One Piece Odyssey Trainer: Best Cheats For PC

The Trainer for One Piece Odyssey with interesting cheats is out! So, make sure to try it.

Since the release of One Piece Odyssey, various trainers and mods have been introduced in the community that is also compatible with Steam. Since the game is fairly challenging to complete, fans and the gaming community have built One Piece Odyssey trainers and cheats to use to their advantage and boost their progress in the game. 

Key Highlights
  • The trainers for One Piece Odyssey are mods that alter the game settings to modify the game mechanics.
  • The Trainer helps you to tweak the game files and change them according to a specific style.
  • Through Trainer and Cheat Codes, you can push the default limits of the game, for example, having unlimited HP or infinity cash.
  • The trainers are fun to try and enjoy as they let you do several alterations that publishers do not allow in the official game version.

One Piece Odyssey Trainer

For now, the Trainer and cheat for One Piece Odyssey is available for the PC version only and cannot be applied on PS4, Xbox, or any other console. Here are the three best trainers that you can find to apply to your game. 

Trainer By Fling

One Piece Odyssey Trainer
Fling Trainer

Out of all the different variants, the Trainer introduced by Fling Trainer is the best of them all and is the most used one. Here, you can find different mods and file configurations to apply cheats. This Trainer features 19 different options for Odyssey that triggers various operations and cheats. 

To activate the Fling Trainer, visit the official Fling site and go to the download section by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Once you download the file configuration, install it in your system and run it as administrator to assign the HotKeys. After that, you’re all good to go. Just hop into the game and run the command to enjoy the cheat. 

CheatHappens Trainer

One Piece Odyssey Trainer
Trainer by CheatHappens

CheatHappens is another reliable source of Trainers that is somehow inspired by Fling and offers similar modifications. One plus point of this cheat is that it offers some additional features, such as” weakening the target'” or “enhanced drop loot” from enemies. 

The activation process of Cheathappens is just as same as Fling. All you need to do is visit the site and click the download link to get the file. While installing the mod, make sure that you disable your Windows Defender or Anti-Virus program so that your system does not corrupt the file. 

Trainer By WeMod

Cheat codes for Odyssey
WeMod Trainer

WeMod is the all-time favorite site to get cheats and mods for the most popular games. The interesting thing about WeMOD is that they offer their personal application, which you can download and run Trainer on it safely. The site has categorized the types of mods into different sections, such as Inventory, Stats, and Enemies, so you can find your favorite mod and try that out. 

To run the Trainer. Visit the official site and download the Wemod application, roughly 85 Mbs. In the application, select One Piece Odyssey and activate your desired modification by pressing their key combinations. 

One Piece Odyssey Best Cheats

The Trainer allows you to try out various types of mods to implement in the game. However, enabling or disable a specific mod type is your choice. For instance, If you want to enhance your Battle perks, you can go for the combat modifications. Similarly, If you feel like increasing your character speed or jumping high in the air, that’s in your hands too. So, out of all the exciting cheats, you can try out the following. 

Unlimited Money

Who does not want to get a never-ending supply of berries in One Piece Odyssey? After all, it helps you in upgrading your gear and buy different items in the game. With the help of Fling Trainer, you can make your dream come true! Just activate the “Unlimited Money” mod by pressing its assigned Hotkey and entering the game. You’ll see your inventory filled with unlimited Berries. 

Movement Speed 

Although Luffy has considerable pace and movement speed in Odyssey, will it not be interesting if he’s able to run like Sonic and Dash from one spot to another or climb up the massive walls of Water Seven? 

With the help of the Trainer, you can unlock these abilities and experience the game on a whole new level. The best thing about the mod is that you can adjust the speed of your character according to your choice. Just make sure not to set it too high that even you can’t control it.

Super Damage

One Piece Odyssey Combat
Combat in One Piece Odyssey [Screenshot grab: eXputer]
Fighting your rivals in Odyssey is pretty competitive, and sometimes it takes a considerable amount of time to take down one boss. With the help of the Super Damage cheat, you can devastate your opponent by shoving them into the ground in just one hit! Despite the opponent’s HP, he will get knocked out in a single blow once you activate the cheat. So, try out this amazing mod as well and become one punch, man!

Unlimited Hp

If you’re tired of getting killed by sturdy monsters again and again, or you’re stuck at the same stage due to competitive opponents, then you don’t need to get frustrated over it. The Unlimited HP mod will save you from trouble by granting you infinite hp, making you invincible on the battlefield. So, activate the cheat and barge into the opponents to take them all down at once!

Exp Multiplier

If you want to boost up your progress in the game, then EXP Multiplier will come in handy as it can help you increase your experience gain by up to ten times! Giving you a hefty amount of EXP after the completion of every task. With the help of the mod, you can level up real quick and unlock new gear and equipment more easily. 

Wrapping Up

One Piece Odyssey is a newly-released RPG that revolves around the tale of Straw Hat Pirates. The game is launched on almost all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, PC, and X/S platforms. The Cheats and Trainers for One Piece Odyssey are created to let you experience the game in a different way or just for the sake of fun. However, the main charm and mechanics of the game can be enjoyed by playing it fairly only.

So, if you’re trying to tweak the settings just to have a good time in the game, you’re all good to enjoy the cheats. But make sure to end the game by fair means too. Other than that, if you want to unlock the Travelling Outfit, make sure to go through the detailed guide. Moreover, you can also learn about One Piece arcs by checking out the guide. If you’ve finished playing the game, you always have the option to explore some new games like One Piece Odyssey.

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