

Builds Walkthrough

To perform well in your basketball matches, it is crucial to build your team by distributing the right attributes. You can also select various body settings, including height, weight, wingspan, and body shape, that can affect the performance of your players critically. Our NBA 2K23 Wiki guides would help you build your players to their maximum potential. Moreover, you can also take a look at individual build guides for different shooting positions.


Getting a few playbooks is essential if you want to utilize some of the best strategies against your opponent. With the help of our NBA 2K23 walkthrough guide, you will learn how to obtain them and equip them during a match to select your desired ‘plays.’

Jumpshots And Dribbling Moves


Jumpshot creation is an essential feature that would allow you to make a custom Jumpshot allowing you to take your opponents by storm. It’s important to adjust various Jumpshot settings, including blending and release speed, carefully. You can have exciting matches if you utilize both Jumpshots and great dribble moves during your match.

Locker Codes

If you want exciting exclusive rewards in the game, you will not want to miss out on our NBA 2K23 walkthrough guide that enlists them all. Find out everything you need to know about them if you have trouble redeeming them. You can also check out the amazing rewards you would obtain after redeeming them.

Settings And Error Fixes

If you have trouble running NBA 2K23 on your device, you can take a look at our error fixes that might resolve a few technical issues in the game. You can also utilize the graphics settings suggested in our guide that would allow you to get your game running smoothly. You can also adjust various controller settings for less tedious gameplay. Selecting the best camera settings will improve your gameplay experience significantly.

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