One Piece Odyssey Secret Ending & Finale [Explained]

Learn everything there is about the ending of One Piece Odyssey, including the secret ending of the game.

Despite the game being non-canon to the main series, One Piece Odyssey’s ending manages to rile up the hearts of many fans, surpassing most expectations and being one of the few best anime video game adaptations. The intriguing “What-if” narrative wraps up nicely in the ending as the conflict between the characters can almost have you on the edge of your seat, including the various twists and turns.

[The article contains major story spoilers of One Piece Odyssey. Read at your discretion]

Key Highlights
  • The main storyline of One Piece Odyssey ultimately concludes with an ending that leaves fans jaw-dropped and wanting more of this side adventure.
  • After overcoming almost every obstacle in their way and reclaiming their powers, it turns out that Adio betrayed not just the Strawhats but Lim too.
  • Adio takes control over the Divine Breath on Waford Island, initially claiming to use it to bring his people back to the Island.
  • It is revealed that Adio plans to destroy the world in order to rebuild a newer one in its wake.
  • The Strawhats face off against the Divine Breath, with Luffy making a last stand against Adio during the climax.
  • The Post-credit scene acts as a secret ending that leaves a few unanswered questions and possibly hints at a sequel or DLC for One Piece Odyssey.

The Final Boss Battle

op odyssey adio
Adio’s true intentions revealed (Image Captured by us)

In the final boss battle against Adio and the Divine Breath, you’ll encounter multiple phases and challenges. Here’s a breakdown of the battle:

Phase 1:

  • Adio reveals his true intentions, aiming to use the Divine Breath to destroy the world and create a new one.
  • Lim is betrayed by Adio and shot down.
  • The Strawhat crew confronts Adio but is temporarily immobilized by the Divine Breath’s power.
    adio boss battle
    The first phase (Image Captured by us)

Phase 1 Strategy:

  • Take out the Thunder Tornadoes quickly to focus on the main boss, Adio.
  • Use technique characters like Robin, Brook, and Zoro, as Thunderstorms are vulnerable to them.
  • Utilize Chopper’s healing abilities to keep your crew members healthy.
  • Watch out for the Divine Breath’s powerful AoE attack called the Thunder Shroud Freeze, indicated by a glowing circle on the ground.
    adio boss fight one piece odyssey
    The thunder shroud freeze glowing circle (Image Captured by us)

Phase 2:

  • In the second phase, you’ll primarily battle the Divine Breath itself, which has a powerful barrier.
  • You must weaken and destroy the barrier to deal damage to the Divine Breath.
  • Once the barrier is down, the Divine Breath will fall to the ground, allowing you to damage it for two full turns.
  • You need to repeat this process three times to defeat the Divine Breath.
    one piece odyssey ending
    The second phase (Image Captured by eXputer)

Phase 2 Strategy:

  • Focus on breaking the Divine Breath’s barrier first before attacking it directly.
  • Deal as much damage as possible when the Divine Breath is on the ground.
  • After three cycles, the Divine Breath won’t regenerate health when it gets up from the ground, allowing you to finish the fight.

By following these strategies, you can defeat Adio and the Divine Breath in the final boss battle and stop Adio’s destructive plans.

The Ending Cutscene

one piece odyssey ending
Luffy’s duel against Adio (Image Captured by eXputer)

In the ending cutscene of the game, several key events unfold:

  1. Luffy’s Duel with Adio: After successfully stopping Adio’s assault, the Strawhat crew rushes to protect the Sunny, which is under constant bombardment by enemy Marine attacks. Luffy chooses to face Adio in a one-on-one duel, transforming into Gear 4.
  2. Clash of Ideals: Luffy and Adio engage in a fierce battle, clashing over their ideals. Adio reveals his Devil Fruit ability, the Kote Kote No Mi, and we also learn about his backstory, including the betrayal by his friend Pororoka.
  3. Defeat of Adio: Luffy defeats Adio in their duel, but Adio clings to his dreams and attempts to reach the Divine Breath to prevent the Marines from bombing the island.
  4. Lim’s Revelation: Lim is revealed to be the original Lim, and the one the Strawhats first met was a copy. Luffy revives the counterfeit Lim by giving her the cube and hands her a memento from Adio.
  5. Farewell: Several days later, the Strawhat crew, along with the two Lims, bid farewell to each other. The Strawhats continue their adventure in the Grand Line to discover the One Piece treasure.
  6. Marine False Report: The Marines, led by Vice-admiral Smoker, issue a false report about Waford, omitting any mention of the Divine Breath and the two girls’ events on the island.
    one piece odyssey smoker
    Smoker meets the two Lims (Image by eXputer)
  7. Mysterious Cube: A glimpse is shown of an unknown cube on the back of the Sunny’s cargo hold before it mysteriously vanishes.
one piece odyssey ending
The journey’s end (Image credit: eXputer)

This ending cutscene concludes the game’s storyline.

Post-Credits Scene

one piece odyssey post credits
The Post-credits scene (Image by eXputer)

In the post-credits scene of One Piece Odyssey, we are presented with the following events:

  1. Blue-eyed Lim Writing a Diary: The blue-eyed Lim is shown writing in a diary, presumably documenting her adventures with the Strawhat crew.
  2. Call from the Other Lim: The other Lim, presumably the original one, calls the blue-eyed Lim outside of the room.
  3. Smile and Unknown Figure: The cutscene ends with the blue-eyed Lim smiling at an unknown figure, suggesting that someone else has arrived to visit her.

The identity of the unknown figure is left ambiguous, with speculation that it might be Adio, who flew away on the Divine Breath to stop the Marine battleships from destroying Waford Island. However, this remains speculation, and the game leaves it open to interpretation.

one piece adio
Adio’s goodbye (Image credit: eXputer)

The Potential For A Sequel

While on the subject of the ending, for now, though, it is unclear whether or not Bandai Namco will introduce a follow-up sequel to this side adventure. The Plot of One Piece Odyssey is definitely not canon to the main series whatsoever, but the game is easily one of the few best video game adaptations of the shonen series so far. It raises the question of various fans if we can expect another game in the Odyssey timeline or not.

Whatever the case may be, we will gladly let you know of any news on a sequel for the game since, for now, there is no official news or source of any kind confirming the next follow-up installment.

The Wrap-Up

According to a Subreddit post, it is confirmed that the game had only featured arcs leading up to the Dressrosa Saga, so fans who are caught with the series till that point can safely play the game without any spoilers. The game allows you to fully experience “what-if” scenarios in these arcs, from the Strawhats exploring the historical memories from the Marineford Arc to Monkey D. Luffy’s clash against Rob Lucci in the Enies Lobby arc.

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