One Piece Odyssey: How Long To Beat 

Learn how much time players will need to invest in One Piece Odyssey to complete it 100%.

One Piece Odyssey is a recently released JRPG that features the original character from the ongoing One Piece series and carries out an enticing storyline that all players have learned to love. For players that might be new to the game, they might want to know about One Piece Odyssey How Long To Beat so that they can a lot of time on it accordingly!

Key Highlights
  • One Piece Odyssey has a total of 9 main episodes that players cannot skip through if they want to get through the game. 
  • The game features people’s all-time loved characters returning in a storyline that is not only enticing but also extremely captivating
  • The story includes loads of questlines, puzzles, battles, and players will go through many unknown lands and meet many familiar and unfamiliar faces
  • In total, players can expect to spend anywhere between 30-40 hours to complete the game with all missions fully. 
  • The main benefit of knowing how long it will take to get through the storyline is that players will be able to allot their playtime to each quest appropriately properly!

Total Hours Needed 

Game Length
Game Length (Image Credits Exputer)

Whether players are stepping first into the JRPG genre for the first time or they have already played quite a few before, they will know quite well just how long it can take order to get through one JRPGas they can end up running longer than 70-80+ hours, sometimes even crossing the 100 mark territory.

  • So, with the main storyline of the game being set in Memoria, the straw hat pirates will be unfortunate enough to have suffered through a serious shipwreck that will land them in an area that is completely unknown to them, and they will also end up being completely separated from their friends, or their crew
  • While not everyone will get separated, the crew members like Nami and Brook will end up being separated and need to be found again if they want to get back together with the crew. Therefore Luffy and the remaining crew will head onto a journey to find them alongside finding Zoro as well. 
  • While making their way into the King Kong Garden, they will take note of Nami, who will be held captive by Del Kong, and Luffy and his crew will have to practically get through hell to get to the place where kong is present. 

The crew will end up having their abilities taken away and sealed away, and it will be their job to find out what their abilities are, and they will then have to go through Memoria. The main game will mostly focus on taking on quests, traversing these unknown and known lands while also being able to form a party system, solving riddles, and getting rid of opponents that dare face the Straw Hat Pirates. 

  • The actual storyline can be expected to be completed in no less than 30+ hours, and this includes only the 9 main missions that players will be able to play to complete the main game. 
  • Alongside the main episodes, there will be a few bounties or side missions that players can access, allowing them to explore the content that the developers have offered for absolute completionists
  • So, if you want just to do the main missions and call it a day, then you’re looking at spending between 30 to 40 hours, give and take. 

Mission List 

Missions (Image Credits Exputer)

Now that players know about One Piece Odyssey How Long To Beat, let’s look at the main missions and objectives that players will have to complete the 35+ hour gameplay they will need to do to get done with the game. 

Chapter One 

Starting things off with chapter one, it will be known as the Island of Storms; it will take place when Luffy and his crew end up stranded on the island, and they will have to purge and find their way through the island. The objectives will be as follows: 

  • One of the first objectives that players will get will be mysterious island exploration, where players will have to explore the island where they have been stranded. 
  • The next objective that players will be to retrieve lost strength, after which they will then have to explore even further, during which they will then need to make their way over to the Thunderhead ruins, which will progress players further into the main storyline. 
  • Players will also encounter the Thunder Colossus boss here, the first enemy that players will have to fight at large. After that, they will need to regain strength, bringing chapter one to a close. 

Chapter Two 

As for chapter two, players can go through the Memories of The Desert Kingdom. When it comes to the objectives, they will be as listed below. 

  • One of the first objectives that players will face will be to encounter a crocodile that they will have to face off with. Players cannot progress further until they have managed to defeat the crocodile. 
  • After that, players will need to head over to an area called Rainbase, which will be a bit of a journey that payers will need to take. After that, when they head in, they will encounter the Sandora dragons, which they will need to defeat to head on further. 
  • From there, players will need to find the crocodile and start making their way over to Alubarna, which will be a capital city and cannot be avoided. 
  • From there, you need to head further into Alubarna, where you will need to stop any of the plans that Crocodile has been brewing up and find a way to get Vivi back. 
  • From there, there will be a possible Bombardment that players will need to find a way to stop, after which another battle with Crocodile will take place, and you will need to defeat him. 
  • After that, players will be able to meet up with their friends, and then you will need to board merry, after which you will need to head back to The Strange place

Chapter Three 

With the third chapter on the way, players will be able to access The Wind Colossus and Dust Ruins chapter, which will contain the following objectives: 

  • To get started with the third chapter, players will need to start by having to challenge the Dust Ruins, after which they will then have to make their way over to the Quicksand area, which will be quite dangerous for them. 
  • Once they are there, they will be prompted to cross the quicksand, after which players will have to challenge the dust ruins again. 
  • From there, players will face off with the Colossus, as the chapter name suggests, and players will have a hearty and difficult fight with them which will have them fight it and then have to defeat it to progress further. 

Chapter Four

The next chapter will be called Exploring Water SevenCity On The Sea. There will be a total of 9o objectives that players will need to face in the chapter, with them being: 

  • Players will first need to make their way over to Water Seven, after which they will be tasked with exploring the newer unknown area, which can take a while; therefore, players should prepare. 
  • After that, there will be an encounter with Rob Lucci that players will need to carry out, and the encounter will end up with the player having to fight them and needing to take Lucci out. 
  • After that, players will need to go ahead and rescue robin and Luffy, which will take a little time to do. With that, players will also discover that Usopp has been kidnapped, and this is where they will get the objective of saving the Kidnapped Usopp
  • After that, players will need to find a way to get both Usopp and Franky back within their crew and back safely. 
  • With that, players will then need to go ahead and escape Enies Lobby, from where a trip will be needed to take back to Water Seven, through which players will then have to join the party and make their way back to the beach. 

Chapter Five 

Characters (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s take a look at chapter five, which is called Water Colossus and Ice Block Ruins, and it will have about 7 or so objectives that players will need to get through: 

  • Players will need to traverse to the Inland Sea, after which they will be prompted to return to Adio’s House. 
  • Through that, there will be another objective to get their hands on a crystal ball, not just any crystal ball, specifically Lim’s Crystal Ball. After that, you can go back to Adio’s Place. 
  • Once that is done, players can go ahead and investigate the ruins, from where they will be prompted to head on a new adventure, and when the chapter is coming to a close, a prompt to the next adventure will show up, signifying its end. 

Chapter Six 

The next chapter that players will be able to play through will be called Paramount War: Battle of Marineford, and the five objectives will be as seen below: 

  • As the name suggests, players must get through a few paramount wars to progress further into the game. 
  • Players will get objectives to get through 5 paramount wars in this chapter. 

Chapter Seven 

The seventh chapter, it will be called Assemble! Straw Hat Pirates will be the third last chapter that players will be able to play through. 

  • The first thing players will need to do whenever they end up making it to chapter seven will be to find one of their crewmates, Sanji
  • From here, players will then be tasked with making cola. 
  • With that, after players have progressed more than halfway through the chapter, players will then need to go ahead and find a way to get Brook’s body back, and once they have done that task, they will then get the prompt “to the next adventure” which will bring the chapter to a close. 

Chapter Eight 

With the next chapter, it will be known as Kingdom In Conflict” Battle of Dressrosa, and it will contain the following mission that players will need to do: 

  • The first thing that players will need to do is to go ahead and have an encounter with Doflamingo, from where players will then need to have to face off in a direct fight with him and will need to defeat him. 
  • After that, players will then need to make their way over to the New Royal Plateau, where they will need to defeat Daflamingo once again, after which they will have to search and explore the war-torn city.

Chapter Nine 

Last but not least, players will be able to reach chapter nine, which will be called What Those Hands Can Grasp, and the objectives will be as follows: 

  • Players will need to head back to Waford, from where they will then be prompted to assess the situation (so what’s the sitch?), and they will be prompted to go after Adio
  • Another objective that players will get will be to challenge the sky tower, from where they will be required to decipher the Strange Writing and head over to Memoria. After that, they will have to find a clue to the writing. 
  • From here, they will then be given the objective of finding a clue to the sheet music, from where players will need to go to Adio and stop him and make a few travel preparations. 


And there we have it! All missions and how long it will take to complete them! And with that, we will wrap up our One Piece Odyssey How Long To Beat guide! For newer players that are just starting out in One Piece Odyssey, they can read up on our One Piece Odyssey Difficulty guide to figure out how to manage the difficulty!

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