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Go on an adventure with Luffy and help the gang with The One Piece Odyssey Walkthrough.

Based on the well-known anime and manga series One Piece, One Piece Odyssey is an action-adventure computer game. Players will embark on an epic adventure as they explore the One Piece universe, engage in battle, and form strong friendships with their favorite series characters.

The game has several different activities, including sailing, fishing, cooking, and crafting. One Piece Odyssey is a fascinating new entry in the adored series with its captivating story and unique gameplay.


one piece odyssey review
Review (Image By: eXputer)

Reviews can clear up any confusion that the player might have regarding the concern if they should buy the game or not. Our game review explores every corner of that game, including the story, setting, visuals, gameplay, and performance, and gives a final verdict about the game at the end. You can make the final choice after reading the review in the One Piece Odyssey Walkthrough.

Fusing Accessories

one piece odyssey fusing accessories
Fusing Accessories (Image By: eXputer)

It’s simple to combine certain items to improve the stats and skills of your characters. The stats of this fused equipment will be better and higher, which will assist the character’s progress. As a player in One Piece Odyssey reaches Chapter 3, they can fuse accessories.

The Robin’s Mystery Craft Machine, commonly known as Mukchi, can fuse accessories. Gamers can merge various accessories with their attributes to forge strong combinations for each Straw Hat Pirate.

Talented Doctor Side Quest

one piece odyssey talented doctor
Talented Doctor Side Quest (Image By: eXputer)

A side quest known as the Talented Doctor can be found in Alabasta’s Alubarna Region.  All you need to do is locate some medication for an elderly woman who is experiencing back discomfort. You need to find the Doctor and supplies needed to make the medication. Thus, the side quest is fairly straightforward. By staying in that area, and you can finish the side quest without leaving the Alubarna Region.

How To Beat Final Boss Adio

One Piece Odyssey divine breath and adio
How To Beat Final Boss Adio (Image By: eXputer)

One of the toughest enemies is Adio, in addition to appearing in the final boss battle but also appears in other boss battles. Adio, who appears later in the main storyline, will test players’ skills and movesets. The suggested level for each squad member is 50 since it is the final boss battle in One Piece Odyssey. Therefore, it unlocks quite late.

Shortly after you eliminate the clones, the Adio Boss Battle Begins. There are two stages to the battle with Adio and Divine Breath. The first one pits you against Adio, accompanied by a couple of Thunder Storms. Adio uses the latter as shields to fight off attacks. Divine Breath generates more Thunder Storms in the second phase and faces off against the Straw Hat Pirates. This One Piece Odyssey wiki will teach you how to defeat Adio easily.

Best Spots To Farm Berries

Berries In One Piece Odyssey
Best Spots To Farm Berries (Image By: eXputer)

Berries are the primary currency used in the game. They can be obtained in a variety of ways, but the best ones involve finishing side quests, taking part in fights, fulfilling bounty chores, and selling additional equipment. Berries may be grown by the players in certain locations.

Players can steal a lot of berries from the enemies by sneaking around as Nami while utilizing her thief ability. Berries are used to make special items and high-level gear in games. You can learn about the best spots to farm berries in Our walkthrough.

How To Change Outfits

How To Change Outfits (Image By eXputer)

Players in One Piece Odyssey have access to a wide variety of clothing options. Players will need to unlock a game feature to get the pre-time skip outfits. The players must enable a campfire party option to obtain these outfits. Players can change into several clothing from the game in a green tent that will be located next to the campfire.

Best Teams [All Power Types]

Best Teams [All Power Types] (Image By: eXputer)
Speed, power, or technique types can all apply to characters. Each of these groups contrasts well with one another and less well with the others. You can create teams while taking the Power Triangle into account based on the nature of your opponent. When choosing a character for your squad, you must consider their status, resistance, vulnerabilities, and other characteristics.

All Trophies & How To Get Them

All One Piece Odyssey Trophies
All Trophies & How To Get Them (Image By eXputer)

One Piece Odyssey offers players 51 trophies to collect. The game has a single Platinum Trophy that you can get after unlocking all trophies. The players will need to finish the game’s chapters to get the chapter’s clear awards. The players must complete certain objectives or locate treasures to earn other awards.

All Alabasta Bounties

One Piece Odyssey Alabasta Bounties
All Alabasta Bounties (Image By: eXputer)

By conversing with the Mediator Marzin in Alabasta, players can access bounties. Players must beat 5 distinct enemies in separate locations to claim these rewards. You can learn about all the bounties and the different characters in our Walkthrough.

All Trivia Quizzes & Answers

kingdom of alabasta one piece odyssey
All Trivia Quizzes & Answers (Image By: eXputer)

Players can engage in the Grand Line sub-quests to test their knowledge of the franchise and its individual plot arcs. These quizzes are divided into three questions each for every memory arc, totaling 12 quizzes throughout the game. The questions vary in difficulty, requiring players to respond to specific details about the area.

It’s crucial to note that Zoner NPCs cycle through their questions, and players need to answer earlier questions to unlock new ones in later arcs. Completing these quizzes not only enhances knowledge but also rewards players with the Key to the Treasure Chest, along with other valuable items and accessories. The One Piece Odyssey Walkthrough provides comprehensive details on the questions and answers, ensuring players can successfully navigate and complete these tasks.

Best Cheats For PC

One Piece Odyssey Trainer
Best Cheats For PC (Image By: eXputer)

Trainers are modifications that modify the game’s settings to change certain game mechanics. You can modify the files and change them to fit a certain style with the Trainer’s help. You can override the game’s built-in restrictions with trainers and cheat codes, such as getting infinite money or HP. The trainers are fun to use because they allow you to make several changes that the publishers don’t. You can learn all about the best cheats in our One Piece Odyssey Walkthrough.

Max Level And Leveling Tips

luffy upgrade
Max Level And Leveling Tips (Image By eXputer)

Although you earn an accomplishment for each character once they reach level 70, the highest level is 99. By completing the major quests and minor tasks, you can advance in level. Luffy’s Haki can identify foes that grant more experience points. For XP farming, farming at enemy spawns, bounties, and utilizing XP bonuses from camp parties can all be helpful.

Beginners Guide & Tips

accessories one piece odyssey
Beginners Guide & Tips (Image By: eXputer)

The role-playing game One Piece Odyssey has a lot of interesting and unique elements. Players should be aware of some beginner advice and tips to make the most of the Straw Hat pirates. Our One Piece Odyssey Walkthrough has a beginner’s guide to help you out when you first begin playing the game.

Best Equipment

Equipment One Piece Odyssey
Best Equipment (Image By: eXputer)

One Piece Odyssey’s distinctive equipment gameplay system, which enables you to add items to a square grid, will become available to you as you go through the game. Although it will start growing to 25 squares, the grid initially only has 16 squares to accommodate the many items players will find during the game.

One Piece Odyssey offers lots of strong equipment that players can distribute in a grid. These add-ons boost ATK, HP, and TP in several ways. Our One Piece Odyssey Walkthrough contains guides that can help you find the best equipment!

All Meals & How To Cook

one piece odyssey all meals
All Meals & How To Cook (Image By: eXputer)

In One Piece Odyssey, Sanji’s Recipes may be used to prepare a variety of dishes. These food heal or boost straw hats during combat. Additionally, gathering the necessary components while exploring is necessary for crafting the meals. After gathering the supplies, you have the option of cooking at the campground or a pub.

Secret Ending & Finale

op odyssey adio
Secret Ending & Finale (Image By: eXputer)

One Piece Odyssey’s primary conclusion with a shocking resolution that has fans clamoring for more from this side adventure. You can learn all about the secret ending in this One Piece Odyssey walkthrough which we’re sure you haven’t expected.

All Memory Arcs

One Piece Odyssey Story Arcs
All Memory Arcs (Image By: eXputer)

Four memory arcs different from the original Manga are present in One Piece Odyssey. Revisiting these “World of Memories” arcs will bring you another step closer to reclaiming all of your powers. The arcs are the Water Seven, the Dressrosa, Marineford, and Alabasta arcs. The arcs will depict events in a manner reminiscent of the manga but with unique twists.

How Long To Beat

Game Length
How Long To Beat (Image By: eXputer)

One Piece Odyssey contains a total of 9 major episodes that players must complete to complete the game. People’s all-time favorite characters are back in the game, and the plot is not only appealing but also utterly fascinating.

The plot is packed with quests, riddles, and fights, and players will travel to a variety of foreign locales and interact with a wide variety of characters, both known and unknown.

Players can anticipate spending anywhere from 30 to 40 hours overall to finish the game and complete all of the tasks. Players will have the ability to organize their time for each mission properly if they are aware of how long it’ll take to finish the game.

How To Unlock Traveling Outfit Set

One Piece Odyssey how to unlock outfits guide
How To Unlock Traveling Outfit Set (Image By eXputer)

You may change into a variety of extra outfits in the game, including The Traveling Outfit Set. The majority of the main members’ attire is included. The most distinctive, distinctive, and nostalgic clothes go to Robin and Nami. There are just two methods available at the moment to obtain the Traveling Outfit Set bundle.

All Characters & Abilities

All Characters & Abilities (Image By: eXputer)

With Bandai Namco’s latest entry in the series, One Piece Odyssey, the series is now back in full swing. This JRPG has characters with recognizable skills and movesets as well as an even more captivating plot. There are nine characters available for players to interact with, some of whom are Luffy, Zoro, Nico, Sanji, Nami, and others.

Each character will be equipped with a special set of skills that will enable them to engage in combat and take on foes. At least four skills will be available to each character.  Players of Odyssey will adore characters even more as a result of their lore, backstory, and personality!

All Outfits & How To Get Them

one piece odyssey outfit
All Outfits & How To Get Them (Image By: eXputer)

Strawhats can be dressed in one of two styles. The New World Challenge and the traveling outfits are available. The Strawhats’ post-time skip outfit is called the New World Challenge Outfit, and they are unlocked by default. Traveling Outfits are the straw hats pre-time skip attire and can only be obtained if you had pre-ordered One Piece Odyssey. When camping, new clothing can be equipped in a tent.

Difficulty [Explained]

accessories one piece odyssey
Difficulty [Explained] (Image By: eXputer)
The absence of a difficulty option makes One Piece Odyssey relatively simple. Players can become incredibly powerful because the game gives out a lot of XP through Dramatic Battles. Players can skip the Scenes Battles to earn more XP, making the game artificially harder. They can entirely disregard the potent tools and accessories to weaken themselves even more. In One Piece Odyssey, there is only one way to “raise” the level of difficulty. You can learn all about the difficulty in our One Piece Odyssey Walkthrough.

Plot: Is It Canon? [Explained]

one piece waford island
Plot: Is It Canon? [Explained] (Image By: eXputer)
The primary storyline of stays true to the anime and manga while fleshing out each member of the straw hat crew and providing a fresh scenario. Eiichiro Oda, the series creator, was directly involved in the game’s creation, assuring fans that the story follows the expected progression. There will be various queries about the primary narrative that both newbies and viewers will have.

These queries deal with the game’s primary timeline setting and location as well as whether or not the game is canon to the series. The game’s main storyline appears to take place just after the Dressrosa Saga, during which time the straw hats revisit familiar places as well as the brand-new island of Waford.

Voice Actors & Cast [Full List]

voice actor of Sanji
Voice Actors & Cast [Full List] (Image By: eXputer)
One Piece Odyssey’s voice acting, which is just as fantastic as the anime version, has always been crucial. Impactful speech and interactions have been produced in the game by the Japanese dub voices. Lim, a brand-new original character in the game, has a voiceover by the amazing Marika Kouno. Our One Piece Odyssey Walkthrough goes into detail about all of the voice actors.

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