OSRS: Bones To Peaches Spell Guide

Turn Your Bones Into Peaches.

This might come as a surprise to many people, but peaches are magical items that can only be conjured up by a spell, at least as far as Old School RuneScape is concerned.

The Bones To Peaches spell in the game allows players to convert all of the bones within their inventory into consumable Peaches. You can then eat these items to recover 8 Hitpoints per fruit, helping you out in some challenging situations.

So this guide will show you how to get the OSRS Bones To Peaches spell and how much it costs to actually cast it.

Key Takeaways
  • The Bones to Peaches spell is a level 55 magic spell that can be unlocked in the Mage Training Arena.
  • To cast the spell, you need 2 nature runes, 4 water runes, and 4 earth runes, or a staff of earth, dust battle staff, or lava battle staff.
  • The spell converts bones into peaches, with the number of bones converted depending on your magic level.
  • The spell does not work on all bones, only big bones and those that give less experience than big bones.
  • The spell can be used to save inventory space, as peaches are stackable.
  • The spell can also be used to make a profit, as peaches can be sold for more than the bones they are made from.

Bones To Peaches Spell Guide

OSRS Bones To Peaches
Monster Bones.

OSRS Bones To Peaches does not work on every bone type within the game. It is only limited to big bones, and those that give less experience than big bones. More valuable items like Dragon Bones are immune to the effects of this spell.

Additionally, there are two different ways of using the spell. Players can either unlock the ability for themselves or use a Bones To Peaches tablet that they can get from other players.

Purchasing and utilizing the tablets is as simple as using an item in your inventory, so we will be sticking to the spell for this guide.

Hot To Acquire And Use The Spell

OSRS Bones To Peaches
Mage Training Arena.

The first thing players have to do in order to get this spell, is to head on over to the Mage Training Arena. Here, they have to complete minigames to collect Pizazz points. These are divided into four different categories; Alchemist, Enchantment, Graveyard and Telekinetic.

Different minigames reward you with varying types of Pizazz points and at different values. So get busy collecting them because it can take a lot of time to build up a decent supply.

Once you have at least the following amounts of points, you can finally go to the rewards shop in the arena’s upper level to buy the OSRS Bones To Peaches spell.

  • Alchemist:           300 Points.
  • Enchantment:     2,000 Points.
  • Graveyard:          200 Points.
  • Telekinetic:         200 Points.
OSRS Bones To Peaches
Rewards Shop.

Now in order to use the spell, you should have a combination of different runes or equipment in your inventory.

Each and every combination listed below will allow you to cast OSRS Bones To Peaches.

  • 2x Nature Runes + 4x Water Runes + 4x Earth Runes.
  • 2x Nature Runes + 4x Water Runes + 4x Dust Runes.
  • 2x Nature Runes + 4x Water Runes + 4x lava Runes.
  • 2x Nature Runes + 4x Earth Runes + 4x Steam Runes.
  • 2x Nature Runes + 4x Earth Runes + 4x Mist Runes.
  • 2x Nature Runes + 4x Mud Runes.
  • 2x Nature Runes + 4x Earth Runes + A Staff of Water, Mist Battlestaff, or a Steam battlestaff 
  • 2x Nature Runes + 4x Water Runes + A Staff of Earth, Dust Battlestaff, or a Lava battlestaff.
  • 2x Nature Runes + A Mud Battlestaff.
  • 2x Nature Runes + 4x Earth Runes + The Tome of Water.
  • 2x Nature Runes + The Tome of Water + A Staff of Earth, Dust Battlestaff or a Lava Battlestaff.
  • 1.87x Nature Runes + 4x Water Runes + 4x Earth Runes + Bryophyta’s Staff.
  • 1.87x Nature Runes + 4x Earth Runes + Bryophyta’s Staff + The Tome of Water.

And that’s about all players will require to pull off this spell correctly. It might be more convenient to use tablets for the same effect, but having the power at your fingertips is so much more rewarding,

This has been eXputer’s OSRS Bones To Peaches spell guide.

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