Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Chest Locations: Where to Find

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds is an anime-inspired series full of adventurous and exciting challenges. There is a lot that is spread out on the map, and users cannot access everything at once. With its amazing characters, the game offers its players chances to power up these characters. This guide covers Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Adventure Chest Locations.

The players can power up their characters with the help of these chests. To find these chests, it is important to know their locations. We have covered the locations of all high-tier chests, so you can find them easily without wasting much time. 

Southern Heartlands Chest Locations

Southern Heartlands has three chests located in different locations mentioned below. These are Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Chests Locations for the starting level.

Farm Back Street Chest

This Chest is located outside one of the farmhouses. To get this Chest, players will move past a couple of crates, and the Chest will be available down to the right. This Chest gives 222 CP (Character Points) to your character.

Great Uncle Autumn’s Watchful Chest

You will have to go to Great Uncle Autumn in the Southern Heartlands to get this Chest. Players will find a clearing next to the tree here, which will help to grab the Chest. This also gives 222 CP to your character.

Uphill Street Chest

Players can reach this Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Chest Locations by heading South from the tree. There will be a clearing among the bushes, and players need to head up here to get the Chest. Like other Southern Heartlands Chest, this also gives 222 CP to the character. 

EasternHeartlands Chest Locations

Eastern Heartlands Chests are Level 10 Chests, and their locations are mentioned below.

Sulfur Mine Chest

Sulfur Mine Chest which gives 243 CP to the character, is found by moving along the road through the sulfur mine. This Chest will be found against the cliff face up a small hill. 

Waterlogged Chest

If you move to the North of where you found the Sulfur Mine Chest along a narrow road, you will find a Waterlogged chest in the nameless cave. It will give 243 CP to your character.

Ruin Wreckage Chest

You can find this Chest by heading directly to the South among the rubble of some old ruins. Ruin Wreckage Chest will give 270 CP.

Golden Grove Chest Locations

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Golden Groove Chest Location
Golden Groove Chest Location

The Chest, Golden Grove is a level 20 chest; the three golden grove chests and their locations are mentioned below.

Tree Vine Chest

You can access the Tree Vine Chest in the far west of the map; it is located up and along with some overgrown tree roots. This Chest has 278 CP, giving a boost to the character.  

Chest On Boulders

For this Chest with CP 276, you have to head to the east. There is a stream near the fairy village, and this Chest is on some boulders next to this stream.

Stone Steps Chest

Stone Steps Chest can be found near the fairyground by traveling to the Southwest into the woods. This Chest has fairly high Character Points, 293 for a level 20 Chest.

Serene Forest Chest Locations

These are level 30 Chests in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds and we have listed their locations below.

Treeroot Chest

There is a narrow path upwards among the tree. This is a long path which makes the Chest in the middle of the map quite obvious. 

Chest by the Water

You can find this Chest around the water on the mound. You will have to travel to the east of the water. Chest by the Water and Treeroot Chest both give character 290 Character Points.

Chest on a Mushroom

You will need to head down to South to get this Chest. This is a bit challenging task, as you will have to get this 340 CP chest from the top of the mushrooms.

Allegra Plateau Chest Locations

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Allegra Plateau Chest Location
Allegra Plateau Chest Location

The location of Allegra Plateau Chests, a level 40 Chests, is discussed below in detail.

Chest Hidden Between Trees

You can find this Chest hidden behind a large section of stone. You can find this section by the water at the Plateau entrance. This Chest gives 316 CP.

Chest Hidden Below

To find this 311 CP Chest, follow the east route and head up the stairs. Stairs will drop you down to the location of the Chest.

Chest on Rocks

In the North-eastern corner, there is a bit of platforming that you need to do over wooden stakes to get this Chest. It is a 340 CP Chest.

Cloudcoil Canyon Chest Locations

Cloudcoil Canyon Chest
Cloudcoil Canyon Chest Location

These are level 45 Chests in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds, and we have listed their locations here.

Thorny Vine Chest

You can find this Chest in the North. This Chest will be placed along a tree vine which is in a small enclosure. This Chest gives 330 Character points to your character. 

Chest on Wooden Plank

This Chest requires some more wooden stake platforming. Smack bang in the middle of the map to get this 354 CP chest.

Ravine Bone Chest

A Ravine Bone Chest with 385 CP can be found in the Southwest. Move up some wooden stakes, and you will find the Chest in the middle of a circle of tents.

Winter Wonderland Chest Locations

Winter Wonderland Chest
Winter Wonderland Chest Location

The Winter Wonderland Chests are level 55 Chests, and you can access them by following the steps mentioned below.

Tree Vine Bridge Chest

The Tree Vine Bridge chest is behind an ice house near the flurry basin. More specifically, you can find this 362 CP Chest in a clearing among some trees.

Snow-Covered Cliff Chest

If you move a little further to the east, there are some small platforms on the left of a bridge. You will need to jump up the bridge to get to this Chest.

Across the Bridge Chest

Hopping over some stones on a river, you will find this 421 CP chest far to the South.

Glittering Grotto Chest Locations

Glittering Groto Chest
Glittering Grotto Chest Location

The level 60 Chests, Glittering Grotto’s Locations are discussed below in detail.

Chest Below the Wooden Bridge

You can find this Chest by hopping down off the cliffside to the east. This Chest will give 362 character points to your character.

Unstable Wooden Bridge Chest

You can find the Unstable Wooden Bridge Chest, which is 363 CP in the northeast over some rickety wooden platforms.

Waterfall Chest

There are a few pillars of ice over the water in the South of the map. One of these pillars has this Chest on it. 

Burning Desert Chest Locations

These are level 70 Chests with their locations discussed below.

Collapsed Ruin Chest

This Chest is in the east, so you will hop over the broken sections of the bridge using a mount to grab this 401 CP chest in the east.

Ruin Pillar Chest

In the same area, there will be a fallen pillar. You can find the 454 CP chest by climbing up it.

Cheese Rock Chest

In the northwest of the map, there are some broken bits of a walkway along with the Oasis; this is where you will find the 544 CP chest. 

Witch’s Woods Chest Locations

Witch’s Woods is level 75 chests which you can get after accessing the level 70 chests discussed above.

Chest by a Boulder

You can find this Chest up on a tree; this tree will be in the South of the woods with a chest of 403 CP.

Chest Below Boulder

This one is in a similar position as the previous Chest. Move a little to the east, and you will find this Chest 406 CP up on a tree by some boulders.

Chest On a Tree

This is another chest on a tree, this time, and you can find it by some water in the northeast. 

Woebegone Wilds Chest Locations

Woebegone Wilds are important Chests in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds because these are level 80, and we have covered their locations below.

Chest in a Shrine

In the southern area of the map, this Chest with 439 CP can be found in the shrine of fires.

Statue Protecting Chest

The Statue Protecting Chest is hidden among some stones. You can get it if you move a little further to the west from where you found the last one. This Chest gives 475 CP to your character.

Chest Inside A Waterfall

You will need to jump over some stones into the waterfall in the far west of the map to find this Chest with 574 CP. 

Rainbow Valley Chest Locations 

Rainbow Valley Chest
Rainbow Valley Chest Location

You can access Level 85 Chests, Rainbow Valley Chest, by following the Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Chest locations mentioned below in the guide. 

Broken Shrine Chest

There is a golden walkway next to the bridge in the southeast of the map. You can find this Chest by heading along this walkway. 

Rainbow Ore Chest

There are some wooden pathways in the mine to the far west of the map. To find this Chest, you will jump over the rainbow. 

Mine Chest

The Far North of the map has some wooden walkways with a chest on them. Head towards the water to find these chests.

Rainbow Valley Chests are 442, 443, and 602 CP, respectively.


You can power up your character just by finding the chests located at different locations on the map. Thus, we have covered the Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Chest Locations in our guide, so follow the steps to reach these locations and enjoy a power-up for your character.

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