One Piece Odyssey Beginners Guide & Tips

Master combat, exploration, and equipment in One Piece Odyssey.

One Piece Odyssey is an RPG (Role Playing Game) with many intricate features. As such, players should know some useful tips and tricks to help utilize the Straw Hat pirates’ full potential. 

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Key Highlights
  • One Piece Odyssey has a standard turn-based combat system. Players can use either basic attacks or powerful skills using TP, similar to Persona 5.
  • Players can also use Items to gain various buffs to stats and experience points.
  • Exploring the world with different characters is key, as each character can find unique items exclusive to them.
  • Saving your game at every given chance is imperative, as there is no auto-save.
  • Players can equip accessories by fitting them in the square grid. It is similar to Resident Evil 4’s inventory.
  • Cube Fragments are experience points that can be used to attain new Skills.


Combat in One Piece Odyssey is your standard turn-based combat system, similar to Persona 5. The player and the enemy are both allowed one turn to attack. Players can use Attack, Skill, and Item while in combat. 

Combat One Piece Odyssey
Combat In One Piece Odyssey | Image By Us


An attack is a simple basic attack on the enemy. This can be of 3 types, Power Speed or Technique. Using these attacks builds the TP (Tension Points), which allows you to use Skills.


Skills use the TP (Tension Points) resource to execute a powerful attack. The skills are different for every Straw Hat Pirate. Stronger skills take more TP than usual, and if you run out, you will have to use an Item to recover your TP. Also, it is recommended to plan their use instead of spamming these attacks.


Items can be used to attain various buffs to stats and experience points. For example, Sanji can cook food that can heal every ally and allows you to gain more Cube Fragments, or Usopp can create items that can debuff all enemies. These items are imperative if you want a smooth experience in this game.

The Yoisa Shop

Over the course of your journey, you will have some items you will stop using. You can choose to sell these items in the Yoisa Shop to get some money. Players can also purchase powerful accessories and equipment from the Yoisa Shop as well.

  • Yoisa Chamber of Commerce Exclusive Badge
    Price: 1000000
  • Defense +60 Ring
    Price: 15000
  • HP +149 Ring
    Price: 15000
  • Guts +68 Ring
    Price: 15000
  • Attack Power +114 Ring
    Price:  15000


Every enemy will display a weakness against either Power, Speed, or Technique based attacks. Also, in order to ensure maximum effectiveness, use characters that can exploit the enemy’s weakness. For example, use a Power attack on an enemy that is weak to Power.

Dramatic Scene Battles

The game can give you a specific requirement once you engage an enemy, such as killing an enemy before a teammate is knocked out. Once this condition is met, you will be rewarded with more Cube Fragments than usual.

Cube Fragments

Cube Fragments are your Experience Points in One Piece Odyssey. They are used to attain new skills and moves for your characters. They can be used by going to the main menu, then selecting Crew, and finally, Skill Up.


The default movement in One Piece Odyssey is very slow and can feel like a chore. In order to alleviate this problem, we recommend turning on Auto Dash from the settings to ensure fast progression through the game’s world.

Turning on Auto Dash makes it so you always run fast by default, with no sprint button or other inputs required.


It is imperative always to save your game whenever you can, as there is no auto-save. If somehow you die, all progress will be lost, and you will respawn on your last save location. So, make sure that you always save to ensure that you do not lose too much progress on death.

save zone one piece odyssey
The Save Zone | Image By Us


Players should take their time to explore the open world as many useful items can be obtained, such as Cube Fragments or other useful items. Changing characters while exploring is also very important, as they serve their own unique purposes.

For example, Nami can find money on the ground, Sanji can find ingredients for cooking, Usopp can shoot down unreachable items, or Zoro can cut through metallic gates and other tougher objects. All of these things allow you to reap more benefits from areas.


Players will find different equipment that grants them various buffs to Attack, Defense, or TP. These items have to fit in a square grid to use them. It is similar to Resident Evil 4’s inventory system, where you had to fit your items in a square shape. This is the most important thing to note in this One Piece Odyssey’s beginners guide.

accessories one piece odyssey
Accessories | Image By eXputer


One Piece Odyssey is the latest game developed by ILCA and published by Bandai Namco, based on the hit manga series One Piece by Eiichiro Oda. It is a turn-based RPG with an open world that allows fans to experience the breathtaking world of the manga series. In addition, players can embody these characters and witness a completely original story.

And there you have it; with our One Piece Odyssey’s beginners guide, you will better understand the Straw Hats and enjoy the game at your leisure.

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