Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Eggs: How To Get Faster

In this guide, you will know about the importance of Familiars & how to get them through via playing Ni No Kuni Cross worlds eggs hatching.


In Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds, you will receive Pets, which are called Familiars in the game. At the start of your gameplay, you get 1-star Familiars, which are pretty but helpful nonetheless.These Familiars accompany you in your game activities and help you in fights and your traveling as well. While at it, consider reading Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Familiar Tier List.

Familiars play a vital role in Ni no Kuni Cross worlds, and they are required to progress in the game. Moreover, if you do not attain more familiarity, your progress will get stuck, and you will not move ahead in the game. At a time, you can only equip three familiars with yourself.

After equipping them, their stat will be shown as well. Aside from that, players should have different types of familiars equipped with them.

Every familiar has his abilities and usage. While you are at it, take a break and read our guide Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Specialties and Territe guides.

Key Takeaways
  • Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds features familiars as pets that help the player in combat and traveling.
  • Familiars play a crucial role in the game and are required to progress.
  • Familiars are classified into star ratings, with 4-star being the rarest and 2-star being the most common.
  • Familiars can be acquired through hatching eggs, taming, or buying in the shop.
  • Hatching familiars requires eggs and Dream Shards, and can be done with a maximum of three wishes.
  • Eggs can be obtained by buying incubators, trading with other players, and completing daily missions.
  • The hatching process takes 2 hours but can be sped up by using Sands of Time.
  • Sands of Time can be obtained through various means like opening Al-Khemi’s lucky pot, completing challenges, releasing familiars, and buying at the MoneyMa’am shop.
Familiars in game
Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds’ Familiars

Familiars are further classified into star ratings. There are familiars with a 4-star rating, but the chances of summoning them are really low, it is only 4%. Moreover, the chances of summoning a 3-star familiar are 36%, and 2-star has a 60% rate of summoning, which is the highest percentage. While you are at it, read our guide about Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Codes.

There are several ways to get the familiars in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds. Players can acquire familiars by hatching them; another way to get familiar is by taming them.

Also, you can buy the familiar in the shop by using diamonds or crystals. In this guide, we will especially tell you about how to get familiars by hatching eggs. 

What is Eggs Hatching in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds  

One of the easiest ways to get familiars is through hatching eggs. As much you progress in the game, you will finally unlock the ability of hatching eggs to achieve familiars.

You will be able to see the familiars on the Hatch menu. The maximum number of familiar eggs players can have is three; however, it also depends upon the level you have in-game. Moreover, You will need Dream Shards and most importantly familiars eggs to hatch the familiars.

You will get up to three wishes to hatch familiars, it also increases the chances of getting your favorite familiar. But remember that every wish you make to hatch familiars will require the Dream Shards.

Moreover, if you have gold in-game, then you can refresh the wishes to get your preferred familiar. Remember the cost also increases with each wish you refresh per egg. Most of the time, players wish to get a 4-star familiar.

While making the wish it is not guaranteed that you will receive the 4-star familiar, as they are very rare. Though you can include 4-star familiar in your wishes, chances of getting 1 to 3-star familiar are significantly higher.

How To Get Eggs in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds

As you know, eggs are the most important requirement of hatching familiars. There are however several ways to get the eggs in Ni No Kuni cross worlds. One of the ways to attain the eggs is by buying incubators, in the menu, you will see blue egg items. Therefore, from there you can buy your favorite kind of egg.

Hatching eggs in Ni No Kuni Cross worlds
Hatching eggs process

Another way of getting eggs is buying and making trades with other players. Through trading the familiars that you already possess, you will receive an egg as a reward. However, it’s not always guaranteed that you will get an egg, so be careful.

Ni No Kuni Cross worlds offer you daily missions, which are fun to do. Moreover, if you complete the daily missions, there is a chance that you will get an egg as a reward.

How To Speed Up Hatching Process

We have already provided you with ways of getting eggs in the game, which is pretty easy. However, familiars take too much time to hatch, they take nearly 2 hours to hatch.

This in return, causes players to progress slowly. Fast hatching not only saves essential time but also helps to progress rapidly. Fortunately, to speed up the process of hatching, the game offers you sands of time.

To use the sands of time, you have to click on the eggs that are currently active and you want to hatch them faster. Afterward, just double click on the reduce time, later on, time will be reduced to zero. There are tons of ways to achieve sands of time in-game.

  • You can receive the Sands of time, by Opening Al-Khemi’s lucky pot.
  • Adventure records and treasures also reward you with Sands of time.
  • By doing the challenges like Familiar’s Cradle
  • Releasing the familiars will also give you Sands of time.
  • You can also buy the Sands of time at the MoneyMa’am shop.


Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds was announced in late 2019, and later on released in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea on the 10th of June 2021. It is free to play action role-playing game, and it is developed by Netmarble. The game offers you a vast world, that you travel alone or with group buddies.

Moreover, you complete the amusing tasks and have ultimate fun destroying enemies. You can have different weapons, several Familiars for you to have fun with, and interesting characters too.

In this guide we have discussed, what are familiars in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds and their importance. Moreover, how to get the familiars in-game, as there are several ways to achieve them.

We have especially talked about getting familiars through the process of hatching eggs. The article also contains the process of speeding up the hatching process.

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