Outriders Class Tier List: Ranking All Classes [June 2023]

Looking for a Tier List for Outriders Classes? We have the ideal one for you. All the classes are included in this list.

Looking for a Tier List for Outriders Classes? We have the ideal one for you. All the ranks for the different class build you may create are included in this list. Nobody enjoys hearing that they are playing with the worst Outrider class.

Gamers, even the most committed ones, frequently place a higher priority on fun than optimizing and min/maxing in looter games. Who cares what someone thinks as long as a class can win the game and is enjoyable to play? That’s a wise approach, but teaming up in three will provide the best experience in the end.

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 4 different classes that players can choose from, which are Trickster, Devastator, Technomancer, and Pyromancer. 
  • Each of these classes has specific builds created in order for them to excel in particular areas of the game.
  • In our list, we have discussed classes ranked in different tiers. There are a total of 4 tiers in which the classes have been ranked, which are S tier, A tier, B tier, and C tier.
  • S Tier is the strongest tier, and if a particular class is in that tier means that it is one of the best classes. C Tier is the weakest tier in which a class can be put.
  • The placement of the classes in these tiers depends on their move set and what different aspects of the game they excel in.
  • S Tier: Reaver – Trickster and Vanquisher – Devastator.
  • A Tier: Demolisher – Technomancer, Warden – Devastator, Pestilence – Technomancer, and Harbinger – Trickster.
  • B Tier: Seismic Shifter – Devastator, Tech Shaman – Technomancer, Assassin – Trickster, Tempest – Pyromancer, and Ash Breaker – Pyromancer.
  • C Tier: Fire Storm – Pyromancer

Outriders Classes Tier List Breakdown

This tier list provides the rankings for all Outriders Classes. Utilize it to choose the most powerful classes. All Outriders Classes are placed in the following tier list according to how strong they are in the game.

Each Class has been given a rank from S through C, where S is the best, and C is the worst. Let’s get going with it.

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Outriders Class Tier List S-Tier

The strongest classes in the entire game are those included within the S-Tier of the Outriders Classes Tier list. Their fighting skills are strong, and they occasionally can tip the balance in their favor.

Reaver – Trickster

Reaver has been at the top of the charts from day one. It seems like every other build is just attempting to catch up with every adjustment, patch, and weapon redistribution. Nobody is faster or more reliable at clearing the toughest things than a Reaver.

The more Anomaly power they have, the more resilient they become. More devastation may be caused behind enemy lines because of their damaging abilities. Which simultaneously removes enemies and quickly restores health and shield.

Given that Twisted Rounds provide anomalous damage, everyone except bosses will be killed by shotgun blasts during this burst. The bosses won’t lag too far behind, either. Players don’t need a team if they are utilizing the greatest Reaver build unless they want to brag about it.

Vanquisher – Devastator

No matter what build you use, Devastators are tanky. Compared to other damage-dealing classes, the tankiness is much superior.

Making your Deva weapon-based rather than skill-based will allow you to leap into the middle of the battlefield and take down everyone around you, which is the best way to make use of this.

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Outriders Class Tier List A-Tier

Although the A-Tier classes are not the finest in the game, they are also not bad in any manner. The classes belonging to the Outriders Classes A-Tier list are good when it comes to attacking an adversary and healing comrades.

Demolisher – Technomancer

Regarding group damage, the Demolisher is tough to compete with. Players may frequently arm themselves with rocket launchers. Monsters with the proper setup for a Demolisher will get mortar strikes on top of them.

Toxic attacks from Technomancer hurt nearby adversaries as well, and you may make them more severe by boosting the Anomaly Power. Due to mobile foes that can traverse the map and enter melee range at previously unheard-of speeds, Worldslayer hasn’t done justice to the Demolisher.

This makes it more difficult to strike groups directly because there are so many focused abilities. Talented players can overcome the challenge if they research adversary tactics.

Warden – Devastator

Players will be shocked to learn that the greatest tank also has no damage cap after the Warden build is complete.

The damage to the Warden can quickly spiral out of hand with the Fortress modification and nodes/skills which steal armor. With this build, you will not need coverage because you are the cover.

The perfect storm does damage and grows tanky while dealing damage. Getting the class ready might be difficult. The Devastator class is challenging to level and equip. Before finishing the build, certain players might not comprehend why it is ranked so highly. They will find it difficult to run some other classes or builds after that.

Pestilence – Technomancer

Despite being the best sniper class in the game, the Pestilence struggles to utilize its many advantages fully. It’s a good idea to keep foes afar, but not all opponents are willing to sit around.

This build’s Toxic debuff is nice; however, it only operates with Anomaly Power and does not slow down or hold back foes.

Since Pestilence is primarily a DPS technomancer and has the greatest Weaponry and Skill Leech amongst the four classes, choosing this build seems appropriate. In Worldslayer, enemy hordes are more frequent than ever, thereby lessening the value of a sniper’s skills.

Harbinger – Trickster

The shields on Harbinger are a preferred way to survive now that survival is being given greater attention. Tricksters are close-quarters combatants; therefore, to utilize their set of skills and healing mechanics, they need to be a little tanky.

Devastators can be replaced with Harbingers, who can serve as a tank. The build doesn’t do much damage, but a strong Harbinger build may make it seem like an unstoppable ball of destruction with mobility.

Death avoidance is more important to world-slayers than damage output. The Harbinger performs both at a high level, even if it may be claimed that the best offense is a good defense.

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Outriders Class Tier List B-Tier

The B-Tier classes are average. They have drawbacks, but they may also be highly effective if you know when and when to use their skills to achieve your objectives.

Seismic Shifter – Devastator

Although a casting tank is a unique idea in many games, it is frequently poorly implemented and fails to look well as a tank or a damage-dealer.

The ultimate build of the Seismic Shifter overcomes the obstacle and identifies as one of the top strategies for playing the game. The tank-focused Devastator also has a respectable degree of mobility, which is useful and surprising.

A mage-tank mix that may more frequently activate Impale’s armor and health regeneration boost. With its strong Anomaly Power and Skill Leech, other skills can also considerably profit from it. Do make sure you don’t run out of skill, or you’ll be helpless.

Tech Shaman – Technomancer

The greatest build in the game at launch was the one for the Tech Shaman. The Tech Shaman, the only genuine healer class in the game, can carry weak parties through challenging world rifts while ensuring everyone’s survival.

This build is excellent in multiplayer since it extends the Technomancer’s life and supports teammates, but it is less useful while playing alone because you must concentrate mostly on your damage output to use the healing mechanism. Not only is the Tech Shaman the best healer, but it also ranks rather high in terms of DPS.

Assasin – Trickster

This build is most likely to blame for the earlier misconception that Trickster has been the weakest class in the game. Although it provides considerable physical damage, its major flaw appears to be incorporated into even the strongest Assassin builds.

Assassins usually entirely disregard their anomaly power and instead utilize their utility talents to move about and “hit and run” their enemies.

For Trickster build to perform to its best potential, be sure to acquire Modifications and Class Tree nodes that enhance your mobility abilities. Weapon damage cannot increase the impact of the Twisted Rounds ability since it deals anomaly damage rather than firepower.

Although the class has reasonable mobility, on harder difficulty levels, the number of adversaries will grow more quickly than Assassin can eliminate them.

Tempest – Pyromancer

No class has benefited more from the skill and node improvements than the Tempest. The build has always been visually stunning, but it seemed like a waste of time between cooldowns to not deal more damage.

They were able to easily bombard crowds by lowering the cooldown and raising the potency of their damaging talents. Use this build in conjunction with status effect-causing mods to quickly eliminate foes who have been tagged.

The Tempest is now back in action thanks to the appropriate modifications, nodes, and skills, reducing the gap among skills and converting Firepower to Anomaly Power for a more stable combination of damage.

Ash Breaker – Pyromancer

More bosses and huge opponents became susceptible to status ailments, debuffs, and crowd control after the New Horizon update was released.

For the Worldslayer expansion, this has only been emphasized. In single or group play, locking down the major targets is useful. Volcanic Rounds may penetrate enemies with the correct build for the Ash Breaker Pyromancer, giving the build one of the few options for weapon damage that is effective against groups of targets.

The increased Anomaly Power and Skill Leech from your Pyromancer’s characteristics are kind of wasted if you make it weapon-based.

The good news is that you will mostly use your talents to identify foes. So that you can start killing them with your powerful weapons so that you can heal, enemies that are given the Ash state are stunned and are unable to move, fire, or use spells.



When it comes to assaulting enemies and protecting teammates, the characters falling within the Outriders Classes’ C-Tier are not strong enough.

Fire Storm – Pyromancer

Only one sub-class in Outriders commits the cardinal sin of feeling uninteresting. Even with the finest build for the Fire Storm, it lacks flair. Fire Storm is really out of place given how many strong enemies are at the higher tiers. And the new trees won’t provide it the strength to compete.

It is the least effective “tank” class of the four, relying heavily on Skill Leech. This build could be practical if you play solo because you can quickly become encircled by enemies.

Although for co-op, try one of the other Pyro builds. Anomaly Power must be given up by players to become a Fire Storm; therefore, even its Skill Leech is insufficient. Also, after making this compromise, the weapon’s damage is subpar.

Tier List Criteria

We dealt with both classes that may hand out significant damages and classes that can’t be completely impartially. Despite being strong, certain class routes are challenging to master. Class attributes, skill sets, and class tree build need to work well together without requiring a lot of work or extra effort.

We have done everything to ensure that you are aware of the greatest outriders classes. We still advise keeping with both the S and A levels since they will act more favorably in your interests. Although it is fully up to you who to add to your squad

Our staff of gaming nerds, who thoroughly like playing and experiencing new games, helped us establish which class is the finest for the meta to produce the greatest and most accurate information for you.

We are aware that tier lists are always arbitrary; thus, your tastes may or may not align with our rating of the courses. Do you hold a different view than we do? If so, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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