Outriders Lava Lich Armor Set: Unlocking, Stats & Mods

One of the Legendary Armor Sets, The Lava Lich Armor Set in Outriders is Superb in both, Defense and Offense.

What Is Lava Lich Armor Set In Outriders 

Lava Lich is a legendary armor set found in Outriders. It is one of the Legendary Armor for the Pyromancer Class in Outriders. It has some of the best specs found in all of Outriders. That is why it is one of the rare armor sets, more on that in a while.

The armor set has 5 armor pieces, like every other Armor Set found in Outriders. It consists of the following items.

  • Helmet of The lava Lich
  • Upper Robe of the Lava lich
  • Charms of the Lava Lich
  • Lower Robe of the Lava Lich
  • Booths of the Lava Lich

Each one of these pieces yields a unique status. These statuses are Anomaly Power, Damage Output, Cooldown Reduction, Max Health, and so on. Furthermore, if a player manages to get their hands on 3 or more armor pieces from Lava Lich Armor Set, they’ll get a special buff. This buff is known as the Set Bonus. We’ll get on that in a while.

While you’re looking for Lava Lich Armor Set in Outriders, check out the Outriders Pyromancer Eruption Build. In the build, we’ve maximized the power of the Eruption skill of the Pyromancer class. 

Unlocking Lava Lich Armor

To get the Lava Lich Armor in Outriders, like any other Legendary item, you’ll have to get it as a drop. As it is a Legendary item, it is a rare drop item that depends completely on chance, and you’ll have to grind hard to get it. Apart from that, you can find it in a lootable chest found in the quest area.

Remember one thing, the higher your World Tier is, the higher the chances of getting better items. If you can increase your world tier, then do it because then the chances of you getting the Armor increase.

If you think that this is hard work to get an Armor Set, then we have good news for you. Because That’s not the only method to get the Lava Lich Armor Set in Outriders, you can head over to Tiago’s Shop once you get into the endgame. The inventory at Tiago’s Shop changes every day. You will find the Lava Lich Armor there.

As you complete expeditions, you’ll get Drop Pod Resources. DPRs can be spent at Tiago’s Shop to get the Lava Lich Armor Set and other Legendary items. Tiago’s shop has the same role as any shop, but the wares you find here are much better.

Another method is to get the Armor Set from Noah by replaying the Wanted Quests. Noah rewards the player with a Legendary Armor with a ton of low rarity armor if you capture all the targets.

Stats And Attributes Of Lava Lich Set

Not every Legendary armor has good stats. One armor set might be great for defending, while it won’t have any good stats to deal damage. Whereas the other will be okay at defending, but its stats would allow you to deal extra damage. And in the Lava Lich Set, you’ll find both of these.

Here is what the stats of the Armor look like.

  • Total Armor: 103.3k
  • Status Power: 21.7%
  • Max Health: 18,081
  • Anomaly Power: 13.8k
  • Skills Leech: 6%
  • Cooldown Reduction: 32%
  • Bonus Firepower: 12.3k
  • Long Range Damage: 25%

Lava Lich Armor Stats Explained

With these stats and attributes, you’ll find that the Lava Lich Armor Set is solid. It has everything that makes a set perfect. Its armor stats are high enough to keep you alive for much longer than other armor sets. Status Power will ensure that your Burn, Bleed, and Toxic damage will have increased damage.

Max Health will play an important role in keeping you alive. You can take more damage than you’d normally do. And when you combine that with Total Armor, well, we leave that for you to guess. Anomaly Power increases the damage from your skills and melee attacks.

Read more about Anomaly Power and how to increase total Anomaly Power in our guide for Unstoppable Force Mod in Outriders.

6% Skill Leech in Outriders means that you’ll recover 6% of the total damage dealt to enemies. And this 6% will be enormous if you build it right. Cooldown Reduction reduces the delay between your skills. The higher the cooldown reduction is, the better.

As for the Firepower, it is the extra damage you’ll deal to enemies. Getting 12.3k is a high feat of its own. The Long-Range Damage bonus comes into effect if the enemy is more than 18 meters away. That way, you’ll keep your distance and still deal high damage.

Armor Set Bonus

There are a total of 14 Armor Sets in Outriders that have Set Bonuses. Each of these is a unique Set Bonus. So if you’re looking for anything special in an Armor Set, make sure to check out their Set Bonuses. Other than that, the Lava Lich armor is great on its own, even if you take the Armor Set out of the equation.

As the Lava Lich Armor Set is for the Pyromancer class in Outriders, the Set Bonus helps it. If the Pyromancer wears 3 or more pieces of the set, they get the following benefit.

  • Increase the Eruption skill’s damage by 40% and decrease its cooldown by 10%.

This is a great Set bonus as it helps Eruption, the main damage-dealing skills of Pyromancers. When cast, it will create a volcanic eruption underneath the enemy. The eruption skill will deal damage to that enemy and everyone within a small radius.

As the Eruption skill has a 37 seconds cooldown, even a mere 10% cooldown will help. And the already high damage gets a whopping 40% damage increase.

Lava Lich Armor Set Mods In Outriders

Like every Armor Set, the Lava Lich Armor Set has Mods equipped on it. These mods increase the overall performance of the Armor Set.

Armor Mods

There are a total of 5 Armor pieces in Legendary Armor Sets. Each of these Legendary Armor Pieces can have 2 Armor Mods. One of those mods is a Tier 3 Armor Mod that is attached to the Armor Piece. You can’t change or swap with any other Armor Mod. This Mod is the main Armor Mod of that armor piece. Whereas the other Armor Mod can be replaced.

List Of Mods On Lava Lich Armor Set In Outriders 

In a 5 piece Armor Set, you get a total of 10 Armor Mods. However, you can replace the second Armor Mod from each piece. If you want to get the Tier 3 Mod attached to the Legendary Armor Piece, you’ll have to salvage it. In this process, you’ll lose the Armor Piece but will gain the mod.

Helmet Of The Lava Lich

Lava Lich Armor Set's Helmet in Outriders.
Helmet of the Lava Lich Set.

The Helmet of the Lava Lich has Anomaly Power, Status Power, and Skill Life Leech. These are the bonus attributes that make it quite useful in every situation. The Two Armor Mods found in Helmet of the Lava Lich are,

Ashen Champion: F.A.S.E.R Beam

‘Ashem Champion: F.A.S.E.R Beam’ is a Tier 3 Armor Mod. This Armor Mod’s ability inflicts Ash on the enemies instead of Burn. Each enemy hit that you get will boost your Anomaly Power by 20%. The increase in Anomaly Power lasts for 10 seconds, and it will stack up to 5 times.

Magma Coat: Eruption

‘Magma Coat: Eruption’ is Tier 1 Armor Mod found in Outriders. It will increase Lava’s overtime damage.

Upper Robe Of The Lava Lich

Lava Lich Armor Set's upper robes in Outriders.
Upper Robe of the Lava Lich Armor Set.

As for the Upper Robe of the Lava Lich, it gives Anomaly Power, Status Power, and Skill Life Leech as bonus attributes. Whereas the mods that you get with it are,

Not Impressed

The Tier 3 Armor Mod ‘Not Impressed’ reduces the damage that is taken from the Elites by 35%.

Giga-Blast: Eruption

As for the second Mod, we have the Tier 1 Armor Mod known as ‘Giga-Blast: Eruption’. It increases the radius of the Skill by 100%.

Charms Of The Lava Lich

Lava Lich Armor Set's Charms in outriders.
Charms of the Lava Lich Armor Set.

You’ll find Max Health, Status Power, and Cooldown Reduction as the bonus attributes on the Charms of the Lava Lich. While the Armor Mods that you get are:

ETNA: Eruption

‘ETNA: Eruption’ Tier 3 Armor mod allows you to use Eruption once more before it triggers the cooldown. Now, the skill Eruption will inflict Burn to the enemies damaged by it.

Pure Power: F.A.S.E.R Beam

The skill’s damage is increased if the ‘Pure Power: F.A.S.E.R Beam’ mod is equipped.

Lower Robe Of The Lava Lich

Lava Lich Armor's Lower Robes
Lower Robes of the Lava Lich Armor Set.

The Lower Robe of the Lava Lich increases the Status Power, Anomaly Power, and Skills Life Leech. As for the two Armor Mods that are equipped on the Armor Piece, here’s what you get,

Improved Damage: Eruption

The Tier 3 Armor Mod ‘Improved Damage: Eruption’ increases the damage from the Eruption skills explosion.

Size Matters: F.A.S.E.R Beam

F.A.S.E.R Beam’s radius increases by 100% with ‘Size Matters: F.A.S.E.R Beam’ Armor Mod.

Boots Of The Lava Lich

Boots of the Legendary Armor Set.
Boots of the Lava Lich Armor Set.

The player gets bonus attributes Max Health, Status Power, and Cooldown Reduction by equipping the Boots of the Lava Lich. 

Even Odds

‘Even Odds’ is a Tier 3 Armor Mod. By equipping it, the player will get a 5% increase in Maximum Health for every enemy within a 10 meters radius. This status stacks up to 5 times.

Volcanic Armor: F.A.S.E.R Beam

When the skill is active, the ‘Volcanic Armor: F.A.S.E.R Beam’ will reduce incoming Anomaly Damage by 20%. But that’s not all, and it will reduce Weapon Damage by 20% too. The effect will last until 2 seconds after the skill ends.


At times, you’ll find yourself covered in the swarm of enemies in Outriders. At that moment, you’ll be wishing you had a better Armor Set. But if you’re using the Lava Lich Armor Set, You won’t be worrying about anything. As The Armor Set is great on both the defensive and offensive sides of the game.

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