Outriders Anomaly Mutation – How to Get & Use

This Outriders guide will explain in complete detail about the Tier III weapon mod known as the Anomaly Mutation that you can obtain in the game.

Outriders is an online multiplayer role-playing shooter game developed and published by Square Enix. The gameplay variety in Outriders is top-notch and you can even CO-OP with your friends. Anomaly Mutation is one of the many weapon mods that you obtain in Outriders. Unstoppable Force is another weapon mod that you can use in Outriders as well. 

There are four classes in Outriders which include Trickster, Pyromancer, Devastator, and Technomancer. You can create many different builds with these classes. Check out our guides for a comprehensive breakdown on the best builds for these classes in Outriders. 

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There are many skills in Outriders that you can upgrade. Our Outriders Weapon & Skill Leech: How to Upgrade guide goes into detail about how you can upgrade a skill in Outriders. If you want to learn the best methods of farming in Outriders, Outriders Worldslayer: Best Way To Farm Legendaries then read our guide. Now we will explain the Anomaly Mutation weapon Mod in Outriders.

What Is Anamoly Mutation in Outriders

outrders anomaly mutation mod
Anomaly Mutation Weapon Mod of Mindmugger Legendary Automatic Sniper Rifle in Outriders

Anamoly Mutation is a weapon mod that you can use in your Outriders builds. Additionally, it is a tier three weapon mod which makes it one of the best mods in the game. Mods can affect both weapons and armor but Anamoly Mutation is only specific to weapons in Outriders.

Basically, mods buff the abilities of your weapons and armor sets. Most good builds in the game utilize the best mods for their weapons and armor. Not only do these mods enhance the abilities of your equipment but they also affect the skills of your class in Outriders.

What Are Weapon Mods

As we have discussed earlier that the mods in Outriders either have an effect on your weapons or your armor. Weapons mods are only exclusive to buffing your weapons and not your armor. Additionally, there are three different tiers of weapon mods in outriders, and Anomaly Mutation is a tier 3 mod. Following are the different tiers of mods in Outriders;

  • Tier I
  • Tier II
  • and Tier III

The Tier III mods are the strongest mods that you can obtain in Outriders.

Tier I Mods

These are the weakest mods available in Outriders. They simply increase or buff the damage of your weapons. Some of the Tier I weapon mods in Outriders are;

  • Anomaly Surge
  • Ashen Bullets
  • Bleeding Bullets
  • Burning Bullets
  • Clip Combustion
  • Clip of Amalthea
  • Critical Point
  • Essence Thief
  • Fireworks
  • First Things First

Tier II Mods

These mods are stronger than Tier I mods. They also include the upgraded versions of Tier I mods. Basically, these weapon mods also give utility to your weapons in addition to damage. Following are some of Tier II weapon mods in Outriders;

  • Anomaly Enhancement
  • Bone Shrapnel
  • Brain-eater
  • Improved Burning Bullets
  • Claymore
  • Clip Roller
  • Crematorium
  • Damage Link
  • Death Chains
  • Gravedigger’s Frenzy

Tier III Mods

These are the strongest mods in Outriders which also include the Anomaly Mutation as well. Additionally, they provide the most powerful buffs to your weapons. Some of the Tier III weapon mods in Outriders are;

  • Anomaly Mutation
  • Body Snatcher (Mod)
  • Bomb’s Ahead
  • Burst of Decay
  • Claymore Torrent
  • Concentration Blast
  • Deadly Disturbance
  • Dark Sacrifice
  • Death Ray
  • Dimensional Rockets

How to Obtain Weapon Mods

Rare, Epic and Legendary Weapons come with weapon mods that are already present in their mod slots. If you want a mod from these weapons for your own weapon, you will have to disassemble that weapon. Additionally, the tier of mods also depends upon the rarity of the weapon being disassembled. In conclusion;

  • Tier 1 Weapon Mods are only obtainable from Rare, Epic, or Legendary Weapons
  • Tier 2 Weapon Mods can be obtained by disassembling Epic or Legendary Weapons
  • The Tier 3 Weapon Mods are only accessed from Legendary Weapons 

How to Get Anomaly Mutation in Outriders

As we have discussed earlier, you will have to disable a certain weapon to obtain the weapon mod in Outriders. Anomaly Mutation is a Tier III weapon mod. It means that you will have to dismantle a Legendary class weapon in order to obtain this mod. Additionally, the Anomaly Mutation mod can only be obtained by disassembling the Mindmugger Legendary Automatic Sniper Rifle.

How to Get Mindmugger Sniper Rifle for Anomaly Mutation

Dismantling the Mindmugger Legendary Sniper Rifle is your only way of getting the Anomaly Mutation Mod. There are many different ways of obtaining that sniper rifle but none of these methods are sure-fire. Additionally, you will have to grind for that sniper rifle before you can receive it. Following are the ways of obtaining the Mindmugger Legendary Automatic Sniper Rifle in Outriders;

  • Expedition Drop Pods
  • Wanted Quest Replays
  • Purchasing from Tiago

Expedition Drop Pods

Expeditions are unlocked once you complete the main campaign of Outriders. These are harder in difficulty but they also provide better rewards to the player. Expeditions are basically timed survival raids in Outriders. There are many different tiers of difficulties in Expeditions.

Playing at Tier 6 or higher in Expeditions will reward you with drop pods containing legendary items. Drop pods are basically loot boxes in Outriders. There is a chance of getting the Mindmugger Legendary Automatic Sniper Rifle from one of these drop pods. You can then dismantle the rifle in Outriders for its Anomaly Mutation mod.

Wanted Quest Replays

Replay Wanted Quests in Outriders and capture each and every target in the mission. Ujio will reward you with a Legendary weapon once you capture all targets in a Wanted Quest. So, there is a chance of getting the Mindmugger Legendary Automatic Sniper Rifle if you keep grinding these quests.

Purchasing from Tiago

When you are doing Expeditions in Outriders, you will receive many resources from Drop Pods. You can exchange these drop pod resources from Tiago for a Legendary Weapon. It should be noted that there is only a chance that you’ll get the Mindmugger Legendary Automatic Sniper Rifle so keep grinding for drop pod resources.

Uses of Anomaly Mutation in Outriders

Now let us discuss the buffs that your weapons receive upon using the Anomaly Mutation mod in Outriders. It is a very powerful mod considering it’s a Tier III mod. Basically, whenever you shoot an enemy with a weapon equipped with Anomaly Mutation, you will increase their status effects.

If an enemy is already suffering from a status effect, then Anomaly Mutation will mutate that effect into a new one. It should be noted that the ailments multiplicate anytime you hit your enemy. So you can continuously increase the number of status effects on your opponent with each bullet that hits them.

Having high Anomaly Power will further increase the benefits of Anomaly Mutation. Not only will you deal high damage with your weapons but you will also increase the status effects/ailments on your opponents. Anomaly Mutation is definitely an overpowered mod and you should grind to obtain it as soon as possible in Outriders.


Outriders is one of the best multiplayer games to have come out in recent years. It provides gameplay full of variety where you can choose from different classes to play with. There are further builds that you can create for those classes in Outriders. Additionally, you can play online with your friends as well which is a strong selling point of the game. 

Outriders released on April 1, 2021, for Playstation4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia, and PC. This concludes our guide on the Anomaly Mutation weapon mod in Outriders. We discussed all the different ways of obtaining that mod including the benefits of using it. Let us know what you think about Outriders in the comments below!

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