No Man’s Sky First Person Camera View Full Guide

Switch between first-person and third-person camera view

It’s beyond a mystery why an established game like No Man’s Sky does not provide clear instructions on enabling First-Person Mode. For those who aren’t familiar, No Man’s Sky secretly received an update called Version 1.5; this update had introduced a list of new features, which ultimately resulted in the core component, as of First-Person become unnoticed. Likewise, It’s also to be blamed on the patch note blog, which didn’t address any guidance on how it’ll work. Luckily, today, you have come to the right place, as we will spend all day long discussing no man’s sky first-person mode.

no man's sky first person
First Person Camera View Update in Patch Notes.

This goes on to say; we will look at how to switch between first-person and third-person mode. Likewise, we will also compare which mode is Better in No Man’s Sky. All things considered, let’s not waste any more time and jump right into it.

No Man’s Sky First Person

first things first, you should know how to toggle the first-person mode. This also goes for how you can switch back to third-person, where some players prefer to use different ones in Exocrafts and so forth.

How To Toggle First Person Mode In No Man’s Sky

  1. This is pretty easy, and keep in mind; the steps are the same for all platforms.
  2. Hit Down on your D-PAD; this will open a quick navigation elemental type interface.
  3. Ignore all the options, and scroll left to the Utilities
    no man's sky first person
    Scroll to the left.
  4. Now Scroll Right to Toggle Camera View, which will have this orange No Man’s Sky Icon.
    no man's sky first person
    Click on Toggle Camera View.
  5. Afterwards, your camera will automatically switch to first-person

Keep in mind that apart from changing your primary camera view to first-person. The meta for vehicles stays the same regardless. Therefore, if you want, you can reconfigure the settings again while inside the vehicles. You need to identify your controls for PC users and find the button that opens this navigation bar.

First Person or Third Person

This has been a furious debate among gamers for a while now. However, if you think about it, the discussion is pretty much subjective. Some players prefer first person, while others go for the third. Notwithstanding, IF you want to ask which is better in specific cases, I’d say first-person is very good when it comes to on-foot movement.

Similarly, third-person is good while you are inside vehicles since driving in No Man’s Sky is relatively complex. This also says that First Person is very immersive; you can get a lot of joy from that place as well.

I usually prefer Third-Person In No Man’s Sky, since the character movement looks very good. On the other hand, I would seriously hate third-person in combat games, and thus to my likings, I play Valorant and CS:GO.


Concluding all the information, this guide should have now hopefully addressed all your queries regarding First Person Mode In No Man’s Sky. We looked at the mod, and cleared conceptions that it’s not a mod, but a built-in feature that was silently added a while back. Moreover, we also looked at how to toggle first-person and switch back to third-person. Last but not least, we also paid closer attention to which is better.

This has been eXputer’s No Man’s Sky First-Person Guide.

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