One Piece Odyssey All Characters & Abilities

Learn about the characters featured in One Piece Odyssey and the different abilities that they will be honing!

One Piece Odyssey is finally back in full force with the next title in their series by Bandai Namco, and this time, and it’s a JRPG with an even more enticing storyline and characters with their signature abilities and movesets. Players might need assistance figuring out the abilities of each of the One Piece Odyssey Characters!

Key Highlights
  • There will be nine characters that players can encounter that will, including a few like Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Sanji, Nico, and more. 
  • Each character will have a unique set of abilities that will allow them to take part in combat and face off against enemies. 
  • Each character will have at least four abilities, such as Luffy having abilities like Gum Gum Jet Pistol, Gum Gum Bazooka, and more. 
  • Characters will have their lore, personalities, and backstories that make them all the more loved by Odyssey players!

Monkey D Luffy 

Luffy (Image Credits Exputer)

Kicking things off, we have our very first character, who will be none other than Monkey D Luffy himself. He is going to be the main character in the game. As he is famously known, he is known to be the Straw Hat Pirate Captain and pretty notoriously known for having eaten the gum-gum fruit, allowing his signature elasticity to appear. 


Due to his elasticity, Luffy will also have all of his abilities surrounding it.

Gum Gum Pistol 

With gum-gum pistol, he will say the words Gum Gum Pistol in Japanese, after which, whenever his ability is enabled, he will twist his hand to the left and stretch back his right arm to an inhuman length. 

Once he does that, he will then release it with full force, causing a spring back from when he retaliates, and it will cause the enemy to go flying back, and it will end up causing knockback to the enemy that it is targetted on. 

Gum Gum Bazooka 

With gum gum bazooka, he will be able to do the same thing that he did with gum gum pistol. However, he will then stretch back both of his arms extremely far back, which will also cause his body to bend back a bit. 

There will be an animation that shows his hands being displayed on the extreme far end, and as soon as he releases his hands, it will cause it to hit the enemy with ultimate force, and he will shout “Bazooka” as the attack hits the enemy. 

Gum Gum Gatling

With gum gum gatling, he will pull back his left arm. With a stern look towards the enemy, who knows they’re pretty much done for, he will successfully launch out punch after punch towards the enemy. The enemy one punch will receive it after the other in succession, after which a small explosion can be seen. 

Gum Gum Jet Whip 

Upon reaching gear 2, he will first punch the ground, launching a deadly strike with his right leg, basically sweeping the enemies to the left. 

Gum Gum Jet Bazooka 

While using gum gum et bazooka will be the gum gum bazooka skill but excited to be even deadlier. 

Gum Gum Jet Pistol 

His jet pistol skill will become even more menacing as he punches into the ground and repeats what he did in the first skill but with even more force. 

Gum Gum Bullet 

As for gum gum bullet, it showcases an animation of him stretching back his right arm abnormally long, with which he unleashes a punch as deadly as a bullet toward the enemy. 

Roronoa Zoro 

Zoro (Image Credits Exputer)

The next of the ​​One Piece Odyssey Characters in the play will be Roronoa Zoro, who will be the main combatant of the straw hat pirates. His typical play style will be to use a three-sword combat style, and his main aim will always be to get better in combat no matter what. 


When it comes to his abilities, he will once again take into hand his katanas and go ham on the enemy. 

Lion Song 

With the first ability, it will be Lion Song, which will have him rotate one of his katanas in a clockwise motion into his hands as he continues to say the words “One Sword Style,” and then he will end up holding the katana towards the right of his waist. 

As he finishes his line by saying Lion Song, he charges forward toward and past the enemy, and a single slash has him obliterating the enemy in question. 


With rashomon in hand, he will take his two swords and place them towards each side of his waist, allowing him to bend forward a bit, and as he says “Two Sword Style,” he rushes forward towards the enemy. 

There will be a small animation with two sword slashes, showing Zoro finishing the line by saying, “Rashomon!” and then striking his swords back into his waist. 

Charming Demon Sleepless Night Onigiri 

With a quiet mouthful of a name, upon using Charming Demon Sleepless Night OnigiriZoro takes one sword into his mouth with it facing horizontally while he takes the two other swords he has and holds them high up. 

He rushes forward into the enemy, slicing the enemy through with the sword in his mouth and swiping the enemy clean with the two other swords in a crisscross pattern. 

108 Pound Phoenix 

With the 108-pound Phoenix, he takes one sword into his mouth, but it will be facing towards the right horizontally, and one sword will be in his left hand that will be placed above his head, and the one in his right hand will be placed towards his back

As he says the words “Three Sword Style,” he carries out a swirling attack and rotates the swords, causing a rotating, sweeping attack to carry out against the enemy in front. 

Tiger Trap 

With Tiger Trap, he will have the sword facing towards the left side, and both of the swords will be placed towards his back, and he basically just charges forward and flips forward to carry out his bigger trap


With onigiri, players can expect him to have one sword in his mouth while the other will be in a position where he folds his arms and his swords stand up high. As he says Oni-giri, he rushes toward the enemy and slices the enemy in a crisscross pattern. 

Three Thousand Worlds 

With the three thousand worlds, his playstyle will have one katana in his mouth as usual. At the same time, the other two will be rotated in a clockwise position in his hands, and he rotates it at an extremely high speed and slashes the enemy into pieces. 

Dragon Twister 

Lastly, the dragon twister will cause a small whirl to take place and attack the enemy.


Nami (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s look at the next character that players might encounter: Nami, who will essentially be the navigator of the straw hat pirates. She has always wanted to create a world map, and her background enlists her as an ex-thief who was invited to join Luffy’s team after her hometown was rescued by Luffy and his teammates. 


When it comes to her abilities, she will have quite a few to choose from, such as thunder lance tempo, happiness punch, swing arm, thunderbolt tempo, and more!

Thunder Lance Tempo 

With thunder lance tempo, she takes her stick in one hand, swings it towards her right, and causes five thunder elements to surround the enemy, which is placed with a gap between them that will then explode. 

Mirage Tempo Fata Morgana 

With her Mirage Tempo Fata Morgana, she winks in animation first and swings her stick in a clockwise position. As she says, Fata Morgana causes mirages of clones of herself to appear. 

Happiness Punch 

When it comes to Happiness Punch, it will just show an animation of her body, after which she extends her hand forward and puckers a kiss, and the pink heart will be directed toward the enemy’s position. 

Swing Arm 

As for the swing arm, she basically takes her stick and points it in front, and it starts to charge up with thunder, and the thunder then charges up even more in circles, and as she swings her arm, she launches the thunder unto the enemy. 

Thunderbolt Tempo 

Moving on, the next one will be thunderbolt tempo, which causes her to take the stick up into the sky, and she cast down dangerous lightning to be charged onto her staff, and as she charges it into the ground, it causes thunder to crash against the enemy. 


Usopp (Image Credits Exputer)

The next character will be known as Usopp, who will be the Sharpshooter of the straw hat pirates. While being a bit of a sore loser, he is known to have the best sniping skills and can out-snipe anyone. 


As for the abilities that Usopp will hone, they will be listed as follows. 

Firebird Star 

Starting with Firebird Star, Usopp will take his stone and launch it back, causing it to catch on fire as he releases it by saying, “Special Attack!” and it will cause a phoenix to cast out made of fire. 

The firebird then twists and charges up its speed, instantly hitting the enemy and causing it to be demolished. 

Golden Pound 

As for the next one, we have Golden Pound, which allows him to have a closeup animation showcasing his face, and he will take his giant weapon and hold it above his head toward his back. He will cause there to be a giant thud which is done with incredible force, and it pounds down the enemy. 

Sun Flower Star 

Next up, let’s take a look at Sun Flower Star, through which he uses his sniper again, and once the ball hits the enemy, it causes a large fire explosion directed at the opponent. 

Usopp Pound 

As for the Usopp Pound, he will take his giant hammer and hold it behind him on the ground, and as he launches himself into the air, he holds it back towards his back and pounds the hammer into the ground. 

Smoke Star 

Moving on, the Smoke Star ability will just be a smaller version of his special attack, and it will just be his ball launching at the enemy, but it won’t cause any explosion. 

Exploding Star

He can use the Exploding Star attack, where he launches the sniper, but this time, when it attacks the enemy, it catches on fire, and the star ends up exploding. 

Usopp’s Rubber Band of Doom 

For this moveset, he will use his rubberband instead of his usual snipes, which are even deadlier (childhood trauma), and he launches the rubberband back on his thumb far enough. It doesn’t do much except flaily get thrown onto the ground but scares the enemy nonetheless. 

Usopp’s Hammer

With this skill, he will just go into the air and charge toward the opponent with his hammer. 


Sanji (Image Credits Exputer)

When it comes to Sanji, nothing can compare to his love for cooking, so much so that he has adapted to a combat style where he would rather use his legs rather than his punches or arms so that they can stay safe for cooking. 


As much as he loves to cook, Sanji cans still fight quite well, as can be seen from his abilities that he hones. 

Flambage Shot

With the first ability, he will raise his right leg, launch himself into the air, and twist his body to the right, his right leg will be on fire as he twirls around, and roundhouse kicks the enemy with the leg that was on fire. 

Premiere Hache 

With the Premiere Hache, he will go on to say Diable Jambe, during which he also starts to flip around insanely, causing there to be a small gust of air, after which he launches himself into the air once again and targets the enemy, and comes down with a deadly kick to the targetted opponent. 

Party Table Kick Course 

As for the next one, the Party Table Kick Course, Sanji will quite literally become a party table as he goes into a headstand position, starts to rotate his legs in a clockwise position rapidly, and will continue to charge the rotation until it hits the enemy and causes absolute disaster unto them. 


For the next one, we have Concasser, with which Sanji will go airborne to quite a few feet high and start to front roll and spin at high speeds. He continues to spin in the air as a wheel would, and with that amount of motion, he comes crashing down onto the opponent and uses his right leg to finish the last kick. 

Veau Shot 

With the Veau Shot, Sanji will simply slide across the ground to head toward the enemy, then rotate his body and kick them with his left foot, and he ends the attack with a backflip which he perfectly lands. 

Basses Cote 

With the Basses Cote, Sanji will move up into the air again, but this time, he will go in for a swift kick with his right foot to the opponent. 

Mouton Shoot 

Last but not least, we have Mouton Shoot, during which Sanji will have his back facing the enemy and back-kicks the opponent with his right leg. 

Nico Robin 

Nico (Image Credits Exputer)

Another of the One Piece Odyssey Characters is Nico Robin, who will be the archaeologist of the group. Having been rescued by Luffy and his crew, she becomes an instant part of the crew, and she can flower up any part of her due to having consumed the flower devil fruit


Regarding Nico’s Abilities, she will have quite a selection to show off her skills. 

Ochenta Fleurs Cuatro Mano Shock 

With the Ochenta Fleurs Cuatro Mano Shock skill, she can cast forth flowers to blossom from the earth, which will then further cause 4-5 sets of hands to be sprung forth from the earth, and they are held together in a wishing motion, and then slam down onto the enemy

Cien Fleur Delphinium 

As for the Cien Fleur Delphinium, she holds her hands with the right one being ignorant of the left one, and there is a flurry of hands that wipe across in front of her and carry going forward towards the enemy, and then strike in a final crisscross motion. 

Treinta Fleurs Flip 

As for the Treinta Fleurs Flip, she uses the same wishing motion and casts forth her hands from the ground in front of her, which flips out to attack the enemy and then ends. 

Dos Fleurs Grab 

Lastly, the Dos Fleurs Grab will have Nico open her hands in front of her, which causes there to be two giant hands that emerge from either side of Nico, and she grabs onto the enemy. 

Tony Tony Chopper 

Chopper (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, one of the next One Piece Odyssey Characters will be known as Tony Tony Chopper, who is known to be the doctor of the crew, and he can take on and try his hardest to find the cure. Originally a reindeer, he consumed the Human Human Fruit to ascertain human abilities. 


When it comes to his abilities, they will as shown below. 

Cloven Roseo Metel 

With the Cloven Roseo Metel, Chopper turns into a reindeer while saying, “arm point,” He charges up a pink-colored aura and continues to outlaunch it against the enemies one after the other. 

Cloven Cross 

As far as the Cloven Cross is concerned, the chopper will go back into his reindeer form and fire back the same aura using both of his hands put together towards the right side of his body and opens it to unleash a deadly strike on the enemy directly in front. 

Cloven Roseo 

With Cloven Roseo, he will turn into a reindeer, jump on the ground, charge up the aura with his right arm, and shout “Roseo!” while shooting it at the enemy. 


Franky (Image Credits Exputer)

Let’s look at Franky, the cyborg that is a part of the straw hat pirates too. Apart from this, he is appointed as the shipwright, as he has always aimed to create a ship that he could use to go around the world. 


Regarding the abilities, Franky will have a few main ones that we would like to mention below. 

Basic Attack 

His basic attack will simply be a punch that he will be able to deal with an enemy. 

Coup De Vent 

With Coup De Vent, players will be able to have Franky take his left arm and be able to create a suction, causing his hand to act as a vacuum and launch out gusts of air at the enemy. 

Franky Fire Ball 

With Franky Fire Ball, Franky can raise his hands above his head and then launch out a gust of fire toward the enemy it is targeting. 

Nipple Light Special 

This is a rather weird one, but with the Nipple Light SPecial, Franky can shoot out two beams of light from his nipples, which will cause the opponent to hallucinate. 

Franky Cannon 

As for the Franky Cannon ability, he can launch two cannons from his shoulder blades and continuously launch out shot after shot in an AoE range towards the opponent. 

Franky Radical Beam 

Using the Franky Radical Beam, he will shoot out one concentrated narrow beam of light from his hands, which will cause an explosion at the end. 

Franky Iron Boxing

Using this ability, players can simply go into a super-boxing mode and launch out one punch after the other at successive speeds on the enemy. It will end with a final punch that will cause severe knockback to the enemy. 


The final character will be Brook, who will be a reviving human and the entire crew’s official musician; he got revived after he ate the Revive Revive fruit. 


As far as the abilities are concerned, a few will be listed below. (There isn’t a whole lot of detailed info out about Brook yet; therefore, the abilities may be STC)

Three Verse Humming Arrow Notch Slash 

Using this ability, he takes his stick and walks a few feet forward, then clashes it back together, causing an attack to be carried out on the enemy. 

Lullaby Parry 

With Lullaby Parry, he will be able to go up into the air and use his instrument to cast out four lullaby-like elements. 

Soul Solid 

With Soul Solid, Brook opens up his stick and moves it around himself, and he points it in the enemy’s general direction and basically jabs it against the enemy. 

Song of Scratches Blizzard Slice 

Using the Song of scratches Blizzard slice, he will have his stick opened, and he will be walking towards the enemy, and as he hums tunes, he says “Song of Scratches” and puts his stick back together, which causes there to be a blizzard to appear at the enemy site. 


And there we have it! Players can encounter all the characters in the game, and we will wrap up our One Piece Odyssey Characters guide!  

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